What A Bust

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One more day to enter the yogurt giveaway!

Save anything food related, today was totally a bust! That incredible Nor’easter has hardly hit us, and there’s barely an inch sticking to the ground while just 10’s of miles away they’re getting feet. Feet. What a bust.

Also, my professor sent an email saying we’d have class today even though he sent one last night(after this grandpa had logged off) saying we probably wouldn’t have class. Another bust. Did I mention I volunteered to bring snacks for this class?


Making Raw Frosting

Because this class is about 20% serious, 80% fun(like me! Or how I try to be), there’s a snack sign-up, and I volunteered first. I thought it’d be “cute” to make my raw vegan brownies because my essay–also due today in rough draft form–is on the food processor. And, yes, I’ve brought my food processor to Brown. As I plan on being here many weekends and days off, I’ve realized I just can’t be without it for so long and dragged it along(in 10 feet of bubble wrap) Sunday.

Raw Vegan Brownies With Raw Frosting

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this batch; the flaxseed was not ground well enough and so I could tell these would be “crunchy”. I think the problem was in making a double batch; these deserve the care of small-scale making so that the focus is on quality and not quantity! I also made a triple batch of frosting for them; that part was just for fun 😉 For “real food” I made a real lunch.

Broccoli, Tuna Salad With Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Cheddar Flatbread

Tuna salad was the perfect protein for today. I literally do not remember the last time I ate fish :-O And it makes a little more space in the bins under my bed; it’s just a little, but I need all that I can get. I mixed the can with 1oz full-fat greek yogurt for creaminess and sunflower seeds for crunch! Those went great with the sunflower cheddar flatbread; I forgot how good these were over break! The benefit of eating out under my bed before buying anything new will be (re)discovering treasures like this.

Blueberry Pomegranate Steaz

And I had a Steaz because fancy drinks make me happy when everything else is a bust. Days Of Our Lives may not be a bust, per say, but it sure is a tease. Would something just amount from this Melanie drama! So frustrating.

Gingerade Kombucha

I got to class way early so I could also look to buy a book for one of my classes; the line was too long for me to wait in so that walk was a bust. While I was down there, I stopped by Blue State for my new favorite drink. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of looking at my School Card balance online to realize these cost $4 a pop! Yikes! I justify that by saying it’s money that’s “already in the system” and needs to be used up eventually, but I need to tame my addiction to these or get to a Whole Foods and start using the coupons I was sent to sample new flavors.

Raw Vegan Brownie With Chocolate Frosting

As far as I can tell, the brownies went over really well! There are 10-11 of us in the class, I made 16, and there was 1 by the end. You can do the math. I think the one problem was that there were flax seeds in everyone’s teeth, but the excess frosting totally makes up for it. I found it so interesting looking at who were the people taking seconds; it wasn’t the burly men but rather the happy and healthy looking girls. I love women with appetites 😀

Even though class was a go, our “field trip” was a bust. We were supposed to go to the library and get a presentation on some one-of-a-kind Native American watercolors from the 16th century. The librarian who was supposed to do this never came in today because she was “sick”. I’m pretty sure that’s code for not wanting to go to work on what should be a snow day. Oh well, we got out 50 minutes early! That gave me time to get back into my dorm and eat this:

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Hulled Hemp Seed

I swear, if it weren’t for the food today this would be a total bust. But this surely wasn’t! Nothing about me was craving the fat in chocolate avocado pudding; actually, I’ve been craving So Delicious soy yogurt all week and it’s driving me up a wall! BUT I did need to get my Bob’s Red Mill hemp seed fix in. I am just loving these! They’re so much more nutty and vanilla than any other seed, and quite unique. I wonder if hemp seed butter is as delicious.

Stir Fried Tofu, Tempeh, Mushrooms, And Snap Peas With Soy Sauce And Sesame Oil

For dinner, I had planned to have a red thai curry tofu and tempeh dish with a coconut milk based sauce(Trader Joe’s Brand). Once I got a whiff of sesame oil, I knew it was all I wanted. I made a quick stir fry of snap peas, mushrooms, tofu, and tempeh, and then added soy sauce and more sesame oil at the end–delicious! Whenever I do a stir fry, I think tofu and tempeh is a must; I love the soft and chewy contrast.

Does it count as a bust that Survivor isn’t on tonight? OK, it never was supposed to be, but I was sooo convinced it was Thursday for the past hour. But it starts back up tomorrow! I can’t wait 😀 Maybe I’ll just have to bust a move while finishing Latin and getting an early night in for a 6:15 wake-up call. How many miles can I bust out before I need to get ready for class? We’ll see…

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Mister Antebellum

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After yesterday’s run I was so dehydrated. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I took a trip to the bathroom and remembered when my mouth felt dry back at mile 2… I will definitely 100% be bringing a water bottle with me whenever I go to the gym from now on. I did this morning and, though it was a bit fumbly drinking on the tread, I’m glad I did. Yesterday, after about 2 full water bottles at breakfast, I grabbed this on my way to class:

November 9th 001

Zevia Cola

Some people like their caffeine from coffee, I prefer Zevia cola 🙂 I must admit, I was considering not going to class at all yesterday; if I didn’t I could just dedicate a large chunk of time to essay writing and I’m much better at doing projects all at once than split up. Nevertheless, I was a good student and went to them all. That was good for Latin because we got our old essays back.

