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Building A Perfect Evening

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What would be in your perfect evening? Last night might not have been “perfect” btu, well… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Whole Foods Salad Bar OptionsFalafals

Eating out? Good. Eating somewhere with a huge array of choices? Better. Trying new and exciting things? Best. I think I want to try to make falafels now, because these were my first taste, and while they were good, they weren’t the best. But that tamarind chutney. WOW. I wish I took note of the ingredients besides onion and raisins because it was amazing.

The Holiday

I have to admit this is one of my favorite movies, so I went ahead and popped it in for the night. I still remember trudging through snow in Boston with friends to see it at the movies. I think it comforts me that Cameron Diaz’s character might just be crazier and more high-strung than me. And if Jack Black can get a girl like Kate Winslet, well there’s hope for everyone.

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips

You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had homemade. The gluten-free birthday cake didn’t come out quite like I hoped for(probably needs more sugar). But I’d rather have a decent birthday cake flavor that’s gluten-free than an excellent one that’s not. And chocolate chips–of course.

Dark Chocolate With Salted Buttercream

Who says vegan buttercream has to be just for cakes? It tastes just as good on a Newman’s Own Organic‘s 54% dark chocolate bar. I was looking for cream cheese but we didn’t have any. Next thought: buttercream. The day you discover the how to make a really fast buttercream with be the first day of the rest of your life.

2% Fage With Pineapple, Oatmeal With Justin's Nut Butter

And now we’re back to realty… sort of, with oatmeal, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter(aka, better Nutella butter), and a Fage with pineapple and brown sugar.

Yogurt With Brown Sugar And Pineapple

Pineapple Chobani, eat your heart out.

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Starting Off With A Smile

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English muffin With Almond Butter And 365 Raspberry Jam, White Peach With Wallaby Vanilla Bean Dipping Yogurt

English muffin With Almond Butter And 365 Raspberry Jam, White Peach With Wallaby Vanilla Bean Dipping Yogurt

If that doesn’t make you look forward to the day ahead, I don’t know what will. I ran 6 miles this morning; it was so hot and humid I snuck over into my neighbor’s sprinklers for a quick mist. I don’t even know where our sprinklers even are but I might have to find them later lol.

I didn’t even get a chance to eat a snack between blogging and lunch yesterday the time was so short. My grandmother came over for a family Sunday lunch. This was my plate:

My Lunch Plate

My Lunch Plate

I sometimes feel like just doing my own thing at meals, but then I feel bad disregarding the food my mom made, so I compromised on this one. I took the chicken and broccoli and smothered it with Whole Foods Steak Sauce–so addicting! Then I heated up some Whole Foods refried beans and ate it with some Trader Joe’s Potato Nachos. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, find these and pick them up. they’re made with corn flour, potatoes, and brown rice flour, so it’s like this weird nacho-potato chip love child that tastes sooo good.

Stonyfield Cookies N' Cream Frozen Yogurt

Stonyfield Cookies N' Cream Frozen Yogurt

Dessert was a bit of froyo. If it looks like I’m eating a lot more ice cream/frozen yogurt lately, I probably am. our freezer is wayyy too full and there’s only one way to fix that: eat our way out. Haha, I’m definitely not minding that “mission” considering it’s a heat wave up here.

We planned to see Julie & Julia in the afternoon so I packed some snacks. I hate buying snacks at the theater because they’re so unhealthy and overpriced. I decided to go with something old and something new:

Something Old

Something Old

Something New

Something New

I opened up my 2nd bar of Mocha Milk Chocolate. After trying all the Newman’s Organic Chocolates and coming back to this one. I really can’t say why I love it so much, other than I really really do. It’s not like their milk chocolate at all; and the coffee isn’t like a dark roast or espresso bean but just a simple cup of joe. it just all works so perfectly. i haven’t seen these in many stores but I highly suggest you buy a bar if you do.

