Dinner Was A Boar

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Good morning, all. And good thoughts towards all the runners out at Disney right now! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I do not envy them for being at Disney; it’s cold down there. If I wanted that I could be running around my neighborhood right now, haha. Anyway I didn’t post last night because I was… eating. So really, I was just doing my job 😉 Yesterday, Montana had a morning visit to the vet, and since we were in Bellingham we planned to buy groceries for the week then and there. Market Basket was crazy, however, and I didn’t feel like getting bumped by 10 people with shopping carts at lunch time before I ate well, or I might have been tempted to bump back… and hard. Instead I popped in Whole Foods to grab more chicken that’s on sale this week and organic raw almonds which are the same price as Whole Foods’ cheapest this week due to sales. Woot Woot! We got home a good 2 hours after leaving so I was famished for some lunch. I resisted the urge to throw everything in the microwave and gobble it down.

Tofu, Sweet Potato Rounds, And Brussles In Sweet And Salty Cashew Sauce

Instead, I threw it all in a frying pan and gobbled it all down 😉 No, but really, this was a lot better than I thought it would be and appreciated it more after the fact. I cooked soft tofu and sweet potato slices in a pan with tamari. Then I threw in steamed brussels and let it all brown. In a mini-processor, I blended 1/2 an oz cashews, 1 1/2 tablespoons almond milk, and 1/2 a tablespoon tamari for a quick sauce. I loved the sauce and how sweet it came out for something only nuts, unsweetened nut milk, and soy sauce. The whole dish was really nice and I didn’t even need to add salt(granted–there was half a bottle of wheat free soy sauce in there). I didn’t even realize it was vegan or gluten-free until after the fact. Go figure.

To compensate for the Market Basket fail that morning, we decided to go to a different one in the afternoon, mainly because this one has some awesome salsa we were trying to track down. I threw together a weird craving for the car ride.

Crushed Pineapple With TRUWhip

All I really wanted was pineapple. Finding out you can take frozen TRUwhip and let it thaw on its own for 5 minutes is some dangerous knowledge. Really, why’d I have to go there? This Market Basket was a little better; we actually got a parking spot! And we found the salsa, along with most everything on our list, which was basically vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. This sight made me very happy when we had put everything away:

Counter Vegetble And Fruits

That’d be acorn squash, spaghetti squash, avocadoes, organic apples, bananas, and a rutabaga. And that’s just the ones we didn’t have to refrigerate! I’m going to eat vegtastically this week. I’m also going to start meal planning to keep leftovers moving in and out, so having a good sense of what there is will be really helpful. I definitely wanted something nutty and sweet to hold me over until dinner.

Pomegranate Pecan Bora Bora Bar

This bar was hit the spot; I won it from Averie’s giveaway and had never tried one before but figured the name said it all. It was pecan pomegranate, but weirdly I think cashews and cherries were larger ingredients than pomegranate.

For dinner, unfortunately, we did not tap into any of those vegetables 😦 Instead, we went out! 🙂 Today is my parents’ 23rd wedding anniversary. But it made more sense to go out on a Saturday night than one where they’d both have to work after, so we drove down the rode to Tomasso’s. We’ve been here probably 5 times now and I always find it such a local gem. When you walk in they have 12 food lessons from Michael Pollen posted, including “Eat local” and “Eat less, pay more”. It was so packed, we actually had to wait for a table for once. But soon enough we had sat down, picked out our orders, and got our appetizers.

Fried Polenta Stick, Marinated Roasted Root Vegetables

This was my appetizer plate, which I tried holding off on until my entree came but couldn’t resist fully. The vegetables were sooo good. I had a little more afterwards. Really, all it was was carrots, parsnips, and butternut squash, but they were roasted just right(needed salt, though). And that little thing would be the most dangerous and delicious food you’ll ever meet: fried polenta with sage.

Polenta Fries

As much as I tend to stay away from fried foods, I have no problem stealing one of these whenever we’re here 😉 It’s so much more than polenta and I’d love to know what they do. It tastes like there’s a good amount of parmesan cooked in the polenta, and maybe a little cream. I think the magic is in not knowing. For my entree, I couldn’t help but to go for the pasta special of the evening.

Housemade Butternut Gnocchi In Wild Boar Sauce

Where to start other than delicioso? The meat wasn’t grass fed; it was wild! 🙂 Who knows what it was doing before some hunter found it? It probably did a keg stand or two in its day 😉 I do normally like to portion 3oz of meat to truly appreciate what meat I do have, but I also know when a night out is a night out and if there’s 4 or 5oz of wild or organic meat on my plate, I’ma have to go for it. I ended up eating 2/3rds of the gnocchi and all the sauce. I’m not one for pasta but if you put a little vegetable in it, it ain’t half bad 😉 All in all, it was a good meal, which left me feeling full but not stuffed. And when we got home, I did a little detox.

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea

Because, in my head, having tea after anything essentially wipes the slate clean. Does anyone else work like that? It’s a good way to work. The majority of the night was spent between pajamas and a space heater. Sorry to say it, Floridians, but it’s still colder in the North no matter how bad it is down there. I thought I’d be fine with tea for the rest of the night. The rest of me thought otherwise, apparently.

Liberte Raspberry Goat's Milk Yogurt With Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Little known fact about me: I loooove goat’s milk. I’ve always found goat cheese so flavorful and tangy but we never have it in the house because it’s quite literally the 1 food in the world my mom won’t touch. Apparently, she doesn’t notice we have it when it’s in yogurt form 😉 Raspberry really compliments the natural flavor of the milk. And I’m really impressed with the nutritional info for this; sugar(or raspberry puree) is the last ingredient. That’s probably why it retains its tang. On top I had 3 squares of dark chocolate with raspberries in it, which doubled as an edible spoon 🙂 Goat’s milk obviously isn’t vegan, but it’s a good alternative for dairy sensitive people.

I went to bed a little earlier to fantastic results. I woke up with my alarm this morning and felt energized! As good as tea is to detox, a pumping workout is even better. I decided to revisit my “Count to 10” workout.


  • 10 flights of stairs
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 flights of stairs
  • 10 sit-ups(I did 15)
  • Repeat 10 times

That had me feeling good. Next time, I think I’ll try 15 push-ups and 20 sit-ups each time, which completely ruins the name but oh well. And yes, those are the stairs for those wondering. I’m not sure how many there are; maybe I should count next time? Breakfast was in my head the whole time.

Banana Oats With White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter

Peanut Greek Yogurt With Peanut Butter And Chocolate Biscotti

I really wanted one of my biscotti 🙂 Yesterday at Market Basket, I bought 2 16oz yogurt containers instead of 5 individual ones, even though they basically worked out to the same price because it was “better for the environment”. As I’ve mentioned, I like the individual ones more, so the environment better send a thank you card >:-( Other than that, I repeated yesterday’s white chocolate cherry almond butter to try and get towards finishing that jar. It’s a fun flavor but I don’t think it’s one I’ll be ordering again; I have my own in plan 😉

Speaking of plan, this morning I’ve been making a meal plan for the week! Really, it’s just dinners that I’m doing in detail, and letting most other stuff fall where it may. I’ll post the weekly eats this afternoon. Can I say I’m drooling thinking about some of these?

A giveaway for probiotics(we all know how I love those).

Another giveaway for probiotics, this time Chobani!

