Eat For Your Brain

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If anyone ever said brainfood couldn’t be yummy, they clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. Some of the best foods are also the best foods for you.

Chocolate Pudding With Dark Chocolate Peppermint Newman Cup

Ok, I’m not actually sure if peppermint is brain food, but it definitely doesn’t hurt? And this blogger eats a lot and seems pretty darn smart to me so it must do something. But mostly I was just eating this to get probiotic #2 of the day… tasty, delicious probiotic number 2. But was the center of the Newman cup supposed to be like a powder? It might have been a bit old.

Advent Chocolate And Omega Xocai Square

Then there was brain food via chocolate. Of course, my 20th piece of advent calender(I’ll be so sad when this goes away :-() and a new product: Xocai’s Omega Square. Each piece of chocolate has 70mg of DHA Omega-3’s(the kind we need) and is well balanced for the 2:1 Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio we as Americans should be getting. I definitely enjoyed the chocolate. If you’ve taken supplements before that have been fishy, this was nothing like those; the only “funny” tastes in it were orange peel and flaxseeds, which weren’t so much “funny” as just unexpected.

Banana Oatmeal With Maple Cashew Butter, Raw Walnuts, And Maple Syrup

I’ll admit I was upset when Russell lost on Survivor; I spent all season hating him but he played so well he deserved to win. Anyway, after getting over that, I made more brain food. I topped banana oats with Tierra Farm‘s raw organic walnuts and maple cashew butter. I thought I’d give the cashew butter another chance; it still wasn’t very mapley, though continues to impress me as a nice cashew butter. I’ve never been a fan of raw walnuts, but I gave Tierra Farm’s a try anyway; they were just as dry as I expected, but at the very least I got good brain food, right?

This morning I fully intended to try another workout but when I got up I was so sore. Yesterday’s really pushed my limit and left my legs shot. After trying something out, I decided better to push it off to the afternoon or never than overwork anything. Instead I mulled about and dreamed up a brain food breakfast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter

Pumpkin Oikos With Me & Goji Granola

Goji berries I think are a brainfood? They have plenty of antioxidants, at least. And my [me] & goji granola is packed with them(and dried blueberries and raspberries–yum!). Today felt like an almond butter morning so I had some of justin’s nut butter. While eating I pondered everything I have to do today and it turned out to be a lot! Whoever said vacation was for resting did not know me. I’ve made a schedule to keep myself on top of my game.

9-12: Internet work
12-1: Shower and make lunch
1-2: Eat, watch Days, and more internet work
2-3:30: Bake for Christmas Eve and figure out mom birthday plans
3:30-5: Workout?
5-5:50: Internet work
5:50: Start dinner

For Christmas Eve I’m baking an intermediate(aka, this could get messy) cookie recipe. I’m hoping it goes well, though honestly a bit intimidated. Care to know more as it happens? Follow me on Twitter. Also(and this is my favorite thing about blogworld), I need some advice from you: Got any good workouts to do at home you suggest or can point me towards? Bring them on. Also, for dinner I have sirloin roast, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes to work with. Suggestions? Edit: And whole wheat mac and cheese(from a box). And no, I don’t intend to make ALL of these, just 2 or 3.

An amazing machinery giveaway!

And a Plush Puff Marshmallow giveaway!

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A Normal Morning Is A Good Morning

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Yesterday was dark and pooring. All day. Warning: There was a lot of flash necessary in the making of this post. Eating a larger than usual breakfast later than usual did not have me very hungry after Latin class. Unfortunate because that’s my hour to eat. I perused the Farmers’ Market and found some acorn squash but my food budget for the rest of October is 92 cents so I passed on it all and went for the free stuff in the dining hall.

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelli Bean Soup

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelloni Bean Soup

I ate this in Greek History class. Or rather, I ate the soup and the over oily vegetables. I didn’t even bother with the tofu; apparently, if it’s not drenched in maple and mustard, it’s not appealing to me. The veggies in their oily mess were bad enough as was. Greek History class was so boring I almost fell asleep in the last 5 minutes. We had a TA teaching the lesson; the regular professor may be stubborn and opinionated but he’s entertaining. When I got out of class I needed to grab this:

Orange Zevia

Orange Zevia

Despite the fact that my next class was in the opposite direction, I rushed to my dorm to grab this and then ran to class. Don’t ask me why, but after that failure of a lunch I was craving something sweet and carbonated. If I didn’t have these babies I might have been weak enough to go for a diet Sprite. The next class was slightly better, but when half the students fail to show up you feel a little suckered. Obviously no one wants to go to class in a deluge but we do.

