Building A Perfect Evening

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What would be in your perfect evening? Last night might not have been “perfect” btu, well… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Whole Foods Salad Bar OptionsFalafals

Eating out? Good. Eating somewhere with a huge array of choices? Better. Trying new and exciting things? Best. I think I want to try to make falafels now, because these were my first taste, and while they were good, they weren’t the best. But that tamarind chutney. WOW. I wish I took note of the ingredients besides onion and raisins because it was amazing.

The Holiday

I have to admit this is one of my favorite movies, so I went ahead and popped it in for the night. I still remember trudging through snow in Boston with friends to see it at the movies. I think it comforts me that Cameron Diaz’s character might just be crazier and more high-strung than me. And if Jack Black can get a girl like Kate Winslet, well there’s hope for everyone.

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake Ice Cream With Chocolate Chips

You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had homemade. The gluten-free birthday cake didn’t come out quite like I hoped for(probably needs more sugar). But I’d rather have a decent birthday cake flavor that’s gluten-free than an excellent one that’s not. And chocolate chips–of course.

Dark Chocolate With Salted Buttercream

Who says vegan buttercream has to be just for cakes? It tastes just as good on a Newman’s Own Organic‘s 54% dark chocolate bar. I was looking for cream cheese but we didn’t have any. Next thought: buttercream. The day you discover the how to make a really fast buttercream with be the first day of the rest of your life.

2% Fage With Pineapple, Oatmeal With Justin's Nut Butter

And now we’re back to realty… sort of, with oatmeal, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter(aka, better Nutella butter), and a Fage with pineapple and brown sugar.

Yogurt With Brown Sugar And Pineapple

Pineapple Chobani, eat your heart out.

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Out With The Olds, In With The News

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Good morning and Happy Mothers day to all that applies to! I feel like so much has happened/got done over the past 12 hours. In true Food Makes Fun Fuel fashion I’ll try to make a gimmicky post with bits of information in there. But I’m loving the responses to my What Would You Do? post. I’m glad no one so far has suggested using the credit card to order a fancy dehydrator 😀 It sounds like a lot of you would have turned it in to the staff, which I would have done, too, except this “gym” is just a bunch of machines in a room and there is no staff–save the management people who clean it during the work week. Anyway, all’s well that end’s well. Onto the eats!

Out: My history class because right after dinner last night I finished my final paper!!

iTunes Movie

iTunes Movie

In: Saturday night movie night. There was nothing on TV last night so I decided to rent a movie from iTunes on an impulse–who am I? I chose Leap Year and got an hour through before my computer started acting up and had to quit(I was running like 5 programs at the time).

So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species Organic Smooth Dark Chocolate

In: Saturday night movie night. There was nothing on TV last night so I decided to rent a movie from iTunes on an impulse–who am I? I chose Leap Year and got an hour through before my computer started acting up and had to quit(I was running like 5 programs at the time).

Out: This container of So Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Coconut Milk Ice Cream and the rest of an Endangered Species organic smooth dark chocolate. I’m doing all too good at Project Cleanout.

Out: My object history project because I wrapped up the writing on that last night, too! That was one of the things that was making my computer want to strangle me last night, but it was worth it.

Oatmeal With Vanilla Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Vanilla Peanut Butter

In: Oatmeal will never go out of fashion.

Out: Restless nights caused by loud drinkers/partiers because that was the last Saturday night I’ll be sleeping on campus.

In: My sanity. But I was only able to achieve this by eating and unphotographed square of raw vegan chocolate fudge(not to be confused with microwave vegan chocolate fudge)

Oatmeal With Coconut Milk And Chocolate Almond Butter

Oatmeal With Coconut Milk And Chocolate Almond Butter

In: Homemade chocolate almond butter. I am scarfing this down on my way to the gym and YUM.

Out: This coconut milk. It’s old and runny and has no flavor anymore.

And now I really must hit the gym before brunch and I have Leap Year and a new Dr. Who on my ipod to watch. I don’t normally watch shows on my iPod while running, but Leap Year expires in 10 hours and I always make an exception for Dr. Who. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Food Coma

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Sooo full! And happy 😀 It all started last night. Yes, last night.

