You Don’t Have To Run To Be A Runner

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This morning felt like the worst.

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Honest Foods Bar

Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Honest Foods Bar

It was hot. I was stressed. I felt lethargic. I had just about every negative word in the book to say. I wanted to run when I knew I wasn’t mentally “there”. I had a piece of Honest Foodspomegranate walnut crisp granola plank, which was even more a tip-off I was stressed(granola is definitely my stress-food). 10 minutes later and I still wasn’t running or feeling any better.

No Meat Athlete T-Shirt

No Meat Athlete T-Shirt

I put on my No Meat Athlete shirt today, hoping it would inspire me to run. Instead, it did something of the opposite and I couldn’t be more grateful: It reminded me that you don’t have to run to be a runner. I have a bad habit of forgetting and needing to relearn lessons, like why labels don’t matter. Today, I had to relearn that you’re just as much a runner on a rest day as the days you go out. Meghann and Ashley are just as much ultra-marathoners now, even though they aren’t currently running one. And we’re all just as much food bloggers as when we aren’t taking photos of our food.

This lesson was in part learned this morning, when an update on the news about the West Virginian miners abruptly ended my pity party(please, pray for those families; it’s all they ask for). Part of it came in my Object History course when we did an exercise judging each other on our clothes. Immediately I was pegged as a vegetarian. I then had to explain why I wasn’t but still wore the shirt because I support Matt himself as a runner and the rights of ethically and naturally raised animals(touched on in my food philosophy). When I was asked if I was”OK” with people assuming I was a vegetarian, I didn’t know how to respond; of course I was “OK” with it, if the contrary opinion is that I could walk into a KFC and order some chicken without caring one bit about the animal that gave its life for that piece or how it was raised. Even if I wasn’t running a half-marathon then or eating raw food I was just as much a runner and a raw food enthusiast. I didn’t have to be doing either to be either. That is what I learned in class today.

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

For lunch, once I decided to not run, I made a highly raw salad, with chickpeas, spinach dressed in Foods Alive hemp oil dressing, Next Generation Organic Dairy raw garlic parsley cheddar cheese, and my attempt at maple golden raisins.

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

Chickpea Salad With Raw Garlic Cheddar, Maple Golden Raisins, And Hemp Oil Spinach

The organic hunza raisins were a new product from Tierra Farm. I wanted to rehydrate them in a mix of water and maple syrup; it worked a little bit and where it did was wonderful. But they needed much more time than the 1 hour I allowed.

Citrus Kombucha

Citrus Kombucha

In the beginning of Object History I sipped on a citrus kombucha; the ginger and lemon reminded me of a vinegary, unsweet lemonade on this 90 degree day and was the perfect flavor.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zing Bar

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Zing Bar

A little later on, I snacked on an oatmeal chocolate chip bar by Zing. I got the chocolate chip part, but other than that this was just plain ol’ sweet. What I really liked moreso was the nutrition. It had a good amount of healthy fat from cashew butter, 10g of protein, and was sweetened with natural fruit juices and agave. I would have thought all that nutrition would’ve stuffed me up. It didn’t.

White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

I was dreaming about this gelato all through class; how could I not outside on a 90 degree day? It tasted perfectly rich and sweet, and I ate it on my way to–drumroll–Whole Foods! I had a major salmon craving, and the weather was so nice. I couldn’t find a reason not to walk the 1.2 miles and pick up a dinner.

Citrus Salmon, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Broccoli With Lemon

Citrus Salmon, Kale Avocado Salad, Raw Broccoli With Lemon

Citrus Salmon

Citrus Salmon

I brought this dinner of salmon, avocado-kale, and raw broccoli back to the dorm to enjoy. The salmon was perfectly what I needed to eat. And Whole Foods makes the best avocado kale! I need to take tips from them. And no one fret; I changed out of my No  Meat shirt before eating this 😉

Wow that post took a while! But I think it was worth it, and all stuff that needs to be said. Just because I haven’t been studying doesn’t mean I’m not a student, right 😉 And if this self-reflection helped or resonated with just one person, it will be worth it. G’night!

