My 15 Miles Of Fame

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One day it’s cheesecake for breakfast, and the next…

Divine Dark Mint Chocolate

Divine Dark Mint Chocolate

…it’s having 1/2 of a Divine Chocolate bar between breakfast and a snack before 10am. Uhhh, whoops? I think it’s easier for me to avoid chocolate than stop eating it. I’ll admit: I felt a little disgustingly full after this and had to wonder, “why?” but that made my workout all the better.

Walking Break

Walking Break

I ran 15 miles in 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 17 seconds. Twice I stopped, filled up a cup with water, and walked briskly. Normally this might bug me but when the temperature increases proper hydration is a must. It was long, sweaty, stinky, and–towards the end–boring, but all in all it felt easy. I actually only “planned” 10 miles, and then felt good enough for 13.1, and finally pushed it to 15. Don’t you love workouts like that? I still had more than enough energy to walk to get pick up kombucha and spinach for lunch.

Spinach Salad With Hemp Oil, Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets, Citrus Kombucha

Spinach Salad With Hemp Oil, Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets, Citrus Kombucha

Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets

Chickpeas And Mulberries, Beets

As good as it feels to be able to run 15 miles, I’d have to say it feels better to love healthy foods. Seriously, I was all over this lunch. I dressed the spinach in Foods Alive‘s hemp oil Sweet & Sassy dressing, tossed about 2 servings of chickpeas with Navitas Naturalsmulberries and sea salt, and added beets(aka Nature’s red dye #40 candy) on the side. So sweet! Have I mentioned I could eat chickpeas ’til the [vegan] cows come home? I totally could.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Zing

Chocolate Peanut Butter Zing

During my 2nd class of the afternoon, I snacked on a chocolate peanut butter Zing Bar. As much as I love chocolate and peanut butter, I’m so so fussy about the actual combination of flavors. And this just didn’t do it for me :-/ The chocolate was nice and sweet, but the whey flavor was whey(hehe…) too strong in the peanut butter part and that was all I could taste. I did love that it had so much protein(13g) and healthy fats(10g); after finding out that I’m a fast oxidizer, I’ve definitely noted ways in my eating habits that would support that.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Waiting for dinner, I snacked on a red delicious apple from the dining hall. While I was running my 15 miles, they did a segment on The Today Show about what a “medium sized” apple is and how many calories are in that. Who has time to worry about the calories in an apple? Worry about how much is in a giant plate of pasta alfredo, not an apple…

Grass-Fed Burger With Sweet Potato Fries

Grass-Fed Burger With Sweet Potato Fries

I think I’ve had this same dinner every Wednesday night for weeks now(except last week because I was still sick), and it’ll never get old. I just love the sweet potato fries, although all these baked fries are giving me a craving for the real deal. A little EVOO is just not the same.

Food Inc is on PBS tonight at 9 across the country! Confession: I haven’t seen it yet! And I’m unsure whether I’m going to watch in preference to other shows(Modern Family). As I’ve made a point of, I support a real food movement, especially away from cruelty against animals. That being said, I’m not sure I want to see the cruelty. I also feel like I’ve gathered the main points from blog summaries. Have you seen Food Inc? What did you think, if so?

Ever wonder what or why those crystals form on ice cream? Read this article to find out more.Now, I believe my dearth of ice cream throughout the day calls for some serious catching up tonight between work, don’t you think?

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Did You Know?

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Did you know my favorite part of Mondays is being able to do the laundry and have a completely fresh closet of clothes?

Did you know 95% of people with gluten-intolerances don’t know they have it or haven’t yet been diagnosed?

Nature's Path Organic Mmmaple Pecan Chewy Granola Bar

Nature's Path Organic Mmmaple Pecan Chewy Granola Bar

Did you know the Nature’s Path Mmmaple Pecan contain milk byproducts? I would have thought they were vegan. Still tasty, though, and probably the most nutritious out of their line!