The rest of the afternoon honestly had me wanting to just call my mom and beg her to bring me home for the night or at least dinner. I was soaking wet, and my roommate was napping. Apparently, he caught streptococcus. Our room smelled awful, like a nursing home, where I volunteered 2 hours a week for 3 months last year so I would no. I couldn’t turn on the lights because I didn’t want to wake him, so I resorted to making oats in the dark.

Oats With Chocolate Chips And Mighty Maple

Oats With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Chips

Is there anything more calming than a big bowl of oats? Maybe ones with chocolate and maple syrup. Those two flavors are dynamite in this New Englander’s heart. How has nobody made a maple chocolate bar? I ate this in the dark watching Oprah with no sound. Did I mention how much I wanted to call my mommy? I also had the great pleasure to do homework in the dark, because Ancient Greek letters aren’t easy enough to read in the light. My roommate finally woke up at 5:30, by which point my eyes felt like a mole person’s when the lights came on. I made a snack to hold me over for dinner.

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Obviously, this bread was meant to be with this peanut butter. Probiotics are supposed to help against illnesses so I was thinking this would help be not get strep throat(or I was thinking, damn that’ll be good). At 6:27 my friend called to say essentially ditch me for our dinner at 6:30. If this was a few hours earlier, I wouldn’t have minded in the least(I was half planning on ditching him because I knew I’d be a Debby Downer at dinner). But 3 minutes early was just annoying; think of all the extra time I could have spent in my pajamas! I went to the dining hall and picked up dinner, went back to my room, got undressed for the night obscenely early, and ate.

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

This was exactly what I needed. I felt healthier and more myself with every bite. All the veggies tasted fresh and crisp, which only happens about 20% of the time with the dining hall. What was actually on the line was Sole stuffed with spinach and breading. I’m not a stuffing person(except for Whole Foods stuffing which is incredible and almost back!) so I took 2 and unstuffed them. The whole dish felt nice and light. If I were in the mood for some carby carbs Trader Joe Mac N’ Cheese would have gone well here, but I needed this meal just as it was.

I know I wasn’t the only one excited by The Charlie Brown Halloween Special on last night. Don’t lie. I’m such a sucker for the seasonal shows. I could honestly watch It’s A Wonderful Life again and again. The downside of a light dinner is that you’re hungry not too long later. The upside is dessert’s what’s best anyway.

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Having a sick roommate, I need to bolster my immune system with these amazing cookies, right? Goji berries are my excuse for everything. But seriously this was soooo good. Like a brownie sundae or something ridiculous. Modern Family was equally hilarious last night: “I am loose. I am fun. Remember breakfast for dinner last week? My idea.” and my favorite “Mitchell, she is your family; of course she’s going to be judgmental and condescending.” We need as many shows to show us how crazy and dysfunctional we are as we can get; why did Everybody Love’s Raymond go off the air?

October 28th 019

Vitabrownie With Cream Cheese, English Muffin With White Chocolate Wonderful And Peanut Butter Cookie Spread

Wow am I easy to read or what? Clearly, cream cheese and white chocolate wonderful were on the brain. If you’ve never tried a vitalicious chocolate product with cream cheese… well that one may be an acquired taste 😉 Speaking of cream cheese, I wasn’t quite done yet.

October 28th 001

Toast With Cream Cheese And TJ Pumpkin Butter

Not really toast because I was too lazy to bust out the toaster at 10:50, this was eaten in bed and then promptly put me to sleep, because I’m classy like that.

Nothing remarkable happened this morning, and that felt great. I rolled out of bed at 6:50, still felt full from dinner dessert, and hit the gym, just like ol’ times. I ran a nice 8 miles in 67:25 while watching the usual shows and studying up for my history midterm tomorrow(my tiny handwriting isn’t exactly easy to read in motion, either). Because I was so on top of everything, I got back to my room at 8:30, giving me 2 full hours before class. I even was the first person to the showers!(aka, I didn’t have to smell the remnants of the hockey player who lives 3 doors down. What could be more glorious than this normalcy, you ask?

