When Beans And Coconut Collide

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“If running were easy, it’d be called your mom”

That’s the thought I told myself after running my first mile this morning. It goes to show just the kind of things I’ll think without the distraction of an iPod 😉 I have to admit, the first few miles today were really tough, and I couldn’t tell if it was from being sick or if it’s because running’s a sport and those are meant to be challenging.

10.72 Miles In 1:29:38

10.72 Miles In 1:29:38

I stuck with it. I’m a tough, old bat. It didn’t get easier, but at least it got more amusing. I got to explore most of the half marathon route I’ll be running. And, for the first time in far too long, I did it all without an iPod. That kind of time lets you think a lot to yourself. Do you ever run without any distractions, just your mind?

Chickpea And Mulberry Salad With Simple Coconut Maple Dressing, Mo' Betta Odwalla

Chickpea And Mulberry Salad With Simple Coconut Maple Dressing, Mo' Betta Odwalla

This meal was as thrown together as any to make it to class in time. I wanted a chickpea salad with mulberries, but to avoid cheese and dairy. To keep it interesting, I tossed it in some simple coconut maple dressing. 2 ingredients, no refined sugar, creamy and satisfying–what’s not to love?! On the side, for my wellness, I had an Mo’ Beta Odwalla.

Mo' Beta Odwalla

Mo' Beta Odwalla

This was delicious. I loved that it was all fruit juice or all fruit puree. And it packed some serious vitamin content if we’re to believe the labeling. My biggest shock, however, was noticing stevia on the ingredient list! Don’t get me wrong–it’s way better than finding evaporated cane juice. But why did it need any sweetener with all this fruit? Regardless, I hope this’ll knock back any cold or flu.

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I managed to get through my classes only by thinking about the wonderful ice cream awaiting me at my dorm to enjoy in this hot, sunny weather. The catch was it wasn’t actually that warm; it just looked really nice out the windows sitting in class 😦 I could definitely still go for ice cream, though!

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

So Delicious Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I just love the specks of vanilla bean in here; seeing them definitely make me smile 🙂 And because it’s non-dairy and sweetened with agave, it’s a great choice for me to cut back on refined sugars and dairy! I love finding excuses to eat ice cream like that.

Nature's Path Peanut Choco' Granola Bar

Nature's Path Peanut Choco' Granola Bar

OK, I’m not trying to cut all refined sugars out of my diet, so I didn’t feel bad breaking into this peanut choco chewy granola bar by Nature’s Path. I could have had an apple, or a pear, but when you’re in a granola mood, only a granola bar will do, ya know? Actually, this didn’t do much; I guess my first day back to running and my hunger was ready to come out, guns ablazing, too.

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger, Broccoli, The Heat Is On PB, Mustard

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger, Broccoli, The Heat Is On PB, Mustard

Mmmm, fried food 😀 There was no coconut at dinner(what a shame), but there were beans in the form of tofu in my veggie burger. I reviewed this Southwest Wildwood burger last semester and picked it up this weekend for a flavorful meal in place of fake meat which so often has gluten. Like I say in my review, these are taaaasty. But that’s probably because they’re fried. It’s good oil though, so it’s healthy, right? Right? To add a touch more fat, I had The Heat Is On peanut butter and mustard with some steamed broccoli. Delicious and nutritious.

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger

Wildwood Southwest Veggie Burger

What’s your favorite veggie burger? I have a motive in asking this question. I’m looking for some brands to try because I simply don’t know/have a favorite since moving to an all-natural diet and then giving up prepared soy for Lent. I like the Wildwood burgers, but I’m not sure if they’d grill well, and the outside is entirely fried which, while tasty, might not be an everyday thing.

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Candy Bar Oatmeal

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Shall we start with the obvious? I eat a lot of of candy bars, particularly chocolate bars.

Vivani And Endangered Species 70% Dark Chocolate

Vivani And Endangered Species 70% Dark Chocolate

I’m not complaining. Remember when I said here that I want to aim for at least 1oz of dark chocolate a day? I wasn’t kidding. That would be a “tasting plate” of the last of my Vivani 72% dark chocolate and some Endangered Species organic 70% dark chocolate. This boy knows what he likes. Of course, we can’t eat candy bars all the time.

Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

Oatmeal With Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter And Coconut Milk

That’s when we make oatmeal taste like candy. Almond Joy, anyone? After reading this post on Heather’s blog, I was reminded how amazing coconut milk and grains are together. I don’t have a rice cooker, so oats will have to do. The richness of organic coconut milk pairs so well with Justin’s chocolate almond butter; it’s beyond words.

Who needs and Almond Joy? I have oatmeal.

Chococonut Nature's Path Bar

Chococonut Nature's Path Bar

I woke up bright and early for a run, because I have so much to get done today I wanted for running to be out of the way. This Nature’s Path Organic bar definitely tastes more like a candy than granola bar. I still don’t get much of a coconut flavor out of it :-/

11.5 Miles In 1:39:18

11.5 Miles In 1:39:18

I think the dark chocolate must have worked, because I pushed through 11.5 miles on the tready at a 7.0 pace, which is faster than I was doing before. While I know it’s the running outside that’s boosting my speed, I’d like to think it’s dark chocolate. I can hope, right?

Madhava Vanilla Agave Nectar

Madhava Vanilla Agave Nectar

Madhava recently sent me a box of their agave nectars which I was super excited to try and review. Agave, as you probably know, is an unrefined, vegan sweetener noticeably sweeter than sugar. There’s plenty of scandal around its actual properties I could get into but won’t now. The bottom line for me is that it is just a form of sugar in the end, but one of the ones I’d rather eat than refined white sugar. And when they’re doctored up with flavors like this vanilla, what’s not to love?

Oatmeal With Milk Chocolate And Peanut Butter, Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Oatmeal With Milk Chocolate And Peanut Butter, Vanilla Greek Yogurt

I sweetened plain yogurt with the vanilla agave, and made my own peanut butter with 365 brand smooth and a squirt of vanilla agave. If you like a soft, mellow vanilla tone to flavors, this is perfect for you. It wasn’t as intense as a vanilla bean, but definitely added intrinsic flavor. The peanut butter I’ll tell you tasted just like what you get in a Reese’s cup; the Scharffen Berger milk chocolate and sea salt on top totally enhanced the experience. Let’s compare:


Oatmeal With Milk Chocolate And Peanut Butter

Oatmeal With Milk Chocolate And Peanut Butter

I’ll take my oatmeal, thank you.

What was/is your favorite candy? Growing up, I was always a Reese’s and milk chocolate peanut butter supporter. My all-time favorite had to be the Reese’s Fast Break. A bag of the “minis” would not last long around me. My lifestyle transition to an all-natural diet has been made simpler by Newman’s Own Organics’ milk chocolate peanut butter cups and Sunspire’s milk chocolate coated peanuts. But I still have secret hopes that someday someone will make an all-natural Fast Break, and a few recipes I have yet to try to mimic this.

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Oops, Was I Supposed To Fast?

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I’m 110% distracted by my breakfast and reading the closed captioning on the Today Show right now, so if this has a bazillian typos, that would be why.

Chococonut Nature's Path Chewy Granola Bar

Chococonut Nature's Path Chewy Granola Bar

Nature’s Path sent me a few of their granola bars to try and this one had been freakin’ call my name: chocolate and coconut? Yes please! This bar was super sweet–like a candy bar. I’m surprised it actually had more whole grains than sugar, too; that’s a plus. But it wasn’t very “coconutty” even if the chocolate was pretty amazing. If you want to avoid the Quaker Oats bars and have your kid not know the difference, the Nature’s Path ones are brilliant. Otherwise, I think there are better and more nutritious bars.

Pumpkin Oats With Mighty Maple, Maple Cashews, And Maple Butter

Pumpkin Oats With Mighty Maple, Maple Cashews, And Maple Butter

2 things were amazing last night: Grey’s Anatomy and this bowl of oatmeal. And neither of them were very pretty, either. But I assure you the combination of mighty maple, whole roasted cashews, and gritty/sweet maple butter was a little bit of heaven. It was weird not having my pumpkin oats salty; I don’t know if I liked that part. But otherwise this was divine chocolate.

