Those Extra Miles I Didn’t Know I Had

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I don’t know what it was, but after this morning’s post I had no motivation for running :-/ I could feel the energy from the maple sugar leaf(drool), but something wasn’t clicking. I even sipped on half a can of Zevia Twist–no clue why! Finally I just threw myself out the door and hoped something would happen. At the very least, I had 3 new songs on my ipod to listen to. And I’ll say that the first miles were tough. Nothing was achey physically but mentaly something still hadn’t clicked. Trucking along I got more and more into it; before I knew it, I threw myself onto the long route I did Saturday without my Garmin.

13.23 Miles In 1:52:04

13.23 Miles In 1:52:04

And it was long! This is definitely my furthest distance running. And even though I was mildly tired by the end, mentally I was ready to go further. Do you ever feel like you need to get going before you really get going? I don’t even know how to process being able to do runs this long. And enjoy them! If only they didn’t drain time from the day. After that, lunch was canned.

Tuna And Chickpea Dill Salad, Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Tuna And Chickpea Dill Salad, Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Literally. I made a salad with the leftover kale, chickpeas, tuna, and lots of dill seasoning; dill is my favorite for fish and this was just like my favorite salmon burgers which I’m sure there’ll be plenty of in the Summer. And did you catch that other plate?

Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

Raw Broccoli And Nut Cheese

A lot of you had good guesses as to what was in that jar on the last post; the answer was nut cheese! Cashew cheese, to be exact. I’m definitely no expert and won’t even bother posting a recipe or how-to as of yet, because I’m still learning. The texture was perfectly airy and delicious. The flavor was more meh; it tasted like cashews. I think it needed to culture more, though–again–I’m so separated from the science of all of this.

Gingerberry Kombucha

Gingerberry Kombucha

This afternoon was spent procrastinating/packing more/etc. Instead of randomly snacking, I sipped on a new flavor of Kombucha. Among the benefits of kombucha is “weight management”; I would take any and all claims of the “health”iness of this drink with a grain of salt. BUT I will say that sipping on this throughout the afternoon definitely eliminated any random snacking and was far more tasty(OK, this is a preference). have you tried kombucha yet? Why do you drink it, if so? For me, it’s all about the flavor and probiotic boost.

Giovvana's White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

Giovvana's White Chocolate Cranberry Gelato

Normally, I like low-fat fro-yo, or rich, fatty vegan ice creams. I forgot about this gelato buried in our freezer. I don’t even like gelato normally but this local brand has won my heart. It’s a lot softer in texture than what I think of as gelato. The white chocolate flavor is incredible; it’s a little curious the ingredients are “whole milk, cranberries, white chocolate, emulsifier”, but the brand is local and food-conscious so I wouldn’t question them. It’s so hard to track this down, though!

Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, And Watermelon

Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, And Watermelon

After my extended Spring Break, we really needed to pack it up and hit the road tonight. On the way, I snacked on some melons from Easter tossed with a little sea salt. Salt makes sweet fruit sooooo much better. Try it if you haven’t!

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

Roasted Carrots And Broccoli, General Gao's Chicken, Golden Sesame Tofu

And dinner was at one of the best restaurants in town: Whole Foods. OK, there are better restaurants, but this is fast, easy, and everyone can get what they’d like. I had some roasted veggies, of course; these always taste better when you don’t have to roast them. And then I got a strip of General Gao’s chicken and golden sesame(fried) tofu. I know I’ve asked a lot of questions, but here’s what I really want to know: What do you get at the salad bar, Whole Foods or not? The last few times I got pretty boring stuff; what I really like to get is nasty, greasy stuff like I did tonight. I love it because I know it’s just as unhealthy but I feel better eating it because it’s from Whole Foods; really, what Chinese restaurant do you know that guarantees naturally raised chicken?

OK, my bed looks like a disaster zone because I just threw everything that didn’t need refrigeration on it and started blogging. I need to work on that and hit the hay for 9am class!

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Jokerz And Gardens

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I love how much bloggers sympathize over dropped tableware! Only you guys would understand, haha.