And one for chocomize chocolate 🙂 Let’s not go into how much I love that

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Vets, Bacon, And Hazelnuts

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I am in serious need of lazy-time after today. What I told you this morning was that we were bringing Montana to the vet. What I left out was that before then I was madly rushing to get some whole wheat pumpkin cinnamon roll dough rising.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Dough

If you remember, I tried this once before and it all wound up in the trash; I hate dealing with yeast dough but I loooove how it tastes. Overall I hate any batter that’s sticky or requires unprecise amounts such as “flour until just together”. Why did I decide to go for these anyway? Who knows. But once the dough was done we hopped in the car for Montana’s check-up. He was shaking like a leaf waiting in the room and my dad said his breath smelled bad so I thought it was only rational to give him this.

Newman's Own Organic Cinnamon Mints

I like them and he does apparently, too. Not sure how his breath was after that but the vet wasn’t complaining. Things seemed exactly the same with him so we were out pretty quick and on to more errands. Because his vet is near a bigger, much larger Whole Foods. I thought I’d check if they had the chocolate bar I’ve been so desperately seeking since Christmas.

Mo's Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar

Success! It was 1 of 4 flavors they carried. Now I need to get creative of how to use it 🙂 After that it was my job to run into Market Basket to get vegetables. Like I’ve mentioned, we’re having company on New Years Eve and making them dinner, and Market Basket has the cheapest vegetables going. That store, however, is always full and a menace to work a shopping cart through. I think I bumped in to 2 people? Their fault. I ended up grabbing everything on the list and some fish for dinner. On the way home I was treated to a coffee.

McDonalds' Coffee

I’ll take it 😉 When we got home it felt like I had 10 things suddenly on my plate: work more with the cinnamon rolls, make lunch, put away groceries. To make things more confusing, my grandmother had randomly drove over. 3 people in our kitchen is too much when 2 of them are just standing around. I started making up a meal, trying to feed a craving for fried chicken.

Pecan Crusted Cornish Hen, Stuffing, Broccoli

I heated up leftover cornish hen over the stove and then patted it with homemade pecan butter and whole foods whole wheat bread crumbs for some crunch. It really was nothing like fried chicken but it definitely fed a general “fat” craving. I also heated up the last of the leftover Thanksgiving stuffing and charred some broccoli on the stove. While I was munching on this, I squared the dough for the rolls and slathered it with apple butter and cinnamon. The recipe was supposed to make 12 but after cutting up half of the log into 6 I cut the other half into 4 because they looked a little dainty. Then they rose for 30 minutes and baked for 23.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

I’m really impressed that I made it to the final product(let’s just say I was not as optimistic this morning when I started them). They felt a little tough. I think it’s either that they’re whole wheat, sat out for too long, or baked for too long. I’m definitely not complaining, though, and I’ll write-up my version of the recipe within a few days. They’re very low fat because of the apple butter replacing the usual brown sugar butter filling, which is perfect for me because I prefer to spread peanut butter or whatever it may be over the top.

French Toast Hazelnut Butter

After that baking project, I moved on to my 3rd(of 6). This one involved the “mystery” nuts you all correctly IDed as hazelnuts(I knew you guys would figure me out ;-)). What you didn’t guess was the flavor. Surprisingly, I wasn’t aiming for an all-natural Nutella; I already have Rapunzel’s organic version so I’m fine with that one for now. I decided to make “french toast hazelnut butter” by blending 8oz hazelnuts with 2 tablespoons maple butter, 1 1/3 tablespoons vanilla infused sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla powder and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. This came out awesome from the little bit I nibbled on squeezing it into the jar. Hazelnuts, however, are not nearly as good blenders as peanuts to anyone looking to recreate this.

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Cookie Friday’s Triumphant Return

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It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun study my butt off! It’s the final push though, so I don’t mind; in a week I’ll be done done done no matter if those grades are good or bad(but let’s hope good). And I’m glad you all agree moving out is bogus! We do get $50 dollars compensation, but basically that comes from my parent’s bill which is already ridiculous with tuition and textbooks so it’s not money we’ll really be seeing. Otherwise, it’s probably the best dorm on campus, and I’ll be requesting to live there every year so long as I can help it.

Anywho, yesterday my dad swung by after work and we made 4 trips to the car to load her up. Before we left town, we hit up Whole Foods to get some things for the weekend. While I was there, I picked up a snack.

Clif Mountain Mix Mojo

Yum! This totally hit the spot. In the car I got to thinking and came to a funny realization: I like to eat vegan except when I’m not. By which I mean, I generally choose vegan foods, unless I’m eating something that directly goes against veganism like yogurt or meat. Otherwise I’m “shocked and appalled” whenever I find non-vegan ingredients like milk powder in a granola bar. We also stopped at Market Basket because my mother needed spoon roast. While I was there I took advantage of their incredible prices.

Earth Balance Butter Spread, Dark Chocolate And Green Tea And Chai Simply Well Pudding

Simply Well’s all natural probiotic puddings were 99 cents each! That’s insane! I also think I got the very last chocolate one by reaching farther back than man has gone into the freezer 🙂 And the earth balance was only 2.99; I really wish they sold their peanut butter because I haven’t tried that yet.

When we got home, it was one of those times when everyone was running around bumping in to one another. My mom was making 100’s of gnocchi for a holiday party. I was pushing food around trying to make room. And my dad was basically doing all the orders me and my mom were shouting out frantically. Family bonding 🙂 We each threw together dinners and ate standing up.

Brussels Sprouts, Lightlife Sausage And Onions With Cheddar Cheese

This was my dindin of choice. None of us had time to remove the stubs from the brussels so I ate them anyway; that’s how much in a tizzy we were, haha. My parents ate the rest of the teriyaki ginger sausages and loved them. I was glad to hear that. They surprisingly didn’t share the same enthusiasm for sunflower cheddar flatbreads, which is odd because I loved them and I’m the least of the cracker lovers. This sight made me very happy.

Snow On The Porch

Snow! All the snow melted really quick in Providence but they still have a good couple of inches here. I just love staring out the window and looking at it. After dinner, things settled down a bit(just a bit). When I got to thinking about it, I realized 2 Friday’s ago was right after Thanksgiving, so I didn’t make an effort to get eat a treat then. Last Friday was hectic coming home, so again I missed out on Cookie Friday. That meant this Cookie Friday needed to be legen–wait for it…

Gluten Free Life Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie


Yummy! Waiting for me at home was a few products from Gluten Free Bakery. As the name suggests, the company makes all their products in a gluten free facility. What’s not in their name is what makes them so much more! The company uses whole grain sorghum flour instead of traditional refined rice flour, which makes their gluten free products very nutritious. Besides that, they also use organic ingredients and eggs from their own small farm hens! How impressive is that?

But how did it taste? To be honest, this was not one of the best gluten free cookies I’ve had… this was one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve had! It was sooo deliciously chewy with plenty of butter; even the chocolate chips tasted particularly sugary and rich. I never would have thought twice about the “flour” for this cookie. I can’t wait to try some of their other products and I’ve added them to my HoliDEALS page. Of course there was chocolate…

Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls

Simply Well Chocolate Pudding With Q.bel Peanut Butter Wafer Rolls And Advent Chocolate

I might have to go out on the limb and claim this as one of the best pudding messes ever. These little wafer rolls–I totally did not expect them to taste that peanut buttery. And with the chocolate pudding–yum! So much better than greek yogurt with chocolate powder and sugar(but don’t tell yogurt that ;-)) Before going to sleep I wanted fiber power.