I started watching The Marriage Ref with Kirstie Alley, Jimmy Fallon, and Sheryl Crow last night; to my great surprise, they were actually pretty funny! But I was beat, so I turned in early and was asleep probably by 10:30. Glorious.

For breakfast, I wanted a big slice of German’s Chocolate Cake. Not happening? I can do better.

Coconut Milk Oatmeal With Dried Cherries, Chocolate Cherry Greek Yogurt

Coconut Milk Oatmeal With Dried Cherries, Chocolate Cherry Greek Yogurt

Coconut Milk Oatmeal With Dried Cherries

Coconut Milk Oatmeal With Dried Cherries

After making this, I remember hearing that you’re supposed to fast on Good Friday and have 1 “meal”. 1 meal?! I have like 5 or 6 a day. If I ate 1, I don’t know how I’d function; even if I took a rest day, my hunger would be haywire. Then it occurred to me that I’ve never actually fasted on good Friday or any other day. No one enforced it in my house, so why start now? Have you/do you fast? Or how do you fast?!

Besides that, the breakfast was amazing; could it even be called a breakfast without Green & Black’s chocolate? Clearly not. In a plain Chobani went cherry butter and a little sweetener. I think that’s why I like plain yogurts the best: You can doctor them up however you want. And I’m still working on that can of coconut milk I opened a while ago, which tastes just as fresh; coconut milk on oatmeal makes it incredibly rich and satisfying. For me, a “German’s Chocolate Cake”, even though it gets its name because of German’s Brand Chocolate, entails chocolate, coconut, and cherry. But apparently it isn’t those flavors for everyone! So what makes a “German Chocolate Cake” to you?

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Feel Good Fueling Well

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I am so happy Monday is over; it’s amazing how much ended up getting done today and needing to be. And the prize? Kicking back with my feet up, scrapping to finish up work, trying not to think about the 6:15 alarm I have now. This week is packed! I have 6 engagements I wouldn’t otherwise have–some for fun, some having me looking for the exit–so I need to be fueling well all along(aka, there’s an interesting blurb from me at the end on fueling)

Gourmet Groceries

While I had tofu pressing and laundry spinning, I got an email to go pick up a package. Can’t it come to me? Well, I threw on clothes to go get it and it was the jungle peanuts I ordered. In fact, between shipments to home and here, I got a good number of fun foods in the past 48 hours. A little while ago I might have gone internet-shopping happy; all but the Tropical Traditions coconut creme were my own purchases, and the creme is to review. I can’t wait “playing” with all of these, though! Chia seeds sound so good and nutritious, and cacao butter will make some mighty chocolate if I can figure out how to use it.

Preparing A Burger

I had planned to have maple baked tofu for lunch(I even had it in the oven), but swinging by the dining hall for veggies on the way back to my dorm really had me craving meat. I believe my words were, “Screw tofu, this is burger weather.” I removed a frozen 90/10 burger I had from 2 weeks ago and cooked that from frozen. Really, for decent flavor and cooking, 85/15 is the better option.

90/10 Quarter Pounder With Ketchup, Roasted Broccoli And Sweet Potato Rounds With EVOO, Root Beer Zevia

Yep. It was definitely burger weather. The roasted vegetables with EVOO drizzled on top was just what I wanted. My only complaint would be that between this, Days Of Our Lives, and folding/putting away laundry, there wasn’t much sitting down and enjoying the meal :-/ Otherwise, I try to make it a point to eat slowly and savor each bite.

Wild Jungle Peanut Butter

With laundry done, I broke out the food processor to–you guessed it–make peanut butter with my wild jungle peanuts. I only used half the batch, and ground until a thick paste. I’m just glad no one dropped by to ask what the noise was 😉 As I was talking about with Gina, really, the greatest thing you can do for nutritional benefits in making your own peanut butter is keeping the skins on; I’ll be interested how “wild” these jungle peanuts taste.