Breakfast was a conglomerate of super foods.

October 28th 003

Almost Empty Mighty Maple Jar

It was finally time to throw the last punch here. And Mighty Maple is definitely a superfood; Holly ran a marathon and she eats up this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, we all know what empty jars mean…

October 28th 007

Pumpkin Oats In A Jar

Oats are a super grain and pumpkin is a super vegetable… or is it a fruit? I’m just going to say vegetable even if that’s wrong. Now if only they made peanut butters in jars that you could cook in, then this would really be an efficient meal. More super foods from super companies:

October 28th 011

Goji Gourmet's Goji Orange MintChip Cookies, Attune Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate Bar

I didn’t actually feel like yogurt this morning(I know, shocker, right?) but I still wanted to get my probiotics so I snatched this attune bar from Attune Foods. I think that’s technically a breakfast food even though it’s chocolate because it has coffee in it. And it’s definitely a super food with the antioxidants from dark chocolate; can’t really prove me wrong with that logic 😉 I also tried a new flavor of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies. I was a little worried this one would have a muddled flavor with everything going on but oh my God was it good. Somehow you totally got the mint, goji, orange, and chocolate essence in every bite. Yum! Now I feel invincible from the germs lurking about.

Today I’m thinking of enjoying the not rain with a trip to Whole Foods and Eastside Market to see the new sales. I have 92 cents left in my food budget for October… We’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies, there’s a contest out there for them so go on over and enter! I hope you win, or better yet, order some for yourself because these really are sooooo good!

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FroYo Follows Me Where I Go

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If you couldn’t tell, I was rushing through the end of yesterday’s post because of a complete alarm clock failure. That being said, it felt amazing to get 9 hours of sleep. I must be the lamest person to sleep so much at college orientation but I don’t care because it felt sooo good. Plus, I was tired after partying it up with some Brown Bears the night before:

The Mascot And I

The Mascot And I

My friend(whose last name is Bear) is apparently not so good at photos because I look like a reincarnated demon but oh well. I woke up at 8:17, rushed into the shower, threw together a breakfast, and ate it at the 9am lecture. Just because I was on the go, though, didn’t mean breakfast wouldn’t rock.

Toast With Fig Jam And Honey maple PB, PB Greek Yogurt, Water

Toast With Fig Jam And Honey Maple PB, PB Greek Yogurt, Water

The toaster was soooo worth the 13 dollars. What was I thinking? That I could go without toast for 4 years? I need to learn to listen to my body better apparently. Sadly, there was no coffee time. I should’ve gone with a little Mocha Peanut Butter to perk me up, but the Honey Maple one I found is also very good(and a local product ;-))

The two lectures weren’t awful, just long. But dare I say it felt good to get into an educational environment after all this time wasting? Strange, but true. Afterward I went back to my dorm because I hadn’t checked my email at all that morning, and I snacked on an apple while google reading being scholarly. My stomach started to alert me to what time it was so I hit up the Ratty and brought the food back to my dorm for some microwave lovin’.

Vegan Veggie Burger, Roasted Potatos, Zuchinni, Seedy Bread

Vegan Veggie Burger, Roasted Potatos, Zuchinni, Seedy Bread

I’m definitely improving at figuring out what’s good eats, but it’ll still take a little work. I went for the vegan burger cause it seemed a little different. With me, it’s all about ingredients–what ingredients in my food, are they natural, yada yada yada. So I try to stick with simple things they relaly can’t make artifical like chicken, but I’m hoping the vegan and veggie options will also be good choices. The bread was OK, but it tasted a little sweet even though I suppose it had whole grains? I mostly ate the crust(which had sunflower seeds!). I also had some beans and guac I was saving for later but that were calling my name. Sue me.

