“This Is Going To Suck, But…”

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Remember when there was all that buzz about becoming a “good mood blogger”? This would not be my entry post. This morning, I started out with a very clear thought “This day is going to suck, but I’m going to get through it”. That couldn’t have stayed true throughout it all.

Manning Chappel

I can’t say church sucked; I’m pretty sure a big lightening bolt would hit me if I tried. I can say figuring out how this was all going to work sucked. Back in Boston, it was easier; there’s a church where you can get “drive-by ashes” which we would do every Ash Wednesday after work/school and be off. First off, I needed to find the church, then what times they had mass, then which ones I could make, etc. I ended up going to one right on the main campus at noon. It was surprisingly packed and there were some people I recognized from last semester’s classes there, and even my gym friend! Didn’t get to say hi, though.

Black Bean And Acorn Squash Salad

I really couldn’t have been more off my game: I “meal planned” to eat a juicy burger on Ash Wednesday. Whoops! Well that was out, so I thought about a veggie burger. All of my veggie burgers are SOY based, meaning they fall under what I gave up for lent. Are you kidding me?! A simple lunch became a scrapping for leftovers, trip to the dining hall, and a bit of ingenuity. Spinach and black beans came from the dining hall while I diced 1/2 an acorn squash from Sunday, and topped it all with this:

Foods Alive Hemp Oil Dressing

I can’t say this sucked, but I can say my review of it will. That’s because I’m not giving one right now. And that’s because I really didn’t get a good taste of it/didn’t use enough ūüė¶ From what I could taste, it seemed really good! It was sort of like BBQ sauce in that it was sweet but vinegary. But I had to eat my meal in discussion and didn’t get the opportunity to use more than I first poured. Bear with me on my day; it gets lamer.

Unsweetened Decaf Coffee

Unsweetened coffee? Yeah, that sucks. Between classes I had time(OK, I made time). to pick up a coffee. The only problem was that I didn’t have any stevia packets on me, and didn’t realize this until I was sitting in my next class. Whoops! Again!

Pomegranate Chobani And Brazil Nut Almond Bora Bora Bar

Midway through class I broke in to my planned snack(it’s 2 1/2 hours long). This picture sucks compared to how it was; I actually crumbled half the bar over the yogurt like granola. I just didn’t want to take out my camera in class(although the girl next to me had no problem texting the whole time. It’s not even a lecture!). We also had a lecturer from a Conneticutt museum. It’s not fair for him to say he sucked; when are guest lecturers ever good? When he asked if anyone had heard of the tribe he studies, I didn’t raise my hand even though I have; I didn’t quite know how to say “Yes, but not because of their museum. Because of Foxwoods casino which my family frequents.” That might have given the wrong impression(or the exact correct one).


I don’t have to say it; when has an apple taken from the dining hall ever been good? This one tasted especially spiteful, if only because I had just came back from a trek to recover my water bottle I left behind in discussion and still had no clue what was for dinner. This Lent thing really threw me for a loop! I decided that I would roast broccoli, whatever I was eating.

Eaten Ice Cream

When I was downstairs, throwing broccoli in the oven, I came across this empty container of Snickerdoodle ice cream. Yeah, I pretty much knew there was no chance this was anyone else’s but mine. Apparently, someone thought it would be alright to eat the last of it with a fork. Ughh. I had problems with this last semester, but they seemed to stop. Now I fear for my other 2 pints of ice cream down there(my stash of frozen bananas for banana whip not so much).

Oatmeal With A Cage Free EB Egg And Cookie Dough Peanut Butter, Roasted Broccoli

My dinner may just be the oddest thing, but it did not suck. That’s because I threw out the mentality of what it “should” be and just went with what I wanted. I needed to remind myself that no one passed a law that broccoli and oatmeal with peanut butter can’t be eaten together; the only restrictions for today are no meat and no preflavored soy, and this fits that bill. Amen to odd dinners.

My google reader and inbox are full, and yeah, that sucks, but it’s because I forwent looking at them and finished the real “work” I had to do. And now I’m going to go to the dining hall looking for plain yogurt, which they won’t have; it’s going to suck, but I’ll soften the blow by getting a decaf coffee. And then I’ll get back, slip into my PJ’s, and obsess over how Survivor’s not on tonight, and that will suck, but I’ll have the Olympics to watch. For my bemusement and your mental health, what has sucked in your life, and what was the “but”?

Life won’t suck for the winners of this Q.Bel chocolate giveaway on Mom’s Focus or this coconut peanut butter giveaway.

