Cinnamon And French

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Good morning! Thank you for all of your kind words. I feel 75% better and will probably head back tonight for classes tomorrow. To clue you in on what went down, yesterday during the day I coughed a lot and it had that “bacterial” smell/taste to it. At 4:30, I started coughing more and more, and then for 2 hours could not stop shivering to the point where I couldn’t do anything productive. EMS came and checked me out, but there was nothing apparently threatening and I signed a release waver. I did decide, however, in those hours I was shaking that it was important to go home. I couldn’t even cook myself a hamburger last night, had no appetite, and needed not to have to fend for myself like usual, you know?



Like I said, I had no appetite; even on rest days, that’s not like me at all. I tried taking a bite of this apple while I was waiting but the solid foods were not my friend and I couldn’t eat any more :-/

Mango Tango And Cinnamon Cookies

Mango Tango And Cinnamon Cookies

We stopped at Whole Foods before leaving town where I picked up what clearly was the dinner of champions(/sarcasm/). The Mango Tango was exactly what I wanted/needed and went down smooth. I was craving some easy to digest carbs, which was really hard to satisfy when you’re in a rush and eating gluten-free. I also wanted something cinnamon, which is why I picked those cookies. I ate 4 but once I realized the solid food was making my fever go up, I stopped.

So Delicious Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

So Delicious Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

Finally at home, I took 3 scoops of So Delicious snickerdoodle ice cream and went directly to bed. I must have been sick, because the little cookie dough balls weren’t even my favorite part; what’s up with that? Of course, I tried getting as much sleep as humanly possible, but probably clocked in around 8 hours.

OIAJ, French Vanilla Yogurt With Fig Jam

OIAJ, French Vanilla Yogurt With Fig Jam

Finally, “real food” started to seem appealing. It was even more appealing because it was in a jar; something tells me Brandi would be very jealous of this 😉 Being home meant slim pickings on the yogurt availability.

French Vanilla Yogurt With French Fig Preserves

French Vanilla Yogurt With French Fig Preserves

I found a French vanilla Stonyfield in the depths of the refrigerator and some fig preserves i picked up on a trip to France I took over a year ago. Oolala! The fig preserves were homemade; it was more like a figgy syrup with whole dried figs in it, but it definitely wasn’t bad. I love picking up things like preserves on trips because then you really get the “flavor” of the destination.

What do you eat when you’re sick? I’m all about the juice! Especially when I just don’t want to eat solid foods. Would anybody answer Greek yogurt? If so, here’s a Oikos giveaway!

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All Kinds Of Blocks

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Write now I think I’m suffering from writer’s, runner’s, reader’s, and any other “er’s” block you could be, because I have no motivation or clue where to begin! Of course, you could also call this “Spring Break mode”. Well, somebody’s going to have to remind my body that that’s a good week away. 3 tests, 2 papers, 4 homework assignments, and 2 scheduled lunches away, but who’s counting?

Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream, Fig Goat's Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream on a Thursday night–that felt classy 😉 I suppose it’s better to eat up what I have here while I can before Spring break. 1/2 of this was So Delicious chocolate coconut milk and 1/2 Laloo’s fig. The combination of chocolate and fig is always so surprisingly delicious; I never would have thought the two to work together but they so do! With all these cow’s milk alternatives, you’d think I’m lactose-intolerant or have something against bovines. Nope! Haha. I just think all the best flavors are in “alternative” brands, or you get a richer, velvetier texture with better nutrition. When the cow’s milk flavors start being stepped up, I’ll revert.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And Chocolate Peanut Butter

The way I eat pumpkin oatmeal, you’d think I own a pumpkin patch. Again, nope! I was just never affected by this “pumpkin shortage” I’ve heard about and always been able to find it somewhere. I like replacing 10g of grains with 1/2 cup pumpkin because it sneaks in a serving of fruit(which I would not be getting otherwise :-/). I topped this with the last scoop of Justin’s chocolate peanut butter and Naturally Nutty‘s Butter Toffee while watching The Marriage Ref. The fact that I fell asleep during that show shows about how funny I think it is. BUT the Indian couple were from my hometown! I tried recognizing the house because I’m sure I’ve ran near it at one point or another but I couldn’t do it.

Like I mentioned, I had “runner’s block” this morning. I was incredibely indecisive about whether or not to sleep in; when I fell asleep that pretty much made up my mind for me, but then I had an unpleasant dream about pizza being made from dogs 😦 I think that at least made the crust gluten-free? Bad joke, bad joke. I slept in 40 minutes, played games and browsed blogs, and decided that almond butter isn’t in my life enough.

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Maple Butter, Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Again, where’s my pumpkin patch? Cooking an egg in the oatmeal makes it taste so much more like a pumpkin pie to me–light and airy. And Justin’s maple almond butter was a must here along with some real maple butter; did you know it’s maple season coming up now? I’m sure they’ll be more maple products to come. And then there was the oh-so-delicious-but-again-not-cow’s-milk-yogurt with some milk chocolate peanuts. I have 6 of those left(the peanuts, not the yogurts) 😦 I definitely need to see a grocery store soon.

It’s true what they say: You only regret the steps you didn’t take. I’m thinking that taking the morning off was a blessing in disguise, and that running in this gorgeous weather might re-excite me for something or at least unblock my mind. I probably won’t get to a Whole Foods as planned today 😦 I can go a day without sweet potatoes, right? Maybe…

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A Friendly Face Gets You Places

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Are you smiling? Should you be smiling? Maybe your team is winning the Superbowl or already did; don’t ask me because I didn’t even know it was on until people downstairs started yelling and I found it on TV. There’s never a dull(or quiet) moment living in the dorms, but I think I secretly like that about it 😀 Backing up 10 hours, I was at home getting my grub on.

Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Peanut Butter

Greek Yogurt With Fig Jam

Is it crazy that I brought Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter home for the 3 days? I’m just glad I remembered to bring it back 😀 I love sunny Sunday mornings and eating on the floor with the circulars. I don’t know why it has to be on the floor, but it does with me. It feels more homey. The slightly sour part to this breakfast was the Chobani yogurt.

Skimpy Chobani

Does that look a little empty to anyone else, too? I thought mine did yesterday, and then this one was the same. I weighed it and it was only 4oz instead of 6oz. Crazy much? I think I got a bad batch :-/ I bulked it up with a little full-fat yogurt and jam anyway, but not quite sure what was happening at Chobani that day.

We ended up loading the car and starting our drive before lunch, mostly since my grandmother was too busy gambling to eat with us; oh, old people. After the customary “Oops, I forgot that. Let’s go back”, we rehit the road and were at a Whole Foods half way for lunch.

Lightlife Smart Chili, Redwood Vanilla Goat Milk Yogurt

Most definitely a random combination. What I really wanted to do(besides eat of my arm) was load up on veggies, black beans, and guacamole from the salad bar. BUT that would have taken $20 worth of food easily; I hate how they make it cost by the weight 😦 Instead, I kept it cheap and simple by buying these 2 premade things and heating up the chili in the microwave. I must have looked a little silly eating from the bag but it was pretty delicious and totally worth it.

Nintendo DSi

After lunch we grocery shopped a bit; avocadoes were on sale for $1 so I got 7! That’s going to be a lot of pudding 🙂 Then I went to a game store for–what I thought–was a lost cause. My old gameboy’s screen clearly was broken and I knew I needed to get a new one, but hated the thought of $170 dollars for it. I also couldn’t find any good deals on used one, so I went to the store to see if maybe I could get a little money for my old one to soften the blow on my wallet. The cashier who worked with me on the trade in couldn’t have been sweeter; she didn’t quite seem like the typical video game clerk and I was excited for that. Even though she could tell the screen was not properly working, with some sweet casual conversation and a smile she gave me a great discount and knocked $75 off the price of a new one! It goes to show how far being friendly and wearing a smile will get you.

Room Clutter

No amount of smiling, however, can make there be more space in my room(or less food. Either one would work at this point). After we brought things back in, it began to look a bit ridiculous. In my defense: I am eating for a half-marathon, after all 😉 I threw things in places I won’t even remember and grabbed a snack.

Next Generation Organic Dairy Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Is there anything more perfect than cheese in stickular form? I think not. Thanks, Next Generation Dairy, for sending me this one, too! For the pros, it was very easy to grab and keep working. And it was definitely made healthier by being raw and probiotic. But, oddly, it didn’t taste too much like the mozzarella I was expecting :-/ I think of mozzarella as a more sweeter, mellow cheese and this was a bit tangy for my taste. Maybe it was just the “raw” flavor imposing itself?

Running Stats

Whatever was with the flavor, it fueled me nicely for a 5 mile run. I was itching to get back onto campus and on the treadmill this weekend and it felt so natural, once more! I even managed to keep a friendly face going after that.

Post-Workout Smile

I think I look a little more nervous than friendly, lol. I was clearly excited to get some fresh produce from the dining hall(assuming that’s fresh) and get to some recovery eating.

Apple, Cherry Amaretto So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious! The apple made this healthy 😉 I finished off the pint of this amazing ice cream. My only complaint would be that there were no cherries in this last 3/4 cup 😦 I think I might have scooped them all out last time I ate from this. Oops. It was still so creamy and delicious. And even though I’m not very into the Superbowl doesn’t mean I’m not into football grub…

Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips

Of course we had to buy 2 bags of chips because they were on sale and we had a coupon. And one of them had to be mine. And these just happened to find their way into my dinner. I need people to stop feeding my chip addiction! I have so many dealers, it’s really a beautiful thing 😀

Broccoli With Hot Sauce, Salt & Pepper Chips, Al Fresco Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage

NOTHING says football food quite like buffalo wings–wouldn’t you agree? Immediately I knew I wanted a buffalo style Al Fresco chicken sausage–love these! And I have to think it’s a lot better for you than just grabbing a few wings in your plate, too. On the side I had broccoli with Benito’s hot sauce for volume(!!) and my crack chips. Last time I got these, I mistakenly got the baked variety. I’m sorry but hear you need the krinkle cut. Just tell yourself those are healthy fats, too 🙂

This week I’m looking to get back on track! I don’t know that I was ever off track, so this might just be switching tracks. I don’t know. Trains are confusing. Here’s what I do know!

1. Running. I pretty much run what my body(or head) wants rather than stick with a half-marathon plan. I will keep that up, and here’s what I think should work well for this week.

  • Monday: 8 miles
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 9 miles
  • Thursday: 5-6 miles, time dependent
  • Friday: 8 miles + 30 min biking

9 miles will be my new long run; I have to say that it feels incredibly doable and I’m loving being at high mileage again.

2. Worktime/Funtime. I have an awesome schedule this semester, in case you haven’t heard. But I need to get better about using that schedule. It may be a little late for this week, but my new goal is to go 100% at homework from Friday-Monday when I don’t have class, and then soak up whatever free time I have Tuesday-Thursday without a car in the world(other than attending classes). Who knows; maybe I’ll really bust out the effort tomorrow for that to be the case.