November 9th 008

Catullus Essay

See that little thing that looks like a teepee? Yeah, that’s an A 🙂 This was definitely needed to give me a boost of spirits. By the way, this professor has the tiniest, neatest hand writing ever. Times New Roman’s got nothing on her; I can hardly read half her comments. After that I swung by the dining hall and went to my dorm to finish up computer stuff and lunch.

November 9th 002

Broccoli, The Heat Is On Tofu Salad, Brussel Sprouts And Carrots

November 9th 006

Lemon Bar Larabar

Lunch was magnifico. I also bought some Chobani and baby carrots but decided not to go with them. I love that The Heat Is On tofu salad though so I’m sure those carrots will get used yet. And this Lemon Bar was the first of the Larabars I was sent. Loved it! It was so pure and lemony, but also sweet. The only thing I thought was weird was cashews and almonds; why not one or the other instead of mixing flavors? Also, I got a whole almond among the mostly chopped nuts, which threw the texture off a tad. But overall this was not a lemon 😉 Oh, and we got more graded back in class.

November 9th 012

History In Class Midterm

Double wahoo! Ok, this was a little expected after the teacher called me out in class, but it was so nice to hold it and see it was real. I still have 1 midterm essay to write but since I did so well on this and feel pretty good about the other two, I’m not going to sweat or rush this last one. Epic, on the other hand, would have been a great choice to skip to get work done. Oh well, but the good thing about that was I got to check my mail and find this.

November 9th 009

One Lucky Duck Samples

The people at One Lucky Duck sent me these 4 samples of raw, organic, and vegan snacks! How exciting; of course all my eats are all-natural and a good portion organic, but raw and vegan is something I haven’t tapped in to much. Thanks, One Lucky Duck! I’ll have to think of a special time and place to enjoy these delightful cookies 🙂

When I got back to my dorm I had a coconut craving. I think I need to explain something here about coconut: I hate it in anything that is not coconut flavored(i.e. when granola randomly has it as an ingredient). But as a distinct flavor, if I’m in the mood, I don’t mind it at all. This was all I could find, though, that had coconut that I had:

November 9th 011

Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar

2 in 1 day? I’m burning through these babies. The tropical fruit tart was good, but nothing like the lemon bar. The only flavor that I really got was pineapple. Still, it was better than I thought it’d be. From the stories I’ve heard I expected to be spitting this out on the floor. I watched the newest SNL in the afternoon. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan so that was great to see; she wasn’t hysterical, but she was decent, and for someone who’s only 19 and not an actress or comedian it was a job well done. I don’t get why her musical performances weren’t online, though. Anyone know where I can watch those? I also got a bit of inspiration for some oatmeal.

November 9th 019

Frosting Ingredients

November 9th 015

Pumpkin Oats With Eggnog Frosting

This was inspired by Sunday’s breakfast and snack, and it was sooo good. For the frosting I did 2 ounces Greek yogurt(full fat) and 2 tablespoons eggnog with vanilla stevia to taste. Seriously, that was some of the noggiest, best frosting I could have hoped for. I think I should have let the oats cool just a bit, though, because the yogurt did not like the hot oatmeal. After some working I ended up at The Ratty with a friend for dinner.

November 9th 023

Sweet Potato With Black Bean Taco Filling, Beets, Broccoli Spears

I was having a moment where I couldn’t decide if I was hungry or full; I think the heated up yogurt wasn’t sitting well in my stomach(still make the frosting for a cool dish if you get the chance!). After seeing what was available, I realized I was hungry. There was huge broccoli spears, whole beets, and roasted sweet potatoes. To eat a little something other than just plain veggies I took some taco filling and mushed it on the potato–yum! I love the sweat heat it added. Catching up was equally exciting because we hadn’t been both available for dinner in a while.

When I got back to my dorm I blasted a bit of Lady Antebellum(hence the title ;-)). By 8 I couldn’t quite understand why I wanted to go to bed. I mean, I know I’m practically a grandpa, but 8? That’s way before Leno. Then I remembered the <5 hours of sleep I got and it started making sense. I decided it’s worth staying awake if only for the emails I get from my parents. One was from my mom, complaining my dad takes forever to get home from work and about how much she loves pineapple Chobani(and I don’t think I ever saw her even eat a yogurt in the 18 years I lived at home). Then 1 and a half hours later I get an email from my dad(I guess he does take a while getting home) telling me about blog contests for gas relief products. Thanks.

November 9th 002

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Chocolate Chips And Vanilla Sugar

Naturally there was yogurt and chocolate chips. I t’s definitely a full blown addiction now, which is sad because Agave Sweetened So Delicious Soy Yogurt is no longer a sale item 😦 I do love that this is a completely vegan snack though, not to mention one with a hefty dose of fiber 🙂 Heroes really didn’t grab me last night. As in, I was too busy working/staring at my yogurt to even notice what the plot was.

November 9th 004

TJ Carrot Ginger Muffin With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Ginger Cream Cheese

This was gingerlicious as well; I don’t remember the last time I had this flavor muffin in my fridge. I forgot how good it is! The ginger preserves suggested pairing it with cream cheese, and they were sooo right. Then again, I pair everything with cream cheese, so they had a good shot with me. Naturally, I needed to dehead the muffin like I was Henry VII to eat it.

November 9th 007

Chocolate Brownie Z-bar With Butter Toffe Peanut Butter

I discovered I’m out of chocolate vitatops 😦 But fortunately a Z-bar was there to lift me up. I’m honestly thinking I should buy the 5lb tub of butter toffee peanut butter next time from Naturally Nutty because I am going through this like wildfire. I decided to go to bed early because I was so exhausted, but Kathy Griffin was on Leno so I knew I needed to stay up at least until 10:30. Did anybody else see her new stand up special? Hysterical. Even my mom laughed at most of it. Anyway, 10:30 and I was out like a light. I heard my roommate come home some time but wasn’t awake for more than 2 minutes, and slept in until 7.