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Would You Eat It?

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*Tonight’s your last chance to enter the wellness giveaway!*

My jaw dropped when this ice cream creation popped up on my Google Reader.

Yes, you see that right: turkey ice cream. They describe it as “super premium chocolate ice cream with morsels of real turkey covered in dark chocolate swirled with sweet potato, chocolate fudge and cranberry sauce“. It’s set to be released in October, and you might not believe my first thought: Awesome! Yes, I was actually excited by this. Letting the shock past, I realized this will probably have a lot of less-than-natural ingredients in it, and the meat will be from questionably treated animals, so I will not be partaking in Turkey Day ice cream when it’s out. That’s not to say I might not try to recreate it in the kitchen with some vegan chocolate ice cream and Tofurkey 😉 It then occurred to me that the reason I wouldn’t eat this might very well be different from a lot of yours. Maybe this doesn’t sound exciting to you. Or maybe you don’t want meat, ethically raised or not. That had me thinking all day what would other people not eat that I am and why?

Maplemazing Salad

Maplemazing Salad

Maplemazing Salad

Maplemazing Salad

Could I interest you in a maplemazing salad? This was something I threw together on a whim and it was so damn good. It was also vegan, sodium-free, and did I mention amazing? The center was a bed of spinach surrounded by maple baked tofu On top, I mixed together 1/2 can chickpeas, carrot shreds, golden raisins, maple syrup, and no-salt indian spice blend(the secret ingredient), and topped it off with Tierra Farm‘s maple glazed nuts. Holy yum! I was worried about the indian spice blend at first but it added just the right level of heat and a twist to keep it interesting. Meanwhile, I think nuts on salads are my new addiction.

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream

For the first time in days the rain stopped; to celebrate I grabbed some So Delicious coconut milk chocolate ice cream. This is creeping up to be my favorite chocolate ice cream; there are only a handful of recognizable, non-GMO ingredients and it has a great sweetness for such a low sugar content. This was dreamy to scoop on and enjoy the day.

Coconut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Coconut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

I might have been a little too excited for my oatmeal this afternoon. This was just a flavor combination I’ve been dieing to try: coconut shreds and chocolate chips This did not disappoint, either. The coconut on its own was nutty enough for the salty oats, and the chips were just bursting with sweetness. I also forgot what a great snack oats can be when you have the time to sit down and enjoy them–so filling!

Grass-Fed Burger, Mustard Sweet Potato Chunks Over Spinach

Grass-Fed Burger, Mustard Sweet Potato Chunks Over Spinach

My first dinner back was about as classic as they come a burger with sweet potatoes. To keep things interesting, I tossed the cooked sweet potatoes with mustard and then microwaved them for 3 minutes(they were a little hard). It wasn’t quite as flavorful as I was hoping but it was good for a change of pace. The burger, of course, was cooked to perfection, though now I’m looking forward even more to grilling over the weekend.

So, back to the opening question, would you eat the turkey ice cream? I’d also be very curious to know which dishes from today of mine you’d not eat and why. Call me curious 🙂 On a much different note, I’d gladly eat these snacks or any of this prize giveaway

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Jars, New Products, And Raw Desserts

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I hope you’re all liking the wellness giveaway! You have until March 31st to enter.

Tazo Rest

Tazo Rest

One Lucky Duck Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

One Lucky Duck Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was not terribly hungry for dessert last night while watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Did the chicken scene just make anyone else want to give up on meat? I couldn’t go that far, probably, but it makes me feel good that the meat I choose is wild, natural, or organic and minimally processed.

I must have been affected by a British accent because I snacked on “tea and cookies”, with Tazo Rest and One Lucky Duck‘s chocolate chip raw cookies. This was the last sample from One Lucky Duck I had and it did not disappoint. I liked how–very easily–there was a flavor distinction between the cookie and the chocolate, which isn’t easy to do at all with raw foods. It also didn’t have that raw, fall-apart-in-your-hand texture but wasn’t stale. They’re a bit pricey but a good treat for a raw foodist.