Banana Walnut Gnu Foods Bar

So much better than a banana 🙂 I admit, I don’t like bananas but I like banana tasting things. So far I’ve slept 9 1/2 hours, spit out the decaf coffee they have here because it’s just not edible, and moved on to decaf English breakfast tea. What for breakfast, oh, what for breakfast?

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Pans And Pies

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I didn’t feel that much pressure to get out and run yesterday. At the same time, I wasn’t sure how many opportunities I’d get today and tomorrow, so I decided to take the time and go out. It was a slightly slow 6.7 but felt good to be active for an hour(because I firmly planned on being lazy the other 23). When I got home, I challenged myself to make a lunch not with the microwave. It’s simple enough but there’s so many flavors and textures it just can’t achieve. After planning out a menu, I got to work with my fancy pan I won from some Hood milk promotion last month.

Brussels And Sausage In A Pan

First I scrambled 2 eggs and cooked those in the pan to the perfect doneness–so much easier than in a microwave! Then I steamed raw brussels for 3 minutes in the microwave and then pan-browned them for another 2 minutes. I also heated up a pre-cooked chicken sausage in the microwave(btw, all these uses of it don’t count ;-)) and finished that in the pan.

Scrambled Eggs, Spicy Chicken Sausage, Brussels Sprouts

This deserves a Holy Yum award. Brussels sprouts are seriously my favorite green vegetable and by far the best thing here, even though they were a bit dry, with a touch of salt. The browning gave a good crispness to the outside. The sausage was also quite good. Note: It was real meat and not faux meat. I think I can love them equally. The fennel in it was really impressive. For dessert I had something that took neither pan nor microwave.

Oikos With Banana Pineapple Rum Jam

So perfect. Well, OK, it could have used more jam, but then again my ideal would be eating the jam from the jar with a spoon, which is a no-no when it costs as much as this one does. I had a lovely evening on the couch planned, but then my mom asked if I wanted to accompany her to Market Basket while she picked up some last minute food. My knee-jerk reaction was a big yes, and next thing I knew it I was in the car. Oops. At least I brought a little work with me. For those who don’t have a Market Basket, it’s a place full of interesting finds…

Christmas Decor

Oh, Canada. What are you doing up there? Jk, but Market Basket does have good finds. It’s right across the way from Whole Foods, and while it might only carry about 30% the same stuff, what it does have is very often cheaper. The only thing I could find on my list this trip was a 4-pack of deep chocolate vitatops for 3.69. they had faux meat, but unfortunately nothing all-natural and breakfasty 😦 It was pretty late when everyone was done, so I was happy to grab a snack in the car.

Banana Walnut Gnu Bar

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. All you have to do is read my review to know I loved this. I don’t like bananas that much, but I swear anything that tastes like bananas I’m game with. And this was just like banana bread. There wasn’t a large presence of walnuts, but that was fine by me since I don’t care for the. And all the fiber filled me up and kept me calm when I realized I still had to make the pie! Yikes. By the time we got home it was dark and I was getting anxious about that, until I remembered this is the simplest recipe and I didn’t even need to check my computer to remember how to make it.

Unbaked Crustless Pumpkin Pie

There was a mini-issue with the pesky water bath, but otherwise crisis averted and sanity restored. I felt a little something was in order along with a pat on the back.

Chocolate Elan Frozen Yogurt

This snack ended up being a little littler than I expected; who knew we were almost out and there was hardly a serving left in the container! Too bad nobody realized this over the past 4 weeks we’ve been having freezer-space issues. Normally I’m happy to finish an ice cream but I love elan and this flavor so much I feel like I need to get an exact replacement for it. I watched 1 of the 2 SNL’s I slept through and then the pie was done.

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

It had a couple bubbles but no cracks and definitely nice and firm so that it will stand on its own at the table. Amen 🙂 And then there was dinner.

Haddock With Soyaki, Beets, Parsnips With Peach Salsa

Not quite my pan-licious lunch, but this was pretty good, too 😉 There was a little more beets taken after the photo and we finished it all! We didn’t want any leftovers going in to Thanksgiving. I swear this house empties of all vegetables when I’m not here so I made sure we got good ones at Market Basket. Parsnips are so good for a soft and white vegetable; I don’t like white potatoes because they always taste dry and starchy but I think I’ve found a new friend in parsnips.

I almost forgot about The Biggest Loser last night! I was so thankful my tivo reminded me of it. I brewed some coffee and had a naked dessert.

Deep Chocolate Vitatop

I kept racking my brain to try and figure out what to do with this vitatop. It finally occurred to me: If it wasn’t coming naturally, it wasn’t meant to be. And this vitatop tasted just delicious on its own. It was great to see where former contestants are and to know they’ve really changed their lives. I think finding and staying with that balance must be the toughest thing. There was another snack.

Oikos With Turbinado Sugar And Chocolate Chips

Turbinado sugar is good for you because it has the minerals crystalized in, right? And it’s from Trader Joe’s so it cures cancer, right? We’re just going to go with all of that because this hit my sweet tooth. It was so depressing seeing the winner who gained back so much weight. Clearly, though, he felt bad about it, too, so it’s hard to be upset with him.


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter

Let’s just say, this bowl took a lot of work to figure out what to do with it, but I’m happy where I settled. I forgot how good and chocolatey(not to mention thick) the chocolate sunflower butter is. And probably a better choice at 10:30 than chocolate chips with my sugar tolerance(or lack thereof).

I set my alarm for 7 this morning. On a holiday–why’d I do that? To run, of course. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen but it was actually reasonably warm and I felt refreshed with only 8 hours of sleep. I grabbed a bar for the run.


Amazing Grass Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar

What a delicious way to start Thanksgiving 🙂 I ate 3/5ths of it on the run and then never needing the last bit. I ended up doing 10.55 miles–my longest run outside! The course was completely new to me; they demolished a bridge near my house which pretty much eliminated as options all my longer runs but I figured out a new course that worked perfectly. I came home to a house already smelling of food–love that. I got a touch creative with breakfast:


Pumpkin Yogurt With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Nog Cream Cheese Frosting, Peanut Oikos

Ok, I’ll admit it, I used the microwave for the oats and I don’t regret it because this bowl was perfect. The frosting, which I dreamed up on the run, really made it; the recipe is 1oz greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon low fat cream cheese, and 1 tablespoon Silk Nog with 3 drops vanilla liquid stevia. I wouldn’t give such precise measurements if I weren’t convinced those are the measurements of the Greek Gods. It’s sweet but not so much that you lose the cream cheese, and it’s entirely seasonal.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Now I’m kicking back, watching The Parade with Pikachu just having floated by. My relatives are coming in just 2 hours! I’m so excited, even though I realize the 2 little cousins will probably have me tearing my hair out of my head by the end of the day, haha.


NuNaturals giveaway! I think they’re stevia taste the purest(and this is coming from someone who, from time to time, nibbles on his plant).

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I guess my productivity is like condensation in New England: when it rains, it pours. Before i had showered, eaten, blogged, or even stretched yesterday morning, I had my laundry going. At 12, it was done and my bed looked like this:

November 7tj 019

Unfolded Laundry

Amazingly, I resisted the urge to put on freshly washed pajamas. Don’t lie; we all want to do that when it’s fresh out of the drier. Instead, I folded and put everything away, and worked on the first of my 3 history midterm essays while I waited for my dad to come at 2. I would have thought I’d get hungry by then but I think I was so immersed in writing I didn’t notice anything. I did grab this for a little pep:

November 7tj 020

Zevia Cola

Did you know all of Zevia’s sodas are caffeine free except this one? That’s because it’s naturally flavored and the kola nut naturally has caffeine. That really is making me wonder what’s in caffeine-free coke, though I suppose that’s so unnatural to begin with it doesn’t matter. When my dad did show up, we had a good laugh.