Oikos Yogurt With Dark Chocolate Crunch Truffle

Like I mentioned, I didn’t sit down and savor much of that meal, so no surprise when I was hungry for a quick dessert. I added some NuNaturals alcohol free vanilla stevia(also included in the shopping spree) droplets to a plain Oikos and then broke up a ChocAlive! dark chocolate crunch truffle on top. Yum! I’m still not sure how I feel about stevia in yogurt instead of just sugar/when to use it, but whenever it is such I like the alcohol free vanilla flavor for a clean, pure sweetness. And the truffle was good because… well just when is chocolate not?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Amazing Grass Bar

I was hoping the dessert would hold me over through extracurricular appointment #1 and beyond. It did the first part but soon after getting back I grabbed this chocolate peanut protein Amazing Grass bars. I can not afford to keep these around because… well, I eat them. I think this was bought on sale, though. It was also my last one 😦 I would have thought all this protein throughout the day would have been more satisfying. I would have been wrong.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

I’ve had this chocolate chia pudding gelling for a bit too long; I’d been avoiding eating it because… well, it scares me? But I was hungry enough that it didn’t even matter. I could only get through 1/3 to 1/2 of it before throwing it away; chocolate chia pudding is not for me. So then that wasn’t very substantial, which called for another bar.

Peanut Choco' Nature's Path Organic Bar

This time I went for a peanut-choco Nature’s Path bar. Sense a theme of flavors throughout today? Usually I reserve these for pre-run fueling, because they do have a good deal of sugar compared to other ingredients, but it was at hand and a tiny snack to hold me over while dinner was in the oven.

Roasted Indian Chickpeas And Broccoli

For tonight, I thought I’d try something Monica inspired. Would ya’ll believe I never have roasted chickpeas? I tossed these with EVOO and indian spice along with some broccoli. I know–this is the second time I ate roasted broccoli today. But while the oven’s on why not roast some broccoli? It’s that good. The chickpeas, on the other hand, will not be a new obsession; they just tasted… more stale? Oh well. They also felt more like finger food than any protein I know. I resisted eating them with my fingers, though, because I was at extracurricular #2. I try to have some manners.

Feel Good Fueling Well

Since I feel it’s my duty with a blog called Food Makes Fun Fuel to talk about fueling sometimes as opposed to just food, I will! Let me first assure you it’s easy for anyone in any walk of life to feel a little “blah” on days where they’re a bottomless pit. Today, I couldn’t help but get down on myself for how much random snacking I did.  I’d just rather I had sat down to a bigger, less-processed mid-day meal at some point(chocolate avocado pudding crossed my mind but non of my avocadoes are ripe :-(). But, regardless of snacking or meal-eating, you should always feel good fueling well.

Bottom line number 1: If you’re hungry for it, eat it. There’s no two ways about this one; if you’re hungry, even if it’s not within your “routine” schedule, it’s important to eat. Not doing so can actually throw you more off routine

How much is it really? Here, the key is thinking macro, not macro. Today I ran 12 miles this morning. OK, that accounts for some extra hunger. But also look at your workouts on a weekly schedule. I am running a lot more recently, and my body anticipates more running to come. It’s right! So it needs more fuel.

Want to avoid any guilt? Get away from knowledge–knowledge of calories that is. Depending your intent or method, this may not be for you. But personally I feel much better knowing as little about the exact nutrition content of my meals as I can, which also corresponds to eating whole foods. An apple doesn’t come with a calorie content! Today, I can pinpoint just how many calories/fat/protein/sugars were in my plain Chobani(100), oatmeal grains(105), Oikos(80), truffle(66), Amazing Grass bar(270), and Nature’s Path bar(140), and I can guestimate the 1/2 a cupcake(100). Beyond that, there’s plenty of foods I don’t know that much about, and I’m happier with those. Like I said, ideally this list would be even shorter, but today was an off day(ripen, avocadoes, ripen!).