This morning I wanted something lighter and simpler at the gym so I decided on 7 miles in 58:26. I must be a very influential person because this morning while I was watching the Today show the 50 year old weight lifters turned another TV onto the Cartoon Network! There is something very amusing watching a 300 pound man stationary bike to Pokemon.

My Oats: Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

November 9th 009

Eggnog Yogurt

Tis definitely the season 🙂 I used only oat bran today instead of an oatmeal/oatbran mix(because I overpoured). It’s so nice and creamy with pumpkin but I think I prefer the oats for a little bulk and texture. Of course, what makes pumpkin oatmeal if not pepita sun butter and pumpkin seeds mixed with a little bit of honey> So sweet and delicious! And I need to buy about 5 more cartons of the Silk nog at the rate I’m going through. Just 6oz Greek yogurt and 1/4 cup makes the perfect, noggy protein.

Today I have just Greek which will be a guest lecturer(aka a waste of time), and then the whole afternoon to do work(aka go to University Plaza Whole Foods). I completely forgot to get nutmeg for my nog while I was home so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that, and I think coconut is still on sale, too! Enjoy your day!

PS. Holly has a giveaway for some amazing sounding protein powders. These are seriously gourmet.

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Lemony Fresh

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Yesterday morning, the morning I ran the farthest, had the most to do in terms of classes, that was the morning I had ample time to grab a coffee before class. I do not understand life sometimes. My teacher, who never calls on me, did for Horace’s 11th Ode, aka the “carpe diem” poem. How fitting, I thought, and thankfully I was well prepared(lucky me it’s probably one of his easiest to understand). I decided to make lunch when I got back.

November 6th 002

Exploded Eggs

I knew things got a little pressurized in the microwave, but I didn’t realize how much so. Don’t poke an egg yolk if you hear sizzling to check if it’s done, or else you get albumen everywhere. They were still decent enough to eat, though, so I went ahead and finished up the meal.

November 6th 006

Eggs With Strawberry Marmalade And Broccoli

November 6th 007

Tempeh Steak With Broccoli

This has been the week of repeat meals; first the tofu salad and now this. But when you find something good, why stop eating it! I wanted something acidic for the eggs so I added strawberry marmalade with orange liquer. And the “tempeh steak” was just 3oz leftover tempeh with mushrooms in 2 tablespoons 365 steak sauce and microwaved at half power for 5 minutes. This would be sooo good properly baked.

I took this to class and ate it there. My Greek history professor is such a character. First he said he didn’t have our midterms because the TA lost 3, one of which he “named” as mine. This was him being funny, but I’m so gullible I think my heart skipped a beat. Then he said he just was too lazy to finish them so far, but that one was very creative and stood out to him(he might have even said genius?). Anyway, it was mine! I was mortified to be singled out in the class like that, especially since it’s a large crowd of upperclassmen, but I also felt like I needed a recognition of good work like that lately because work has felt a little thankless.

Charity Bake Sale

Charity Bake Sale

Between class I found an awesome opportunity to be charitable. This table was set up with The Cupcakerie cupcakes, aka the kind of been buying myself for the past few Cookie Fridays, and all the proceeds were being donated to their charity. How could I say no? I grabbed my treat for later and headed off to class. The cupcake was for dessert at night, but I did grab this.

November 6th 009

Vitaminwater 10 Lemonade

I forgot how fresh and sweet these are. But they’re 2.75 dollars at the campus convenience store! I could have had another cupcake for that money(although this was bought with my dining points whereas the cupcake was out of pocket). I hope the money for the vitamins was worth it; gotta keep that immune system up when it feels like everyone around me is getting sick.

Class was completely unhelpful in helping me choose an essay topic to write on. Now I feel like I’m going into the weekend practically blind of ideas. I’d like to have something to grab onto just so I feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I’d be glad to grab a B like on my last essay. Later on, around 4, I worked my way back to my dorm for a snack where I took a tip from the tipping point.

November 6th 010

Pumpkin Oats With Mighty Maple And Maple Cinnamon Frosting

Did you all see on Caitlin’s blog yesterday morning her waffles with amazing greek yogurt “frosting”? I did. And it was stuck in my brain all day until I tried it on these oats. I did a little less than 1/4 cup Oikos, 2/3 tablespoon maple syrup, 3 drops vanilla stevia, and cinnamon. Wow! This was such a sweet winner. I love the way it flavored the oats drizzled on top, but never overpowered anything. Caitlin used some great spices I wish I had at my disposal in my dorm; I’ll have to try this over he Holidays when I’m home and making Christmas Oats. Later on, I grabbed this bar and stepped out of the dorm.

November 6th 013

Kardea Lemon Ginger Bar

One thing I love about these bars is I feel entirely healthy and like I don’t need another veggie or fruit for the rest of the day 🙂 Just kidding. This flavor was pretty good. It reminded me of a lightly sweetened lemon bar. I think if I was in Paula Deen’s kitchen I would have busted out the powdered sugar on it. After going up Thayer street, the night(and 5:20 is totally night) took me to Blue State.