Did you know instead of pressing soft tofu you can bake it for 90 minutes at 350 instead and it will come out with the same texture?

Maple Baked Tofu, Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potatos, Maple Glazed Nuts

Maple Baked Tofu, Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potatos, Maple Glazed Nuts

Did you know maple baked tofu now has its own recipe page? It does! It was also the theme of this lunch, with roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes, and some Tierra Farm‘s Maple Glazed Nuts. Mmmm, maple.

Did you know if you put even just a little liquid(in this case, maple) on the outside of a sweet potato, it prevents it from developing an ugly skin burn while roasting? Only a blogger…

Liberte Raspberry Goat Milk Yogurt With Dark Chocolate Chips

Liberte Raspberry Goat Milk Yogurt With Dark Chocolate Chips

Liberte Goat Milk Yogurt

Liberte Goat Milk Yogurt

Did you know goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk because it’s closer to human milk? You can thank Averie for that factoid. It’s also deeelicious if you ask me; I had to pick this up when I was at Dedham Whole Foods because it’s so rare, too. I love the combination of dark chocolate and raspberry, too. Yum!

Did you know a new study suggests that eating high calorie/high fat foods most of the time causes imbalances in the body similar to heroine that then creates a compulsion to eat only high calorie/high fat foods and more of them? Did you know I’m screwed if that’s true?

Did you know this used to be my favorite flavor of ice cream when I was younger? It also just one Turkey Hill’s annual flavor competition. It’s taken years, but I’ve finally found my au naturale replacement.

So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl And Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Creams

So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl And Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Creams

That replacement would be So Deliciouschocolate peanut butter swirl coconut milk ice cream, which j’adore. The only drawback(besides the price tag) is it’s a little chalky in texture, which is odd because the other flavors aren’t. Humph 😦 I’m willing to try different brands.

Empty Pint

Empty Pint

Did you know law of the freezer states when you finish one pint you are thereby allowed to replace it? I already have in mind what I want to replace it with…

Did you know you should always let cheese come to room temperature before serving it? It’s more pungent and flavorful that way. On the contrary, if you stick it in the microwave, that just makes it a melted mess.

Chickpea Salad With Cheddar, Mulberries, And Hemp Oil Dressing

Chickpea Salad With Cheddar, Mulberries, And Hemp Oil Dressing

Chickpea Salad With Cheddar, Mulberries, And Hemp Oil Dressing

Chickpea Salad With Cheddar, Mulberries, And Hemp Oil Dressing

Did you know you absorb more nutrients when you use a fat-based dressing on a salad? Even more reason to pour on the Foods Alive hemp oil sweet & sassy! I swear I could drink that stuff. Besides that, my salad involved chickpeas, Next Generation Organic Dairy raw & probiotic parsley cheddar cheese, and Navitas Naturalsdried mulberries.

Did you know this is the first time in a long time I’ve celebrate Meatless Monday? By celebrate, I mean I just didn’t have a meat craving.

Tell me something I don’t know

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Reuniting With Avocadoes

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Do you love avocado? I. Love. Avocado. But I forgot I did; today was a relearning of that of sorts.

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

The sun hadn’t quite came out by 11, but I’m really a morning runner, so I scarfed down this apple and went out to see what damage the rain had done to Providence. Surprisingly, the path wasn’t awful! How good since I needed to run up and down it 3 times to get the mileage I wanted.

11.5 Miles In 1:37:57

11.5 Miles In 1:37:57

I ran 11.5 miles just under 1:38. On the 3rd turn, I headed back down Hope street specifically so that I could stop at the happiest place on earth: Whole Foods; there’s something so amazing about ending a run here. The plan was to shop around, grab something for lunch, hurry home and prepare it there. I spent so much time browsing the prepared food that by the time I chose I just had to eat it then. All the meat dishes looked “meh” and overpicked while the soy options smelt heavenly(but that would have gone against Lent as “prepared soy”.