November 7tj 021

Frying Pan

He brought a package that came for me in the mail over the week. Neither of us knew exactly what it would be or who it was from. It turned out to be a frying pan I won last month; doesn’t everybody need a lightweight frying pan for their dorm? We put it back in the box to bring home. Because it was 2pm, I started wanting lunch, so we stopped at Whole Foods to hit up the salad bar.

November 7tj 025

Grilled Peppers, Lemon Rice, Gobhi Matar, Aloo Baingan, Chicken In Chettinad Sauce

Weighing food is the worst idea ever; don’t let me know if I’m about to eat well over a pound of sauce-laden goodness. This is actually one of the first times I ever had Indian; it’s not a common cuisine around my town and it smelled so good I thought I’d try it. I liked it but I bet there are better dishes out there to try. My favorite was probably the chicken, which was a very fatty cut of meat but very delicious as well. I consider eating ethnically to be productive because it’s expanding my horizon. I didn’t actually finish it all. I intuitively ate the first half, then ate another 1/4 because it was damn good 🙂

On the way home we also stopped by Market Basket; no matter when you go that store has the longest lines, and everybody’s cart looks like they’re coming from BJ’s. They didn’t have vitatops this time or the bread I was looking for, but we did get something for dinner, pumpkin for baking, gardenburgers, and Oikos and soy yogurt from Whole Foods. In the car ride I wasn’t able to write but I did come up with a decent thesis for my Epic Poetry paper.

When we got home I plugged in my computer and got to work(there might have been some Montana scrubbing in there somewhere). I finished my first essay and started on the next. Along the way, I needed a study snack.

November 7tj 029

Vitabrownie And Plain Soy Yogurt

The hug was entirely K inspired. Note: soy yogurt doesn’t hug quite as well as regular yogurt, but it kind of looks like a pillowy cloud if you ask me. This vitabrownie definitely needed a hug because it got a little squished in the freezer. Time in the microwave was totally the medicine for that. I was a bit more productive(get the theme of this post?) until it was time for dinner.

November 7tj 030

Mahi Mahi With Soyaki, Corn On The Cob, Beets

Wow is all I can say. It seems so simple and like the dishes I had all Summer but for some reason this was so much more welcomed yesterday. I think I haven’t had corn on the cob in months; talk about your whole grain. And the beets were fun if only because I haven’t had any in months again. They left behind a lot of red juice and I joked with my mom(sort of serious, though) that she should collect it to make red velvet cake. Did you know Whole Foods sells natural food coloring for the holiday season? Expect to see some come Christmas time. Also, the mahi mahi was much better than Friday’s chewier fish, and the soyaki sauce put it over the top.

Well what helps productivity more than a full belly? After dinner I finished my second essay(booyah) and printed some recipes I was planning to make, as well as catch up on DVRed shows. Like I said, when it rains it pours. Ice cream was a well deserved treat.


November 7tj 003

Purely Decadent Snickerdoodle Soy Ice Cream

Unfortunately, I finished off this flavor. This was definitely my favorite find from the Summer. And it seemes like they carry it at more and more stores these days! How exciting. I also had some coffee and worked on this blog post(see how productive I am doing things ahead of time :-)) Unwrapped was having a marathon on The Food Network = heaven. Heaven like these oats:


November 7tj 008

Pumpkin Oats With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup, And Pumpkin Molasses Cookie

Chocolate, maple, ginger, peanut, pumpkin, etcetera, etcetera. These were delicious fuel for… well lounging around and translating Latin. That takes energy, and plenty, trust me. My dad bought an 8oz container of chocolate butter toffee when he placed his Naturally Nutty order(ps. If my dad has placed an order all his own, what’s slowing down you cool cats?). It’s ok, but I think I like butter toffee peanut butter and chocolate chips better for the contrast.


November 7tj 011

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Cream Cheese

One last snack and I was done. I wanted to try my dad’s maple butter he’s always loved that comes from our grandparents. There’s no butter in maple butter, it’s basically just crystallized maple syrup you keep in the fridge and spread like maple syrup. It was awesome! Though I could easily see myself going a little overboard with a tub of this in my dorm, haha.

Well remember how yesterday morning I had hoped to write 2 essays, pick a thesis, and translate 3 odes, and I thought that was a crazy amount? Well, I did everything but about 30 lines of poetry! I had no idea I’d actually get that much done. But I’m glad I did. What should I set myself for today? 1/2 my Epic essay sounds like a good goal. Let’s keep the productivity rolling. But first, this welcomed sight:


November 7tj 012


November 7tj 014




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A Crisp Autumn Day

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*Sidenote* A good friend noted that my vegan pumpkin pumpkin butter brownies were not actually vegan as TJ pumpkin butter has honey in it. Thankfully, I wasn’t baking for any vegans, but take note of that if you plan on trying them. Otherwise, enjoy.

Today really is crisp! I don’t think we’ll hit 60 degrees 😦 But I’m talking about yesterday for now. Yesterday, it didn’t really look like running weather when I woke up. It looked like baking weather. I “prefueled” with a couple cups of decaf and made an awesome breakfast: Vegan Apple Crisp. I found a recipe I used to make great and simple apple crisp 2 years ago; I just swapped out the butter *shudder* for organic smart balance vegan butter spread *slightly-less-of-a-but-still-a-shudder*. I’m still not down with the butter thang. And it’s definitely not a health thing because even the “healthy alternative” gives me the willys. I think I should see a psychiatrist on this butter thing(that was sarcasm. I have better ways to spend 100 dollars in an hour). It came out beautifully.

November 1st 001

Vegan Apple Crisp

It has whole grains and fruit, so it was good enough for breakfast.

Vegan Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter Oikos With Milk Chocolate PB Cup

Vegan Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter Oikos With Milk Chocolate PB Cup

I needed candy to cure my Halloween hangover–you know how that goes. I loved having time to catch up with tivo and do some homework. I think the people on Top Chef were reacting a bit too strongly to having to cook for Natalie Portman, a vegetarian. Anyone remember on Top Chef Masters when they cooked vegan and gluten free? That was a challenge. I might have had some more of this,

November 1st 004

Vegan Apple Crisp

so that by 11 o’clock the pan looked like this

November 1st 008

Vegan Apple Crisp Pan

To my knowledge, I was the only one who had eaten this yet. Thank god I’m a runner, and don’t bake this every day 🙂 More specifically, I’m a runner who ran 10.05 miles in 1:20:53. It felt so nice and crisp out, but my stomach was a little full. Still that was a great pace for my neighborhood and I’m surprised I kept it up the whole way. I showered for lunch when we got back, and we had a very squashy meal.

Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potato, Baked Pumpkin

Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potato, Baked Pumpkin

My mom baked a whole pumpkin along with the rest of the meal. It was fun to scoop but I was not a fan of the hard seeds and we all agreed it was very tart. Oh, Libby, teach us your ways of pumpkin! Even though there were 4 potatoes roasted, I opted for one cooked in the microwave. I love the chewier texture, it makes it feel not like baby food(which I already eat for every other meal of the day). Before leaving home for one epicly long trip back to Campus, I served myself a couple scoops of one of my favorite frozen yogurts.

Elan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Elan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Holy cow’s milk frozen yogurt is this stuff good. When you let it sit just to the point where it’s starting to melt and lick it, it tastes just like a frothy milkshake. I also like that it’s a bit richer because of a touch of cream but still has decent nutrition, and all natural pronounceable ingredients.