November 6th 016

Blue State Decaf

If you’re ever around Providence, skip the Starbucks down the road and stop at Blue State. I’m not going to say the coffee tastes entirely different, but it is quite good and they have such a friendly staff always. This was definitely one of those times where my own productiveness impresses me. I grabbed dinner to-go on the way back, watched The Office, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother, assembled the pile of work I need to do over the weekend, took care of general hygiene(as in cut nails, shaved, but sadly no floss, sorry Ms. Everythingtarian), wrote 2 reviews, microwave roasted a squash, and changed my clothes. Whew. Dinner was a relaxing time to sit down.

November 6th 020

Cajun Baked Pollock, Asparagus Tips With Lemon, Mashed Acorn Squash

Excitingly, fish was on the menu tonight. This actually had surprisingly good flavor; spices are a great way to turn the heat up in a dish without making it too heavy. The aspargus was a little… mutilated, but it counts as greens right? I also liked that it was cooked with lemon 😉 And I needed to use that other 1/2 of an acorn squash. Normally I eat it whole with the skin but I felt like something different tonight and mashed it. It was nice and light with a slightly buttery flavor; mashed acorn squash would be a great light dish at the Thanksgiving table(though I think I’d pass and opt for more sweet potato :-)).

The internet basically stopped working last night around 7. Not everything, but everything that mattered(email, google reader, runner’s world forum, etc.). I guess it was a good motivator to study and read *Sigh* Ghost Whisperer helped entertain me. I love this season so far; it actually has a plot and that’s so rare in television shows these days. This also helped with the boredom:

November 6th 028

Luscious Lemon Cupcakerie Cupcake

Yesterday for Cookie Cupcake Friday , the one that seemed best to me was the lemon flavor. The base cake had a great, light lemon note to it, while the buttercream frosting had a much heavier, richer flavor. I loved the candied zest on top, which made the whole thing smell so perfumey. This was easily my favorite lemon treat of the day. We need to petition for something better to be on at 9 on Fridays. This is prime viewing time and I was watching Masterpiece Theater. Has anybody else seen that? Don’t. It’s nothing terribly exciting unless you need a good English accent fix. I kind of wanted pumpkin oatmeal with peanut butter at 10. What I didn’t want was a bowl to clean up at 11. Instead, I had a yogurt mess with the same flavors.


Peanut Yogurt With Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookie, Pumpkin Butter, Chocolate Chips, And Maple Syrup

Peanut Yogurt With Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookie, Pumpkin Butter, Chocolate Chips, And Maple Syrup

My messes are too organized, but I just hate to make them not look so good 🙂 This had perfect flavor in it. I need to make another batch of these cookies ASAP. I just can’t wait for Thanksgiving. The maple syrup was an after thought after the picture. Since when did maple syrup ever become an afterthought? It’s just too good to deny. I also snacked on this to Leno and hit the hay.


November 6th 006

Deep Chocolate Vitatop With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

9 hours of sleep. Need I say more? I suppose it is a “treat” that the gym doesn’t open until 9 and this morning was supposed to be below freezing. I woke up at 8:30 to good news; I emailed the professor of the class I want to be in and it seems like I’ll get in yet! This will make my schedule very awesome for next year, but I’ll disclose more when it’s official. I got to the gym only to find the usual shows I’d watch on Saturday weren’t on, so instead I let my ipod entertain me for an hour, and ran 7.2 miles in that time. There were only 3 machines and a lot of people so I was worried I’d get kicked off before I was done but I didn’t; the benefit of running at 7 is no one fights for machines. When I got back I put in a load of laundry, showered, and made two glorious messes.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Goji Ginger Walnut Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Goji Ginger Walnut Cookies

November 6th 012

Yogurt With Dried Cherries, Cherry Butter, And Crumbled Cherry Dark Chocolate Squares

See? I can get messy after all. I used a little less oatmeal this time because of the cookies(which are whole grain after all so that’s not heinous). I just love the maple and whole chunks of ginger! Talk about some sweet heat. The yogurt mess was equally good but also a bit of a let down. I put the cherries in the yogurt when I woke up hoping they’d rehydrate a little like the raisins did but apparently it doesn’t work the same. Still it’s quite delicious.

Today’s a bit in the air but there’s about a 90% chair of baking and sitting with Montana on the couch; I got word over the week he’s always looking for me to sit with when I’m not there and no one else sits with him! I also have high hopes of doing 2 history midterm essays, some Horacian odes, and picking a thesis for Epic Poetry. Hmmm, we’ll see about that *rolls eyes*…




Join me in celebrating An Apple A Day’s 1 year anniversary with her huge celebratory giveaway!

How about an Amazing (Grass) givaway at Fit And Fabulous?

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Stop Being So Chicken

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Yesterday started off normal enough. I ran, ate carbs and oatmeal, got dressed, and walked out the door like this:

October 30th 002

Me In A Chicken Suit

Yes, that is my costume. It’s actually the same from 2 years ago, but I figure I’m at such a different point in my life it’s OK to rewear this one(plus it was like $50 dollars so I need to get my money’s worth of it). I thought Brown was a fun campus? No one else was in costume; what was up with that? My first reaction was “This is kind of embarrassing. Maybe I should take it off.” But then I realized, if I can make just 1 persons day by doing this and having a good time doing it, then it would all be completely worth it. I marched right in to Latin class and definitely caused a few smiles.

I had an hour between class for lunch and last minute studying until my midterm. I rushed to my dorm, logged on my computer to make sure I wasn’t missing anything important(apparently, your blog posts count as important items in my book :-)), and threw together something quite gourmet.