White Beans Soaking

I purposely neglected to mention that during American Idol I got out some white beans from the Whole Foods bulk bins and started soaking them. I’d never worked with beans before, but this was something I wanted to do while I was at home. It’s supposed to be economical; frankly, when have beans ever been that expensive? But it was more about the experience. Those soaked over night, I posted an eggy discussion, and then came lunch. I was planning on eating a vegetarian lunch but…

Tuna And Full Fat Greek Yogurt

…life had other plans. Instead, I wanted a good ol’ tuna salad. I wouldn’t be exagerating if I said my mom could absolutely live off of these. I am not nearly as obsessed, but once and a while they hit the spot. My “secret” to a perfect one is using full fat greek yogurt. I hate mayo, both the real kind and the vegan one, so the yogurt is perfect for adding creaminess, fat, and overall “happy-happy-joy-joy”.

Broccoli With Tamari, Tuna Salad

Original Pop Chips, Broccoli Stems, Smoky Ketchup

Along with the tuna salad, I steamed broccoli. The stems looked ridiculously long so I cut them off but then kept them to eat like fries with the Pop Chips in ketchup and liquid smoke. It wasn’t ground breaking but at least no greens went to waste. The tuna salad was definitely soul hitting–no regrets there. And with the tamari and sea salt I was in sodium heaven! Did I just admit that? Oh yes I did. After lunch I put all the dishes away and turned my attention back to dinner.

Cooking White Beans

This is probably what intimidated me most about the beans: cooking them. I followed the directions exactly and cooked them for 1 and a half hours with 2 bay leaves and 1 onion quartered and salt and pepper. They smelled amazing; I’m such an onion fanatic as is. I wasn’t about to stand there for the whole time watching them, so I popped open a Zevia and popped in a movie.

Orange Zevia

I finally finished Gettysburg, the movie on the Civil War I started 2 weeks ago and bought on Black Friday. It was good and very accurate to the war/book, but not quite an uplifting story as I’m sure you can imagine. I looked it up and it was exactly 2 years and 4 days ago that I handed in my Junior Thesis concerning the book this was based on. I’m impressed I still remember anything about it, haha. Halfway through, I went to the kitchen to whip up something to last me until dinner.

Chocolate Banana Avocado Pudding With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

What do you do when you have no frozen bananas? Well, you cry in the corner for about 2 minutes, and then get to work on something new. For this, I put into the processor(I’m going to give him a nickname so I don’t have to write “food processor” anymore), 3oz fresh banana(1 medium sized one), 2oz avocado, 2 tablespoons cocoa and 3 tablespoons liquid(the last of my So Delicious kefir). The result was really good and really creamy. It actually was surprisingly sweet on its own with banana, but because my sweet tooth runs ramped(like I needed to admit this) I added some vanilla stevia. A good raw alternative to that would have been adding more cocoa powder instead because this was a little lacking in that respect and that would have upped the darkness. Oh, and did I mention I topped it with peanut butter? Yeah, it just wasn’t fattening enough 😀

Back to dinner, once my beans were done I drained them and started cooking the recipe. I was working off of this Whole Foods recipe for white bean and kale soup with chicken sausage. First was browning the sausage and onion. Then I added chicken stock and spinach to wilt down. Finally, I added 1 1/2 cups of beans and 1 cup of bean-puree for thickness.

White Bean And Spinach Stew With Spinach And Feta Chicken Sausages

This came out just like the picture, which made me soooo happy(Is this vein? I don’t think it’s vein. We’re saying it’s not vein). The flavor was lacking just a tad, so I seasoned some more with salt, pepper, and dehydrated onion. It’s actually pretty heart on its own, but we also roasted some rutabaga.

White Bean Stew With Goat Milk Yogurt And Roasted Rutabegas

Soooo good. Assume I had this times two. The soup had lots of flavor(read: lots of sodium)! The greens added a bitter crunch while the sausages were so perfectly savory. I used free-range chicken broth instead of water which also pumped up the volume. And the dollop of goat milk yogurt was just that final, tangy touch to top it all off. It really put me in a happy food coma. And we have a ton of beans left over, which I think we’ll freeze or something and I can get at least a few meals out of when I go back to school(yes. I do still attend college but am still on vacation, and will be for another week).

I’m so happy and full, I can barely think about dessert(well now I’m downright lying to ya’ll).

Here’s a Barney Butter giveaway.

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Tuna Two Ways

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I Love Lucy

That(besides whipping it) pretty much sums up my morning. I had no ambition to do much else but work my way through season 1. I got through 2 episodes, including the one with Mr. Merriweather and Ethel pretending to be a psychic. Anyone else remember that? Classy.