First on our stops was Target to look for Vanilla Cranberry peanut butter: no luck 😦 I didn’t even go in because I didn’t want to get distracted so I just had my dad check for me. After that we did the Whole Foods thang for a couple yogurts and some steak sauce. Across the way was Market Basket for some more yogurt and waffles. I really wanted chocolate vitatops but all they had were bluebran and banana nut. I was tempted to buy the banana nut just out of compulsion but resisted because I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted. There was a quickie snack in the car to ward of crankiness.

November 1st 015

Chocolate Brownie Z-Bar

This definitely helped get past the chocolate disappointment. But then I remembered that the Stop And Shop near campus had a very large selection of vitatops and actually sold them at a decent price. No place is better than Market Basket, but Stop And Shop certainly beats the other options near me. We swung by there and I found them 🙂 That Stop And Shop would be a great option for me to get food at cheaper more often; unfortunately it’d be about a 2 mile walk and through some rough parts of Providence 😦 I’d rather be safe and poor than save a few bucks only to get mugged. When we got back, I had plenty to put away, including all the new stuff we’d boughten.



Did I mention there’s a 2 dollars off 2 Oikos coupon on Facebook and Oikos at Market Basket is a dollar each? Aka, free Oikos. Score. Nothing else was free, or really on sale… At least I’ll be eating well 🙂 What was not well was finding mold in my apple butter!

November 1st 019

Moldy Apple Butter

Serves me right for eating this about once a month. How ironic, too, that I just picked up one yesterday to bake with and left it at home. I’ll grab it next weekend or something. I was going to spread it on this english muffin, but peanut butter just had to do.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

Who am I kidding? There was always going to be peanut butter; now there was just more of it. This held me over for catching up on The Office(I know, I know, I’m really behind). Thankfully, it also held me over through “dinner”. I met with my friend at The Ratty, which was good because we’d lost touch since Wednesday or so. What wasn’t good was any of the options on the lines. Rather than try to make a meal that wouldn’t have satisfied me, we just sat and talked while he ate. ‘Twas fun, but I was a bit more than ready to make something I’d eat when I got back to my dorm.

Flamegrilled Gardenburger, 2 Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms And Light Cheese, Broccoli, TJ Ketchup

Flamegrilled Gardenburger, 2 Scrambled Eggs With Mushrooms And Light Cheese, Broccoli, TJ Ketchup

This was soooooooo worth waiting for. I’ve never understood why people put eggs and mushrooms together until I tried it; this was deliciously meaty yet savory, and the cheese made it feel rich. I love Trader Joe’s ketchup with just about anything savory. It’s not quite as sweet as it is vinegary so the flavor works a bit better I think. And as if I didn’t eat my fair share of veggies yesterday, a veggie burger surely helped. Meals like this make me think I really don’t need the dining hall and could probably eat just fine off a meal plan and for less money. Because there wasn’t enough funky flavor in my life, I made this for The Amazing Race.

November 1st 004

So Delicious Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Vanilla Sugar, And A Milk Chocolate Neman's PB Cup


Sorry, I’ll stop doing this combo when it stops being so good. That’s not happening anytime soon? Shucks. The list of ingredients in “plain” soy milk is kind of funnily long but it still has that beloved soy flavor, which goes really well with the sweetness of the peanut butter. I was slightly disappointed with last night; my plan for the weekend was to have all my homework done Saturday so I could work on the 3(yes, 3) essays for Greek History, but Greek the language was a time whore that required far too much of my attention. Maybe we should all be thankful to speak and understand the one language we learn as a baby? Yeah, good plan.

Oatmeal With Semisweet Baking Chips And Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Semisweet Baking Chips And Butter Toffee Peanut Butter


I realized I hadn’t had oatmeal all day. What was wrong with me? Clearly, this bowl needed to be made in a jiffy. Butter I may not do, but Naturally Nutty’s Butter Toffee Peanut Butter is a clear exception. I have not seen this enough around the blogosphere and can’t help but wonder porque? If you’re nervous about making the step from a super market PB stalker to an online PB predator, it’s understandable, but take my word and just go for it! You won’t be disappointed. Don’t even make the mistake of ordering sampler jars on flavors that sound incredible like I did my first time because you’re only going to have to reorder that much sooner.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Roll With Vanilla Cream Cheese Oikos "Frosting"

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Roll With Vanilla Cream Cheese Oikos "Frosting"

One of the things grocery shopping has taught me is to know what to budget on and what can be your special splurge. Do I need that box of granola bars because it’s a different flavor than the one I have? No. And they’ll taste the same now as the day I have a coupon and they’re on sale. Somethings, on the other hand, make sense to treat yourself with, like these. They’re obviously wholesome and healthy(and vegan, too!), and they work out to be decently priced(1.10 a roll), so I don’t mind “splurging” on these from time to time. Brothers & Sisters was, as always, great last nice. I liked Balthazar Getty’s appearance but it looks like he’s going as quick as he came back.

I had set my alarm for 7, then brought it back to 6:40 because of the extra hour. I actually woke up before that and didn’t need it. It was light out, too, so I wasn’t fumbling to make coffee in the dark–oh joy! I had a ghoulish snack.

November 1st 013

Trader Joe's Ghoulie Gummies

I completely forgot about these for Halloween! They still tasted as good. Just a warning to anyone thinking of picking them up: They are all-natural but they aren’t vegetarian because they use animal gelatin. First I was thinking 8 for this morning, but then that turned to 10, and then 12. I can’t say I know quite how that happened because they were definitely not an easy 12, but I felt determined and wasn’t about. I think that run had me wanting sugar when I got back, because for breakfast I used a good amount of it in my favorite form.


Pumpkin Oatmeal

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Maple Syrup, Oikos With Maple Syrup And Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal

Maple! I’m thinking I should ask my grandparents for some high-quality maple syrup for Christmas or Thanksgiving. They’re from middle-of-no-where, NH so they probably have a neighbor who makes his own or something. My grandpa was once on PBS for being a lumberjack for over 40 years 🙂 Right now the one I’m using is from the Dedham Whole Foods but it won’t be around for long! I love the new Nature’s Path Organic maple cereal, which I still need to review. I think it comes out this month so keep an eye out for it!

Speaking of Nature’s Path… Nature’s Path Giveaway!



Chobani Giveaway! Over at Abby Has Issues

Who doesn’t want some hot chocolate in their life for the cold season? Check out this giveaway.

