That Food Network Show I Hate

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I’m not very picky when it comes to television, especially since moving back home and getting more channels with a DVR. I men, you have to be a TV whore to record something called Sex In The Ancient World airing at 3:01am, right? To be fair, I had a history class period this past semester devoted to that, a whole awkward class period. But there’s one Food Network show that I both watch and loathe.

What’s right about this show? I’m sure the contestants are great hometown chefs, but they never pop. They just aren’t Food Network chefs and it shines through. The producers are constantly trying to build the pressure when there just isn’t any. And presentation is always overemphasized. If you can mix sugar cookie dough and miso and make a dessert, you can dress it up all you want but I just want to know how it tastes. There was no emphasis on pressentation last night. No funky ingredients. And no Chopped.

2% Fage With Raw Honey, Green & Black's White Chocolate

2% Fage With Raw Honey, Green & Black's White Chocolate

Green & Black's White Chocolate

Green & Black's White Chocolate

I like to balance the incredible health benefits of raw honey with nutritionally void white chocolate. It’s OK when it’s organic 😉 And so delicious. Just look at those vanilla bean specks! Green & Black, you have my heart.

Oatmeal With Dark Choc And Peanut Chunk PB

Oatmeal With Dark Choc And Peanut Chunk PB

See? I would definitely fail presentation on chopped, even if you can never go wrong mixing crunchy peanut butter, peanuts, and dark chocolate shavings. I had no clue what I was in the mood for at the time, but how can you go wrong with peanuts and chocolate?

Oatmeal With Almond Butter, Fage With Fig Jim And Hazelnuts

Oatmeal With Almond Butter, Fage With Fig Jam And Hazelnuts

This morning was all about the almond butter. The Trader Joe’s creamy salted is to die for. But I think I have enough nut butter to shingle a roof so I’ll have to wait to buy another jar.

Fage With Fig Jim And Hazelnuts

Fage With Fig Jam And Hazelnuts

I think I’ve been spoiled with Fage since it seems to be on sale everywhere lately. It really is the best plain yogurt to get, and you can dress it up with anything, like fig jam(from an open market in France!!) and hazelnuts. That makes the day feel so much more adventurous already.

What television show can you not stand?

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What 2 Semesters Have Taught Me

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To be honest, I wasn’t sure about doing a post like this. Would I be flaming any fires? Would I or anyone be amused? If ever pen was going to be put to paper(or fingers to keyboard), it was going to be when the memories are fresh. So I dove right in…

What I learned…as a blogger

  • I kicked off the year buying my own domain and haven’t looked back.
  • I’ve learned that you might get anonymous commenter telling you you eat too much broccoli, but that really you couldn’t possibly eat too much broccoli
  • You might also commenters telling you your nights are lackluster and plugging their own blogs. But if you enjoy your time, and someone is sitting at a computer screen reading things they don’t even like, who’s really losing out?
  • I had my first blogger meet-up.

What I learned…as a student

  • I learned some really really dirty words in Latin between Catullus and Petronius.
  • I’m a much better essayist than I give myself credit for.
  • Acing a class you take without a grade might be a kicker, but the more important part is taking a class stress-free and for fun.
  • Sometimes, you need to devote a whole week to mental health.

What I learned…as a runner

  • The treadmill is not the dreadmill to me; to me, it’s a friend
  • You meet good people at the gym, some of whom you might inspire.
  • You can always achieve your goal with enough effort(and fuel).

What I learned…as a foodie

  • Grezzo’s first inspired me to eat more raw, and then it closed.
  • I can now cook a mean hash.
  • With an oven, eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard; it just takes time.
  • Garden Grille and Nick’s On Broadway will both be getting my business next year.
  • The Whole Foods salad bar makes the best… everything.

What I learned…as a person

  • It’s OK to walk through a room of people playing beer pong in your PJ’s to get ice cream.
  • Emma Watson can be pretty elusive.
  • The Today Show has become my number #1 and only source of news.
  • If you want to go to bed at 9:30, who the hell is stopping you?
  • I fell in love. Not with anyone, but with Rhode Island. The smallest state has taken a big place in my heart, much like it has for Heather and Sabrina. I don’t know what to say; I didn’t expect for this to happen. I’ve lived in the same house 17 years and this was the first time I could see myself living anywhere else and being happy.


Well, here are my regrets from the last 12 hours.

Almond Milk Chocolate Attune

Almond Milk Chocolate Attune

I regret not eating this Attune Almond Milk Chocolate bar for almost 3 months, because it was delicious. If you’ve ever had a hershey’s almond bar, that’s exactly what this was like, except all-natural and with probiotics. Rich and creamy with a nutty crunch–yum!

Dagoba Chai Ginger Milk Chocolate

Dagoba Chai Ginger Milk Chocolate

I regret thinking I must be a milk chocolate person now and ever buying this. You’d think it’d be good, right? Well, the chai was just too strong, and there was hardly any ginger. Don’t get me wrong: I ate it, because even when chocolate’s bad, it’s good. But I’m just not blown away by Dagoba.