Honey Spiced Turkey, Avocado Massaged Kale With Roasted Cashews, Indian Cauliflower And Peas

Honey Spiced Turkey, Avocado Massaged Kale With Roasted Cashews, Indian Cauliflower And Peas

Since I didn’t plan for lunch there, I only had my camera phone to capture this; but it really was an amazing meal. The turkey wasn’t dry, and had a nice spice blend on the skin with a surprise note of cinnamon; I never would have guessed I’d like that there(TWSS). BUT by far the most amazing thing here was the avocado massaged kale with roasted, salted cashews


Avocado Massaged Kale

Avocado Massaged Kale

H.O.L.Y. Y.U.M. Massaged kale is the dish I heard about most when raw foodists say “Well, we don’t use that much preparation all the time. Most of the time we just rub avocado with kale and are set with something simple like that.” They are too modest. This combination is amazing. It’s so much creamier than I would have given it credit for. Does anybody have a recipe they’d be willing to share? I think I want to make this for Easter!

Avocado With Sea Salt And Hemp Oil

Avocado With Sea Salt And Hemp Oil

You can say I had avocado on the brain all afternoon–I couldn’tget enough! For a snack, I halved one and topped 1/2 with Foods Alive hemp oil dressing and sea salt and the other half with just sea salt. Why don’t people snack on avocadoes more? They’re so refreshing and filling!

Tazo Refresh 0 Cal Tea

Tazo Refresh 0 Cal Tea

To wash that down, I had my last Tazo 0 cal tea, this flavor Refresh. I’ll admit: My first reaction was not a favorable one. It reminded me a bit of mouthwash. But it also completely grew on me, and by the end I was feeling refreshed and wanting more! I am loving the inflow of stevia sweetened beverages into mainstream brands.

Juniper Original FroYo

Juniper Original FroYo

It was SO nice out today–we hit 60 and with sun! This is big for New England lately. I think frozen yogurt from Juniper was definitely in order. What is it about sweetened, tart whey that tastes so darn good? I feel like it’s not the cleanest thing to eat, but then again no one’s eating this everyday so it’s OK in moderation.

Divine White Chocolate With Strawberries

Divine White Chocolate With Strawberries

While I was waiting for dinner to cook, I read this article concerning chocolate reducing heart taxation. It’s a good read if you want to convince yourself that all that Easter candy is fine! It made me hungry for some of my favorite white chocolate by Divine. Of course, then I read the part about white chocolate not counting because of the absence of cacao powder; I guess I’ll just have to have dark chocolate later to compensate 😉

Grass-Fed Burger, Sweet Potato Fries

Grass-Fed Burger, Sweet Potato Fries

I still had 1/4 lb of beef  to use up or freeze before tomorrow; the latter sounded like the better option. I made in a pan the grass-fed burger while roasting somesweet potato fries in EVOO at 350 for 45 minutes. Delicious! But now I can’t wait to grill over the Summer. Do you grill? If so, what’s your favorite thing? Mine is by far burgers, and all kinds! Salmon, tuna, veggie, beef, turkey, even bison.

If you didn’t read my morning post, I announced the Celestial tea winner. If you didn’t win that, you can enter one of these giveaways for Nature’s Path, Oikos, Vitalicious, and lunch boxes!

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Super Salad And The Great Egg Debate

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Good afternoon! It feels more like afternoon now than evening or night just because it’s still sunny! This time shift thing is definitely throwing me for a loop; I love the extra light at the end of the day, but feeling around for everything in the dark at 6:15? Not a fan. P.S. Google Reader and formatting both have not been my biggest fan today so if you missed my chocolate obsession eating and Alter Eco review you can still read it here.

Red Delicious Apple

I had my entire lunch packed and ready to go for class when hunger struck like a brick 20 minutes before hand. Rather than gobble down what I packed, I grabbed this apple. Most foods I like to eat slowly and savour but apples I can deal with the chew-and-go nature. Besides, I really wanted to give time to the salad I made.