Almost Empty Nut Butter Jars

Almost Empty Nut Butter Jars

I couldn’t help but noticing not one but 2 of my nut butter jars were on their last leg. And since I had just had a chocolate chip cookie made mostly out of cashews, this couldn’t have been a more perfect pairing 🙂

Oats With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter And Raw Cashew Butter

Oats With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter And Raw Cashew Butter

On top was the very last of P.B.Loco’s cookie dough peanut butter and Love Raw Food’s cashew butter. There was definitely more nut butter than oats so this was delicious and rich. And I love just being able to toss the jar out when you’re done 🙂 Is it just me, or is it still impossible to get the jar satisfactory empty no matter how much you work at it?

Chia Moon Drop

Chia Moon Drop

I woke up at 5, and took an awful long time getting back to bed(hence not waking up again until 9, yikes!) :-/ Sometime then, I got snackish and went for Uli Mana‘s chocolate chia moon drop. It was a good choice. I think I got through half of it before even realizing where the chia were; that was a good thing since they still sort of freak me out. It was nice and chocolaty, too. I wish it were richer(maybe add some cacao butter?), but it was still pretty great.

Honest Foods Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Granola Plank

Honest Foods Pomegranate Walnut Crisp Granola Plank

I woke up at 8, put on my glasses, and then woke up again at 9. Oops. Don’t you hate when that happens? After deciding what was for breakfast, I grabbed a new Honest Foods granola plank to try out.

Pineapple Chobani With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Pumpkin Oats With Walnut Butter In A Mighty Maple Jar

Pineapple Chobani With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Pumpkin Oats With Walnut Butter In A Mighty Maple Jar

Pineapple Chobani With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Pumpkin Oats With Walnut Butter In A Mighty Maple Jar

Pineapple Chobani With Pomegranate Walnut Granola, Pumpkin Oats With Walnut Butter In A Mighty Maple Jar

Another almost empty nut butter jar? I spoil myself 🙂 In the Mighty Maple jar went pumpkin oatmeal and a scoop of walnut butter; the pumpkin, peanut, walnut, and maple all work so well together! And I had a pineapple Chobani with about 1/3 of the Honest Foods granola plank. I like the ideas of the grab-n-go granola, but the pomegranate flavor in the pomegranate walnut crisp was just not there. It also wasn’t very crisp? It was much more chewy and soft. All the walnuts and peanuts made me happy, though, so clearly I wasn’t complaining much.

I’m sure you’ve noticed Cancun 2010 is no where in my Spring Break plans, haha. In case you were wondering, today I’m heading home to see my dog for the first time in 4 weeks. It’s felt like forever! Tomorrow, I have my 1/2 marathon to run along the New Hampshire coast–not looking forward to the weather. And then Monday is the day I become one really old teenager. We won’t celebrate until Easter with the relatives, though(OK, there’ll be a little celebrating ;-)).

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Potato Facts And Greens, Naturally

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Top of the morning afternoon to you, me lassies! It’s been a long day–Wednesday’s are always long days. But before I bitch about that, I want to talk about potatoes. Do you know where most species of potatoes come from? It’s not Ireland, or even Europe, but South America! The Inca’s cultivated potatoes, and even bred different strands for different environments. In fact, the potato wasn’t even well recieved by grain-loving Europe well at first but eventually took on as a staple crop when they realized how nutrient dense they are. Unfortunately, as we all know, the Irish suffered a famine one season because of the poor crops that year. Curiously, that wouldn’t have happened to the Inca’s because they knew to grow different types of potatoes for different seasons instead of relying on 1. I love most potatoes, but I have to confess my favorite is the sweet potato:

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato With Maple Baked Tofu And Maple Drizzle

The sweet potato is notably high in beta-carotene, the same vitamin that gives carrots their orange hue. For this dish, I roasted steamed broccoli and raw, diced sweet potato for 40 minutes with some maple tofu, and topped it off with maple syrup and sea salt.