Mr. Montana was definitely feeling itchy this morning. I was thinking how productive it’d be to give him a bath but a) he wouldn’t let me pick him up to put him in the sink and b) that would have made a HUGE mess I’d have to clean up. Instead, I just scratched him as we watched Paula Dean use obscene amounts of butter in desserts. God bless her and may her arteries stay clear so she can keep pumping out those recipes!

For lunch, I had plenty of delicious leftovers to choose from. Not only that, I had a full kitchen to work with. And you know what I had?

Tuna And Whole Wheat Mac N' Cheese

Canned tuna and boxed mac n’ cheese I made in the microwave. Oh, the irony. I really didn’t want to make this because I know it’s the type of meal I’ll be eating all too much when I go back to campus. BUT it was what I was craving and I’m never one to deny that. At least the instant macaroni was whole wheat, right? Can anyone spy what television character those are shaped as? It’s hard to tell, and it’s a little silly. But I got the whole box for 77 cents so it was a major deal. So as to not fall off the green wagon completely, I pregamed(bet you didn’t expect to hear me say that) this meal with a green beverage.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

I mixed 1/2 a cup of plain coconut milk kefir with Amazing Grass‘s green superfood. I’d been waiting for an occasion just like this to review this product. And I was wicked impressed with how UNgreen it tasted! Well, it still tasted green, but not displeasantly so. It was slightly sweet without a graininess to it at all. If you want to tell me I was getting the benefits of all the foods listed on the back, that’s fine with me and pass a glass. The kefir made it a nice, thick treat, too, and probiotic.

This afternoon was monumentously unproductive. I hoped to go for a walk since the sky was so blue… until I realized with the wind chill it was 19 degrees. I didn’t even really feel like cooking up one of the few recipes I have bookmarked to do because that meant cleaning up after myself. Boo. I realized that this is when normal people generally watch their movies, such as the one I bought over a month ago and still haven’t seen: Gettysburg. That was good enough reason for me to pop it in. I almost napped during the first hour, but eventually got into it. Halfway through I made a snack.

Stonyfield's Cookies N' Dream Frozen Yogurt And A Vitamuffin

And now that picture is making me want it again, darn it all. The frozen yogurt had a bit too much freezer burn on it but that was fine by me. And it went so nicely with the warmed muffin–yum! I knew Gettysburg was a movie about history but I didn’t realize it’s the longest movie in history(not really). But after 2 and a half hours, when it wanted me to change discs instead of being over, I was over and decided to save the rest for a rainy day. Thankfully, by then my mom came home and we were planning dinner.

Lemon Pepper Oil

My aunt gave us a Stonewall Kitchen Oil for Thanksgiving and tonight seemed like the perfect chance to open it. We had ahi tuna and rather than roasting I suggested pan searing after seeing it on Ada’s blog. The oil splattered on me a bit, but we got through 4 minutes of searing, 2 minutes per side.

Roasted Butternut Squash And Broccoli, Seared Tuna

It wasn’t perfect like at Tomasso’s, but I was pretty damn impressed with us. The lemon flavor really was soaked in there well, and the inside was a pretty pink. I topped the tuna with smoked Scottish salt, the butternut with salt and black pepper, and broccoli with plain sea salt. I ended up finishing the pan of broccoli “to be helpful with cleaning up” 😉 It’s a lot better than cleaning dishes!

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Breakfasts Make The Best Meal

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Thank you for all the kudos on the recipe contest 3rd place win. It feels so good to be acknowledged for a recipe. If any of you try my pumpkin bread let me know how you like it and if you bake it on your blog so I can give it linkage. Now the question is what I’m going to be making with eggs for the next 3 months 🙂 That’s one of those good problems to have, I figure. Like I promised after blogging yesterday, there was a trip to the mail room in order. I found a new tea.

Tazo Calm Tea

Calm? Hmm. Something tells me this is going to get bought a lot during the stress of finals week. I was alerted of a package I had. I had no clue what it was at first.

Gettysburg and Gods And Generals

Then I remembered I bought this on Black Friday from Walmart. I’m not much of a war buff but I really wanted to see Gettysburg, and the double feature with Gods And Generals was only about a dollar more. Instead of watching it then and there, I decided to save it for when I have time to pay attention to it and got to writing. My room is soo comfortable with the heat on now. You know it must be warm because I was ready for ice cream in the afternoon.