Thanksgiving Sandwich On Whole Wheat English Muffin, 1/2 Acorn Squash With Pumpkin Seeds, Cinnamon, And Sea Salt

It’s not so bad–I could have been eating deli sliced chicken. If the english muffin looks burnt, it’s because it was; I forgot about it while I was fighting with my costume to let me go to the bathroom(full body suits are not for those of us with small bladders, fyi). The acorn squash was a genius idea; seriously, I’m making sure that hits the Thanksgiving table. I think anything squash and salt is good, but the pumpkin seeds really added texture.

I got outside of where I had class 25 minutes early to get some extra studying in. Honestly? I think I rocked it. I couldn’t have felt more prepared going in, and when I saw the terms I had to demonstrate a knowledge of I really put it all on the table. We had to write two “stories” that showed we knew how 12 Ancient Greek terms, people, events, and places related to one another. I definitely took some “artistic license” in my stories, but I think he’ll appreciate it. For epic poetry class, I got hungry. It was an odd time of day for that to happen but I obliged.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Clif Mojo Bar

Peanut Butter Pretzel Clif Mojo Bar

So glad I had this in my bag. Yum! It was great. This was the last of the Mojo’s I had to try and I think it was my favorite. Is anyone else not surprised the peanut butter one was my fave? You can read my full review here, but now that I’ve had them all I’ll be ready to post a recap review soon. On the way back to my dorm another something exciting happened: Emma Watson noticed me! You know how I know she noticed me? Well, she passed me about 1 foot to the right, and it’d be pretty hard not to notice someone in a giant chicken costume. If she had said “Nice costume” or something, I probably would have had a heart attack on the spot.

Well my day was fun and all but at 3 I was ready to get into civilian ware. I also decided I wasn’t as done with this place as I thought I was…

October 30th 010

University Plaza Whole Foods

My original plan for Cookie Friday was a pumpkin maple whoopie pie like I had 3 or 4 weeks ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any when I got there. Wtf. Don’t ever walk 1.2 miles somewhere to an uncertain future or you’re likely to have your heart broken 😦 I did get some salmon and Oikos, however, and stopped at Blue State Coffee on the way back for what would be my treat.

When I got back to my dorm I was starrrrving. It was that hunger where you want everything and nothing, and have no clue what to make. Doesn’t that suck? I felt like I was standing in front of my microwave for 10 minutes just thinking and getting no where. Finally I went with the one thing I know never disappoints.

Fluffernutter Oats With Cashew Butter, Fluff, And Banana Pineapple Rum

Fluffernutter oats–how I love thee. The extra 2oz of banana made this super thick and creamy. But since I hardly ever eat my cashew butter, the plop that i had was really lumpy, and I ended up chewing whole dry nut butter. Honestly, at that point, nothing mattered but that I got food. Speaking of food…

Food Bag For Home

Food Bag For Home

This is how much of it I feel that I need to bring home, where there should in theory already be a ton of food. I called my dad earlier and proposed that he pick me up last night instead of this morning and he obliged. That put me in a bit of a mad rush to pack everything, and I remembered what an awful packing problem I have. Oh well, if we were to have gotten stuck in a blizzard on the way back and needed to survive for 5 days, we would have been set. There was still the matter of my own dinner.

Simple Salmon Salad And Broccoli

Simple Salmon Salad And Broccoli

Summer Squash And Zuchinni With Maple Syrup, Sweet Potato

Summer Squash And Zuchinni With Maple Syrup, Sweet Potato

Thankfully, college has made me the king of quick cooking. I grabbed the squash and broccoli from the dining hall, nuked a sweet potato under my bed(well, from under my bed) and heated the salmon from Whole Foods. Something didn’t quite smell right here, but I couldn’t figure out what it was so I ate it all… Don’t even play like you haven’t done that. I got home by 8 and had a pot of fresh ground decaf coffee going by 8:15; it’s good to be back. I just as quick busted this out:

The Elvis

The Elvis

Remember how I mentioned stopping at Blue State for Cookie Friday? This was the spoil. The Elvis is a red velvet cupcake cake with cream cheese frosting with sequin sugar. This is why I say I eat 99.9% all-natural in my How I Fuel section; sure, the food coloring in this probably wasn’t all natural, but once a week in something that’s already a “treat” is fine by me. Plus, this was homemade by a small, local retailer, so overall it’s a quality product. It was just as good as I thought it’d be: moist, rich, and sweet. It’s definitely good I removed myself about 50 miles from the source before eating it or I might have needed to get another. When I realized I’d only had 1 probiotic source for the day, I felt a little disappointed in myself… until this entered my mind:

Organic Peanut Butter Cookies And Cream Yogurt

Organic Peanut Butter Cookies And Cream Yogurt

Yes. You heard right. Peanut butter cookies and cream yogurt. How? I used peanut flour and vanilla stevia to flavor the yogurt, and crumbled in 2 Newman’s Own Organic Peanut Butter Newman-O’s. This was so delicious, but it also made me glad Cookie Friday comes but once a week. All this sugar made me hyper, and when I get hyper I often go to cranky. Some people are mean drunks; I’m a mean sweets-head. One last celebration of cookieness:

Toast With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Toast With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

It wouldn’t have been Friday otherwise. Food Network wasn’t working in my room; what’s up with that? Instead I watched my standby, Leno, and got a great night of sleep.