I think that satisfies my “fueling” obligation for the week. Don’t forget to guess among my sea of lies! I’ll tell the truth tomorrow morning 🙂 But I’m loving the guesses, haha. And now, in honor of proper fueling, plenty of dishes are crossing my mind, not the least of which is this winner from breakfast 😉

Agave Sweetened Greek Yogurt With 1/2 Vanilla Cupcake And Jelly Beans

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Where Has It Been All My Life

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Organic Coconut Milk

Where has coconut milk been all my life? For that matter, where has coconut products been my whole life? I’ve only recently jumped on the coconut train; first I started with So Delicious Coconut Milk Kefir, Tropical Tradition‘s coconut oil, then Artisana’s cacao bliss(not a winer but at least I tried it), next Bob’s Red Mill’s coconut flour, and now coconut milk. Addicted to coconut? I think so.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Coconut Milk

So so good. Since I was out of my coconut milk kefir, I subbed in 1 tablespoon coconut milk and 2 tablespoons water, and then added a tablespoon on top–holy yum! This stuff is sooo rich and delightful. And it’s vegan so I can drink the whole can, right 😉 Next time I might omit a tablespoon of water or something, and up the cocoa a tad with my new cocoa powder. For that matter…

Where has chocolate avocado pudding been all my life? The way I eat it, you might assume I grew up with an avocado tree. Nope. In fact, I rarely eat avocado otherwise. But I discovered this over the Summer from the Runner’s World forums and haven’t looked back.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Nutritional Yeast And Smart Balance Peanut Butter

Where has nutritional yest been all my life? This is another food I only discovered recently from food blogs! And I have to admit I was very scared at first; nutritional yeast? How could that possibly be good? Well it’s fantastic. I get mine from Whole Foods bulk bins and sprinkle it on anything and everything. It’s mostly protein and fiber, and has a pleasantly cheesy flavor; in this combo, I swear it all tastes like cheddar–yum 🙂

Banana Nut Odwalla Bar

This morning the gym wouldn’t be open until 9 so I slept in until 8:30–happy weekend to me! Even better, I found a Banana Nut Odwalla Bar just lying on the ground outside my room. Score! I also found a broken alcohol bottle that I very easily could have stepped on when I woke up to use the bathroom at 5am 😦 I also snuck on my computer before hitting the gym and have to ask…

Where has Google’s gadgets been all my life? Ever since KERF started her nerd series, I’ve learned sooo much. Do you use Google tasks? It’s my new to-do list. I have anything and everything on it right now(I have a lot to do this weekend apparently).

Nature's Path Peanut Choco' Granola Bar

I ate a Nature’s Path Peanut Choco’ bar on my run today. The run was a bit boring, but had me realizing this:

Where has The Today show been all my life? More importantly, why isn’t it on on the weekend 😦 I am not a news-type person; I really hate politics and newspapers and the whole shebang. But The Today show I think has the perfect blend of news and entertainment. And it’s the only thing(along with Cartoon Network) that makes long runs on treadmills bearable.

8 Miles In 69:43

This morning wasn’t terribly long–8 miles in 69:43. It still left me wanting more from my workout, but my feet just wouldn’t take it. Instead, I moved on to a different machine.

Where has the elliptical machine been all my life? OK–it’s not that revolutionary. But in terms of cross-training, it’s easily my favorite. It really does a great job of working different parts of the legs in a low impact environment. I did 3995 strides in 30 minutes(I know–I couldn’t squeeze 5 more in? Apparently not).

Greek Yogurt With Cherry Butter And Dried Cherries, Oatmeal With Coconut Milk And Chocolate Almond Butter

Oatmeal With Coconut Milk And Chocolate Almond Butter

Where have vegan food blogs been all my life? I have a ton of blogs on my reader, and love to go through them all(even if it leaves me not enough time to comment on some of my favorite and can be a little daunting). Recently, I’ve gotten fantastic ideas from vegan blogs to feed my new coconut obsession. Jessie mentioned pouring coconut milk on her oats so I was looking forward to this. It’s a holy yum! Because of the heat, the moisture evaporates a way and what’s left is very concentrated and very coconutty. I think it could be a topping for oats all itself without nut butter! That being said…

Where has Justin’s chocolate flavors been all my life? Between the chocolate peanut butter, chocolate almond butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter, I’m obsessed. If you live in the Colorado area where these are on store shelves, I am very jealous; I ordered these with Christmas money from their website back in January. But I hear they’ll be on the East coast in March! Bring it.