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The Downside To Christmas

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For Catholics, the time has come to pay up. Remember getting goodies from under the tree almost 2 full months ago? Yes, that last part depresses me, too. I feel like the Christmas season of family time, holidays from work, and gift giving are far enough back to be “gone” but way too far off to be considered “coming up”. Any, now we’ve came to “the downside of Christmas” otherwise known as lent. On the one hand, you have the feeling of I can eat cookies and cake and candies so long as they’re all shaped like a tree or an ornament. And now we’ve come to Lent where, not only should we work off those cookies and cakes, but we should give something up, too. Well that’s just a kick in the shins. I thought about it long and hard, and the answer became clear soon enough…

Just kidding! But really…

Preflavored soy! It took a lot of thinking to come to this one, but I feel really good about it all around. Even though one of my money-saving tips is always buying the “raw” material, I have to admit I go against that from time to time. Especially with soy, it’s so easy to pick up a log of “meat”, a veggie burger, or marinated tempeh. My fave fave favorites have been fakin’ bacon tempeh, Lightlife’s buffalo wings and soy sausage, and a whole tofurkey loaf at Thanksgiving! And on days that I have no time, these have been quite useful. But now I’m saying no to them for Lent. I’m a little wary that I might get home at 7pm one night and just start eating raw tempeh, but if that’s the case I’ll deal; and it’s only about a month, right? Anyway, on to the eats.

Vegan Sweet Cherry Coconut Cup Over Oikos

I hate to tease with these amazing coconut cups before I’ve put up a recipe page but… I will. Oh my God are they good. And they have a name! Vegan sweet cherry coconut cups. I’ll clue you in that the inside is a blend of cherry butter, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, and agave nectar–yum! It was perfect with some yogurt for protein while flipping back and forth between Idol and the Olympics. Last night, I wasn’t a huge fan of either, though,¬†honestly. Idol’s kind of at that boring stage where no one’s bad but no one’s great, and men’s figure skating just isn’t my sport to watch. A little bored, I made a not-so-boring bowl of oats.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple, Coconut, And Dried Blueberries

I was thinking for some reason this might look more “American” than it did: orange, white and blue. I guess I’m supporting Holland these Olympics? Haha, those uniforms are styling. Not styling were. Shredded coconut, even unsweetened, is definitely growing on me as a dry and fiberous fat. And Bob’s Red Mill‘s dried blueberries are sooo delicious! They reminded me of wild Maine blueberry pie. I stayed up long enough to see the Canadian skater and then hit the hay; I felt bad that he didn’t do “perfect”, but he still did well and especially for still being a teenager! And I thought I had pressure on me…

10 Miles In 88:14

This morning, I had 10 miles planned again–yikes! I woke up feeling good, but I just couldn’t tell how good. I got to the gym and started running. After a while I wanted to get off, more from boredom than anything else. For a long time, I debated stopping at 8 miles. And then I looked down and realized I had gone through 9 1/2. 1/2 a mile more? Yeah, I could do that. And it was faster than Monday’s pace! That’s the part that made me happy.

Green Chocolate Dreams Superfood Snacks

Green Chocolate Dream Superfood Snack

Back at the dorm and I felt like a mad man trying to refuel! First I took a superfast shower. It’s a good thing I was so quick because someone was waiting behind me. Then I started tearing at things trying to figure out what’s for breakfast. I’m very noisy making breakfast; it’s something that annoys even me. But I have oatmeal flying here and there and a microwave beeping at me and dealing with underbed storage–it’s kind of a mess. Needless to say, these raw balls from Superfood Snacks worked their way in there.


I think you’re supposed to fast on Ash Wednesday? Whoops. Well, I really needed to eatsomething¬†a lot. And, yes, I’ve already eaten fake meat, but I’ll justify it in a bit. I was dying for chocolate avocado pudding since I didn’t have any yesterday. It tasted¬†sooo good; absence really does make the heart grow fonder. The¬†green chocolate dream balls were… “interesting”. I don’t mean that to sound like how your high school art teacher described your painting; after all, I did give them an 8/10 in my review. They just needed a touch of fat to taste richer. I am glad to have gotten so many green in at breakfast, though.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With White Chocolate Wonderful And Tempeh Bacon

This is not an Erkel “Did I do thaaat?” moment. I decided I was giving up prepared meat for lent last night at around 10:30pm, still havings 4 strips of tempeh bacon in the fridge. It is not the point of Lent, in my mind, ¬†to be wasteful; I’m pretty sure even the opposite is true. So I used 2 strips at breakfast and will work in the other 2 at some point just to “use them up”. After that, any tempeh bacon I want I’ll have to cure myself–simple enough.

And so that is my kick-off to Lent. I still need to figure out how/when/if I’ll be able to get ashes today. And I have 3 1/2 straight hours of class now that history discussions are running. Whoopdie doo. Here’s a contest for some booty(of the pirate kind). Happy hump day!

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