Hemp Oil Dressing And Mulberries

The combo of these ingredients does not get old. But winding back, last week I was craving chickpeas like craaaazy but since I try to make the most out of my meal plan and the dining hall never had any, I was out of luck 😦 Over the weekend, I decided since when does anyone go poor off of buying canned chickpeas? So welcome back to my life chickpea salad!

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach, Gingerade Kombucha

What makes this a super salad are all the other ingredients. First I overdress the greens with Foods Alive hemp oil sweet & sassy dressing, which really does have that sweet(agave nectar) vinegary flavor going on. Next up, I toss 1/2 a can chickpeas with Navitasdried mulberries(a superfruit!) and a diced raw & probiotic cheddar cheese stick ala Next Generation Dairy. I think cheese sticks by their very nature are super, don’t you?

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

The result is one big old trip to flavertown–I never thought I could enjoy a salad so much! And the health benefits here are ridiculous. Beans? Great vegan fiber and protein. The cheese has living enzymes for positive digestive health. The spinach is filled with vitamins!! The mulberries–well they’re a superfruit so they have to be healthy but they’re also a great subtle sweetness. And the hemp oil has healthy omega-6’s and -3’s. You can’t go wrong! I really enjoyed washing it down with a gingerade kombucha; did you know ginger has anti-flu properties to it? Not to mention kombucha also restores your body’s alkalinity and is probiotic as well. Wow, I’ve beaten that salad to death, so I’ll move on to dessert.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Yogurt And Sweet Scoops Mint Chip Frozen Yogurt

Flash forward after 3 hours of class and some email responding and you have a munchy college student on the first day the sun’s been out 5 days. The answer? Ice cream! To shake things up, I had a scoop of Sweet Scoops‘ mint chip froyo(dairy & probiotic) with a scoop of So Delicious‘ vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream(vegan). The flavor came out perfect with a coolness from the mint and a cleanness from the vanilla bean. And since my stomach’s been a bit off since Sunday when I had that gluten-freefilled cookie, this was easy cals to take in without feeling more bloated.

French Toast Ingredients

Now if you thought lunch was just the bee’s knees, you’re going to looove dinner. I’ve had eggs in my fridge for weeks now that I’ve been wanting to eat but not knowing how to eat in a way that would excite me. Why eggs? Because they’re packed with protein and healthy, nutrient-rich fat from the yolk when they’re given the right feed. These were local, organic, and tested for 600mg Omega-3’s per 2 eggs, which is excellent! Especially since my diet has been lacking DHA omega-3 from fish this entire month and 1/2 I’ve been at school. Then I just needed to decide what to do with them…

Cornmeal French Toast Oatmeal

The man(and I’m pretty sure this was a man and a lazy bachelor living in a crappy apartment at that) who first used breakfast for dinner as an excuse was a genius. Since french toast oatmeal never fails me and tastes delicious, I figured that would be appropriate. To switch it up, I replaced the oatbran with cornmeal! And then continued to make it with 2 local & organic Country Hen eggs and patted with pasture butter, drizzled with New Hampshire maple syrup, and then topped with cinnamon and vanilla powder–magnifique! as the French would say 😉

Like I said and believe, eggs are very nutritious in their complete form. However, they’re subject to so much labeling! You can get regular, cage-free, cage-free organic, cage-free vegetarian fed, omega-3–the list goes on. Personally, I think so long as it’s vegetarian fed, it’s good enough; that’s really the only label I think “matters” and while some can be better vegetarian fed, the changes after that get wish-washy. However, I try to buy the most labeled eggs I can find. This time, I bought the Country Hen eggs; usually I go for Eggland’s Best cage-free, organic, even though I think they’re just as good as their regular ones. Why? The labeling makes me feel better. It just does when it comes to eggs–not all foods, but eggs in particular. I like to imagine the happy chicken wandering around dropping eggs as she pleases(even though I realistically know this is never the case) and so I shell over the extra money for the better bird. What about you? Does it matter at all, or are you at some sort of conflict like me?