Thankfully it was a great day for an outdoor run this morning. I slept in all the way until 8, strapped on some old clothes I had lying around that didn’t go off to college with me, and ran around the block a few(read: 7) times. I ended up running 7.08 miles right at 8:00/mi pace. It felt great to be reaffirmed that running on a treadmill at 8:30/mi pace doesn’t affect my outdoor stride. When I got back, I made a very ‘”homey” breakfast:

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And A Vegan Molasses Cookie, Voskos Honey Greek Yogurt

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And A Vegan Molasses Cookie, Voskos Honey Greek Yogurt

Normally, I’m all about the salt. But this breakfast was sweet and sweeter. I love the cookie texture on top of some thick oats; I might need to make another batch of these while I home. And that’s one of the few last yogurts I have to try and review for Voskos! Honestly, this might have been a bit too sweet. But for those of you who that’s not possible for, you’d be in love with a yogurt. The benefit of coming home early was that this breakfast wasn’t eaten in a rush in the car and I can now sit and plan my day.

Zesty Cook is having a really unique giveaway. This is the kind of makeover I’d gladly sign up for.

Lucky Taste Buds is having a delicious sounding giveaway, too!

Who doesn’t love a high quality chocolate giveaway?

Holey Decisions

One of the other great joys of coming home was finding in my freezer 4 boxes of Holey Donuts’ delicious products. Needless to say, this hungry college student was overjoyed to have such great products to sample and review. All you need to do is look at the nutrition to realize what a better option this is than the competition.

Unfortunately, while their products are great in that they’re low calorie/fat, have no trans fat, and no artificial sweeteners, they do contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. As a naturaltarian, this was a bump in the road. Should I ignore that temporarily and parade these on the blog like I wanted to? Or do I stick with this boundary I’ve set for myself. I really wanted to just do the former and pretend like no one would notice. But the record number of views this week(my 3 most visited days being Thursday, yesterday, and Monday respectively) are keeping me honest. I realize these are a great option for a certain lifestyle, but that’s just not mine. Instead, I’ll be having my parents sample and review these, and publish them in special posts called “Parents’ Korner” or something really corny like that. They’ve eaten about 10 times more donuts in their life than me, so I feel like they’ll be excellent reviewers.

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A Normal Morning Is A Good Morning

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Yesterday was dark and pooring. All day. Warning: There was a lot of flash necessary in the making of this post. Eating a larger than usual breakfast later than usual did not have me very hungry after Latin class. Unfortunate because that’s my hour to eat. I perused the Farmers’ Market and found some acorn squash but my food budget for the rest of October is 92 cents so I passed on it all and went for the free stuff in the dining hall.

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelli Bean Soup

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelloni Bean Soup

I ate this in Greek History class. Or rather, I ate the soup and the over oily vegetables. I didn’t even bother with the tofu; apparently, if it’s not drenched in maple and mustard, it’s not appealing to me. The veggies in their oily mess were bad enough as was. Greek History class was so boring I almost fell asleep in the last 5 minutes. We had a TA teaching the lesson; the regular professor may be stubborn and opinionated but he’s entertaining. When I got out of class I needed to grab this:

Orange Zevia

Orange Zevia

Despite the fact that my next class was in the opposite direction, I rushed to my dorm to grab this and then ran to class. Don’t ask me why, but after that failure of a lunch I was craving something sweet and carbonated. If I didn’t have these babies I might have been weak enough to go for a diet Sprite. The next class was slightly better, but when half the students fail to show up you feel a little suckered. Obviously no one wants to go to class in a deluge but we do.

The rest of the afternoon honestly had me wanting to just call my mom and beg her to bring me home for the night or at least dinner. I was soaking wet, and my roommate was napping. Apparently, he caught streptococcus. Our room smelled awful, like a nursing home, where I volunteered 2 hours a week for 3 months last year so I would no. I couldn’t turn on the lights because I didn’t want to wake him, so I resorted to making oats in the dark.

Oats With Chocolate Chips And Mighty Maple

Oats With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Chips

Is there anything more calming than a big bowl of oats? Maybe ones with chocolate and maple syrup. Those two flavors are dynamite in this New Englander’s heart. How has nobody made a maple chocolate bar? I ate this in the dark watching Oprah with no sound. Did I mention how much I wanted to call my mommy? I also had the great pleasure to do homework in the dark, because Ancient Greek letters aren’t easy enough to read in the light. My roommate finally woke up at 5:30, by which point my eyes felt like a mole person’s when the lights came on. I made a snack to hold me over for dinner.

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Obviously, this bread was meant to be with this peanut butter. Probiotics are supposed to help against illnesses so I was thinking this would help be not get strep throat(or I was thinking, damn that’ll be good). At 6:27 my friend called to say essentially ditch me for our dinner at 6:30. If this was a few hours earlier, I wouldn’t have minded in the least(I was half planning on ditching him because I knew I’d be a Debby Downer at dinner). But 3 minutes early was just annoying; think of all the extra time I could have spent in my pajamas! I went to the dining hall and picked up dinner, went back to my room, got undressed for the night obscenely early, and ate.

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

This was exactly what I needed. I felt healthier and more myself with every bite. All the veggies tasted fresh and crisp, which only happens about 20% of the time with the dining hall. What was actually on the line was Sole stuffed with spinach and breading. I’m not a stuffing person(except for Whole Foods stuffing which is incredible and almost back!) so I took 2 and unstuffed them. The whole dish felt nice and light. If I were in the mood for some carby carbs Trader Joe Mac N’ Cheese would have gone well here, but I needed this meal just as it was.

