Building A Perfect Evening

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What would be in your perfect evening? Last night might not have been “perfect” btu, well… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Whole Foods Salad Bar OptionsFalafals

Eating out? Good. Eating somewhere with a huge array of choices? Better. Trying new and exciting things? Best. I think I want to try to make falafels now, because these were my first taste, and while they were good, they weren’t the best. But that tamarind chutney. WOW. I wish I took note of the ingredients besides onion and raisins because it was amazing.

The Holiday

I have to admit this is one of my favorite movies, so I went ahead and popped it in for the night. I still remember trudging through snow in Boston with friends to see it at the movies. I think it comforts me that Cameron Diaz’s character might just be crazier and more high-strung than me. And if Jack Black can get a girl like Kate Winslet, well there’s hope for everyone.

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips

You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had homemade. The gluten-free birthday cake didn’t come out quite like I hoped for(probably needs more sugar). But I’d rather have a decent birthday cake flavor that’s gluten-free than an excellent one that’s not. And chocolate chips–of course.

Dark Chocolate With Salted Buttercream

Who says vegan buttercream has to be just for cakes? It tastes just as good on a Newman’s Own Organic‘s 54% dark chocolate bar. I was looking for cream cheese but we didn’t have any. Next thought: buttercream. The day you discover the how to make a really fast buttercream with be the first day of the rest of your life.

2% Fage With Pineapple, Oatmeal With Justin's Nut Butter

And now we’re back to realty… sort of, with oatmeal, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter(aka, better Nutella butter), and a Fage with pineapple and brown sugar.

Yogurt With Brown Sugar And Pineapple

Pineapple Chobani, eat your heart out.

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13 Responses to “Building A Perfect Evening”

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Haha – for some reason I don’t picture you as crazy as Cameron Diaz’ character…
I seen that movie only this Christmas – it was better than I expected!

You should try to make falafels! I think they’re one of those foods that, 90% of the time, are just alright. But if they’re in that other 10%, they’re freakin’ phenomenal! Love the 10% ones.

Looks like a great evening!

I love the Holiday. It always actually weirded me out that Jack Black ended up with Kate Winslet. But then again, I really don’t have Jack Black’s sense of humor so he just completely turns me off in all departments :/

The Holiday is definitely one of my favorite movies as well. I love Kate Winslet!

I LOVE The Holiday! Such a cute movie!!! 🙂

i want to do a houseswap.

I like your style with the icing on the chocolate. I myself am an icing person 😉

I may have to see that movie now to get an idea of what kind of personality you have. I would have tagged you as pretty mellow. Guess not!

I loved watching the Holiday to! It’s so strange to have Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in the same movie, but hey, it works!

I love that movie!

And the hot bar, of course!

Mmm, I love the hot bar! The Holiday is such a cute movie, definitely fun to watch. 🙂

Yum, that looks like a perfect night of eats to me!

Mmm that tamarind chutney sounds delish!

“The Holiday” is my go-to feel good movie. Talk about an all star cast!

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