And here’s an awesome giveaway for coconut oil!

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Who Plucked Out My Sweet Tooth?

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If I took you all in a room, and told you I didn’t like things sweet, I’d expect a roar of laughter(or at least some backwards glances). But today it’s like I’ve crave nothing sweet(that, for me, just meaning not a lot–not literally nothing). And the only reason I can think is that–save 1/8 teaspoon in my coffee at 6:15–I haven’t had any stevia. Today was not a hot drink type of day and I used agave in my yogurt this morning. I’ve never thought it before, but maybe there’s some truth to not craving sugars without low-cal sweeteners, even natural ones like stevia.

Red Delicious Apple

I can never make it between breakfast and a reasonably timed lunch on Tuesday/Thursday, so I had a naturally sweet apple. It was also quite naturally mealy and just naturally not-good, but it held me over so that I could make my favorite salad to eat in class.

Hemp Oil Dressing And Mulberries

I’d never thought I’d say that: “Favorite salad”. But I’m really digging the new flavor combination I struck on 2 weeks ago. I guess these are sort of sweet ingredients, but not too much. I used a good squirt of Foods Alive Hemp Oil Sweet & Sassy dressing and a handful of Navitas Naturals mulberries, mixed in with chickpeas and diced cheese.

Raw & Probiotic Chickpea Salad, Trilogy Synergy

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Garlic Parsley Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

Everytime I eat this, I swear it gets better; it just makes me feel so fresh! The garlic parsley cheddar raw & probiotic cheese from Next Generation Dairy really makes the flavors come together. And so much of this is raw, you know it must be good for you. On the side, I accompanied the meal with a raw and probiotic drink, namely the Trilogy flavor by Synergy. I talked about this more in the end, but it was quite the tastey juice. It tasted more just like a regular gingerade kombucha to me, but I didn’t mind because that’s most of the ingredients and a flavor I love. I would’n say this was sweet, though; It’s much more vinegary. And it finally made me feel full. Where was that when my stomach was on a war path yesterday?

Orange Chocolate Energy Bar

This afternoon, on top of my 3 hours of class I had another engagement that lasted about an hour. Therefore, a bar was a complete must. I grabbed this Nature’s Path Organic Chocolate Orange Energy Bar from my bag. Sweet? Definitely. I didn’t say my sweet tooth had wholly disappeared 😉

Broccoli With Salsa

When I got back to my dorm, it was the oddest thing: All I wanted was dinner foods, even though dinner was a good time away and I still had preparation to do. I scrapped around for something not sweet, and this was the best I could do; it totally hit the spot, too! Go figure. I just hope this doesn’t continue for long because I do not keep that much savory stuff around.

Forming Grass-Fed Beef Patties

It was that time of week again. I want to thank each and every one of you who comments on how well I eat for living in a dorm. I assure you, after a full day of classes, the last thing I want to do is form burgers, cut sweet potato fries, and cook it all, especially when I still have homework for the next day. To be honest, I just don’t feel like there’s much of a choice, though. To eat in the dining hall, I either need to compromise a lot of my food philosophy, or learn to be happy with the salad bar; I just don’t like raw vegetables that much. When you get right down to it, cooking is work(God, now I understand my mother all too much), but it’s work I’ll do.

Grass-Fed 1/4 Pounder, Sweet Potato Fries

This was worth the work, too. I do not know what was up with the beef; it was incredibly juicy but wouldn’t hold on to the juice. That’s OK because I ended up licking the plate clean(did I really just admit to that?) Happily, despite the lost prep time, I can be a fast eater and move on to my readings for tomorrow now. I’m sure today was just a fluke and that my sweet tooth will reappear soon for dessert(how could it not?).