3. Meal Planning. I don’t feel the necessity to go 100% at this. But I do remember that, the 1 week I used meal planning, everything felt incredibly organized, nothing went wasted, and it eliminated time spent thinking “what am I going to make?!”. That’s why I think it’s a perfect thing to work back in, even if it’s only 1 or 2 meals in advanced. For instance, tomorrow’s dinner will be baked maple tofu with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Lastly, I would very much have a friendly face if I won this Candid Contest; I love my smart balance agave sweetened so I must see what’s with this new “rich roast”

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Trying New Things

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As much as I love my routine, I also love trying new things(so long as they fit in, somehow). Well, I’ve just tried 4 new things and 3 of them were a hit! Would you be surprised if I told you the 3 were food and the 1 was not? 🙂 Didn’t think so. Last night it seemed like everything was a repeat on television; what was with that? I ended up watching an old Grey’s and having a sweet snack.

Q.bel Mint Wafers

Q.bel came out with 2 new flavors this year and I got both of them in the prize pack I won from Facebook! One of those flavors is mint, which seemed like a nice palate cleansing dessert. I looved this, and reviewed it here. It was kind of like a peppermint patty but with a little wafer in there, too. I’m confused why they used milk fat in the dark chocolate; that makes it milk in my book, but it’s still really deep in flavor. These Q.bel bars are really dense in calories for something so light, but Twitter friends assured me it’s all good:

TryingToHeal @EvanFMFF Um, yes. All chocolate should be devoid of calories anyhow.

The judge has spoken. After that I tried another new thing with my bowl of oatmeal.

Organic Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter

I ordered a few favorites from Naturally Nutty with my Christmas money. When I opened up the box, I was surprised to find this little gift Katie snuck in: a new flavor! It’s so new, it doesn’t have it’s own label yet. But when it comes out in Spring it will be Organic Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter. Yes please!

Oatmeal With Organic Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Butter

This was delicious! I had a feeling I’d like it, since I looove the vanilla almond butter for it’s clean, crisp taste. The vanilla cinnamon almond butter had that same cleanness to it, but with an added depth from the cinnamon. I was impressed how it’s spiced so that the cinnamon doesn’t detract from the other spices–definitely on to keep an eye out for on their website.

This morning I “slept in” and felt raring to go to the gym.. And when I say slept in, I mean 7am; I just couldn’t not be an early bird. I grabbed a bar–a new one–and was off.

18 Rabbits Funky Figs And Cherries Granola Bar

I’ll share the disappointing part first: This bar didn’t really taste like figs or cherries 😦 It definitely had those in there, but they tasted more generic like raisins in raisin bran. Overall, though, this was another story; I loved how the texture was chewy and crunchy, and this was packed with seeds and nuts. The strongest flavors were hazelnuts and cacao nibs, which were perfect. And this has so little sugar, it really makes me happy. The quaker oats man needs to take a lesson from 18 Rabbits!

New Bike Machine

As for the workout, I started by running an awesome 7 miles. I had to slow the pace a lot lower than I’d like. But that let me go further than I expected I could at this point at the game, and I’m all for rebuilding that endurance. After 7 miles, which took a little more than an hour, I decided to try this bike machine for another 30 minutes of The Today Show at resistance level 3. Confession: I’ve never really used a bike machine before, so this was totally new.

Uncomfortable Seat

It felt like an OK workout–not quite like running in my opinion 😉 My only question has to be what is with that seat?! I would think if you’re going to be rigorously active somewhere for extended periods of time, you’d want that place to be comfortable. A pillow, maybe? Not something with a rigid figure that probably was too loose. Another thing: I wouldn’t mind a virtual reality helmet so I feel like I’m biking through a sunny neighborhood or something–just saying.

Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Jam

French Toast Oatmeal With 2 Cage Free Eggs, Maple Syrup, And Cinnamon

Breakfast was not at all new and that I did not mind. I could just never get enough of yogurt with raspberry jam. And no fancy shmancy jam here; 365 brand is a great and tasty bang for your buck. I picked up a french toast craving somewhere along the way and made my oatmeal with 2 Eggland’s Best cage free eggs and topped it with New Hampshire maple syrup and Trader Joe’s cinnamon–perfect. It felt so “homey”. And maple syrup season is only 2 months away! So I better eat up all that “old” stuff, haha.

I’m so glad it’s really the weekend already; I love having most of my morning to spend working out, but if I were expected to do anything after that I’d feel so behind and lost. I have a short and simple to-do list to tackle, and plenty of time to get on that. Happy Friday!

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I Can Never Choose

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Moroccan Tangine With Wild Alaskan Salmon

I can never choose what I want from a restaurant. Last night we ended up doing take out from Big Fresh Cafe. I actually never changed my order after I gave it because whenever I called my dad to do so he didn’t answer his phone. I ended up getting the Moroccan Tangine with a sweet potato marinara. It was OK; I needed to add salt to spice it up. It came over A LOT of couscous, which I didn’t bother with. I’d probably like to try something different next time.

I could never choose between goat milk and cow milk, which is why I keep both on hand.

Chocolate Goat Milk Yogurt With Fig Jam

I can never choose between different flavors, so I usually end up mixing them, as was the case with chocolate and fig. I don’t think the two were meant to be like Ross and Rachel, but they didn’t fight each other. I’d least I stuck to my “being that guy who eats chocolate after dinner every night” resolution 😉

I can never choose between Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. But when one of those is a clip show *cought*The Office*cough*, it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

A Couple Of Dates

I can never choose what Chocolate Covered Recipe I want to make. Katie should just write a cookbook because they all sound so good. In my anticipation, I ended up just eating these dates straight. Oops.

I can never choose between organic and regular groceries. There’s a lot that goes into my mind: ethics, flavor, health, etc. I’ll admit it: These dates were Dole. And you know what? They tasted damn good and save me some cash.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With SB PB

I could never choose what my favorite peanut butter is; I just couldn’t do it. BUT, if I had to eat a whole jar of 1 peanut butter solely, it would probably be Smart Balance Agave Sweetened Creamy Peanut Butter(got that mouthful?) It’s just perfect in taste, texture, and nutrition. They also make one sweetened with molasses, which is OK but not my forte.

