Picture It: Javaberry

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Food holds memories. Those make the dishes ten times better and ten times tastier. And yet it’s hard to know on a blog just what someone is thinking when they put flavors together unless they’re willing to share it all. That’s why I’m starting a new category of posts, ala Sophia Petrillo, called “Picture It”s.

Picture it: Prom night Junior year. After the prom, I end up at a friends house for an after party with 40 or so friends. There’s an open fire, cookies, chips, s’mores, everything legal(yeah, yeah. We weren’t a very troublesome crowd, but something tells me that’s a good thing). I didn’t even plan to stay the whole night, but by 1am I was convinced by my good friend and hostess. After too many games of midnight Hide N’ Seek(who does this?!), I crashed sometime around 5am in front of Bend It Like Beckham. The next day, still in a cookie coma, no one cared for a very nutritious breakfast, if it’s even breakfast at 11:30. Instead, we took a very short walk to Dairy Joy.

Of course, when there’s an ice cream shop virtually in someone’s front yard, you have to throw yourself at their mercy and get what they suggest. The “favorite flavor” couldn’t have sounded weirder: Javaberry. A blend of raspberry and coffee ice creams. Really? Could that possible be good? No. It was fantastic. What a random but delectable combination, one that I had never had again, until today.

Black Raspberry And Coffee Frozen Yogurts

Black Raspberry And Coffee Frozen Yogurts

That would be Elan’s decaf cappuccino frozen yogurt and Sweet Scoops‘ black raspberry frozen yogurt. Again, the combination was eerily magnificent. How could these two flavors work? They just do. And when I had the Sweet Scoops‘ black raspberry the first time, I thought it wasn’t sweet enough. I take that back. This was perfectly fruity and sweet. But I did more today than just eat ice cream.

Chocolove Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Chocolove Raspberry Dark Chocolate

I ate chocolate, too. Right before hitting the gym, I snacked on the last few pieces of a raspberry dark chocolate bar and ran out the door. It’s been rainy/cloudy all weekend, so I stuck with the gym. It turns out I picked a perfect time for television, and I was really able to get into my “groove”.

12 Miles In 1:46:08

12 Miles In 1:46:08

These 12 miles truly felt effortless I could have kept going, if I really had to, which leads me to feel confident for my half-marathon in 2 weeks from tomorrow. And when I was done, I went straight to work on lunch. I was craving chickpeas, so I tossed some with honey, water, and garlic and tossed them in an oven to roast at 425 while I showered. My lunch ended up having 3 forms of chickpeas. Obsession?

Roasted Garlic Chickpeas And Garlic Over Greens

Roasted Garlic Chickpeas And Garlic Over Greens

Steamed Broccoli With Garlic, Hummus Chips With Hummus

Steamed Broccoli With Garlic, Hummus Chips With Hummus

My breath was not pretty after this meal, but I loved it nonetheless. On the salad was just the roasted chickpeas given a little flavor with garlic and honey, as well as some roasted garlic from the cafeteria. I steamed some broccoli and added ground garlic, and had “hummus chips” with hummus. The chips are made completely with garbanzo bean flour and baked with garlic and olive oil. Like I said, I think I was having a flavor obsession.

In between lunch and dinner was when I had the Javaberry creation. I also did some work and made an impulse online purchase. Aren’t those fun? I’ll be sure to share on that in a little time…

Cheese Burger, Roasted And Grilled Sweet Potato With Tumeric, Cinnamon, And Sea Salt

Cheese Burger, Roasted And Grilled Sweet Potato With Tumeric, Cinnamon, And Sea Salt

I basically kept putting off finding a way to not have to cook so long that I needed to cook. I tossed a sweet potato in the oven for 90 minutes and made a cheeseburger with some questionably old meat :-/ And I love roasted potatoes; nothing says “home” and “comfort” like a roasted sweet potato. But they are wholly unfilling. I topped mine with turmeric and cinnamon for powerful antioxidants.