There’s so much extra out there, I feel lie I have to mention a few before I give a product review summary. First up, there’s this article concerning fat as a new flavor. I’ve read this a couple places now, and I’m totally willing to jump aboard the flavor train if that’s the case. What’s interesting is reading how they want to take and utilize this knowledge. There’s also a funky monkey snack giveaway for you all to enter, not like those have much fat in them 😉 And check out the $50 shopping spree giveaway on Mary’s Weight Loss Blog! I can win an $50 Shopping Spree Giveaway from and so can you! Click here for contest details! Now, I’ll wrap this up with my Kombucha product review recap. I was able to sample 4 flavors to review for Synergy, and here’s my thoughts on those I tried. I think what I learned was, whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed so long as you like Kombucha. You can also look at my Synergy review page to see what other flavors I’ve had and might have in the future. Enjoy!

Botanic No 9

8.5/10: A delicate blend of honeysuckle and flowers, this kombucha has an equally tame flavor. It wasn’t “blue” in a saddening way but rather very mellow. I almost missed the vinegar flavor of the kombucha which is pretty much rendered down to nothing here. This one wasn’t for me on account of its subtlety but would definitely be a mellow welcome to anyone looking for “down time” or simply new to kombucha.


8/10: The vinegar flavor of kombucha is a lot to handle naturally. I’m afraid it just might be too much for citrus to handle, too. While I liked this as a drink, it didn’t scream citrus! or lemon! the way I was expecting; there was just some certain zest of life missing from the flavor. That being said, it was very good kombucha, and I’m glad nothing fought the natural vinegar punch but–if anything–enhanced it. And perhaps the citrus helped to boost my mood because I felt like an all star after drinking it.


9/10: “Drinking your calories” often gets a bad wrap; but when you’re drinking greens, living enzymes, and a host of other nutritious things, how can anything be bad? I’ll admit that I was wary of the color for this. When I started sipping I was pleasantly surprised to find that the flavors here–vinegary kombucha and bitter greens–actually work and thrive together! And the algae and other add-ins give a welcome dose of protein. The only unpleasantry was the chalky remnants at the bottom of the bottle. Otherwise, this was a surprisingly joyful way to take in my greens!


8.5/10: Even when synergy dabbles with juices, they really can’t go wrong; so often, the typical juice drink is over-sugared and more of a dessert than a health drink. I like how synergy keeps the kombucha strong and the ingredients simple; in this was just kombucha, raspberry juice, citrus, and ginger. The “trilogy” of flavors work well, but perhaps a little too well; you can’t identify much more than a strong vinegar flavor with a sharp bitter tone that could come from any 1–or all–of the flavors. Still, this drink had me sipping more and feeling well,, and is one of the flavors I’d gladly grab again.

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Full Of Probiotics

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That pretty much describes me right now! These days, I don’t really keep track of any part of my diet. I don’t do calorie counting, I don’t keep track of my fruit and veggie intake, if I’m not down with a protein at a meal I let it slide, etc. The one thing I have sort of kept up with as of lately is getting 2 sources of probiotics a day. They’re a superfood of mine because I think they’re great for digestion, an upset stomach, and longevity. But even this isn’t much of a “goal” because 2 sources is quite average for me. You know what’s not average? 5. And that’s all before dessert.

Pineapple Chobani With Custom Goji Granola

Backing up, what are probiotics? They’re strands of bacterial culture added to foods, most recognizably yogurt. Since these bacteria already exist in our digestive tracks, eating more of them helps to bolster any that might have died out over time. Probiotics have been suggested to have a host of other benefits from weight management(unless you’re only getting them through gallons of frozen yogurt) to flu prevention. This morning, I got S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, and L. Casei from my pineapple Chobani.

Hemp Oil Dressing And Mulberries

For lunch, I had another superfood salad in mind! I had something like this Monday; I’m really not a big salad eater, but something about this particular combination of ingredients just “works” and made me crave it. In the mix was a good dose of Foods Alive‘s Hemp Oil Sweet & Sassy dressing and Navitas Naturals mulberries.