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Just Your Average Sunday

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Yesterday was all I could ask for from a Sunday. I rolled out of bed at 8:30, which is about as late as I’ll ever sleep in these days. I had no plans for running, and I wasn’t quite ready for breakfast. Hmm… what to do…

Kashi Vanilla Blueberry Raspberry Muffins

Kashi Vanilla Blueberry Raspberry Muffins

Bake! I hate shelling out all that money for blueberry raspberry oat bran muffins so I thought I’d give a hand at doing my own. I used my lazy man’s muffin recipe, and did 1/2 blueberries and 1/2 raspberries. Ps. I’m trying to get this recipe picked up by Kashi, so if you have connections hook a brother up 😉 The best part of these is they really require no flavoring or healthifying since the oatmeal packets and berries do it all for you. This was my “mystery muffin” at breakfast yesterday:

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt With Tempeh Bacon, Mystery Muffin With Mighty Maple

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt With Tempeh Bacon, Mystery Muffin With Mighty Maple

Muy bueno. It was really good, but I’m also going to be critical on myself because it wasn’t quite at blueberry raspberry oat bran muffin level. I think these were a bit too soft and wheaty, whereas the others are firmer and branier. My oh my, those are words only an oatmeal-lover could adore, haha. Nevertheless, it was good with mighty maple(and I’m sure will be great with cream cheese :-))

Did I say yesterday would be a rest day? Well for the first time in a while the sun was out with no clouds, the temperature was heating up, and I hadn’t ran around my neighborhood in a long time. I headed out at 11 and did 6.7 miles in 53:33. I didn’t realize how fast that was at the time, but I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever done 6 laps around my neighborhood(which has 3 hills, one being a real crusher). I got back a bit before lunch and (re)learned something about myself: I’m kind of an ass butthead when I’m hungry and feel like I can’t eat what I want when I want. I really wanted my “breakfast foods” fast but had to wait for a family lunch. I tried to not be so tense and just put things on my plate I’d eat:

Salmon, Asparagus

Salmon, Asparagus

The asparagus were a special request, which I had about twice that amount of. My excuse is that I wanted smelly pee when I went back home. I finished my plate and grabbed a quick dessert:

Whole Soy & Co Chocolate Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt With Banana Goodness Bread Mix-In

Whole Soy & Co Chocolate Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt With Banana Goodness Bread Mix-In

I don’t think it’s called dessert when you plan it and eat it with others who are on their meals.I felt a lot better after this because it was what I wanted. The banana and Nutella frozen yogurt went together as well as the real things do–Yuuuummmm. It was a lot easier to sit down and study after that while scratching Montana. My parents spoil me, I spoil him, it’s all part of the circle of life. I wasn’t in a huge rush to get back to school but better sooner than later. We stopped at Market Basket on the way to pick up two things:

Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt And Matthew's Whole Wheat English Muffins

Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt And Matthew's Whole Wheat English Muffins

And better yet this was only 3.69. The english muffins were on sale from 3.09 to 1.50; I prefer Trader Joe’s but that’s not remotely between my house and school. The ice cream is normally 2.69 and I had a 50 cent off coupon. It was probably the last of its flavor and I had to push aside about 100 other pints to find it, but I was determined for that price.

When we got back to school, things went as smoothly as I could have hoped for. The roomie was gone; my dad helped me put things away, and I was snacking on this:

Maple Nut Clif Bar

Maple Nut Clif Bar

This was another one of the bars Clif sent me. I was a bit hesitant to try it because I thought I had had it before and not enjoyed it. I must have thought wrong because this was awesome. No lie. Read all about it here. It might have been because I could have gone for anything maple at that time, but this was really good. It might be high on sugar, but anything maple and low sugar tends to be a disappointment, and I would gladly eat this instead of any sugary dessert any day. I got a bit more done before breaking in to this:

Stonyfield Cookies N' Dream Frozen Yogurt

Stonyfield Cookies N' Dream Frozen Yogurt

I planned to have it after dinner, but I guess a little fell into my cup and then my mouth sooner. Oops 😉 I love this frozen yogurt; Stonyfield does not skimp on the cookies part. I take “cookies n’ cream” as the ingredient list, which would suggest that it be loaded with cookies first, and cream second. This isn’t too creamy, buy it has plenty of cookies. And the fact that it’s not creamy makes it lighter so you can enjoy more of it(I might or might not have eaten a whole pint of this before in one sitting before. Again, oops ;-)). Before I left home, I grabbed a good amount of leftovers from lunch, and made a meal out of that and stuff from the dining hall:

Glazed Carrots, Cooked Spinach, Acorn Squash, Salmon

Glazed Carrots, Cooked Spinach, Acorn Squash, Salmon

College has definitely got me loving leftovers more. I forgot how good acorn squashes are; this one was baked back at home so it was super soft but I’m wondering if it’s possible to make one in the microwave. I’ll have to experiment with that next time I make it to a farmers market. I haven’t been loving salads lately so cooked spinach is an efficient way to get my greens for the week. And, of course, the salmon was good again. Thank you, mommy 😀

I must be getting old because I was overjoyed when 60 Minutes was on at 7 and whatever sports event on before it didn’t run long. I wonder if I can qualify for senior discounts at the grocery store? I’ll take the money where I can get it. Last night’s form of procrastination came in the form of reminiscing. My elementary school headmaster is retiring, and I couldn’t help but think back to those days and start to miss them so much. Since when is art not a class? or book reports not the biggest assignment? and what happened to school plays in cheap costumes? or singing song about planting daffodils? I guess we can’t really in all sensibility go back to those times, but I’m positive I’m going to be reliving them through my children some day.

Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Maple Syrup

Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Maple Syrup

Funny enough, I don’t remember ever having oats as a kid. For breakfast, I remember M&M Kudos bars, and the occasional fishy tasting medicine pill wrapped in white bread, but never oats. Maybe me having them twice a day is making up for lost time. This started as a healthy bowl with pumpkin and sliced almonds. Then I realized that was all (figurative) vegan fluff and I really just wanted something maple(thanks, Clif). Luckily, no matter how much sugar you put on oats they’re still healthy, right?

Toast With Mighty Maple, Banana Goodness Bread With Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Toast With Mighty Maple, Banana Goodness Bread With Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Now that I have a replacement jar of Mighty Maple, I’m excited how low my old jar is getting! Pumpkin oats in a jar? I think so. For the “Nutella” like spread I use Rapunzel brand. It’s organic so it has all natural ingredients. It also has more hazelnuts and less sugar per serving than Nutella so it’s more like a nut butter. I’ve also found an all natural Italian brand at Market Basket I might try after this jar runs out. Brothers and Sisters was great last night; I really think that show goes underrated. My hunger suddenly woke up after that oatmeal because I also needed this:

Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin

Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin

That and some water did the trick. It might have done the trick too well; fiber is a loud thing to fall asleep to while still digesting.

This morning… I don’t know where I was(figuratively, of course). I got on the treadmill and nothing felt so hot. But I had it in my mind to do 10 miles and this time in particular I really just wanted to finish. There were some annoying bathroom breaks and my right foot flared up again but I tapped into my stubborn Pollack side and kept going, finishing in 83:53. I was sure to stretch my right foot extra special and I think I’ll do that again later today just for security.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Sun Butter, Pineapple Chobani With PB Puffins

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Sun Butter, Pineapple Chobani With PB Puffins

10 miles is a lot of time to think about breakfast, and I think I went through 20 different scenarios, but this was a good one to settle on. Pepita Sun butter is kind of like the holidays in a spread, with all its allspice and vanilla goodness. And I completely forgot how much an addiction PB puffins are; I should eat up the bag, too, before it goes stale, right? 😉 That’s my excuse anyway.

Sunday felt too good to believe that it’s Monday already and the work week is back. Let’s all commiserate so that the time will pass faster.