I know I wasn’t the only one excited by The Charlie Brown Halloween Special on last night. Don’t lie. I’m such a sucker for the seasonal shows. I could honestly watch It’s A Wonderful Life again and again. The downside of a light dinner is that you’re hungry not too long later. The upside is dessert’s what’s best anyway.

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Having a sick roommate, I need to bolster my immune system with these amazing cookies, right? Goji berries are my excuse for everything. But seriously this was soooo good. Like a brownie sundae or something ridiculous. Modern Family was equally hilarious last night: “I am loose. I am fun. Remember breakfast for dinner last week? My idea.” and my favorite “Mitchell, she is your family; of course she’s going to be judgmental and condescending.” We need as many shows to show us how crazy and dysfunctional we are as we can get; why did Everybody Love’s Raymond go off the air?

October 28th 019

Vitabrownie With Cream Cheese, English Muffin With White Chocolate Wonderful And Peanut Butter Cookie Spread

Wow am I easy to read or what? Clearly, cream cheese and white chocolate wonderful were on the brain. If you’ve never tried a vitalicious chocolate product with cream cheese… well that one may be an acquired taste 😉 Speaking of cream cheese, I wasn’t quite done yet.

October 28th 001

Toast With Cream Cheese And TJ Pumpkin Butter

Not really toast because I was too lazy to bust out the toaster at 10:50, this was eaten in bed and then promptly put me to sleep, because I’m classy like that.

Nothing remarkable happened this morning, and that felt great. I rolled out of bed at 6:50, still felt full from dinner dessert, and hit the gym, just like ol’ times. I ran a nice 8 miles in 67:25 while watching the usual shows and studying up for my history midterm tomorrow(my tiny handwriting isn’t exactly easy to read in motion, either). Because I was so on top of everything, I got back to my room at 8:30, giving me 2 full hours before class. I even was the first person to the showers!(aka, I didn’t have to smell the remnants of the hockey player who lives 3 doors down. What could be more glorious than this normalcy, you ask?

Breakfast was a conglomerate of super foods.

October 28th 003

Almost Empty Mighty Maple Jar

It was finally time to throw the last punch here. And Mighty Maple is definitely a superfood; Holly ran a marathon and she eats up this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, we all know what empty jars mean…

October 28th 007

Pumpkin Oats In A Jar

Oats are a super grain and pumpkin is a super vegetable… or is it a fruit? I’m just going to say vegetable even if that’s wrong. Now if only they made peanut butters in jars that you could cook in, then this would really be an efficient meal. More super foods from super companies:

October 28th 011

Goji Gourmet's Goji Orange MintChip Cookies, Attune Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate Bar

I didn’t actually feel like yogurt this morning(I know, shocker, right?) but I still wanted to get my probiotics so I snatched this attune bar from Attune Foods. I think that’s technically a breakfast food even though it’s chocolate because it has coffee in it. And it’s definitely a super food with the antioxidants from dark chocolate; can’t really prove me wrong with that logic 😉 I also tried a new flavor of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies. I was a little worried this one would have a muddled flavor with everything going on but oh my God was it good. Somehow you totally got the mint, goji, orange, and chocolate essence in every bite. Yum! Now I feel invincible from the germs lurking about.

Today I’m thinking of enjoying the not rain with a trip to Whole Foods and Eastside Market to see the new sales. I have 92 cents left in my food budget for October… We’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies, there’s a contest out there for them so go on over and enter! I hope you win, or better yet, order some for yourself because these really are sooooo good!

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Messy Monday

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Sometimes, Fall in New England can be kind of nice.

On Campus

But first, some loose ends…

Thank you to all my readers; yesterday finally broke the record set by the day my refrigerator was featured on Carrots N’ Cake as the most trafficked day yet. You guys all rock(and clearly have nothing better to do on a Monday than read blogs :-D)

Banana Goodness Bread has been updated to reflect the change I tried this weekend whereby I used a container of Vanilla Oikos for the yogurt.

In regards to some questions, all the products featured on this blog are all-natural unless I make a point otherwise. “All-natural” means no artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or ingredients. I think the last thing I ate that didn’t fit this was the frosting on the vegan cupcake from vegan friday, though I didn’t turn purple so I think all is well 😉

I have, under my bed,

23 peanut butter jars(currently including 2 mighty maples and 2 smart balances)

7 almond butter jars plus 2 barney butter packets

1 pepita butter

3 sunflower butters

1 cashew butter

1 chocolate hazelnut butter

and 1 jar of vegan fluff

And I’m always looking for more in my collections so if you have something all-natural you want me to review send it my way 🙂

Okay, back to yesterday morning, I felt like a drain; I could not get enough water in me. After I got tired of water, I took a walk to the mail room, which happens to sell organic decaf coffee. They also happened to have this for me:

Goji Gourmet Cookies

Goji Gourmet Cookies

The amazing bakers over at Goji Gourmet sent me these cookies to try(the fact that I said amazing bakers should probably clue you in these didn’t stay unopened for long). Their cookies are infused with superfoods like the goji berry, packing an antioxidant punch with some fun flavors like almond oat, ginger walnut, cherry cacao, and orange mintchip. They’re all natural, mostly organic, and without refined ingredients. A more perfect food for me? I think not. I kept these in my bag through Latin class, then went to the Ratty to pick up broccoli and back to my dorm to make lunch:

Black Lentils And Beets In Snobby Sauce, Broccoli Spears, Clifi Fruit And Nut Mojo Dipped

Black Beluga Lentils And Beets In Snobby Sauce, Broccoli Spears, Clif Fruit And Nut Mojo Dipped

More good news: The “flame grilled veggie burgers” my cafeteria serves some days are Gardenburger variety, aka my favorite frozen veggie burger and the ones I’ve thus far been paying for. Well, that was awesome to know, but I wanted to use up my Trader Joe’s lentils before they went bad(do lentils even go bad?) so I stuck with them. I think any dish that is 1/4th composed of sauce is an automatic winner. I also love when the dining hall serves broccoli rather than me making it from the salad bar because the spears are huge.