365 OIAJ

365 OIAJ

I regretted pouring hot oats into this jar the second I noticed it starting to slant. But I’m willing to throw caution to the wind and risk a little melted plastic every once and a while. I know; I’m a rebel 😉

Empty Nut Butter Jar

Empty Nut Butter Jar

I regretted waking up to this and thinking it was like a one night stand.

Oatmeal With Almond Butter And Slivered Almonds, Fig YIAJ

Oatmeal With Almond Butter And Slivered Almonds, Fig YIAJ

I regretted not planning out the slivered almonds beforehand, so that when I went to grab them everything fell out of the cupboard and a bag of guar gum even fell into my oats. After a little clean-up, I was good to go with Earth Balance almond butter.

Yogurt In A Fig Jam Jar

Yogurt In A Fig Jam Jar

I regret not getting plain greek yogurt more often, because how good does it taste when you get to add your own jam, really? It’s even tastier when you get to add your yogurt to the jam jar instead of the other way around 😀

But, in general, no regrets. How could anyone live a certain way for the better part of a year and regret it? That’d be a nightmare. I don’t regret that my greatest intake of alcohol over the year has been from vanilla extract. I don’t regret not joining some god awful chorus group that meets past when I want to be in bed. I don’t regret the amount of time and effort I put into things. I just don’t live with regrets, and that keeps me happy. My first day of freedom is cold, and rainy, but I’m pretty sure that makes it perfect for movies, popcorn, and staring at the piles of things to put away thinking “Well that’s just not happening today.” What’s the weather like where you are?

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Get My Goat

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*Check out my guest post on Tina’s Nuval Blog here*

I’ve never understood the phrase “That really gets my goat,” but right now it has a completely different meaning for me. I think that goat’s milk yogurt a few nights ago resparked my love affair with goat’s milk and now I’m craving it like crazy. According to Avery, it’s actually easier to digest because it’s closer to human milk than cow or soy. I just think it tastes amazing. So please, somebody, get my goat(or yours), start milking, and pass me a glass.

Did you know they make goat’s milk chocolate and goat’s milk fudge? Yes. That is what I was investigating last night, because I couldn’t imagine something to better feed my two loves. Because I didn’t have any of that, I decided to settle for chocolate that has no milk by Vivani.

Vivani Organic 72% Dark Chocolate

In fact, this chocolate has none of a lot of things; look at that ingredient list!

Simple Ingredients

3 organic ingredients and that’s it; I think I’m in love. And this bar tasted great, too! It was 72%, which is 2% over my usual and favorite cocoa content. This was just as good as I would have thought, with a great sweetness and a bitter touch. Chocolate will just never get old, will it?

Yesterday, Bobbi posted the recipe for “the healthiest cookie in America”. I have to admit: I was really tempted to make these(along with a few alterations to make them even more healthy). But we have so much frozen cookies right now, more would be ridiculous. Instead, I took out ingredients to recreate them in “the healthiest bowl of oatmeal in America”.

Better Than Roasted Walnuts

The cookies have dark chocolate(antioxidants) and walnuts(healthy fats) in them, so I grabbed some of the walnuts sent to me from Blue Mountain Organics. I kept trying to read the back of the bag to figure out exactly what they do and I must say that I’m still at a loss. But whatever they do, it must work! These were really light and almost like puffed rice. It was quite odd, but cool. The fact that they were so light made them really easy to break up for presentation.

Oatmeal With Dark Chocolate Almond Butter And Walnuts

I topped it with some dark chocolate almond butter to give it antioxidants and more healthy fats. I’ve probably made healthier bowls than this, but it wasn’t bad. I spent the whole time thinking about how they must “roast” the nuts at a really really low temperature and if I could do that. And about how this should be vegan but wasn’t because Maranatha puts milk powder in their dark chocolate almond butter. Doesn’t that make it milk chocolate technically? >:-(

I don’t think that was enough for a first-thing workout, but I just did not get hungry for anything else and ate that oatmeal minutes before falling asleep. But when I woke up I was still pretty drained. I thought I wanted to do cardio, so I set out for a nice stair session, but ended up only doing 100 flights. After that I knew I needed to just take a break, push it off until later, and eat a meal. The funny thing wa though that nothing really sounded “good” to me; thinking about greek yogurt and pumpkin made my stomach feel like it would have to work to digest, so I tried to keep it as easy and smooth as I could.

Banana Oatmeal With Earth Balance Peanut Butter And Fig Jam

Peanut Butter Soy Yogurt With Salt And Nutritional Yeast

The soy yogurt also sort of felt like a “compromise” that would be tough to digest but at least it was a tasty one. I added a little nutritional yeast to give it sort of a cheesiness more like really peanut butter has. And since I try to fit in protein to start the day, the 6g from peanut flour helped. Since pumpkin was too heavy, I used a small banana for the oats and some fig jam(which would go amazing with anything goat’s milk–just saying).

Now I’m wondering if lunch is going to be as hard to find something appetizing as breakfast. Tofu’s on the meal plan but I think I need something that goes down lighter. You didn’t hear it from me, but there might be a giveaway at the end of tonight’s post, following some recipes 😉 I guess you’ll just have to wait and see…

Or, for an instant giveaway, head over to Brandi’s blog for some delicious sounding jams!

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