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Ice Cream For An Upset Stomach

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As magical as the title sounds, yesterday morning was not fun. Almost as soon as I posted, my stomach started hurting. It felt like one giant cramp that wouldn’t go away and only slightly lessened if I crouched like an old man. Instinct told me to drink water but I looked so bloated and the fact that tightening my belt made it worse made me think twice. Unfortunately, I also had to get all my stuff into my dad’s car when he came. I definitely go a bit snappy when he was questioning me on my stomach, but that’s because I really felt like I needed to go somewhere and lie down. Instead of doing that, I kind of sucked it up and went to Market Basket and Whole Foods. You don’t look too ridiculous hunching over when it’s on a shopping cart. We picked up kind of a lot:



I like Kashi products; who doesn’t? On a normal day, I probably would have grabbed something at the Whole Foods salad bar, or I at least have made myself something now, but my stomach wasn’t feeling food so rather than fight it I got myself situated at home. By 2 I finally felt a little better and convinced myself to eat something:

Sweet Scoops Coffee Cookies N' Cream Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Scoops Coffee Cookies N' Cream Frozen Yogurt

Should I try and pretend like this was a good lunch option? I mean, it did have calcium, and probiotics, and was from hormone free cows. Oh, and there were grains in there, too(you know, the processed kind in the cookies n’ cream part). Or maybe I should not try and pretend and just say that when you aren’t “feeling” food but it’s still important to get energy in your system, go for whatever the hell you want. I was actually a bit let down by this flavor because the cookies n’ cream part felt a little lacking; Stonyfield makes a great Cookies N’ Dream flavor I’m going to have to pick up next time it’s on sale.

Even though I might not have felt like eating food, I was completely up for making it. I whipped together one of my favorite recipes.

The Dry

The Dry

Hmm, what has whole wheat flour, oat bran, flaxmeal, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, chocolate chips…

The Wet

The Wet

… canola oil, eggs, sugar, yogurt, vanilla extract, banana…

The Raw

The Raw

…and is sprinkled with vanilla bean sugar on top? Well while your pondering that, you can look at my snack:

Kashi Vanilla Creamy Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Kashi Vanilla Creamy Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

I don’t do premade oatmeals much. But I do really enjoy this Kashi vanilla and some of the Nature’s Path Organic ones they sent me to review. It’s a lot simpler than bringing my steel cut oats and oatbran home, too. Naturally, the Cookie Dough Peanut Butter with a little salt rounded out the dish. And while I ate this I caught up to Flipping Out; I don’t understand why I find that show appealing but damn if I don’t. Oh right, back to the bread 😉

Banana Goodness Bread

Banana Goodness Bread

It was banana goodness bread, of course! This time I used NuNaturals baking blend in place of the sugar and a vanilla Oikos instead of plain yogurt to see if it’d come out more-or-less the same. I love how the vanilla sugar on top crystalized to form a crust. Definitely a must for any bread recipe!  I was lucky enough that both of the Top Chef episodes I had yet to see were on right after Flipping Out, so I got fully caught up on that while translating Greek and Latin. Since my eats were definitely slacking for the day by 5:30(just breakfast, frozen yogurt, and oatmeal :-(), I decided to try out one of the healthiest bars I brought:

Kardea Chai Spice

Kardea Chai Spice

Each Kardea bar has 1g plant sterols, 7g fiber, 7g protein, an all-natural ingredient list, and plenty of nutrients, so I knew at least my nutrition for the day would get a boost after this. It was definitely unique and I didn’t mind eating it, but it didn’t have me rushing out to buy another. You can read my full review here. We didn’t actually have anything for dinner, so my parents went to the store. I told them to “get me something I’ll eat or even just burger buns”. I’m real specific, aren’t I? When they came back, they had a big fatty piece of steak and burger buns with partially hydrogenated oil in it. Ugh. I was not a happy camper. But I tried eating something other than ice cream for a meal:

Trader Joe Whole Wheat Mac N' Cheese, Bison Medallion

Trader Joe Whole Wheat Mac N' Cheese, Bison Medallion

Well that’s a far cry from eating vegan. I really could have gone for something like tofu or tempeh, but I would have died if I found those in our refrigerator. I still had a bison medallion in the freezer from a few weeks ago, so I threw that on the grill and made some instant mac n’ cheese. The bison was really undercooked but I was too lazy to turn the grill back on; honestly, it’s a wonder I don’t get horrible stomach issues more often. I tried explaining over dinner that what I really mean by “something that I’ll eat” is “wild meat or fish, tofu, and tempeh”, though I’m not a good communicator so I’m not sure how well the meaning of “wild” was portrayed.

I really had not had enough coffee yesterday so I freshly ground some of the swag that I got from Wednesday night.

Green Mountain House Blend Decaf Organic

Green Mountain House Blend Decaf Organic

Times like us all hovering over the coffee grinder to smell the grounds remind me of why we’re a family. For a quick dessert I had some yogurt with granola:

Soy Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Sugar, Chocolate Chips, And White Chocolate

Soy Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Sugar, Chocolate Chips, And White Chocolate

I’m eliminating the rule that granola needs to have whole grains. Most are just sugar, anyway; this is just getting rid of the bulk I didn’t want. I had to buy this yogurt again because I loved it despite the fact that it tastes like tofu. Wait. Let me change that. I had to buy this yogurt again because I loved it because it tastes like tofu. My mom refuses to eat soy. She thinks it will give her cancer or make her not be able to have more children(hah!) or something. Whenever you see soy on this blog, you can be sure of where it didn’t come from. More bread:

Toast With White Chocolate Wonderful, Banana Goodness Bread

Toast With White Chocolate Wonderful, Banana Goodness Bread

For some reason, I was down right opposed to the peanut butter being on the banana bread, so I went and added another slice of TJ 10 grain. Yum! I always forget how great of a melting peanut butter white chocolate wonderful is. And the banana bread was nice and moist, got a little crispy in the toaster, and the hard sugar coating just made it perfect. I also finished all my Greek homework for those who care 🙂 My professor assigned wayyy too much, and told us to “stop after you’ve worked long enough”. I hate those instructions because I never follow them. I feel lazy if I don’t do it all. I guess that’s just me being silly but it gets annoying.

No running for me this morning… yet. I intended for today to be a rest day after such high mileage. And I’ll admit my feet wouldn’t mind the break either. Although it’s an awesome morning in New England and I am on my home streets so it’s hard to say how long I can fight of the running bug. Right now, Tivoed Unwrapped is doing a good job helping.

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt With Tempeh Bacon, Mystery Muffin With Mighty Maple

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt With Tempeh Bacon, Mystery Muffin With Mighty Maple

Breakfast has me playing the “It can’t be wrong if it tastes this right” card. I hade a huge tempeh bacon craving, but felt compelled to put it over something instead of eat it straight. I made homemade pumpkin pie yogurt with canned pumpkin, Voskos plain non fat(which reminds me about this review to post), vanilla stevia, and pumpkin pie spice, and topped with the tempeh bacon and maple syrup. All I can say is salty/sweet is real and here to say. I also had a mystery muffin with Mighty Maple that I asked my mom to buy for me 🙂 It’s not a mystery muffin to me; that’d be weird. It’s just a mystery to you for now.

The weather’s so nice, I would be a fool not to at least go for a walk later. Hope your weekends are all going swell, as well.

Applesauce giveaway! Because I love things that look like baby food and toddlers can eat

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Winding & Grinding

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Mango Avocado Tuna sandwich + Peach and Agave Greek Yogurt + Peanut Butter Z-Bar + carrot juice = post-run fuel from my new distance PR! Today I scheduled my long run of 7.5 miles, but after that 5th mile I decided to take a different route home and added an extra mile to my distance, making that the longest I’ve ran EVER. And I was sooo close to having a sub 8:00 pace overall but finished just a little over. Oh well, that’ll give me something to work on next time 🙂

Backtracking a bit, after my blogging on Thursday I took a trip to the dentist. He’s a nice man, but I felt like he spent more time asking me every question possible about my life/going to college than he did on my teeth. Oh, and what happened to the good ol’ days when we got to choose what flavor toothpaste they would use? Anyway, the good news was no cavities, and he didn’t bring up my wisdom teeth, so I’m clean and clear for another 6 months.

