Let’s Play Jeopardy

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Before we get into the game, I wanted to mention my guest post over at Christina’s blog with a brand new recipe! It’s on my favorite subject 😉 Can you guess what that is?

Answer: Sweet potatoes, soup, lentils

Carrot Cashew Ginger Soup, Sweet Potato, Snobby Joe Lentils, Ginger Zevia

What does a 90 year old woman eat for lunch on a rainy day? Nope, but darn close. And I’m OK with that. I think they need to thicken this soup up a bit with something but the flavor is really good. And I think I could eat lentils for every meal if that wouldn’t make things around here very smelly.

Answer: Ellen DeGeneris

Who is a funny lesbian? Yes, but what we were looking for was who is my least favorite afternoon talk show. So after Days and Rachael Ray I had no problem grabbing this bar and stepping out:

Peanut Butter Z-Bar

Oh portable peanut butter, you make me so happy. Anyway, I had finished with my Epic Poetry paper and headed to the library to print it and then the Classics house to drop it off.

Answer: Awkward head nod of acknowledgement

What is something you always regret? But of course. And yet, who can help but do it in reaction? I ran into my roommate at the library and gave a sort of half nod of acknowledgement which must have looked awkward. Oh well. The more you think about these things after doing them the more it’s just torture. I dropped off my paper(wahoo!) and then went up and down Thayer street, stopping at Blue State to try their tea.

Berry Tea

Answer: Berry flavoring

What is something I don’t like? Yes. So why did I order their berry tea? Stumped myself on that one. But after I asked the man to point out the decafs I felt obligated to just pick one and go with it. It wasn’t bad, but I definitely like gingery or lemony or black teas better. Basically, any other tea, to be exact 😉

Question: Sigma Kai

Who are the rowdiest frat on campus? Nope. But they win most spirited.

Sigma Kai

Seriously, how cool is this? It’s also right near my dorm so I see it quite often. AND they have a serious sound system which normally is for parties but they blast Christmas tunes through, too. Awesomeness. I picked up stuff for dinner and made my way back into my warm and dry dorm to make some oats.

Pumpkin Oats With Smart Balance And White Chocolate Chips

That also helped to warm me up. And when doesn’t melty, salty peanut butter feel good? Never’s what I think, too 🙂

Answer: Dr. Phil has had a vasectomy and reverse vasectomy

What is something I really didn’t want to know? Unfortunately, I watched his show, and he shared that. Really? Ew. I never watch him usually. but I got to remembering how my mom loved him and I would watch out of necessity. It’s not that he doesn’t give good advice; he just has on the stupidest guests whose problems are so obvious. I was still pretty set from my oatmeal for dinner but I could not resist gobbling this down anyway because of how amazing it is.

Answer: Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak

Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak, Pepper Strips, Sunflower Cheddar Flatbread

What is the tastiest contradiction ever? Ding, ding, ding. we have a winner in this dinner, you crazy sinner. I had this for lunch Tuesday, and afterwards when I thought about it, I realized this meal made me feel like Julia Child; if you asked me what I love after I had eaten this, my eyes would have rolled in the back of my head and I’d of said “I love to eat!” It’s that good. And all it is is 4oz or so Lightlife sausage style meat, cooked onions, and a slice of American cheddar cheese. I love food.

Answer: Entertaining

What is Modern Family? or what is naturally colored coated candies bleeding in yogurt? Both!

Vanilla Soy Yogurt With Milk Chocoalte Peanut Sundrops

Sooo good. Carby overload with the chocolate and sweetened soy yogurt probably, but still so so good. I got a good amount of work done on my next paper but took the night easy having finished the other one. If I had it my way, I’d take all my tests tomorrow to just get them done with, but it doesn’t work that way. Then I got extremely snacky and had this right before bed

Small Bowl Of Oats With SB PB, Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanut Sundrops, Advent Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Orange Slice

At least it was a well balanced meal with fruit(the orange slice) and dairy(milk chocolate). I think the magic of the milk chocolate peanut sundrops only works with soy yogurt because this wasn’t as good; oh well, now I know. Nothing ends the night better, though, than melty, salty peanut butter. That definitely had me sleeping tight.

Answer: 10 Miles

How far did I run this morning? Well 14, if you must know. I woke up super energized and just hit the gym ready to run. My legs felt like a rag doll’s at first but I got into it sometime around Pokemon and just kept going without any running fuel or anything. It was a little slower than yesterday(1:59:33) but still felt good. I had an odd craving for breakfast I won’t even mention but instead settled for something more traditional.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple, Tempeh Bacon, And White Chocolate Chips

Yogurt With Mint Chocolate Orange Goji Cookies

Isn’t white chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon tradition for everyone? I restrained myself with the white chocolates; just because I’m running doesn’t give me liscence to turn breakfast into dessert in my opinion(though this tasted close enough! :-)) I love these goji gourmet cookies; the flavor is so freshy and perky and perfect for the morning. And now I’m trying to be a good roommate and not make too much noise but I’m also trying to watch Live! With Regis And Kelly because Jeff Probst is on and I’m a Survivor addict as you know.