Snickerdoodle Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream

I’m so glad we bought some of this Sunday; I’m always tempted to break out the one at home but never have the time or am in an ice cream mood. If you’ve never had it–gah! It will change your life. The snickerdoodle cookie dough chunks… *drool* Anyway, yes, more work ensued. Something about working made me want breakfast.

French Toast Oats And Coffee

Maybe I wanted an egg after winning 3 months worth. Maybe it’s just that breakfast is the best meal of the day. I’m not sure, but this was tres magnifique. I think the secret to french toast oats is swirling the egg in but not too much. And cooking it thoroughly but not too much. So basically they’re a crap shoot 😉 I started to get hungry but had plans to meet up for dinner so there was some fruit snackage:


I tried to convince myself it was a clementine but it doesn’t work that way. Plus it had little annoying seeds in it. Don’t you hate those? I much prefer Trader Joe’s milk chocolate orange for my citrus intake, thank you. I decided to smuggle some links in the dining hall to bolster up whatever veggies they were serving.

Al Fresco Country Style Breakfast Chicken Sausages

I don’t think it’s weird to carry around breakfast sausages. In your coat pocket. At dinner time. Do you?

Fresh Vegetable Medley, Curried Acorn Squashes With Maple Syrup And Breakfast Style Sausages

Wow… remarkable. These sausages… beyond words. They were so perfectly herby I could hardly believe it. With a touch of maple syrup–to die for. And who would have thought maple syrup and curried squash would work? It so totally did. It was almost Indian but with a Maine flair. I’ve been scared off of making my own Indian food thus far but I think I just need to find a good curry powder and I’d be good to go.

Before the Biggest Loser I went to a dining hall to stock up of Greek yogurt for the impending storm. I walked out carrying 4 with a bar and a coffee. I have some serious balancing skills 😉 How amazing were all the come back contestants on The Biggest Loser? I don’t think there was a loser amongst them.I always feel funny snacking during The Biggest Loser but I spend my time in the gym and earn my damn dessert 😉

Cherry Greek Yogurt With Cherry Dark Chocolate And Vanilla Sugar

Plus this had fruit, dairy, and antioxidants, so it was entirely healthy, right? I’m going with that 🙂 Did anybody else learn to spell dessert with an extra “s” because you always want more? That always stuck with me. There was definitely more dessert, unfortunately.

KIND Sesame And Peanut Bar

I try to eat with no regrets. But I regretted this. Firstly, I try not to eat bars in my dorm when I could have real food(or, you know, oatmeal), but this at first seemed alluring. Secondly, this wasn’t very good. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good; it’s best feature was chocolate which I could easily have eaten in other forms. And yet I ate it in about 2 minutes flat, because I didn’t know how to put it down or just throw it out. I think all the thinking required for writing an essay made my rational thinking go away, and afterwards I learned better. For my last desssert, I tried being much more in tune with what I wanted.

Chocolate Vitatop With Cream Cheese, Advent Chocolate, White Chocolate Wonderful

Delicious and what I wanted. I’m not accustomed to eating peanut butter without carbs underneath but I didn’t want toast or oatmeal or to put it on the vitatop. The answer? A simple spoon–and it was perfect.

This morning I woke up to this lovely scene:

Providence 6:45

Snow! I love snow, I really do. I hate the cold, but I love snow(let’s not point out the contradiction here). Unfortunately it doesn’t put me in a work-out mood, but I decided a good run was just what I needed so I grabbed a bar and hit the gym.

Maple Nut Clif Bar

At first I wasn’t feeling it for one reason or another; it didn’t help the non-basic cable tv channels weren’t operative. But then I thought maybe this would need to be one of those “move your body” and not “run” days and I resolved to go for 14 miles. It definitely felt like a stretch for the first 5 but eventually it just flew by and I was happily done in 1:58:02. After trekking back to my room and warming up I made yet another satisfyingly-breakfast meal.

Eggnog Greek Yogurt, French Toast Oatmeal With Al Fresco Breakfast Sausages

Clearly being a repetitive eats blogger does not weigh on my mind because I was happy to dig in to this. I just love these sausages. Perhaps it’s a bit hypocritical to use vegan eggnog and serve it next to chicken and an egg but let’s ignore that like the snow and cold thing.

Today I would love love love to take a trip to the groceries stores. Unlike rain, however, that’s not in the forecast. What is is an essay being done, I’m sure. Happy humpday!