That Clif bar had my name all over it, so I didn’t hesitate giving it a go. The flavor was right, but the bar threw me for a loop. You wouldn’t have guessed there were many fruit or nuts from the looks of it. The vanilla coating really saved it though; I’ll go for anything vanilla. I ate this mid-history class and I have to say that the more he talks about the midterm the more I feel prepared for it. That’s a good sign, right?

When I got back to my dorm I had hopes of plopping on the bed and shamelessly lounging around. Unfortunately, my roommate was taking an afternoon nap(who does this?) and I’m too prideful to be lazy in the company of others. Instead, I think I woke him up by making oats that I was dreaming about during epic poetry:

Oatmeal With Chocolate Sunflower Butter, Cherry Butter, And Goji Gourmet Cherry Cacao Cookies

Oatmeal With Chocolate Sunflower Butter, Cherry Butter, And Goji Gourmet Cherry Cacao Cookies

Chocolate cherry is one of my favorite flavor combo’s, so I knew this would be the bag with the first broken seal. But I’d be lying to you if I said I ate it like that.

Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Mess

Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Mess

Much better. And then, to eat. Holy chocolate cherry cow was this good! First of all, the cookies were amazing. Take note, ye who are blood obligated to get me a Christmas present: I want these in my stocking. The cherry essence was infused in the chocolate, and the cacao nibs were wowza! Besides that, the chocolate sunflower butter and cherry butter really complimented each other, though I might have to spring for the tried and true dried cherries next time I’m at Whole Foods. I didn’t think this bowl would tame this ravenous beast for the afternoon, but surprisingly I was set until dinner. I had wanted to go to the farmers’ market to get acorn squash but my legs and wallet decided homework would be a better way to spend the afternoon, and I obliged. By dinner time, I was ready to load my plate:

Salmon, Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Steamed Vegetables, Vegan Chili

Salmon, Sweet Potato Green Beans, Steamed Vegetables, Vegan Chili

That was the last of the leftover salmon from Sunday’s lunch :,-( Getting 3 meals out of 1 is never bad, though. There was also an all-star line up of veggies being offered, so I went at those. The vegan chili they serve is very good here. But i really had “corn niblets” so I tried to just eat the beans around them–if it ain’t on a cob, it ain’t good corn. This had me feeling nice and bloated stuffed, which is good concentrating for homework blog reading.

Did anybody else find Heroes a bit… hmm, what’s the word… horny for Monday night television? I do not know what was with that opening scene. I don’t particularly think of that kind of stuff when I go to watch Heroes. Blood and explosions is more what I’m looking for. After that I made a pretty racy snack:

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Chips And Grain Sweetened Baking Chips

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Chips And Grain Sweetened Baking Chips

I don’t know why my bowl decided to be so segregated; it’s a bit depressing looking back. When I made it into a mess(unpictured), at least the peanut butter seemed to be accepted by both sides :-/ My Smart Balance is running so low. I’m going to have not one but two oats in a jar in my future 🙂 I made word documents for the 3 history essays I have; I don’t know why, but making documents always feels like a huge step even if… it’s not.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Yeast Roll With Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Yeast Roll With Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Have I made you salivate with these yet? That’s really cruel of me, considering I don’t think it’s possible to get outside of CA or MA. These whole wheat cinnamon raisin rolls from the bakery are to die for; if you find anything like it in your neck of the woods, go for it! For the “frosting” I did probably 2 parts cream cheese to 1 part greek yogurt. This made it creamy but also smooth and spreadable like real frosting. I also used 4 drops vanilla stevia to sweeten it just the right amount.

I fell asleep to Man Vs. Wild last night, so that was clearly a good sign I’d be beastly for the morning, right? I slept in until 7:10. a) When did that become sleeping in and b) God that felt good. I decided to pump up the pace today and ran 8 miles at 7.5 pace in 64:22. I find when you’re running fast just don’t look at the treadmill distance and go go go. I caught up with my gym friend for the last few miles; she was in Florida 2 weeks ago and it was 93 degrees! Boy was I jealous to hear that.

Vanilla Bean Voskos Organic Yogurt, Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal, Sunland All Natural Valencia Peanut Butter

Vanilla Bean Voskos Organic Yogurt, Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal, Sunland All Natural Valencia Peanut Butter

Breakfast today is literally all products for reviewing. I won’t say much about it now, because I like to give it a bit more time and thought than my hectic mind has right now(Greek class in 30 minutes!). I will say that the oatmeal smells appley, the peanut butter peanuty, and the yogurt doesn’t smell at all, so that’s all good signs! I hope today stays nice because I get out at 12 and hope to make a great Whole Foods trip! At the very least, I need some bulk bin oats; I have a new bag of Trader Joe oat bran but my organic steel cuts are on their last leg. More tempehtations and dried cherries might also be in my future.

Eating Bird Food is hosting a eggcellent giveaway from Cookware.com for Rachael Ray Cookware! Giveaway ends 10/30!

Enter the contest at  this blog to win some awesome Clif Kid prizes(because we’re all kids at heart!)

There’s some great Oikos action going on on Facebook!

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