Uncooking On Memorial Day

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I find it ironic that on the epitome of BBQing and Grilling is when I decide to have another one of my raw-kicks.

I started my morning with a run, which called for prefueling with chocolate. Lindt is obviously not a raw chocolate brand but still tasty, and even non-raw dark chocolate has a good amount of antioxidants. Chomp on 🙂

I only aimed for 9 miles but ended up doing 11 after I got way too in to my new playlist. I think I’ve listened to some songs by Adam Lambert and Sugarland 5+ times over the past few days. Whoops?

All I’ve been craving lately for lunch has been raw salads. We seriously don’t have enough raw veggies in this house to satisfy that! I used half an avocado squirted with lime juice as the “meat” here, and around it added raw corn, lemon garlic marinated olives, and onions caramelized in a little EVOO(obviously not raw but cooked onions taste 1000 times better than raw in my opinion). The result: delicious. This was like some backwards guacamole salad. Loved it!

Zevia Twist

It seems my sweet-tooth, which has been in and out recently is back. A Zevia twist tasted perfect mid-afternoon for a boost. Just like a diet Sierra Mist!

The piece d’ resistance of the afternoon was this Memorial Day sundae. I really want to make a maple walnut flavor ice cream! Along with soooo many others. But since there’s only so much room in our freezer, I took some of the ice cream I made with raw milk and covered it in NH maple taffy and freshly toasted walnuts. Yum! Except whole milk ice cream is just too icy as I’ve found out; you really need half and half to make something decently creamy(or coconut milk at a 2:1 ratio with water for a vegan half and half).

It turned out that I went from being the only one with plans for Memorial Day to being the only one home. How does that happen?! Not going to lie: I was a little upset. But instead I decided to make this a golden opportunity to try a new recipe I’ve been dying to make.

First I snacked on some Crazy Richards chunky pb straight for some energy and got the food processor out.

The recipe I wanted to (not) cook was raw taco meat, so I went straight over to Averie’s blog and found her super simple recipe. Here it is below; I followed it to a T except used her variation of swapping out the spices for predone(Trader Joe’s) taco seasoning.

Averie’s Raw Vegan Taco Nut “Meat”
1/2 C Raw Almonds
1/2 C Walnuts
1/3 C Sun Dried Tomatoes loosely packed (If using oil packed, may slightly reduce amount of olive oil added)
1/2 Tsp Chili Powder (or to taste)
1/4 Tsp Cayenne Powder (or to taste)
2 to 4 Tbsp Olive Oil (or hemp, flax, etc.)
Optional: 1 Tsp Salt (or to taste)

Wow! I’ve never had something so flavorful. And I will be making this again. It certainly wouldn’t suit if all you want is that beef-flavor or meat. But if you’re just looking for something fun and tasty, this totally works. I ate it along a gingerade kombucha and home fries made with white potato, sweet potato, red onion, olive oil, salt and pepper. Of course, really Averie would probably hate this dish because it has about a days worth of sodium in it(and I’m eating it with a salt shaker ready and standing by).

And now I’m watching Knocked Up on TV. I love the movie, but some things are just better done when you have the house to yourself 😉

Where do you go for new recipes? This is something I always get asked by people I cook for. Almost all my recipes come or were derived from blogs, FoodNetwork.com, or Allrecipes.com. Maybe this is a bias crowd to ask this question, but really I have to think this is what the internet is for!

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11 Responses to “Uncooking On Memorial Day”

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Mostly I get recipes from blogs. That is where I got my start on eating healthy and I like continuing that.

I usually go to myrecipes.com for ideas or just surf some blogs.

Home made maple walnut ice cream? Even if you haven’t actually made it yet, that’s pretty awesome…

I totally go to blogs for recipes. For easy desserts, I always go to Averie!

Wow – great eats! I like to get recipes from my books (old school!) – but the internet and blogs sure are handy too!

I am all about blog recipes and allrecipes.com, too!

i so would have tried the raw taco meat but didnt’ have half the ingredients! next time!

i get my recipes from blogs and my cookbooks…i just alter them, a lot. 😉

allrecipies.com is my jammmmmm

I get most of my recipes from newsletters I subscribe to, blogs, and VegWeb.com. I also have a pretty ridiculous cookbook collection!

I’m so glad you made it! Yay!

You’ve never had something so flavorful!? Ok well that’s a success then! Yeah you have to season raw nuts pretty well or they can taste a little bland. Taco seasoning (pre made) is good if you dont wanna deal with individual spices. McCormick brand taco seasoning for like 59 cents was a childhood standby for me…I’m sure it would work dandy in this recipe.

My go to source for recipes. Umm. My braincells. I dont go anywhere anymore that’s always a “hit” or strikes my fancy b/c being raw, vegan, GF, soy light…that kills alot of sites and some of the raw sites are too fanatical or have exotic ingredients, and many cookbooks dont get that you can be vegan without a pound of tofu in every recipe 🙂

That said Ani Phyo, Sarma, or Matthew Kenney are good. Oh, my friend Alisa Fleming who wrote Go Dairy Free..omg excellent book. Great girl 🙂

ooh, that taco recipe sounds awesome!

and I love salads like that. Especially with a ton of avocado 🙂

i usually search on food network, cause chances are i’ve already seen the show featuring the recipe.

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