I can never choose whether I should take a rest day or not. I usually end up going ahead with my planned workout. This morning was different after I realized “Hey, I’m still on ‘vacation'”. Instead, I took it easy, showered up, and made a breakfast. Now I’m actually feeling a lot more energized and like I actually want to do something. I probably just needed fuel.

Raw Organic Almond Butter With Fair Trade White Chocolate And Strawberries

I can never decide what aspect of my food I want to share. Here, I’ll just tell you everything about this almond butter I made even though it’s completely over the top: The almonds arre raw and organic and the white chocolate was made with fair trade cocoa butter. I also spent wayyy too much time playing with the jar here(what you can’t see is a full nutrition info label and a little fair trade sticker :-

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Banana Oatmeal With White Chocolate Strawberry Almond Butter

I can never choose between dark chocolate or white chocolate, so I usually go with both. The  chocolate avocado pudding was made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk; I think coconut milk kefir comes out creamier and more “raw” tasting. Meanwhile, if you want the secret to tasty, shelf stable homemade nut butter, it’s 7oz of nut and 1/2 candy bar. Really, this almond butter was delicious and tasted just like the candy bar I made it from; and surprisingly it only has 5g of sugar with 6g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving. The other half of that candy bar… was not eaten as healthily.

I can never choose what I’m trying to get done at the computer which is why I do everything at once(to little success). Right now I’m rocking 11 tabs open on Google Chrome.

I can never choose what the Tip Of The Day should be but this morning this article on the potential banning of raw milk and milk products found on Twitter particularly struck me. I’m not the biggest raw milk enthusiast, but I do own my block of raw cheddar and would consider branching out. Yes, being unpasteurized raw milk might contain harmful living bacteria which could cause illness or even death. It also definitely contains living bacteria that promote well-being, digestion, as well as other matters. What struck me was the point that people aren’t randomly grabbing raw milk off the store shelf and giving it to their baby thinking it’s infant formula(OK, I exaggerated here). But it’s a good point that people buy raw milk because they want raw milk, and are most likely aware of its benefits and potential hazards. Have you ever had raw milk or any of its byproducts? Do you think it should be banned?

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20 Things I Love

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1. Cookies at random times of the day

Kashi Oatmeal Raisin Flax Cookie

2. Healthy junk food I don’t have to bake. I kept this around the kitchen while I was cooking from 11-1.

Meatloaf Seasonings And Rice

Vegan Meatloaf

3. The smell of McDonald’s burger. No, really. This smells just like a McDonald’s burger, and if you don’t believe me, make the recipe!

Maple Mustard Tofu, Curry Maple Acorn Squash, Toasted Walnuts

4. Roasted things in maple syrup. The tofu and squash were in the oven for 90 minutes. That was 1/2 of a squash… before being dehydrated to death.

5. Fat. On account of my recent testing with fat, I swapped out vegetables at my lunch and replaced them with an equal amount of healthy fats, here from Tierra Farm‘s walnuts. My first thought? Damn, that sucks to go from all that broccoli to a half-handful of nuts. After that, I realized that they didn’t fill me up the same way a pile of broccoli would have, but they were very “satisfying” in that I didn’t feel like I needed anything more.

6. Days of Our Lives(probably saw this one coming)

7. Tivo. More specifically, tivoing shows that are on past when I’m out cold for the night.

Organic Apple

8. Organic fruit. I’ll eat the plain stuff, but I can’t help but wonder things…

Scratch Tickets

9. Grandparents who encourage gambling. Aren’t old people the best?

10. Winning $30 dollars! That then led to an inward debate as to whether that’s a sign to pay $16 dollars for a chunk of goat’s milk fudge from the internet. I’m thinking no…

Laloo's Black Mission Fig Goat's Milk Ice Cream On A Chocolate Vitamuffin

11. New food combos. I swear there was a chocolate vitamuffin under there. And I swear it was one of the best things ever, slightly warmed with cold ice cream. The ice cream was goat’s milk(!!) but it surprisingly didn’t taste as tangy as I was hoping 😦 Still really good–almost like the inside of a Fig Newman.

12. Not paying attention to things like cholesterol. Otherwise, a day where you had 2 eggs for breakfast and ice cream made with egg’s yolk wouldn’t be pretty.

13. Convincing people to take me to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Full Fat Greek Yogurt, Goat's Milk Yogurt, Plain Soy Yogurt

14. Obscene amounts of yogurt. You know what’s more obscene? How quick this will be gone. Give me a day or so and see 😉

Trader Joe's Pound Plus Milk Chocolate

15. Equally obscene bars of chocolate. OK, here me out–this isn’t for me(or, not just at least). My mom really liked those peanut butter cups I made and has been dropping hints for more like crazy since. But I really only like peanut butter cups made with milk chocolate. So when I saw this gigantic baking bar I thought problem solved! Isn’t melting chocolate fun?

Vegan Meatloaf With Nutritional Yeast And Parma, Green Beans

16. Healthy, hot dinners. I compared the original parma to the nutritional yeast and I think I prefer the latter, but that might just be because the meatloaf was so flavorful that it really needed something basic on it for contrast.

17. Meal planning. It’s made this week super simple so far.

18. Ironic thoughts, such as “You know what would go good on this vegan meatloaf for our vegan dinner? Full fat greek yogurt…. Wait a minute”.

19. Repeat episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, like the ones I’ve been watching while writing this. The bomb episode from Season 2 was just on. Classic.

20. Really bad people on American Idol. I’m a glutton for them 😉 It’s even better when the auditions are in your home town, like they were last night.