Hidden Ketchup

Hidden Ketchup

Whenever my grandmother made me a cheeseburger, she put the ketchup on top of the burger and then the cheese while it was still cooking so the ketchup got a chance to heat up while the cheese melted. I always thought that was smart, and tasty 😉 Speaking of grandparents and parents, I loved Heather’s post today on just enjoying a day with her mom, and I’d like to wish Matt and his wife a huge congratulations for the birth of their baby!

I think after all that cheese and frozen yogurt, dairy has been capped for the day. Thank God for dark chocolate 😀 In the meantime, here’s a giveaway for Tropical Tradition’s shredded coconut! Yum.

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Dynamic Duos

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Thankfully, the ice dancing is over, which means we don’t have to look at creepy, questionably incestuous duos dancing to poorly chosen songs in outrageous costumes. No, now we can get back to the dynamic duos that set our mouths on fire!

Wicked Natural Caramel Mustard

Caramel and Mustard. REALLY. This stuff is heavenly. I have could eat it by the spoonful. Who would have thunk it? But the sweetness of condensed milk and the spiciness from mustard seeds just take the floor together. So for lunch, I baked up some tofu, coated it in this and another fantastic ingredient.

Broccoli With Soy Sauce, Coconut Caramel Mustard Tofu

Tofu, meet coconut. Coconut, tofu. When I saw Caitlin give this one a try, I couldn’t help thinking yes, yes, yes! So after the mustard was adhered to the baked tofu, I toasted coconut flakes in a ban and tossed them with the tofu. Winner, winner, vegetarian lunch or dinner! And let’s not forget the dynamic duo of soy sauce and any vegetable that will soak it up. Mmmm. I steamed broccoli and then finished it in a pan with a little of the black gold 🙂 And I ain’t talking Texas tea.

Red Delicious Apple

An apple and… coffee?! Not quite, but I needed something to fill me up before 3 1/2 hours of class! Not like I thought this would last me over that long, but for the first section I was A-OK. Then I had to lead a little discussion in my seminar, which went decent, until the teacher said I should have submitted a paper with my notes on it. Oops! I’ll type that up in a jiffy after this. During the “break” I “snuck” from my pocket perhaps the holiest of dessert duos.

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Sunspire Candy Bar

I like coconut. I love chocolate. I really love coconut oil chocolate. Sadly, I just “loved” this candy bar. OK, “just” maybe sets the wrong note. I loved this bar. The dark chocolate was perfectly bitter-sweet(70% I’m guessing). And the coconut was nice and a little sweet 🙂 Yum, yum. More companies need to make organic candy bars! Then again, maybe it’s a good thing for me they don’t, because I could go po’ eating through them.

.9oz Snack Pack Surf Sweet Sour Berry Bears

Speaking of candy, “healthy” and “candy” are not your typical duo, but Surf Sweets tries at least. Just like how I try to eat them the weirdest way possible…

Soy Yogurt With Sour Berry Bears

Sweet and sour needs no explanation. I took a container of plain soy yogurt sweetened with some vanilla stevia and added these gummy bears on top. A little confused? Remember putting gummy bears on vanilla froyo along with about 20 other toppings? Yeah, it was like that. This was after I had gotten out of class, flew my backpack down, and started cutting up a sweet potato for dinner thinking “Now I see why my mom would b*tch having to make dinner after getting home from work”. BUT that set up one hell of a duo for dinner:

Sweet Potato Fries, Grass-Fed Cheese Burger

This was more like a quartet of awesome. Of course, there’s burger + fries. Duh. And then there’s burger + cheese = meh but I went with it for a change from yesterday. And salt with sweet potato is “like woh“. And, while I recognize this is basically the same dinner as yesterday, to that I have to attribute a) my tofu block being on its last leg and b) the fact that I gave up “prepared soy foods” for Lent, so there 🙂

And now, tonight’s going to feature a lot of Evan + Plato before my Greek test tomorrow morning with a little bit of making + up that assignment I mentioned I forgot about. What’s your favorite duo? Or who? if we want to lead the edible persuasion. Personally, I’ve always been an Ash and Pikachu fan, but if you wanna say Ricky and Lucy I couldn’t deny. AND check out when Kate made my coconut oil chocolate. I love that all the ingredients she used were organic; a blogger after my own heart.

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