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Thank God It’s Thursday

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Anybody else wiped out by this week? Anybody? Well I sure am. But let’s rewind first. Who loved Harry Potter? I’m already waiting for it to come out on DVD so I can be a complete nerd and watch all 6 in a row on a rainy day(because that’s how I roll :-)) I’m just happy I got to see it early without having to stay up until midnight. Major props to all you diehard fans out there–that’s just wayyy past my bedtime.

Anyway, after my quickie review on Tuesday, we went to my mom’s childhood friends house for a mini-party. There was a beauty of a pool:

A Pool

A Pool

Ok, all I did was just take pictures, I didn’t actually go in 😛 If it’s not hot like a bath I’m just not seeing the appeal. We also ordered from this great little Italian place I’d never eaten from. The four of us split an Italian, Prosciutto di Parma, and antipasto. I DEFINITELY need to eat more prosciutto because that just melted in my mouth.

My Plate

My Plate

After a lot of sitting, catching up, finding out that 4something year olds are way more addicted to facebook than me, and other fun stuff, we hit up Market Basket and Whole Foods to get some pantry staples. I hate doing errands in the afternoon, but hey, they got to be done right? We didn’t get home until lateee(apparently I consider 5 late), but I still managed to do almost everything I had left, including baking this beauty:

Pumpkin Loaf

Pumpkin Loaf

I let her(pumpkin loaves are female in gender) sit over night and brought in a slice to work the next day. I really wanted to bring it in in a Starbucks bag for some reason lol but I couldn’t find one 😦

Well that was Tuesday, Wednesday I rocked it out just as hard. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn(6am) and did a 5.3 miler. This was way more fun and energizing than I would have thought and is definitely something I want to do again. Of course, once I got home I had to shower, pack a breakfast, and go to work(oh joy). It was a pretty lame/tame day at the office. For a morning snack I had this:

Kind Mango Macadamia

Kind Mango Macadamia

‘Twas ok. It had a strong tropical/coconut flavor; too bad that doesn’t really appeal to me. I like that it had 20% my DV of calcium:-), but not so much that it had 5g of saturated fat:-(. From now on I’ll stick with almonds, cashews, peanuts and the occasional pistachio’s(those 4 are my posse).

Lunch time came around(yayy) and we went back to Binas. I was very much in the mood for some roast beef and the one in the window pushed me over the edge. I got their roast beef with asiago, arugula, and cipolinni on ciabatta:

My Sandwich

My Sandwich

I hate to say it but the roast beef was a little too overcooked for me. Maybe because I like my red meat so raw it’d be illegal to serve :-/ that’s probably why I stick to cooking my own usually. Oh well. I can’t wait to try their Prosciutto di Parma! When I got back to the office it was pumpkin time:

Pumpkin Loaf Slice, Coffee from Bina's

Pumpkin Loaf Slice, Coffee from Bina's

It needed some Apple Butter or something, but it was still pretty damn good. I also gave this a try:

Odwalla Super Protein

Odwalla Super Protein

Bring back the pumpkin loaf! This was awful. The first bite was ok but I was not going to go through my already painful work day with that aftertaste. Bleh. Needless to say I put it away and ate a different snack. On the way home we had to swing by Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for some bread and bars(who could live without these two things?). Another reason I hate strongly dislike work days: I don’t get on the computer/watching tivo/doing core workout until 7:30. Basically I just did the basics and hit the sack by 11. Dear God, I hope my tomorrow is more tame than that.

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Harry Potter And The Horny Students

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Good morning, Good morning! I wasn’t going to write a post right now because I only have a little time before I have a busy busy day, but I just needed to write about the new Harry Potter movie which I was lucky enough to catch an early showing of last night! On a sad note, I was out of carrot juice when I got home from my 6 mile run this morning :,-( Oh well, we’ll pick some up today; it’s just the perfect post run drink. On the bright side, I did get to finish off a mango lemonade,16oz vanilla chobani container, and 16oz TJ yogurt container, so I have plenty of room in the fridge for some serious grocery shopping later.

Ok, Ok, on to the good stuff. So we left for Boston around 3:45 even though the movie wasn’t until 7 because we thought there’d be traffic and we might not get seats and all that. Turns out it was smooth sailing on the highway and we could have got there at 6:30 and got decent seats, but at least we were overprepared and not under, right? In the car I enjoyed an almond & cashew KIND bar. I just love these because between those 2 all star nuts is a honey-date binder that’s really sweet like a candy bar. That and the bar has added omega-3’s, so it’s an all-around winner.