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potatoes With Maple Baked Tofu And A Maple Drizzle

Holy yum! Nutritious and delicious. Simply roasting a potato with nothing on it is certainly the easiest way to enjoy them and very tasty, too. Did you notice the green I snuck in with broccoli? Green veggies get their color from chlorophyll and carry loads of phytochemicals for your body. It’s true that you should eat your rainbow and green foods are typically high on nutrition while being low in calories. What’s your favorite green fruit or veggie? I would say broccoli tops the list for me

Multi-Green Kombucha

Of course, multi-green kombucha isn’t bad either 😉 The green here comes from blue algae, chlorella, and spirulina. Again, what makes this green makes this very nutritious without any yucky food colorings! Just pure, natural green 🙂 Although I have to say this bottle tasted a little flat–is that even possible with kombucha? Anyone who doesn’t like the vinegar tang might have enjoyed this. I, on the other hand, live for that funny flavor.

Chocolate Chip Clif Bar

Well, I couldn’t eat seasonably the whole day. I grabbed this on a campus eatery because I was craving a chocolate chip cookie. This is one bar I actually hadn’t tried, and was a little afraid to because I didn’t suspect to like it. It was actually pretty good! It wasn’t like a chocolate chip cookie, per say, but definitely the chocolate chips were nice.

Wednesdays are easily my least favorite days of the week: I have a lot of class in a row, get back to my room, and hardly throw my backpack down before needing to make dinner. What makes this easier is having a dinner in mind and knowing how to go about making it.

Grass-Fed 90/10 Burger, Sweet Potato Fries With Chipotle Cayenne Pepper

It also helps when it’s a dinner that you look forward to so much that your problems melt away after each bite. In addition to roasting potatoes, you can also enjoy them in baked fry form! Now, I’ll put out a disclaimer: Baked fries do not turn out like real fries, nor could they. They’re a seperate beast and just won’t be as crispy. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be bland! Once you have your potatoes in fry forms, toss them liberally with EVOO; I assure you, no matter how much EVOO sticks to them, it will be less fat than real fries and add great flavor. You can also add spices for flavor, such as I did with Chipotle Cayenne Parma. If you want honest to goodness crispy fries, however, you’re just going to have to invest in a deep fryer. I have 1 last Saint Patty’s day lesson:

Purely Decadent Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I picked up this So Delicious coconut milk mint chip ice cream after class and plan a big bowl for dessert tonight 🙂 Mint is in fact a green plant, much like spinach. However, the flavor is in the oil which is extracted, leaving behind much of the carbon. On top of that, a little flavor goes a long way. That’s why all-natural mint products are often white(or chocolate :-)). Over the Summer, when I first started dabbling in this crazy “all-natural diet” that I never would have imagined staying so strongly with after 8 months, my grandmother bough Hannaford’s brand organic mint chip ice cream. When she opened it up for celebrating God-remembers-who’s birthday, the first words out of my grandpa’s mouth were “Why isn’t it green?”. If only, if only 😀

I’ll let you check out this acai giveaway and this food scale giveaway while I go enjoy some very (non) green ice cream.

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Like 26 Little Kisses

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Happy Monday! It’s cold and raining and the sun hasn’t came out in 4 days, but I’m still very excited because it’s a holiday! The Ides of March–something only a Classics major could get excited for 🙂 Just think that 2054 years ago today, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death. Isn’t that pleasant? Thankfully, our Senate is a little more subdued nowadays. But be sure to celebrate somehow!

1/2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Hemp Seed Cookie

Cookie Close-Up

Last night I couldn’t help but to break in to the second 1/2 of my cookie from Garden Grille Cafe; you’ve just got to eat it while it’s fresh, ya know? 😉 This was so soft and chewy, I have to imagine they used loads of Earth Balance and sugar–no complaints here! I finished this off and fast while also trying to wrap up a paper for one of my classes. That alone calls for a cookie.

Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse With Sunspire Milk Chocolate Peanuts

A little later on I went for a BIG bowl of completely raw chocolate avocado pudding(made mousse style ala Averie): 16g raw cacao powder, 5oz organic avocado, 27ish grams raw agave nectar. If that doesn’t fill you up and make you feel good, I don’t know what will! But of course, I needed to top that with 6 milk chocolate peanut sunspires(working from memory, I wasn’t actually counting these).

Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

Because with these lil’ buggers a few is never enough, I added a handful(which apparently is 9 in my hands) before hitting the sack. Is it wrong to love a candy? Not when it’s organic! I also tried watching Celebrity Apprentice and Brothers & Sisters, but I must have been tired because I don’t even remember the end of the latter.

12 Miles In 1:47:48

All that fueling made me feel great for a long run this morning! Seriously–had I not felt 120% I probably would have grabbed anything as an excuse to stay in bed and play video games today. But that was not in the cards and I went to the gym for a 10 mile run that turned into 12 because I had the time to spare and energy to burn. There were also some really good segments on The Today Show today, including one showing Al Roker’s morning routine. Could you imagine getting up for work at 3?! I though 6:15 to run was bad; I guess being such an “early bird” in college is the least I can do if I want to steal Matt Lauer’s seat on the couch(and I do).

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter, Agave Sweetened Chobani With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Agave Sweetened Chobani With Milk Chocolate Sunspire

What would be for breakfast other than more milk chocolate peanut Sunspires? It’s a good thing I can get these at the bulk bins so I don’t go broke on the individual packets. This time 11 topped my vanilla agave sweetened Chobani for a good dash of protein post-workout, making for 26 little milk chocolate peanut kisses throughout. And I had a big bowl of pumpkin oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to lay off the kisses while I do my laundry and have a tweeting war with Justin’s about when their chocolate will hit my Whole Foods.

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Makes Me Want To Shout

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Today has made me want to shout! Not like, “Hey, you kids. Get off my lawn!” kind of shout, but as in you make me want to shout, throw my hands up and shout, throw my hands up and shout. It’s been that good! It’s reminded me of how weekends should be: filled with friends, family, and fun, and not responsibilities.

1/2 A Munch Bar

After this morning, my parents and grandmother drove down to Providence. We quickly swung by the Brown gymnasium so I could shout at a high school friend who was visiting for a fencing tournament and say hi. After that we drove to Bellingham to pick some things up, and back to Providence for a late brunch. Since I knew we weren’t eating until 2:30, I broke off 1/2 a Munch bar to munch on.

Garden Grille Cafe

My dad and I liked Garden Grille Cafe so much Wednesday night, we thought it’d be great to bring my mom and grandmother. This time, of course, it was light out 🙂 Their brunch menu is full of good things. Everyone else seemed to want French toast but they were out of the batter 😦 That ended up being fine because no one had complaints with what we did get.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes With BBQ Sauce

For the table, we ordered a side of grilled sweet potatoes with BBQ sauce. Where else could you get a plate of sweet potatoes for $6? Love it. And so did everyone else! There were only about 3 wedges left after everything which we boxed up.

Homemade Tofu Bacon

When I saw “homemade tofu bacon” as a side, I knew we had to order some; I just wanted to shout it at the waitress. Since this was homemade from regular tofu and not made in a factory, it didn’t have to count for Lent as “prepared soy”. It wasn’t as crispy as regular bacon, but had good flavor. My grandmother even ate it and loved it! I don’t think, however, she realized this wasn’t made from real pig. She also loved her vegan blueberry pancakes, but was ready to shout when she didn’t get real heavy cream at first for her coffee(maybe that was a good thing).

Garden Tofu Scramble With Hash, Grilled Sweet Potato With BBQ Sauce, 2 Tofu Slices

For my plate, I ordered the garden tofu scramble “with grilled seasonal vegetables, served with home fries and toast”. I gave away the toast(not gluten-free) and also took a wedge of sweet potato and 2 strips of bacon.