After that a quick trip to Market Basket was in order. I’m getting so disappointed with that place. The first time we went they had Dark Chocolate Vitatops–some of the best dessert I’ve ever had. Ever since they’ve only had corn vitatops and bran muffins 😦 I need my chocolate fix; at least Z-bars are there for that. I also picked up a pint of the best frozen yogurt ever: Stonyfield Cookies N’ Dream. The next rainy day I am popping in a movie and digging into that. I knew that all this dentistry/food shopping would cut into my eating time so I packed lunch.



Leftover turkey shredded and mixed with avocado, and some buffalo blue kettle chips. I’m wicked proud of myself; I never eat leftovers(mostly because I never have leftover oatmeal or yogurt to eat). But now no one besides me has touched that leftover turkey and the next time I get told I spend too much at food I will totally play the turkey card. Also, I love those chips. They have such an unexpected cheesiness to them. Try them out.

Fast foward through my uneventful afternoon and arrive at my slightly more eventful night. I’ve been experimenting a lot with ground flax seeds lately for their nutrition and thickening properties. As I’ve mentioned before, I like Stonyfield’s yogurt flavors but their yogurt is just too thin for me. So I tried mixing 6oz of Banilla with a tablespoon of flaxseed meal and arrived at this:

Banilla with Flaxseed Meal

Banilla with Flaxseed Meal

Photogenic? No. Flavorful? Yes. The flaxseeds definitely thickened it up and added a nuttiness that worked with the banana flavor. Some peanut butter granola or just a tablespoon of peanut butter really would have made this pop–it’s definitely something I’ll be trying again and again. Other highlights of the night: I made some more chocolate avocado pudding and even convinced my mom to eat some. And what’s more, she actually liked it! Well, she said it wasn’t sweet enough, but then I made fun of her for liking thiings super sugary and secretly added a stevia packet because she was right. I also spent A LOT of money on peanut butter from Naturally Nutty. That’s all I’ll say for now until the package comes in. But I figured it was ok to spoil myself since I now have a job and am getting payed.

Well the next day my alarm went off at 6am but I did not budge. I could hear it pouring outside so I wasn’t ready to run. I must have shut off my alarm because the next thing I knew it was 7:35 and my dad was waking me up. Crap. I am not someone who can get completely prepared in 15 minutes. After a lot of scrambling and food prepping, we got out the door around 8:10 and I downed this in the car:



An english muffin with apple butter and mighty maple, honey almond flax bar, and green tea chai pudding. It was pretty good considering the mad rush/cloud of fog I was in. I also thought I had to make myself lunch for the day so I threw together a turkey and avocado sandwich(I didn’t even realize I was eating the same thing as the day before until I wrote this blog). I was so rushed for lunch I completely forgot a to take a picture, but I did remember to photo this which I made a special trip for 🙂

Pomegranite Chobani

Pomegranite Chobani

Thank you, Chobani, for a delicious flavor. The tartness is a lot like raspberry except with little pomegranite seeds added in. I hope these come to Hannafords soon. After work on the way home I munched on this lil’ bar:

Almond, Macadamia, & Walnut KIND Bar

Almond, Macadamia, & Walnut KIND Bar

I was really excited to try this because of the 10 grams of protein. The bar, however, was incredibly dry and almost inedible. I think the soy protein needed honey or dates or something to offset them. I would not buy this guy again.

Well I was home alone for the night so I decided to get my culinary skillz on. First off, we had an Amy’s Margharita pizza gathering dust in the freezer, so I decided to have that for my dinner. I’d never tried grilling a pizza before but I figured there’s a first time for everything.

Amy's Pizza on the Grill

Amy's Pizza on the Grill



First off, let me get something off my chest. I’m a complete poser, lol. The second after I snapped that photo I moved everything indoors, plopped myself on the couch with my laptop and dug in while watching Conan O’Brien. That being said, that was one kick ass butt dinner. The pizza tasted great; the bottom had a distinct, burnt flavor while the inside was soft and doughy. And of course I added some fresh basil to really liven up the cheese. And I gave the Zevia cola I won a try. I thought it was OK, not quite as good as the root beer but definitely not bad. I think I’m so used to fake diet Coke that I forgot how real cola should taste. I also did some flaxseed grinding:

Flaxseed Meal and a Coffee Grinder

Flaxseed Meal and a Coffee Grinder

Try it! The health benefit from the fresh ground flax seed is great, and they add a great nuttiness and thickness to any dish. I added some to Stonyfield Java frozen yogurt last night; it became thick like frozen custard. Unfortunately, I stuck it in the fridge thinking it would take on more of a yogurt consistency and it got too thin, but this is definitely something to play around with in the future.

After a night of good eats, I woke up and ran my distance PR and that was that. Hopefully there won’t be too much to do today; I need new socks since my big toe was hanging out the entire time today. Time to read your blogs, see ya!

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An Impulse Buy: Book Review

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First of all, thank’s for the book suggestions! I’ll be sure to go on Amazon later and read all the synopses and add some to my wish list. Meanwhile, right before popping in to Market Basket yesterday(where I didn’t really pick up any new foods to try, just the old trusty essentials), I popped into Barnes & Nobles and bought Eat This Not That: The Supermarket Survival Guide. Usually I take weeks to decide on things I want to buy. But I had just seen the author on Rachael Ray yesterday morning and damn do those television appearances help sell products!


My first reaction after buying it was “Did I just pay 20 dollars for a book of facts and tips I already know?” I’ve spent many days on the internet and Runners World forums and picked up plenty of knowledge on what should and shouldn’t be in my food. Then I realized there’s no way I could know everything this book has to offer. And even if I did, this is certainly the type of book you want to leave on your coffee table for others to pick up and flip through; I’d go so far to say this should be on any Summer reading list, from the high schooler’s to the moms who feed them.

The book’s set up with several different formats to help you get the lesson. Each chapter has an introduction with general facts, debates, and general history about the topic. Then it moves into tips and tricks for choosing the right things, like what to look for on an ingredient list, or how to pick out certain fruits/vegetables at the grocery store. The authors also include informative tables, such as one that rates and compares meat from chicken breast to duck on protein:fat ratio, and a chart for which fruits are really worth getting organic and which are just added cost for little effect(Let’s just say I’ll be getting my peaches from Whole Foods from now on).

Of course, Eat This Not That also offers side-by-side comparison of products to show you which ones to eat and which ones to avoid. I found this the more tedious and annoying part of the book, since it basically is just applying all the tips and tricks you just read, but for those who only look at the pretty pictures when flipping through a book this can be pretty handy. What I do like is that the book compares identical items; it knows if you buy buttered microwave popcorn, you aren’t going to suddenly switch to airpopped with nothing added, so it shows the safer brand to buy. The authors have a clear point of view throughout the many pages of item comparison: added sugar is the devil and fiber is a gift from the gods. While I somewhat agree with this, the lesson is almost pounded in to a point of absurdity. But, to the authors’ credit, they do more often than not go with all-natural products. They don’t, unfortunately, consider store brands like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, which often offer cheaper alternatives to the Eat This foods, but all-in-all there’s a lot of good suggestions to throw into your shopping cart next trip to the store.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely. If nothing else, flipping through the comparison pages and realizing you already have most of those products in your pantry will give you a comforting feeling. There’s plenty of lessons to be learned(like HFCS made from organic corn is organic!). And the more people you can push this book onto, the better.

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