Phone Pics July 13 015

When we got there, we grabbed our tickets and then went out to get sandwiches for dinner. At first we stopped at Bina’s, the italian place with all the goodies, but I wanted to bring my sandwich in the theater and I figured melted cheese wouldn’t keep well 😦 So instead we went to UFood Grill where I got a turkey, swiss, and cranberry; does anybody else love Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches? I think they’re the best and this is the closest I can find in the month of July, so I’ll take it any time. I also picked up a Banana Nut Odwalla which I never tried before. I thought this bar was really really great–like a moist, flavorful banana bread. I was slightly disappointed to see that the first ingredient was sugar, but at least dates, oats, and bananas followed that, so the good outweighed the bad.

Phone Pics July 13 017

Well 7pm FINALLY rolled around and it was exciting. This movie is a great addition to the series. The cinematography and CGI has also shown drastic change from the first movie; sometimes it felt almost too over played and made things too unreal, but overall it was well conducted. The one noticible difference is that this movie is no longer the 8 year old birthday party film like the first few were; this movies is packed with action and hormones. Well, I guess Harry Potter’s getting the real high school experience: girls and drama. It certainly added a bit of amusement, which was a noticable difference in this film as well–it was actually funny. The earlier movies were packed with “feel good” moments that made you ooo and aww and want to dress up like a wizard. Sure, this movie had some of those, but it also added a lot of zingy one-liners and comical awkwardness that kept it lively. This is definitely a movie worthy of the Harry Potter series and not one to be missed.

The movie got out at 10. I was still chomping on my Odwalla bar, but I figured I needed another 500 calories for the night. Rather than just come home and eat a lot of same ol’ stuff, I figured a trip to J.P. Licks was in order. This is an ice cream place in Boston that makes tons of fresh flavors, and it had been over a month since I was there last so it was a good reunion lol. I love this place because of their flavored softserve. I’ll admit: The lumpy primate ice cream sounded intriguing, but I just can’t pass up their peanut butter soft serve. My dad got a blueberry soft serve, which was one of their flavors of the week. It was also really good and highly recommended for all you Bostonians.

Phone Pics July 13 018

I enjoyed that baby nice and slowly all the ride home. I just love licking ice cream on a cone because you can have it nice and slowly, but I really don’t like the cone part; any other cone haters out there? Well after we got home I made myself a Peanut Butter Cookie sandwich. Please tell me you’ve tried this, I swear it’s the best. And it’s so simple! Cream cheese and white chocolate peanut butter between some bread: the flavors and textures mold together and it’s irresistible. I use some toasted TJ Light Wheat bread; the resulting combination of high fiber(over 11 grams for the sandwich!), protein, and fat is just perfect and makes my run the next morning great.

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A Marathon Post

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No, that title was not a hint towards any future running expeditions of mine. This is just going to be one hell of a post since I have a lot to catch up on and look ahead towards.

So yesterday there was no run 😦 Instead there was lots of filing 😦 😦 Ok, my first day back wasn’t that bad. They all remembered me from last summer, which made me feel right back at home. There were 3 new bottom-of-the-totem-pole workers like me: all Emerson girls between 20-22. Working with 3 college girls? I could get used to this… Anyway, breakfast was some oatmeal with PB and a homemade granola bar. I’m thinking I’m going to have homemade yogurt parfaits for breakfast on days I work from now on. As you probably now, I’m a yogurt freak, and it’s so hard to get yogurt around Boston Common; yesterday I went an entire day without probiotics(!). Plus I can make the parfait and not eat it until I get hungry for breakfast in the car, so it seems like a good plan.

I had a chocolate brownie Z-Bar as a mid-morning snack. I thought I over packed bringing 3 bars but I ended up eating them all so clearly I need to bring more just in case. Then it was lunch time. Oi did I learn a lot here. Last summer, I met up with my dad every lunch and we went somewhere and ate. Well, I guess I’ve become a bit pickier since then; every time I thought of somewhere we ate I thought about the ingredients they might use and all that; I really just wanted to eat somewhere I felt comfortable I was getting a quality lunch(without blowing my dad’s wallet… too much). Unfortunately, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s aren’t too close to my work, but all I wanted to do was hit up that WF salad bar! I might also consider bringing a can of tuna or some prepared lunch from now on, just in case I have another mini-melt down like this.