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The Best Thing I Ever Ate

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I love love love The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Chef’s going gaga over their favorite foods? Sign me up. I could watch it for hours, which I totally did last night since there was a marathon on(new season premiering in 5 days, forward the word!). Anyway, this has to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Original NibMor

Any surprise that it’s chocolate? Didn’t think so. Raw chocolate avocado pudding is just to die for, if you’ve never tried it. It’s creamy, thick, rich, sweet–I could go on and on. I don’t think coconut milk kefir is raw thought(maybe?), so I threw in a piece of really good NibMor original raw chocolate to counterbalance it. That’s how food math works in my mind. It was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that right before bed when all I wanted to do was eat something simple and go to sleep, all I wanted to eat was this again. I was not about to whip out and clean the food processor at 10:30, so I used what was leftover of the first avocado, a fork, and some almond milk to make it into a quickie.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Almond NibMor

Not as pretty, but it got the job done 😉 I think this one might have been actually raw because of the almond breeze? To tie in the almond I tried Nibmor’s Almond flavor for the first time. For the most part, it was absolutely delicious. I mean, chocolate and nuts? What could go wrong. I did, however, get one big raw almond that was a little too chewy for this nut enthusiast(I love my roasted nuts. I really do). Overall though, it was still a good dessert, if 1/4 cup cocoa powder and an avocado can ever be called a “dessert”.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, eating that sugar right before bed did not help me go to sleep very fast. Once I did and finally woke up, my avocado hangover had me not wanting to do my “standard” workout. Instead, I checked out what we had On Demand. Umm, since when did that have so many options? Really, I could do a different workout every day. I settled on a 20-minute kickboxing one and 1/2 a 50-minute yoga flow. This was my first time trying both of these activities and it’s probably a good thing it was in the comfort of my own home because it was messy. I also got a little P.O.ed at the kickboxer telling me “We’re almost there” when we weren’t near finishing. Don’t lie to me. I can’t handle it.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pumpkin Cream Cheese And Mighty Maple

Peanut Butter Yogurt With Fig Jam

For breakfast I had some very Autumnal oats and a great yogurt for protein to build back up muscle. The combination of salty peanut butter yogurt and sweet fig jam is incredible. Almost(but not quite) the best thing I ever ate. I just love mighty maple and pumpkin cream cheese on anything so that one doesn’t even count. When I was flipping through the Sunday circulars looking for coupons, I snacked on an apple and lookie what I spotted.

Pink Lady Apple

Chocolate And Caramel Oikos

Chocolate and caramel? Am I reading this right? Umm, yes please! How funny that I’m all excited for this, when in theory I could jut put chocolate syrup or caramel sauce on top of my yogurt right now… I’d rather wait for someone else to do it for me 🙂 Lunch was leftovers, except I didn’t feel like eating meat and that was most of the leftovers. Instead, I threw some tempeh slices in a pan with 1 tablespoon soy sauce and maple syrup and let that brown up.

Maple-Soy Tempeh, Broccoli, Carrots, And Parsnips With Soyaki

Well that was quick and delicious–definitely making a mental note for times I don’t feel like cooking and just want some real food fast. Except it was soy and had a lot of fiber and now is sitting in my stomach like a brick 😦 The best foods always do that. Maybe I should eat another square of chocolate? It does speed up the digestion of carbs… hell, it just makes everything better.

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I think all I need to do is pull up a picture of what I consider “necessary” for a 2-day trip home to show what an overpreparer I am. So naturally, last night while I was watching Brothers & Sisters(seriously, how good was that and isn’t that clif hanger awful to give without even a sneak peek at the next episode?), I finished my oats and started thinking about preparing for my run. Normally, I don’t actively carbo-load any more than my hunger wants, but for some reason I got it in my mind that this would be good to “prepare” for a time-free run.

Peanut Butter Gnu Bar

If you’re going to eat late at night, fiber is totally the way to go to top off energy levels. Not a lover of the peanut butter flavor here, but not a bad bar overall. Well i tried falling asleep right after that but nope. Not happening. Part of it was probably the cold and another part the anticipation, but I was up and out all night over and over. I tried getting a good night sleep but who knows how much I actually slept when I woke up at 6:45, then 6:55, then 7:10(an hour later than usual).

When I got to the gym it was just as I’d hope: practically no one. In fact for the first hour it was just me and my two gym friends who are employees of Brown. All the students have been taking advantage of sleep during reading week. I definitely felt a bit more energized–from my carbo loading perhaps? And I didn’t need an energy bar to keep going, either. All in all I was happy to stop at 12.5 miles in 1:41:47. The .5 might or might not have been to watch a Today Show segment 😉 When I got back I definitely was in the mood for food, going over 3 hours with nothing but water.

Banana Oatmeal With Banana Peanut Butter And Honey

"Fig Newton" Yogurt

Can you tell I wanted honey? It was a weird craving but it was well honored. For the oats I added 3oz of mushed banana before cooking and microwaved it an extra 2 minutes to boil off moisture. It was too perfect with this peanut butter. And the honey–magnifique! For the yogurt, I added 1/2 a tablespoon fig jam and some honey, topped with vanilla sugar. It was perfect and the crunchy sugar reminded me of a fig newton newman.

At 11 one of the maintenance people came to see if our heat was on: nope. I could have told him that. It seems like it’s fixed and hopefully tonight will be warmer. I think I did just about everything I possibly could besides writing my paper so that I have no excuse later to not do that. I enter about 30 contests online a day–no lie. It’s not very common to win anything but you never win if you never enter, right? For lunch I decided to try out something new and exotic.

Teriyaki Ginger Al Fresco Chicken Sausages

This was another flavor that Al Fresco sent me. I left most at home but grabbed this one and another because I figured teriyaki goes with anything, right?

Honey And Soy Glazed Carrots And Broccoli, Teriyaki Ginger Sausage

Right. This was so simple but delicious. The carrots got very soft in the microwave and the sauce on them was perfect. As for these sausages, I thought they were a bit subtle at first until I dipped the in the honey soy sauce and then it was magic. Seriously, where did that kick come from? Probably the ginger, but wow was it nice. Clearly I’ve become a little honey obsessed over the past day. I’d like to say I have some super cool, local, organic honey, but that’s not quite so.