Empty Plate

Obviously, I hated it and wanted to shout out my frustration 🙂 This was amazing and I need to go here more often(it’s only about 2.5 miles down the road–an easy run). It was all a little heavily oiled, but isn’t that how brunches are supposed to be? The hash was easily the best part; next time I come, I’m just going to order that as my main because anything else was just filler. Likewise, the sweet potato seemed a little bland compared to the hash with regular and sweet potatoes in it. Have I shouted enough about the hash?

Vegan Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookie

On the way out, I picked up one of their vegan chocolate chip hemp cookies. This was shouting my name, even though it wasn’t gluten-free. I just love over-sized and soft cookies 🙂 Everybody loved the restaurant; my grandmother who couldn’t even tell you what a vegan meal would look like wants to go back for dinner some time! Hehe, too bad it’s so far from home(but not from me :-)).

New Bowl

We went grocery shopping and wound up at Targe where I was able to get a new bowl! Isn’t this so radically different from my last one 😉 What can I say? I know what I like. This really is what reminded me of a good ol’ care-free weekend, because I was able to enjoy just riding around and going places without thinking “Oh shoot, I have to write that paper!” I still do have to write that paper; I just wasn’t thinking about it.

Whole Foods Groceries

All the groceries were more-or-less the standards: copious amount of yogurt and soy yogurt, some grass-fed beef(on sale this week!), tofu, chickpeas(why don’t I keep a few cans of this around more often?), and agave nectar(been going through this a bit too fast lately…).

Eastside Market Groceries

At Eastside Market, I grabbed 2 gingerade kombucha(still on sale, woohoo!), nutritional yeast, sweet potato, avocado, and pumpkin. Again–it’s not like I’m radically changing my diet this week.

Jokerz And Raw Caramel Chocolate

I did “treat” myself to 2 “fun purchases”: another Jokerz bar and a new raw chocolate. Normally, dropping $10 for so little chocolate would make me want to shout(I mean, I better be buying a cacao tree for that price). But since I won that prize for my Greek exam and then another $583 for tieing for 1st in the Latin exam(did I forget to mention this?), I thought a little self-indulgence was due. I can’t wait to see if they were worth it!

1/2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookie

1/2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookie

As if I needed any more self-indulgence, I broke in to my cookie. I cut half and ate it from my new bowl just because I could. This reeaaallly made me want to shout!  It was so soft and chewy–absolutely perfect for how I like my cookies. It wasn’t at all filling, probably not whole-grain, and sugary/butter as all hell; it was the perfect over-sized cookie 🙂 I like how the sweetness of the chocolate contrasted with slightly-savory hemp, too; I never would have thought to do that flavor combo. All that cookie adoration/putting away of groceries made dinner a real quickie:

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Nutritional Yeast, And Sea Salt, Soy Yogurt With Hemp Seeds

I was going to make a burger with sweet potatoes, but since I had so much potato at lunch and didn’t get the ball going on cooking them, I just shouted out a c’est la vie and went with a breakfast-for-dinner motif. I love how savory this meal turned out; the nutritional yeast on pumpkin with saltiness tastes just like a vegan cheddar cheese, and the soy/hulled hemp seed combo was more savory, protein goodness. Not going to lie: I also love savory meals because they give me a sweet tooth for dessert 🙂 Until tomorrow!

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Leftovers At Breakfast

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Would someone tell my cheese tooth to reappear soon? I think my sweet one may have gotten loose.

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Sunspires

How does So Delicious make their soy yogurt so delicious? My guess is a heavy hand of agave nectar–love it. At least there’s plenty of fiber from inulin here, too. And those Sunspires have healthy nut fat… just enrobed under milk chocolate 😉 Anyway, ghost whisperer I thought was excellent last night; I love it when they’re a bit creepy and not at all touchy-feely. Later on was The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Not the best one I’ve ever seen, but good nonetheless. I don’t think there’s anything better than professional chefs talking about food *drool*. The subject of the episodes was snacks, speaking of which…

Goji Chocolate Chip Goji Gourmet Cookies And Coconut Oil Chocolate

No oatmeal last night. Instead, I celebrated cookie friday with some of the Goji Gourmet cookies I won. I was so happy to get to try their new flavor!

