I’ve Never Felt So Guilty

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Oh, dear. Oh, dear. How am I going to say this? Growing up Roman Catholic, guilt’s been built in to me from day 1. Seriously, you want to talk about Jewish guilt? Find a Roman Catholic guy, mention his mother, and watch him crumble. I guess the best way to get it out there is just to blurt it out:

I’ve never felt so guilty about using a boxed mix than since becoming a food blogger. Let me try to excuse myself by saying I was really craving chocolate pudding and chocolate avocado pudding was not about to do. Actually, I was craving peanut butter pie; watching Man Vs. Food can really screw you up. But let’s not get in to that. True to my “foodie” nature, I kept some things unique:

Raw milk chocolate pudding, anyone? I know I couldn’t get weirder; I embrace that fact.

Topped with whipped cream and peanut butter fudge topping(peanut butter, whipped cream, and powdered sugar mixed together in a little dish–super simple, super delicious).

There! I feel better getting it off my chest. I did it! It was me! And I’d do it again! And again! And again! He had it coming to him! Lock me up and throw away the key!–Whoops, wrong confession.

Now, make me feel better and tell me what you last felt guilty about?

Maybe you had a bit too many? No worries–this was simply organic limeade in a cup with some salt. Love that saltiness 😉

Maybe too much fried food on a Friday night? Let me tell you: Fried herbs on seared meat is a little bit like heaven, just a little(OK, a lot).

Did you have too much chocolate? If that day ever comes, I’ll let you know; don’t hold your breath. And who ever decided peanut butter and honey? PB & Agave is the way to go.

Did you spend your Friday night watching Man Vs. Food and rocking out to Sugarland and Adam Lambert? Me neither…

Did you raid the fridge for a midnight snack for cold chickpeas? I agree. That would be ridiculous(I heated them up).

Guilty as charged

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11 Responses to “I’ve Never Felt So Guilty”

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I grew up Catholic, too! LOL Asking about his mom is hilarious, especially in an Italian family like mine. 😆

That pudding looks sooooo good! I gave up feeling guilty about foods, life is too short. It’s all about balance, not perfection and heaven knows I am nowhere near perfect, lol! 🙂

I do feel a little guilty about having too much sodium last night, though. 😦


Considering you are one of the most talented and brilliant foodies I know, I suppose I forgive you for the pudding mix 😉

Catholic guilt definitely ranks up there!

Ohhh the Catholic guilt. I went to Catholic high school- I think the guilt reaches a whole new level when there are nuns to make you feel guilty about homework and uniform rules, in addition to talking during mass and not going to confession. I currently feel guilty for eating an entire jar of pickles in one sitting. Sodium much?

no need to feel bad about using a box mix! seriously, some people (ahem, me) like to know about these products so we can try them at home.

The pudding looks fantastic!

I’m currently reading a book written by Lauren Conrad. I am a college English instructor.

Let the guilt begin.

HaHa, seriously we are the guiltiest bunch here. My husband grew up Catholic and I converted to Catholic from Episcopalian before we got married. We are so guilty for breathing! I think the boxed stuff is good sometimes…gives a break from doing too much! I have such a hard time using them though and my husband gets on to me for it. Like when I hade 60 cupcakes for my kids birthday at school and then a cookie cake for that evening here. Probably should have cheated a little on that. Oh and I eat cold chickpeas from the fridge, but you know you have to pour loads of hot sauce on them!

Hehe, sometimes, the boxed stuff is just the way to go!

I love your mocktail. 🙂

Too ironic that you started your post off with guilt. And so did I. I can promise you my post was 90% pre written in advance of my pyscho moving/packing exploits. Just in case you thought I may have copied you 🙂

Jewish guilt. Scott’s jewish and those jewish mama’s can lay some guilt…but my own mother is Catholic and let me tell you, SHE can lay some guilt 🙂

I love the PB all over the choc!

And yes, Vita. They can do it all. You know you can get a reurb’ed one for in the 3’s. It’s totally worth it. I mean, life changing. Don’t wait is my advice. Change your life now. 🙂 I’ll stop…haha!

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