Honey Bear

Just a cheap, store brand bear that I bought months ago because I thought I should own some honey even if I might never eat it. Now I regret not picking some up while the farmers’ market was here. I’ll have to see what good local honey I can find at Whole Foods next time I’m there to feed this new craving. Now that I’ve blogged, I’ve really done everything I could besides write this paper, so I’ll work on that. Tonight–weather permitting–there’ll be a fun Classics caroling concert on campus I’ll stretch my legs for. And then the first of 3 finals tomorrow morning already! I thought reading week was supposed to be easy?

Here’s a very sweet and nutty Larabar giveaway!

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The Swing Of Things

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Good morning! In case you were travelling over the weekend, there was a new recipe dreamed up on Black Friday, a review of Clif bars, a day that had me blushing beet red, and a 2nd, meatless Thanksgiving.

After that awesome lunch, I needed time to digest on the couch with Montana, and then got to work on my next project.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree. After chopping it down yesterday and leaving it in the cold overnight, we finally brought it in. Traditionally, I do the lights and the cranberries while my mom does the ornaments afterwards; since I was moving back to my dorm I needed to do this snappily. I was happy at the end 🙂 I love the lights on a Christmas tree. I think the ornaments are always nice and personal but it’s just not a tree to me if it doesn’t light up.

Afterwards we got to packing up. I dreaded this. It always feels like I have more going back than coming home, and this time I knew I did because of all the leftovers and extra clothes. Ugh. Thankfully with enough helping hands in the house this wasn’t too bad and shaped up pretty quick.

Packed Bags

I think it was a backpack, 3 bags of food, 2 of laundry, 2 of random machinery, and a stevia plant. Because, really, how could I live without all of that? We swung by my grandmother’s apartment to pick her up because she likes to come “just for the ride”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to go for a ride just because you have nothing else to do? 60 more years and I’ll be there.

Double Chocolate Pillow

Of course before hitting the highway we wento McDonald’s for some decaf and I broke out one of these cookies. I think it’s always the case that things grow on me after a few days, because 4 days later and I’m now becoming obsessed with them. Seriously, just smelling the cocoa–bliss. On the way down we stopped at Target looking for a movie. Alas, no luck 😦 But underwear was on sale and that’s close enough to grab, right?

Moving back in was actually quite quick and painless with enough helping hands(again). The rug looks awesome since my mom brought down her vacuum to clean it up(thanks!). I definitely lost track of time in all of this and realized I was hungry. A little cookie is not a substantial afternoon snack, but you know what is?

Laloo's Strawberry Darling Goat's Milk Ice Cream

Ice cream. I’m surprised this has survived the common freezer for so long, but yesterday I decided it was time to polish it off(only about 1 serving left anyway). I love the tang of the balsamic vinegar in this. Something tells me adding balsamic vinegar, even an organic one, to strawberry chobani wouldn’t work the same. When all the groceries were away I enjoyed staring at a full fridge.

Full Fridge

Really? Is there anything more blissful? I’m surprised I managed to cram it all in there; it looked like it might not make it and I’m glad I left some tofu at home for another weekend. I also found this which I snuck into my bag:

The Killer Angels

I don’t really “pleasure read”, and if I had time to, I’d probably choose a book I haven’t read, so I’m not sure why I brought this. But I do love and recommend this book for anyone wanting to read a psuedo-historic novel. I did a huge paper on it and the battle of Gettysburg in 11th grade. As you might know, I’m a Classics major, but besides that American history 1640-1865 is my other area of interest. There’s a movie, Gettysburg, based on this book I have yet to see but I can’t wait to find it some day.

Dinner started off a little disgusting; I went to get one of my sweet potatoes and found it covered in mold–yuck! That’s actually never happened with the food I keep under my bed but I guess there’s a first for everything. Instead, I had to improvise.

Broccoli, Turkey Breast, Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Lightlife Breakfast Sausages And Maple Syrup

You know how sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Yeah, story of my life day. First there was being stuffed from a stuffed tofurkey and acorn squash, and then there was this. The turkey wasn’t anything special, I just wanted to eat it up before it got moldy like a sweet potato. The english muffin with sausage was the real money maker here. Does anybody else remember McGriddles from McDonalds? That’s EXACTLY What this was like, except with infinitesimally less trans fat. Oh my God, so good. Rest assured it will be made again. Unfortunately, there was one casualty during dinner.


Broken Amazing Grass Bottle


My Amazing Grass bottle 😦 I dropped it on the floor while it was full and water went pretty much everywhere–fun. After cleaning it up I went to the bathroom and tried refilling it, wondering why it kept being empty. Smart one, Evan. I think they carry these at Whole Foods? That’s what I’m hoping at least. After getting ahead(ahead! not catching up!) on work I made a snack and settled in for A Dog Named Christmas.


Peanut Butter Soy Yogurt With Fig Jam And Peanut Butter Chips


I don’t expect much from cheesy, holiday, made-for-TV movies, but this one was even below expectations. I expect them to suck, but to also be cutesy, and the child acting in this was not cutesy. This snack also did not disappoint even though I was iffy on the flavor combo. I think I forgot to sweeten the base but thankfully I bought a Vanilla flavor. I completely forgot I even had fig preserves but they were still just as good. And the pb cheeps were nice and sweet, nothing at all like real peanut butter and yet just as magical 🙂

After I’d put up with bad child acting for an hour, it was time for a new Brothers & Sisters. Last weeks episode was not on because Adam Lambert needed to whore it up at the AMA’s, but this week there were supposed to be great plot twists and secret revealings–it did not disappoint. Midway, I snacked on this:


English Muffin With Pumpkin Cream Cheese And Honey Maple Peanut Butter Topped With Me And Goji Granola

2 english muffins in one day? I was on a roll. I liked the crunch from the granola. And the gojis I’m sure were some decent brain food. I also love “rediscovering” peanut butters I forget about. Brothers & Sisters I thought was awesome–can’t wait until the wedding(or will there even be one?) next week.