Chocolate Chip Cookie With Coconut Oil Chocolate

The goji chocolate chip cookies were sooo yummy. The chocolate chips were a little dull; they definitely weren’t Trader Joe brand(my favorite). But the cookie itself was so buttery and vanilla-infused it didn’t even matter. A little dip in some chocolate and these were perfect; I couldn’t not eat the whole 4-pack!

This morning I lazed out of bed; I figure this’ll just count as a mini-“vacation” being home 🙂 After deciding to keep it a rest day, I showered up and found some natural sweetness in the pantry for breakfast.

Bob's Red Mill Dried Blueberries


Neither of these have added sugar, but you’d never know it! That’s the great thing about dried fruit: natural sweetness with all the fiber. As for the NuttZo… frankly, I have no clue why it’s so sweet. But I’m glad it is!


Greek Yogurt With Dried Blueberries

Sweet Potato Oatmeal With NuttZo

Just to drive the sweet-theme home, I used 1/2 a leftover sweet potato for my oatmeal instead of pumpkin. It came out sooo much better this time than on Thursday. I can’t wait to set up an oats page for instructions on how I make banana, pumpkin, egg, and now sweet potato oats; each needs a little special attention but it’s worth it. These blueberries were delicious; they tasted soft and gummy, almost like candy! Probably a better decision than real candy for breakfast, too 😉

Check out this giveaway to find out how to win NuNaturals! My favorite stevia sweetener(another superfood) 😀

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Eat As I Say, Not As I Eat

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Hi, Pies 🙂 (I’ve had such an urge to say that since Erin left the blogosphere :-/). Just a quickie(and early) one tonight. The moral of today(if you can find any “moral” on the internet): Don’t be a hypocrite. Now let me show you all the ways in which I’m a hypocrite saying that 😀

Lightlife Sausage With Cheese, Green Beans, Broccoli

Peanut Flour Greek Yogurt

What I say: I have a slight gluten intolerance.

What I do: Eat processed soy with concentrated wheat gluten.

What I say(now): Oops. It’s… erm… tasty?

Something here–maybe the gluten in the sausage–did not sit well with me during Greek History. It also might have been the yogurt; I’m not sure that much cream should meet that much salt. It might also just have been this was a complete protein bomb and that’s never good. Who’s to say? The lesson? Know yourself, and what you should do, and(hopefully) do it. I know certain things make my tummy funky, and that I do best with a plate comprised mostly of fat, low-cal vegetables, and a small amount of protein. I will try to do that.

Like I said, that made Greek History not so fun for me, and Latin not so fun for the people around me I’m sure(use your imagination). After that, though, I was free… from school at least. I love these 3-day work weeks. The first thing I did was run into my room and brew plenty of coffee. Decaf coffee works for me. So do I show restraint? Not at all.

The Wow Baking Company Cookie

Oprah this afternoon was all about diabetes, eating healthy, and working out. What did I do? I reached for an oversized chocolate chip cookie from the WOW Baking Company, knowing that I might not get a good run in until Monday(more on that in a bit).

The Wow Baking Company Chocolate Chip Cookie

I’m sorry, Oprah, but this cookie was amazing! Eat as Oprah says, not as I do. But, if you are going to have a cookie, why not a big, soft, gluten-free one? I got this as well as some others to review in the mail today and clearly it did not last long. But it was so delicious and unexpectedly soft, I truly truly loved it. And my stomach feels fine, too. Maybe that’s because it didn’t have gluten? More likely because chocolate chips and sugar have never been particular stomach-troublers. Totally worth every sugary, gluten-free calorie 😀

And what am I doing now? Why, waiting for my dad to come and then go to Chocolate Fest. Yes. Chocolate Fest. Real healthy right? It only happens once a year(unless you hit up each Whole Foods near you in which case it’s more like 5-6 times in 3 days), so you know I’m going. It’s either going to be really fun, or just a Whole Foods shopping trip(which is also fun). And then I’ll be home for the weekend to do some fun stuff around Boston. Did I mention there’ll be cooking/baking? Oh food processor, how I miss you! And now… Chocolate!