I also figured I’d give the high protein pretzels a try. These have 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber in every serving, so Newman’s definitely trumps the competitors for the nutrition. Overall they were Ok, but not great. They needed more salt, but then again I pour way too much salt on everything. I don’t eat pretzels much but these felt more airy and crispy than others I’ve had, which I liked though didn’t exactly remind me of a pretzel. Overall I think they’re a great product because they really left me feeling full and satisfied. These would probably be optimal for dipping in yogurt or mustard to add a little more flavor, but I definitely want to keep these in my dorm.

Before we hit the theater we went to the same Target as yesterday to pick up a printer for my dorm. It was on sale this week. 2 dollars off isn’t much, but a sale’s a sale right? Then we hopped over to the AMC to see Julie And Julia. We got there 50 minutes early so I killed time playing Soul Caliber in the arcade. Fun Fact: I don’t play video games much but when I do I kick some CPU ass butt, except when it comes to first person shooter which I’m awful and impatient at.

Overall I really liked the movie. I didn’t think the story of Julie and the story of Julia were as parallel as the director tried to make them seem, but I liked that they kept them true to the real stories, both of which I wasn’t too familiar with. Oddly, I’ve been to France and I have to say I didn’t like the food that much; but it’s always great to see someone else so enthusiastic about a culture’s food. Julie’s story I thought would have been inspiring and motivating and encourage me to take this blog somewhere. But actually it just made me feel good for doing what I do and like I want to keep it up. And I like that the movie showed how blogging, while fun, can sometimes feel like a 2nd job and definitely extends into your life past the keyboard.

We got home pretty late(for us, at least) so we grilled for a quick dinner. I tried Morningstar’s Grillers Vegan for the first time.

Morningstar Griller's Vegan

Morningstar Griller's Vegan

I really liked these. They tasted smokey and grilled, a lot like the veggieburgers at UFood Grill. And the ingredient list seems more natural than other Morningstar products, which was an added bonus. I also tried Newman’s Own Organic popcorn to keep with the movie theme.

Newman's Own Organic Pop's Corn

Newman's Own Organic Pop's Corn

Again, this was a Newman’s Own Organic product I really liked. It definitely had a buttery and salty flavor but wasn’t overly done or greasy like others. Of course, the fact that it’s organic makes it all the better. Did you know cheaper brands stick artificial color in there just to make it look more buttered? Yikes. I’m a little sad I only was sent 3 bags of this because that means I’ll be going out to buy some more real soon probably, lol.

At dinner my parents talked about how many times they had seen Julia Child eating at Legal Seafoods. Don’t you hate that feeling of missing out only to realize it’s hard not to miss out on things that happen before you’re born? I was about 20 feet away from Hillary Clinton back in 7th grade on a trip to DC, that’s about as close to celebritydom that I’ve gotten. My dad read that Mrs. Tom Brady shops at one of the same Whole Foods I do, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for her from now on(for some pretty obvious reasons):

After missing the past 4, yes 4, episodes of Big Brother and getting semi-caught up with my On Demand, I finally caught an episode as it aired. I love this show so so much and life has made it hard to really get into this season but I’m trying. Lydia is definitely my favorite at the moment. Woohoo for anyone labeled an off-beat! In High School I always felt like a bit of an off-beat, but I don’t think anyone else saw me like that. I pretty much hung out with every crowd, and I’m glad that I went to a school where I could do that and not feel ostracized by any social group.

The highlights of dessert:

Pecan Sticky Bun Granola In Greek Yogurt

Pecan Sticky Bun Granola In Greek Yogurt

Peanut Butter Cookie Toast And Seeduction Bread With Sunflower Butter And Pumpkin Seeds

Peanut Butter Cookie Toast And Seeduction Bread With Sunflower Butter And Pumpkin Seeds

I picked up the granola today because it was on sale. 20 cents isn’t much of a “sale” but it certainly was an excuse 🙂 I though it was pretty good. It must have been sweet because I mixed it with plain greek yogurt and didn’t notice any tartness. I usually eat granola as a topper to yogurt so I’m going to need to try this again a different way to get a better taste of it. The seedy bread was a bit of genious, if I may say so myself. I’m liking sunflower butter more now that I’m learning to use less; it’s a little bit bigger on flavor than nut butters and a tablespoon is just too seedy for me(pun intended, obviously).