Anyway, I very luckily remembered this little Italian place that opened up some time last winter. It’s something of a grocery store with a lot of foreign products, but it also has its own meat counter and pastry display(which makes the most amazing desserts I will have to share with you some day). This place clearly is the real deal so we decided to get a sandwich from there. Me and my dad split a tuna, endive, zucchini, arugala and olive sandwich. I also grabbed a peach and drank half of this natural soda.


002 (3)


The soda was really refreshing and unique. The peach was perfectly ripe and juicy. And that tuna sandwich, albeit tiny, was like a symphony of flavors in my mouth. I’ll definitely be eating here more often, since the only other place near my work I feel good eating at is Starbucks, and that I can eat basically anytime anywhere. Overall it was a pretty small lunch, but that’s because I knew there’d be dessert back at the office; one of my coworkers birthday was Monday and they had a “bake-off” to celebrate today. I wish I’d known, I could’ve brought a muffin or two. There were two types of chocolate cake so I had to have a nice slice of both to compare. Yum. Too bad I can’t expect that every day at work.

We got out off an hour early so naturally I used the spare time to visit Whole Foods 😉 Voskos Greek Yogurt was on sale this week so I picked up the Honey Vanilla Bean. You’d think the flavors would compete but this was absolutely perfect; there were actually specks of vanilla bean in the thick and creamy yogurt. I’m going to pick some more up very soon I’m sure. I then spent my night catching up on emails and blogs, and was so wiped out I got into bed at 9:30, watched Top Chef Masters and went to bed.

I said this was going to be a marathon post, right? So keep with me here.

This morning I did a long run, thinking I’d be really refreshed from my rest day. It wasn’t bad, but definitely didn’t live up to what I hoped. The rest day also reminded me that I’m just not a cheery person on rest days; a morning run puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. So all this has made me think about getting in an early run on work days. I think it would make me feel better about the day as a whole. Then again, I’d have to kick my butt out of bed at 6, which doesn’t really sound like the me I know. Ultimately, if I do this it would be something I do to make me feel better. The only way I’ll know if it’s something that makes me feel better is if I do it once and see how it goes. It may suck, or it may be perfect; I won’t know if I don’t try, so this is something I’ll give serious thought to doing tomorrow.

Over the weekend I’m heading back up to Maine to hang out with my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. I’ll bring a camera and hopefully there’ll be some fun day trips and good eats(lobster again possibly? :-)) I also plan on baking my super duper Peanut Butter Boy Recipe Contest recipe for my relatives so look out for that recipe in my next post. But before that, I also need to pack, charge tons of electronics, and so much more, so I probably won’t get a chance to update this until Monday.

Also on Monday, I’m going to the Harry Potter Premier in Boston!!! Doesn’t it not open to the general public until Wednesday? Yes, but the premier is Monday, and my dad somehow scored tickets, so I’m incredibly pumped for that. All right, Big Brother season 11 starts in 5 and I’m a junkee for this show who refuses to miss one minute. Seriously, anyone else this addicted? Bye for now.

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It’s A Wacky Wednesday Already

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I need to stop “planning” how days should go the night before because they’re destined to not work out. Dad took the day off from work today, so I thought I’d run somewhere for breakfast. Unfortunately the only places around here are Panera Bread and Starbucks. Well, since I knew what I’d get order at both places(cinnamon raisin swirl bagel or cherry granola parfait), and since I knew I have the ingredients for both at home and can make them better, I just did a normal run and ended making myself neither! I had Kashi vanilla oats with White Chocolate Wonderful and raspberry jam, and peaches with cottage cheese. That breakfast definitely hit the spot for this sunny morning. Kashi definitely makes some of the best/healthiest instant oatmeals out there. It tastes non-artificial and the 7-blend thing really makes it something special. I don’t know how these sat in my pantry for 5 months uneaten.


One of the reasons I did my normal run is because I “planned” to watch morning TV, because who doesn’t love those talk shoes. Well, all the guest stars looked awful, so again I changed things up and am watching The Break Up–pretty funny. Also unplanned: My dog getting sick and puking after my parents went to the hospital for a check-up. Nothing says good morning like dog puke.

Well now I “plan” on doing some abs and arm work, and taking a shower, but I’m sure something will come up and change all that. Should I bother thinking about what I want for lunch yet or will that change too? There’s one thing I love about Wednesdays that never changes; It’s new sales at Whole Foods! And to celebrate we’re shopping at Whole Foods AND Market Basket later. There will definitely be pictures of the loot.

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