Where has on-TV movies been all my life? I feel weird to admit it, but since being on campus on the weekends having limited channel choices, I’ve actually come to enjoy the made-for-TV movies I can find and actually look them up ahead of time. Craziness. Right now, Robots is on, and soon The Patriot. This is what being cooped up with a lot of work will do for ya.

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In A Jiffy…

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In a jiffy I’m putting up this post before class.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Nibmor Almond Chocolate

In a jiffy I can whip up a batch of chocolate avocado pudding that’s smooth and silky. I also added in a piece of almond Nibmor because raw cacao butter just rocks my socks(all though, to be honest, I wish this were their original flavor). Why haven’t I bought that yet? I’ll look for it and pick one up in a jiffy.

In a jiffy I’m already so annoyed with Lent. It’s making me have cravings it knows I can’t have that I would never otherwise crave. Like orange chicken at 10pm? Since when?!

In a jiffy last night I was in my PJ’s and reading a food magazine in the month that it was published. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten around to one that fast.

In a jiffy those female skiers were flying down the mountain last night. Too bad so many of them were on their butts and not their skis.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Nutritional Yeast And Smart Balance

In a jiffy I shut down my computer, ate some oats, and fell asleep. I might not have been able to feed a chicken craving but “vegan cheddar” I could do with these oats–yum.

In a jiffy I made some decaf french vanilla coffee this morning–whoopee!

In a jiffy I read an email from a writing fellow saying my paper might “miss the mark”, decided to disagree with her, and swapped the grading option from ABC to Pass/Fail on that class. How great to do 2 things I love–arguing with people and making important life decisions–before the sun rises and in a jiffy.

7 Miles In 62:55

In a jiffy I ran 7 miles(that is if you consider 62:55 a “jiffy”).

In a jiffy I decided that I would post before class to today so that I can hit up Whole Foods between Greek and Greek History with time to cook up lunch.

Breakfast Components

In a jiffy I grabbed what will make up my breakfast(less sunspires will be involved though.

In a jiffy I’m going to defend myself by saying this is 3/4 organic, free of refined grains, probiotic, and exactly what I was craving. So there!

In a jiffy I’m off! What have you done recently in a jiffy?

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Not On Schedule

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Why bother making a schedule? Things happen; life happens. You can plan and plan the day but good luck having it work out.

Kashi Honey Almond Flax

I ended up being hungry before lunch–not planned because I never am? I thought this bar, which I’ve enjoyed before, would be nice. After eating it and thinking it was unusually stale and nasty, I realized it expired 2 months ago. Since when do things like this even expire? It was odd, to say the least.

While I was off-schedule anyway, I thought I’d get a head start on my baking. I planned on making this recipe with a bunch of little changes that I wrote up here. As it turned out, we had no flour. Really? I planned and planned for this and went to the store twice to get ingredients and never thought to check for flour? Ugh. After freaking out for about 5 minutes I decided to enlist help.

Red Dodge Neon

I called my 81 year old grandmother for a ride; if you see this card on the road ever, you might want to be a little careful. Actually, she’s not an awful driver, but I was holding on a little tight. She was happy to take me to Hannafords(she needed scratch tickets anyway, don’t ya know ;-)). While I was in her car I noticed two things.

Purple Steering Wheel

She has pizazz apparently. 3 years ago at Christmas, this steering wheel cover caused a heated argument during yankee swap; no one wanted it except the old people so that’s who it went to.

Wendy's Kids Meal Map

I also found kid’s meal stuff in the back seat. My grandmother and her 80 year old sister are the only two people who go on this car. Apparently, they’re not above ordering off the kid’s menu on their way to the casino. Oh, to be old…

King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour

I grabbed what I needed, and that was all. After I got home, I realized I was borderline hangry because it was almost 2pm(so not on schedule) and all I’d had for “lunch” was that expired granola bar. After a kitchen failure with 2 eggs and a pan, I made this masterpiece.