I was exhausted so I knew I wanted shut eye but for some reason, as tired as I was, I wasn’t getting to sleep. I don’t know how much I slept overall or how many times I woke up/had weird dreams. This was one harsh “welcome back” to the swing of things. When I woke up, though, I was ready to meet my old friend–the gym. I made a quickie snack.

Kashi Strawberry Flax Waffle With Banana Peanut Butter

Normally I like bars that I can take on the treadmill but for some reason this was what appealed to me best. When I got there, it was packed for 6:50am(read: 3 other people). But then it quited down and the regulars started showing up. I didn’t concern myself too much with pace or anything; I was plenty happy to be back and watching the Today Show(does anybody care about Tiger Woods’ car crash at this point? really?). In the end I did 12 miles in 1:38:59. That’s almost exactly like yesterday, which is good because I tend to be slower inside than out. When I got back, I relearned how to make a dormroom breakfast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Butter And Maple Frosting, Eggnog Yogurt

This microwave just ain’t the same as the one back home. For the oats I used Caitlin’s pancake frosting recipe with a little vanilla stevia. I think my cooking skills were on vacation and are just getting back, too, because everything was underseasoned/sweetened. Afterwards, I added more stevia and cinnamon to the yogurt and some vanilla sugar and salt atop the oats and that perked things up.

And so, clearly I’m relearning dorm life after a week of bliss. I suppose with finals and papers coming up I won’t even notice the time between now and Christmas vacation, right? Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s cyber Monday, and as dirty as that sounds I have some deals to catch.


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Never A Wasted Meal

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Yesterday, I had a million ideas for breakfast, and this morning I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. What’s up with that? Back to yesterday, I still had a good part of my Elvis Parfait to chomp down on by the time I got to class, but I mixed it all up so I don’t think anyone cood tell I had (fakin’) bacon in my yogurt. Some people just aren’t as opened minded as bloggers 😉 I can’t believe I’ll be having my first test of the school year in that next Tuesday; didn’t I just move in? Time is a flyin’. I’ll be studying, but I’m not going to burn myself out in any one subject. I love being in college, because it really feels like the grades don’t matter and I can learn for the sake of learning. The internet was tame when I got back to my dorm; what’s up with that? I almost caught up to Google Reader before lunch. That shouldn’t happen:

Vegan Bacon And BBQ Baked Beans, Snap Peas, Broccoli, Artichoke And Chickpea Salad

Vegan Bacon And BBQ Baked Beans, Snap Peas, Broccoli, Artichoke And Chickpea Salad

Nothing really appealed at the diner until I found the vegan BBQ baked beans; I don’t remember I had baked beans, and I don’t even think these were originally from a can! I added 1 1/2 strips fakin’ bacon since I’m clearly addicted to really give it a smokiness. The side was good old steamed broccoli, sugar snap peas, and some artichoke/garbanzo bean cold salad that I’m sure had too much EVOO but don’t want to know(hey, that rhymed!). I think the baked beans were dense, more than I realized because I felt like a 300lb trucker after finishing off the bowl. When I did and there was a commercial, this happened:

Broken Bowl

Broken Bowl

Way to go, Evan. It might not had been so annoying if I dropped it after scrubbing the thick sauce from the sides, but no luck their either. Now I’m a little annoyed because I already thought that bowl was on the larger side and the 2 others in the set are larger; I do not need 30oz of soup. I guess a Bed, Bath, And Beyond trip is in my near future.

After lunch and Days my roommate was still around and I just felt like getting outside. Enter grocery trip! Why some people don’t choose to go to a grocery store every day I’ll never understand; it’s just one of life’s simpler pleasures. There was some good sales at Eastside Market:

Live Lobsters

Live Lobsters

As much as I love lobster, I wasn’t sure how bringing a new “pet” back and figuring out some way to boil him would’ve worked out. Shame, too. Oh well, I imagine they don’t taste as good as when you get them right on the shores of Maine like I’m used to. I’m also really excited because Eastside Market is moving all their natural frozen foods to the natural food section. Is this a weird thing to be excited about? Don’t answer that. I figured it was time to leave when I started browsing the ice creams even though I thought I wasn’t hungry and it is in no way ice cream weather(which is a shame because Breyer’s All Natural is 2.99 a 1/2 gallon this week). I ended up with some simple loot:

Libby's Canned Pumpkin

Libby's Canned Pumpkin

That plus a Rachael Ray magazine. The only two worth buying in my mind are Food Network and Rachael Ray(see a pattern?). I’ve heard rumors of a pumpkin shortage this year? Well it hasn’t affected Eastside apparently since they had a full stock at 2.39 a can. I was definitely hungrier than I knew so I made a snack:

Pumpkin Oats With Seed Butter

Pumpkin Oats With Seed Butter

This was actually using an older can of pumpkin I’m working on emptying before cracking open the mother of all cans. In case you missed it, the secret Naturally Nutty butter is a blend of flax, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds with vanilla powder and all spice; it totally hit my vanilla tooth for the afternoon. I had heard it would be available by now but it’s not on their website. I hope it comes out soon because I’m almost out and it’s too. good. for. words. I was so ambitious yesterday afternoon, even making up a little study area with all the essentials:

Study Area

Study Area

Decaf coffee is always an essential and don’t you forget it. In reality? I got a lot of… internet procrastinating done 🙂 I think once you’ve read one dead language, you feel like you’ve read them all and just need a little break(i.e. any time you aren’t in class). I might not have had a lot of inspiration reading, but there was definitely inspiration in this snack:

Apple With Yellow Mustard

Apple With Yellow Mustard

So this has become one of my new favorite combos. I’m not sure what type of apple this was, but it’s a bit on the tarter side. It’s a shame that the cafeteria hasn’t had more Red Deliciouses for me to steal lately but the tartness worked wonderfully with the mustard. It might have been a Macintosh? Ok, you know you’re a blogger when you obsess not knowing what type of apple you ate. Anyway, my friend I was supposed to meet for dinner totally ditched me because he got an invite to a real dinner on someone else’s dollar, lucky bastard, so I trekked over to the V-W cafeteria.