On a last note, I think I caught a virus last night shopping peanut butter on Amazon… I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t me, either. Anybody know any good software to get rid of it? Spybot Search And Destroy doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

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Harry Potter And The Horny Students

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Good morning, Good morning! I wasn’t going to write a post right now because I only have a little time before I have a busy busy day, but I just needed to write about the new Harry Potter movie which I was lucky enough to catch an early showing of last night! On a sad note, I was out of carrot juice when I got home from my 6 mile run this morning :,-( Oh well, we’ll pick some up today; it’s just the perfect post run drink. On the bright side, I did get to finish off a mango lemonade,16oz vanilla chobani container, and 16oz TJ yogurt container, so I have plenty of room in the fridge for some serious grocery shopping later.

Ok, Ok, on to the good stuff. So we left for Boston around 3:45 even though the movie wasn’t until 7 because we thought there’d be traffic and we might not get seats and all that. Turns out it was smooth sailing on the highway and we could have got there at 6:30 and got decent seats, but at least we were overprepared and not under, right? In the car I enjoyed an almond & cashew KIND bar. I just love these because between those 2 all star nuts is a honey-date binder that’s really sweet like a candy bar. That and the bar has added omega-3’s, so it’s an all-around winner.

Phone Pics July 13 015

When we got there, we grabbed our tickets and then went out to get sandwiches for dinner. At first we stopped at Bina’s, the italian place with all the goodies, but I wanted to bring my sandwich in the theater and I figured melted cheese wouldn’t keep well 😦 So instead we went to UFood Grill where I got a turkey, swiss, and cranberry; does anybody else love Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches? I think they’re the best and this is the closest I can find in the month of July, so I’ll take it any time. I also picked up a Banana Nut Odwalla which I never tried before. I thought this bar was really really great–like a moist, flavorful banana bread. I was slightly disappointed to see that the first ingredient was sugar, but at least dates, oats, and bananas followed that, so the good outweighed the bad.

Phone Pics July 13 017

Well 7pm FINALLY rolled around and it was exciting. This movie is a great addition to the series. The cinematography and CGI has also shown drastic change from the first movie; sometimes it felt almost too over played and made things too unreal, but overall it was well conducted. The one noticible difference is that this movie is no longer the 8 year old birthday party film like the first few were; this movies is packed with action and hormones. Well, I guess Harry Potter’s getting the real high school experience: girls and drama. It certainly added a bit of amusement, which was a noticable difference in this film as well–it was actually funny. The earlier movies were packed with “feel good” moments that made you ooo and aww and want to dress up like a wizard. Sure, this movie had some of those, but it also added a lot of zingy one-liners and comical awkwardness that kept it lively. This is definitely a movie worthy of the Harry Potter series and not one to be missed.

The movie got out at 10. I was still chomping on my Odwalla bar, but I figured I needed another 500 calories for the night. Rather than just come home and eat a lot of same ol’ stuff, I figured a trip to J.P. Licks was in order. This is an ice cream place in Boston that makes tons of fresh flavors, and it had been over a month since I was there last so it was a good reunion lol. I love this place because of their flavored softserve. I’ll admit: The lumpy primate ice cream sounded intriguing, but I just can’t pass up their peanut butter soft serve. My dad got a blueberry soft serve, which was one of their flavors of the week. It was also really good and highly recommended for all you Bostonians.

Phone Pics July 13 018

I enjoyed that baby nice and slowly all the ride home. I just love licking ice cream on a cone because you can have it nice and slowly, but I really don’t like the cone part; any other cone haters out there? Well after we got home I made myself a Peanut Butter Cookie sandwich. Please tell me you’ve tried this, I swear it’s the best. And it’s so simple! Cream cheese and white chocolate peanut butter between some bread: the flavors and textures mold together and it’s irresistible. I use some toasted TJ Light Wheat bread; the resulting combination of high fiber(over 11 grams for the sandwich!), protein, and fat is just perfect and makes my run the next morning great.

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