I needed to get out after lunch because it was so sunny. I went to the book store where I found where I could buy a lot of school supplies(and coffee) on my parent’s money(yayyy). I got a regular–should have had a decaf. At least I was wide awake and alert for walking those Providence streets with the scary churches. I made my way down to a local grocery store that reminds me of Whole Foods except cheaper. There was plenty of good products, like Providence made whole milk yogurt, but I kept it simple:

Elan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Roasted And Salted Soybeans With Goji Berries

Elan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, Roasted And Salted Soybeans With Goji Berries

Two days without frozen yogurt? Again, I clearly was not listening to my body, lol. Because I’m a kid in a candy goji store who needs to try everything the second he bring it home:

This stuff was addicting, and actually pretty cheap, too! It was $2.50 for 3.5 servings, which I can make last longer in oats or yogurt as opposed to straight noshing. I think I actually likes the soybean part more than the goji berries. I know they bring a lot of good antioxidants, but the soybeans brought a lot of good… salt. Lots and lots.

I popped on over to the student fair to get some literature on class picking. It was packed like Mariah Carey’s jeans so I spent 20 minutes and brought the info back to my room where I could actually read it.

Class Pamphlets

Class Pamphlets

I’m going to do the sensible thing here and ask people over the internet to determine my future, what should I take? I’ve got a line up of Classics, Linguistics, American History, and Math. I’m thinking of going with the old dart board trick–that always works, right?

Dinner was not so great at the dining hall tonight. Thankfully the rest will open up once classes officially begin, but I made due with what there was.

Dolmas, Sweet Potatos, Carrots, Beans,

Dolmas, Sweet Potatos, Carrots, Beans,

I’m all for some EVOO but when your dolmas bleed green you get a little skeptic. At least there was sweet potatoes; I’d been  meaning to pick some up to test the “potato” feature on my oven, but things taste so much better when they’re already cooked for you. I salted that baby, mushed it with a fork, and ate it like I was back home. After dinner we had a lecture on diversity. The speaker was actually pretty funny and charming and dealt with a lot of issues straight on and gave the best answer: there is no right answer. Afterwards we walked back to the dorms when guess who we saw on Thayer street?

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Note: Photo totally stolen from online. Sighting number 3. Yes, she is that crazily beautiful in person. It wasn’t as great a sighting as number 2 because she was with some guy who better get of my girl but it was exciting nevertheless.

I got back to my dorm and played beer pong in the lounge… JK! I played with Map My Run a bit and heated up some banana goodness bread with vanilla Chobani. I make my own fun and that’s just the way I like it. My roommate went to an alien dance across campus, which left me with the room and the TV. Banana bread and TV? Life’s too good sometimes. I snacked on these in bed:

Newman's Own Organic's Double Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Newman's Own Organic's Double Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Minty. Chocolatey. Delicious. I managed to fall asleep to my favorite red haired Late Night host, but wouldn’t you know I was up an hour later, and for 4 more hours. It was kind of hellish. Why does no one sleep at college? All that time awake not only annoyed me but got me thinking(uh-oh). I really don’t want the stress of college life to overtake me like it did Senior year and make me lose focus. I stopped taking care of myself and it took the whole Summer to rebuild and get stronger. That thought kept me up a lot. Around 2 I ate a Peanut Butter Z-Bar hoping the carbs would help for tiredness.

Peanut Butter Z-Bar

Peanut Butter Z-Bar

Around 7:12 I heard the faint buzzing that apparently was my 6:30 alarm. I turned the volume down so it would wake my roommate, but it was so low it didn’t wake me! I rushed on some clothes and went on a run I mapped last night. Melissa had a great tip on a cemetery nearby I’ll check another day. Overall I ran 5.5 miles which wasn’t bad. I want to do 7 miles again soon but time hasn’t allowed it so far. I hopped in and out of the shower and threw together a recovery breakfast:

Yogurt With Chocolate Stevia, 3/4 Banana, 1/2 Tablespoon Flax, And Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti Granola, Carrot Juice, Toast With Almond Butter

Yogurt With Chocolate Stevia, 3/4 Banana, 1/2 Tablespoon Flax, And Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti Granola, Carrot Juice, Toast With Almond Butter

It’s really hard to make breakfast quietly; I usually have pots and pans flying everywhere, machines toasting, and am doing some mad measuring, but I’m working on keeping it silent. Now I’m off to meet my academic advisor and(hopefully) pick classes! Maybe they’ll have some ideas what to do with my life cause I sure don’t, lol. And later I get to take a trip to the bank to make sure my account got set up, isn’t that fun? Hell, I might go all out and throw in some laundry. Party. Catch you on the flip side.

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