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Garlic Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach, Gingerade Kombucha

Chickpea, Mulberry, And Garlic Cheddar Salad Over Dressed Spinach

I mixed the dressing with spinach, and made a composite of chickpeas, garlic, sea salt, diced Next Generation Dairy raw & probiotic garlic parsley cheddar, and the mulberries. I love the mulberries here, which are like golden raisins but less sweet and more fiberous. On the side, I had a gingerade kombucha. Overall, not only was this meal fantastic, but it was amazingly healthy. The dressing, spinach, mulberries, cheese, and drink were all raw. Only the chickpeas were cooked, but those are healthy anyway so who cares? And the cheese was fortified with Ganeden BC30 probiotics, while the kombucha has 1 billion Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardii. That’s a lot of cultures!

Mint Chip Sweet Scoops Frozen Yogurt

Let’s just say I was more than happy to get out of my class at 4pm–it was the weekend! And I needed it, too, seeing as how much I had juggling in my mind to handle “once the school work was done with”. Well, really the first thing I did was get to my dorm, turn on the computer, and scoop out some frozen yogurt. We picked up this mint chip frozen yogurt from Sweet Scoops on Sunday; I’ve had it before so I knew I’d like it. Plus I love anything mint. But I think Sweet Scoops is also good because they keep the milk kind of fatty so it has a thick texture.  And it had my good friends, L. Bulgaricus & S. Thermophilus–score.

If you’ve ever wondered about the cultures in frozen yogurt(because I know you have ;-)), they are live but–unlike in yogurt–are not active. The freezing process puts the bacteria into a dormant state. Once they get into your system, however, where the temperature is much higher, they become active again. That is what makes frozen yogurt what it is(it has nothing to do with fat content). Running around like the nut that I am pressing tofu and shoving vegetables in the oven, I needed more fuel before dinner. Enter into my life more probiotics:

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sunspires

How many times do I eat this? A lot. And yet I never thought to notice that each time I do I’m taking in L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Acidophilus, Bif. Bifidum, and Bif. Animalis. Good to know. It was also quite delicious, perfectly sweet and salty, and a little nutty. I’ve heard that Stop & Shop employees in R.I. are going on strike this weekend! I sure hope not; it’s $1 cheaper to get these So Delicious soy yogurts there than it is at Whole Foods. Now, if you can believe it, there weren’t any probiotics at dinner.

Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato Chunks With Maple Baked Tofu

What it was was my ultimate comfort food dish; would it make sense to have anything else on a snowy night that’s kicking off the weekend? I think not. I was thinking about putting this on a plate, but a bowl seemed so much more comforting. Bowl? Plate? Doesn’t matter? This all tasted awesome with some sea salt to balance it out. I’m impressed the tofu pressed well in only 90 minutes.

Not only was that bowl incredibly comforting, it’s going to be very well digested. I think I got about 10 different strands of bacteria in me, if not more, and billions of cultures. Incredible, huh? Don’t get me wrong–today was a bit of an abnormality, and really getting any probiotics is a good start. If you aren’t a yogurt or frozen yogurt fan(although how could you not be?), they also make supplements that are concentrated forms of probiotics; Avery would be the one to see on those. Now, I’m freezing my butt off tonight; the bacteria strand S. Thermophilus would not be happy(this means heat lover in Greek). I think they lowered the heat in the whole building because my coconut oil used to even be liquid at room temp and now I’m cold 😦 PJ’s, a sweatshirt, and Survivor will cure the cold.

And because I’m tired of writing out scientific names for bacteria, I’ll talk about giveaways. Kate is giving away ch-ch-ch-chia seeds. Click here to win some Maranatha. There’s also a Tropical Tradition Coconut Oil giveaway. Here’s a chance to get some of my favorite protein bars. And, lastly, a [me] & goji custom cereal giveaway.

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But I Just Want A PB&J!