Jolly Beans

With the sun shining in, I knew an outdoor run would help me feel energized. I pushed it about as late as I could–10:30–and got ready to run. Right before heading out I popped the jelly beans from the Whole Foods bulk bins for quick energy. They’re all-natural, vegetarian, called “Jolly Beans”, and absolutely delicious; just like with other brands, my favorite colors are the white, orange, and yellow. Which are your favorite jelly beans?

9.4 Miles In 1:20:46

I ended up running 9.4 miles in 1:20:26, which was a really good pace for me. I had to hit the Providence hills because on my way back I made a pit stop at University Heights Whole Foods to grab a Jokerz bar. I think I’ve found a new addiction! I also swung by the dining hall before coming into my room right at 12 with the rush; that was not timed well, and there wasn’t even much for me to work with 😦 I stilled managed a tasty and quick lunch.

Kidney Beans With Ketchup And Hemp Oil, Maple Tofu, All Over Spinach

Another bean salad–I’m just loving these! Red beans are definitely not my favorite(I prefer chickpeas or black beans), but it’s what they had so I worked with them and made a dressing from organic ketchup and Foods Alive hemp oil sweet & sassy dresing. It reminded me of BBQ beans. On top, I threw on the maple tofu I roasted Monday but ended up not eating. What turned out being thrown together from stuff on hand was actually a great meal. Do you have a favorite type of bean?

Jokerz Go Max Go Foods Candy Bar

Wednesdays win for my long days: 3 1/2 hours straight class in the afternoon. I definitely needed something to look forward to in my Object History class to keep me sane. The funny thing? This weeks “object” was sugar and other food in colonial America. We also talked a lot about the potatoes role in society from it’s origins as a South American crop to Europe. As much as I love food, I feel like class is the one place I can escape from having a single track mind. C’est la vie.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Enrobing Vegan Caramel, Nougat, And Peanuts

It felt a little ironic to be eating this Go Max Go Foods Jokerz while we talked about the expansion of sugar in the 18th century English diet and how 1 ton of sugar equated to the life of a slave at the time. Guilt? I don’t know the meaning of the word–this was downright delicious! So sweet and good. And, yes, it’s a candy bar and not at all healthy. But it is all natural 🙂 And I had a surprise waiting for me after class…


Guess who was in town! Literally, he was in town on a special business conference, and since he got off dinner when I got out of class, meeting up for dinner seemed natural. First we stopped at a store to get avocadoes, kombucha, a new bowl, and jelly beans(aka, all of my staples). After that, we found a little local restaurant that Heather recommended.

Garden Grille Cafe

Garden Grille Cafe is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant over in East Pawtucket. I have ran right near this so many times without even paying notice; I wasn’t even 1/4 mile away twice on my run this morning! The menu is all vegetarian, highly vegan/gluten-free, and they even have some raw items. Though it didn’t say, I would bargain all the ingredients to be all-natural. They even had organic brews on tap(not that I was getting any of that action), along with fresh squeezed juices and blended smoothies. Now those sounded good. I’ll definitely be planning to end a run on a nice sunny day by here.

Eggplant Rollatini

For my entree, I chose the eggplant rollatini, described as “grilled and stuffed with herb tofu nut cheese, crispy polenta, garlic sauteed spinach with homemade pomodoro sauce””. The flavors were just what I was craving at the time. It also appealed to me that this was vegan, gluten-free, and–at least I would say so–didn’t compromise my Lent give-up of “prepared soy”(it had some tofu, but less than any other menu item, and since the house probably used raw tofu and just prepared it tonight, it’s less “prepared” than the ones I had in mind). The eggplant rolls with the tofu-nut cheese were amazing; I could have ate 5 more! The polenta I just had a sliver of; it was well formed, but even well formed polenta is pretty boring unless you dress it up with heavy cream or a sharp cheese(and this dish was vegan). Overall, it was a great experience and I’ll probably be eating there again. Did I mention they have vegan cinnamon rolls on the Sunday brunch menu? They do.

A few last things: first up, Katie alerted me to this article fronting Newsweek this week; apparently, I’m a good writer 😉 And I also agree with a lot I have to say! Go figure. And check out this ch-ch-chia seed giveaway from Lucky Taste Buds that comes with a sweet recipe! happy end of humpday, ya’ll!

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