Seafood Gumbo, Sauteed Peppers And Asparagus, Cooked Veggie Medley, Tofu Pineapple Curry With Rice

Seafood Gumbo, Sauteed Peppers And Asparagus, Cooked Veggie Medley, Tofu Pineapple Curry With Rice

Well, neither dining hall really grabbed me last night but I thought I’d give this one a try. When I got there and made my plate, it still didn’t grab me. The shrimp in the gumbo were tough and it was pretty flavorless altogether. I’m also pretty prejudice… against white rice that is. I tried picking out the tofu and pineapple in the curry but there was so little compared to the rice I just gave up. After I took this picture, I realized I was going to be filling up on veggies, so I wanted to really full up. I went back and got another serving of the cooked veggies and 2 more servings of the asparagus and red peppers. On the bright side, the asparagus was actually properly cooked(!!). That in itself almost made the meal worth it.

A bad meal always feels like a downer to me–like I could have had something good but instead I wasted a meal on something unworthy. That’s not a good way to think about things, though, so I shaked that thought from my mind. I reminded myself: I eat a lot, and can eat whatever I want whenever I want, so nothing goes wasted, especially when you eat wholesome, nutritious food. That thought made me feel good(and the coffee I grabbed on the way back made me feel that much better ;-)). I got back to the dorm, turned on the TV, rubbed my fiber/coffee baby belly, and put on my PJ’s to get some work done.

The rest of the night was just a bit off. Throughout all off Survivor I didn’t even have an appetite for dessert. That’s not like me. Speaking of Survivor, what is with doing yoga on a deserted island in the middle of a competition? That’s not right. And how are these people being played by Russell so well? I need to be on one season so I can show them all how to really play the game. At 9 I had to make a heart wrenching decision: Grey’s Anatomy or The Office? I chose Grey’s Anatomy since I was in more of a drama mood and know that the Office will be on later today. I like this season of Grey’s so far. It’s a bit dramatic and out there, but that’s totally why I watch the show. About midway through Grey’s things got more normal and I got a bit of hunger:

Double Chocolate Dreams Vitatop With Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Yogurt With Figs And Vanilla Sugar

Double Chocolate Dreams Vitatop With Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Yogurt With Figs And Vanilla Sugar

Can I tell you another weird thing about last night? I peed 4 times before any dessert and at least 1 more time later on and drank nothing after my coffee. My fiber/coffee belly must had been bigger than I realized and I was carrying triplets or something. I love my vitatops but one thing I don’t like is there inconsistency in toppings. This literally had 2 white chocolate chips–that should happen. At least that way it didn’t interfere with my Rapunzel Nut Butter. And the vanilla sugar went perfect in the yogurt. Before I mixed in a little bit of my NuNaturals vanilla stevia and with the sugar it had a really authentic flavor. By 10:30 I still didn’t have much of an appetite, but I did not want to wake up feeling like crap because I didn’t eat right so I made what bit of a snack I could talk myself into:

Muffin Butt With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Muffin Butt With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

For every muffin top there has to be a muffin bottom, right? I may be prejudice against white rice, but not against muffin butts.

After falling asleep to some LOUD ASS frat parties, I woke up this morning not feeling great but not feeling bad either; I was more or less apathetic to running. That meant to me just do it, so I hit the gym and decided an easy-paced 8-miler was what the doctor ordered. I don’t think I looked at the stats for the first 7 miles; at one point I thought I might as well make it 10 but my shins and what felt like a bloody toe snapped me into reality and I settled for 8, finishing in 67:44. Again, I came back to more or less no appetite. What the hell? I don’t believe in forcing one’s self to eat, but there are certain times when one would be a dumb ass not to do so, so instead I like to think I “convinced” myself into these:

AppleBerry Vitatop, Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Apricot Jam And Cream Cheese

AppleBerry Vitatop, Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Apricot Jam And Cream Cheese

Fig And Vanilla Sugar Yogurt

Fig And Vanilla Sugar Yogurt

The vitatop was an easy bargain; that flavor tastes fruity and delicious and perfect for fall, not to mention you get way more than 2 toppings. I had the last of my english muffins :,-( And believe it or not there wasn’t a nut butter I really wanted so I stuck with cheese and fruit. The yogurt combo was all I could think of; if you heat your figs in the microwave for 20 seconds they get extra juicy and very flavorful. I poured out a glass of carrot juice to go with this only to find out my carrot juice is not so fresh after a few weeks in my fridge. I still love the flavor of carrot juice and appreciate the post-run energy it has to offer but I’ve cut back way on my consumption and definitely don’t feel like I need it anymore, especially if it’s only going to go bad by the time I get around to it.

I started the week thinking TGIM and now I’m all about the TGIF. I feel like I have so much to do I’m going to be happy to just finish with classes for the week. Like I mentioned, The Office is top priority, above all that essay stuff. And I want to find out the weekend sales at Whole Foods which those sneaky people don’t disclose on their sites. Who knows, maybe I’ll even run in to Emma again? 🙂 Crossing my fingers!

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