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Wow. The comments on this post have been phenomenal. Whether it’s vegan guilt or any other kind, there is something so therapeutic about writing it down. It doesn’t have to be on a public place like I did, but if you have anything inside, consider writing it on a piece of paper, even if that only thing that sees that paper is the inside of a trash can. You’ll feel better.

Celestial Teas

This morning, while running errands, I was sipping on the Bengal Spice Celestial tea and I had to mention it because it’s phenomenal. It’s very earthy with cinnamon and nutmeg, and has a definite Indian spice to it. And I got both of these for $3 total with sales and store coupons at Stop & Shop Sunday–good deal! I managed to pry the cup out of my hand long enough to do laundry and make a trip to the dining hall before a phenomenal lunch.

Garbanzo Bean Salad

Chickpeas, Raw Cheddar Cheese, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, Mulberries, Spinach

Normally, I couldn’t care less for salads, but WOW was this good. The base was just a spinach and greens medley with plenty of hemp oil sweet & sassy from Foods Alive. On top of that was 1/2 a can of chickpeas and a diced cheddar raw & probiotic cheese stick from Next Generation Dairy; I’ve nibbled on this cheese before(so I knew I liked it) but I finally got an accurate review up. If you love cheese, check it out, because this practically redefines cheddar from a flavor and nutrition point. Lastly, I topped it with Bob’s Red Mill‘s hulled hemp seeds and Navitas Natural’s Mulberries. I’ve had the mulberries before and wasn’t a fan, but here there mellow sweetness really worked, almost like golden raisins but duller and more superfoody. This held me over for a good while until my chocolate tooth struck.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With ChocAlive! Dark Chocolate Crunch Truffles

From raw cheese I went to raw pudding and truffles. I made a batch of chocolate avocado pudding using 1 tablespoon coconut milk and 2 tablespoons water for the liquid. The topping was no question; recently, Chocalive! sent me a couple of samples to review. They’re completely raw, vegan, and endorsed by Alicia Silverstone! I tried the dark chocolate crunch ones first. The inside was to die for–so chocolaty and soft. The cacao nibs were a bit too bitter in contrast for my taste :-/ I’ve never really liked those sucker. Can you imagine that? A part of the cacao pod I don’t enjoy? Go figure.

Cranberry Crunch Perfect Foods Bar Lite

Before dinner, I snacked on a Cranberry Crunch Lite bar from Perfect Foods. There’s nothing particularly “lite” about this bar; it’s just not a full meal replacement bar like their other flavors and filled with brown rice crisps for volume. I liked how, even though they cut the calories from 300 to 180 in here, they kept the same mentality of a bar with a focus on healthy fats, protein, and a whole food blend. And their signature raw honey made this so sweet! It seemed like there was something raw in everything today.

Oatmeal With White Chocolate Raspberry PB, Greek Yogurt With Organic Raspberry Conserves

For dinner, I had an odd craving for me: PB&J. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day? Well, anyway, I don’t keep any bread around; gluten-free breads are usually more expensive, I don’t know of any good brands, and I don’t need bread that much, so what’s the point?(Sidenote: When I told my mom I don’t eat bread over the weekend, you would have thought I shot her in the chest. She loves bread, especially the Italian white stuff.) Sooo I improvised with some PB oats and J on the yogurt.

Oatmeal With White Chocolate Raspberry Peanut Butter

My poison PB of choice was the last of the raspberry white chocolate peanut butter from P.B. Loco(who apparently have fallen off the face of the earth since I did a review for them in the Fall). I just go loco for anything white chocolate and/or raspberry. I’m sure there’ll be more peanut butter celebrating in a little bit but this was definitely a delicious start 🙂 Did you celebrate? How so? And now I’m going to do a little research to figure out what the heck happened to P.B. Loco.

Here’s a giveaway for Tropical Tradition’s coconut oil and here’s another for their coconut creme concentrate–both great products!

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