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Mighty Tasty

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I’m just going to keep telling myself I don’t have a problem with chocolate, and then it won’t be true, right?

Xocai Xobiotic Square And Q.bel Milk Chocolate Wafer Bars

After Ghost Whisperer I made a bit of a chocolate snack plate. I had a Xocai Xobiotic sqaure for my dark chocolate tooth and my 2nd probiotic source of the day. If only all chocolate had probiotics in it, wouldn’t that be grand? Then, for my milk chocolate tooth, I sampled the Q.bel milk chocolate wafer bar. Holy yum! My, how I loved this, and usually I’m not even a fan of rice crisps! I think they were tolerated well because they went so well with the thin wafers. I loved how the chocolate basically melted as it touched my mouth–it couldn’t even wait to get in. While I was watching The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I kept the Cookie Friday celebration rolling.

The Raw Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie

Goat Milk Yogurt With Raspberry Jam And A Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie

First of all, would you believe I didn’t have oatmeal for once? Maybe it’s a sign of the apocalypse; better hold on. For some reason, goat milk yogurt with raspberry sounded better(especially when garnished with a cookie ;-)). This cookie was by far the best raw cookie I’ve ever eaten. Granted, that’s not fighting too many, but still kudos to The Raw Bakery! The base tasted very “vanilla”–not nutty–even though the ingredient list makes me think this wasn’t overdone with sugar(or, agave nectar as it were).

This morning I decided to give the strength training a break and stick with the cardio and 200 flights. I should check to see what alternative workouts we have On Demand to do to switch things up. Then again, I am a creature of habit and that yogurt-for-oatmeal thing was enough change for me for a week. For breakfast I had a tooth for–would you believe it–chocolate?

Greek Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Walnut Butter And Pumpkin Cream Cheese

After seeing that episode of Good Eats about Alton’s diet, I feel like he would be so proud of my breakfasts 🙂 The oatmeal was like a comforting return to an old friend, even though I had to scrape the mold off the top of the cream cheese(ewww! But I’m determined to eat what I can of it). For the yogurt, I mixed 4.5oz non-fat with 1oz full fat for a nice, creamy 2%, which went great with the milk chocolate and just a pinch of salt. And now I feel as though I’ve had my candy fix for the day(did anybody believe me? No? K, good. Just checking).

We were planning on recreating a healthy version of American Chop Suey(*drool*) tomorrow for lunch, but now my mom’s going to a cousin’s birthday party 😦 We’ll squeeze that recipe in sometime soon. And maybe I can milk a meal at a restaurant out of all of this? Hehe.

Since I know you all love Chobani Giveaway’s, here’s another

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I Really Need A Blank

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I sat down intending to write a normal post, but after the long morning I’ve had and thinking about what there’s left to do, I really need a break from domestic duties(which apparently now includes blogging). I hate to leave you hanging, though, so I thought I’d get around to writing up my chocolate chip cookie recipe–the one I made on Sunday when “I really needed a” big old cookie. You can make the recipe into 18, or if you’re just having one of those days 6 is good, too 🙂 And now, I really need a kick in the butt to get moving and finish things up. See you after dinner!

Chocolate Chip “I-Really-Need-A” Cookies


  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 3/4 cup turbinado sugar
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, cream together the butter, sugar, and greek yogurt. In a separate bowl, sift the flour and salt. Beat the egg, milk, and extract together. Add the butter mixture and the egg mixture into the sifted flour and mix until combined. Fold in the chocolate chips. On a lined baking sheet, scoop the dough into 18 regular sized cookies, or 6 I-Really-Need-A cookies. Bake the former for 14 minutes each or until set, and the latter for 25-27 minutes.

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