Marriages Made In Heaven

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News all over Twitter is that there was a marriage made in heaven today for one blogger. Allow me to steal that and totally abuse it for thematic purposes.

I think it’s well documented that me and chocolate have a deep, deep love affair. Would you bet it’s so great that I was willing to run 5 miles down the road for a gluten-free brownie at 11am? The only problem was that the store opened at noon. Whoops! At least I got a good run out of the deal?

Raw Salad Corn Tomatoes Olive

It’s great that raw veggies and Summer salads marry so easily because then I get the best of both worlds. I haven’t liked corn for the longest time, until I tried it raw today thanks to Lauren(who just rocked a Boston half-marathon!). Anyway, raw corn = amazing. It was like adding sugar to the salad and went so well with olives and olive cashew nut cheese. Yum!

Purely Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate + Peanut butter. Yes. As much as I want to marry chocolate, I’ll allow it to have its mistress. This has to be one of my favorite ice creams. It’s so perfect, I don’t feel the need at all to try to make it myself. I will just bask in its c+pb perfection.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

If I’m like a married person in anyway, it’s that I’m always over a hot stove. Today, I decided to make my own BBQ sauce! The recipe isn’t perfect or flavorful enough yet, so I’ll keep it in my pocket. But it’s so much fun to make your own condiments, I have to say, you should go out(or in) and try it!

Chobani With Peanut Butter And Local Raw Honey

Is polygamy legal? Because peanut butter totally has a thing going with local raw honey. As it should; Nothing beats the sweet + salty combo in my books. I ate that over a plain Chobani because really lacking on the protein as of late and that definitely helped to be a filler.

There was also an apple consumed before dinner. That is not invited to the wedding. At all. The last few apples I’ve had have just been way too sub-par. I think we need a “break” like Ross and Rachel.

Homemade BBQ Tofu, Sweet Potato Fries

Everything came together perfect for dinner. It was a symphony of tofu marinated in BBQ sauce and grilled along with some salty sweet potato fries. The onions that were in the sauce got strained out but rather than throw them away, I used them as a topping. Brilliant! They were oh-so flavorful. Have I mentioned how much I love onions as of late? I think that’s another (stinky-breath) marriage right there.

Sweet or salty? Even with my abundant love for chocolate and ice cream, I simply couldn’t live without salty food(hello, Indian cuisine!). That’s probably why I’d sooner opt for a bottle of soy sauce than BBQ sauce. I know they make reduced sodium; do they make enhanced sodium?

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13 Responses to “Marriages Made In Heaven”

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PB as chocolate’s mistress…haha, I love it. I wonder why they changed the color of the chobani plain 0% containers. They used to be pink. I feel oddly nostalgic…

I only get my apples from the farmer’s market now. They’re super fresh and never disappoint, and cheap. You should try that!

I think they did it because the new strawberry banana is basically the same color as the old pink

Thanks for the shoutout! I love raw corn, it makes salad amazing 🙂

And you know me, sweet for SURE.

I know I’m totally sweet and salty…I probably would have to go with sweet – I mean cookies, ice cream…- but salty is oh man ..tortilla chips…

You just reminded me how much I’m failing on the protein front. Yikes. I’ll definitely have to get some yogurt in as a midnight snack.

blissful marriage indeed!!

Love the idea of homemade BBQ sauce!

the tofu on the last shot looks perfect! crunchy/hardened on the outside with perfect soft inner. NICE WORK.

“Is polygamy legal? “–Not sure, but life is more fun this way 🙂

Making condiments. Jessica of howsweeteats has a post up right now of her link to her homemade ketchup/bbq sauce. I havent made it but it looks killer.

There are also some raw recipes for homemade ketchup that start w/ sundried tomatoes, dates, olive oil, water, ACV, dash of salt and garlic, blend together in a vita and then reduce over heat (which wouldnt make them raw). The book is packed away in a box but it’s rawvolution by matt amsden i am thinking of (i read cookbooks at 2am so this is from memory like 3 mos ago LOL)

salty oh good i am salt phobic!

local honey, the best stuff ever!

anyway i only make my own condiments. other than mustard. i buy that.

I had raw corn on a salad tonight for dinner, and you are right about it being like sugar. Whole grain sugar!

About a year ago, I would have answered “sweet” for sure. But lately I have been waking up and even for breakfast wanting salty things. I think I’ve converted!

def a salty girl..but then again, my chocolate usually wins over crackers/chips…hrm…

Salty any day of the week!

i can’t find dairy free ice cream anywhere over here, perhaps il have to make some myself!! xx

Chocolate and PB is my favorite combination, of ALL times. Without a doubt. In fact I’m making some ice cream RIGHT NOW with chocolate chunks, PB, and cocoa powder. Yum.

If I had a choice between sweet or salty, I think I would have to agree with you. While I do have a MAJOR sweet tooth, I couldn’t live without my salty olives and extra dirty martinis!

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