2 Egg Omelet With Broccoli

Seriously, this was so good; I think I tapped in to my inner “chef”. As I’ve said before, I’m a baker who loves precise times and measurements. Therefore, “meal” food doesn’t work well with me. I put that mindset aside, put “a lil’ earth balance” in the pan to melt, cooked the bottome of the egg “until it looked ready”, added the cheese and folded. It was so beautifully runny and rich and cheesy, just the way eggs should be. Maybe I do have a lil’ chef in me? In my attempt to get back on schedule, I quickly got working on the recipe.

Browning Earth Balance Butter

That would be 10 tablespoons of earth balance(original recipe calls for real butter) melting until brown and nutty. Amazingly, this wasn’t a Paula Dean recipe, either, but one featured on Healthy Eats. I actually think this might have been my favorite part; something about a large pool of melted, fragrant butter… *drool*. Anyway, while I was doing this I spotted some old friends.

Wild Turkey

There’s a group of 20something wild turkeys that live in our neighborhood. Naturally, I was nervous since I haven’t seen them since Thanksgiving. Turns out, they’re doing just fine in this snow.

The Beaters

There was definitely some licking of the raw dough with this recipe. No, it was not vegan, but I’ll take my chances on the raw eggs. Ever since I’ve seen documentaries on body builders who eat 6 eggs or something crazy to start their day, I’ve been a bit balls-to-the-wall with raw dough. I’m a wild man, right?

Peanut Butter And Chocolate Biscotti

The biscotti came out amazingly(minus the 6 or so that crumbled in to pieces). This recipe was definitely a winner with a little reworking. While I was baking, I got some fun packages.

NuttZo T-Shirt

The people at NuttZo saw I was a nut for their product and sent me a shirt! I’m such a brandaholic; I was actually wearing my zevia t-shirt just today, haha. I think I need to wear on Christmas just to kick off that conversation. And perfect timing because I just wrote a review for NuttZo this morning here.

Nature's Path Granola And Bars

I also got these awesome granola and bars. 2 weeks ago I was their “fan of the week” on facebook and got to pick out 3 products to get 2 boxes of. Naturally, I went for everything peanut butter or cherry. I’ve never tried any of these so I can’t wait to see how they are. Once the biscotti were done, I didn’t want to dive in to them because I wasn’t sure there’s enough for Christmas Eve and Christmas yet. Instead, I made some similar oatmeal.

Oatmeal With Teddy Unsalted Natural Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chips

I picked up this new peanut butter yesterday at Price Chopper while working on a guest post. It’s rated really better than most other brands. And it’s 1-ingredient: peanut. I needed to see what the fuss is about. I admit, for something unsalted this was rather tasty and had a good consistency(not “oily” at all yet still smooth and melty). I don’t know that it deserves the rating it does but it was pretty cheap, too, so I’m not complaining.

Let’s just say “workouts” at this point are definitely a point of contention; I don’t plan on forcing myself to do too much strengthening if it’s not what I want(I’m a cardio lover at heart), but I also don’t want to completely fall off the ladder. I resolved this by playing 2 rounds of wii tennis, 1 wii fitness test, and 2 sets of 25 stair flights. This also gave me time to plan dinner, which I had going before my mom got home.

Sirloin Roast, Roasted Brussels, Noggy Butternut Squash

Let’s just say, I couldn’t have dreamed this up better. It was soooooo good, and everyone enjoyed it I think, which makes me doubly happy. In ordinance with my “new plan” towards meat, I portioned out 3oz of rare meat, and loaded up on the vegetables. The meat was so excellent, and I think limiting that amount was just perfect in also letting me appreciate what I did have. I had in mind to mash butternut squash with 1/4 cup Silk Nog and some stevia to taste and my parents loved it(my mom thought it needed 2 tablespoons of brandy, haha). It was really earthy and delicious.

After all that, I finally got a chance to sit down and finish Days(which I started 3 hours ago). Now that Caitlin has reminded me via twitter that I have instant chocolate pudding in the pantry, I think you can guess what I’ll be “making”.

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