Answer: A giveway

What is to come this afternoon? Come back and check to see 😉

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Veggies And Heat

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Don’t I always say “I have plenty of time this morning”. And wouldn’t you know I always leave my room in disarray with an unmade bed and sometimes uncleaned dishes? I’ve definitily further developed my decaf coffee addiction, because while I could have more time in the morning I often end up rushing out to get coffee. Yesterday was no different until I got to The Blue Room where I switched it up.

Raspberry Lime Seltzer

Raspberry Lime Seltzer

How is it that I’ve virtually forgotten about the original all-natural soda since moving? I used to drink ore of this stuff, especially on my trip to Georgia. I guess I just don’t shop that aisle at the grocery store, but I definitely should because it’s a way to get me to drink water. I love that fizz! For lunch, I had an undeniable craving. And you know I wouldn’t deny a craving 😉

November 4th 007

Trader Joe's Mac N Cheese With Peppers, Broccoli

I could 100% live off of Trader Joe’s instant Mac N’ Cheese if I really needed to. I think it’s best with the cheese powder slightly not mixed in so you get that real, artifical taste(even though it’s all-natural!) 🙂 I grabbed peppers from the dining hall to add some bulk and flavor and broccoli for the side. Gotta have the broccoli, right? I also grabbed this for “dessert” to be eaten in class.

November 4th 009

Blueberry Vanilla White Chocolate Attune Bar

This was definitely my favorite of the Attune bars! It had a perfect white chocolate flavor that I absolutely loved. And I think white chocolate and cheese pair so well together. I’m pretty sure there’s a recipe out there for vanilla fudge made with cheese. Maybe it’s a Paula Deen recipe? Anyway, this was perfect and the best thing to power me through classes. When I got back to my dorm later though I was a bit hungry famished, and threw together some oats to solve the dilemma.

Kashi Vanilla Pumpkin Oats With Vanilla Almond Butter

Kashi Vanilla Pumpkin Oats With Vanilla Almond Butter

These might not be the sexiest oats at the party, but they got it going on. I used a Kashi Vanilla oats packet and mixed that with pumpkin for an irresistibly seasoned base, and topped that with my favorite almond butter to drive the vanilla home. As Emeril Lagasse would say, Bam! Unfortunately, this caused me to tap into my “reserve” can of pumpkin. I’ll need to pick some more up today or tomorrow for sure!

There was a ton of hullabaloo around Oprah today because a local person was part of the episode. I only got to watch half of it though 😦 You see, first I brewed some coffee and decided to have an apple.

November 4th 003

Red Delicious Apple

That was a crappy apple because it was 2+ weeks old. And that was a crappy picture of a crappy apple because at this point my camera died and I realized I had no other batteries. I chugged my coffee(isn’t that always smart?) and went to the bookstore. Surprisingly, they only carry some very cheap generic brand, so I went the extra distance to CVS. Batteries confuse me so much. I get the AA, AAA thing; what I don’t get is why my camera and remote take the same batteries but if I put the wrong ones in the wrong system I’ll be channel flipping for 10 years but get 8 pictures and a flash out of my camera.

November 4th 015

Energizer Ultiate Lithium

I went for the ones that pandered to my weak consumer mind the most. See how 2 are missing? Yeah, they work at least. Rechargeable seem like the best option. But all I could find were rechargeable batteries, not a battery recharger. That’s awful marketing. I also picked up a foodie magazine even though I haven’t read my last two. Oops. When I got back to the dorm, I was cold, but not too cold that this wasn’t excellent.

November 4th 017

Pineapple Chobani With Semi-Sweet Baking Chips

I don’t think I could ever resist a creamy yogurt with some sweet chocolate to top it off 🙂 It was at this point in the day I had my “Oh crap, I have a Greek test tomorrow and I’ve barely studied!” breakout.  Blogs are not helpful during that time other than being entirely entertaining. I made a special dish to have for lunch tomorrow as I got ready to meet my friend Adam at The Ratty. I decided to bring it “just in case” there wasn’t anything I wanted at the dining hall. Good call, Evan, good call.

The Heat Is On Tofu Salad, Baby Carrots, Stir Fried Peppers, Oregon Style Beans

The Heat Is On Tofu Salad, Baby Carrots, Stir Fried Peppers, Oregon Style Beans

The menu posted for the dining hall and what they actually had were totally off. There was no baked sweet potatoes with honey and chives. Shame, too, because that sounded good 😦 The lunch I had made was a tofu salad with The Heat Is On peanut butter. I used about 1 1/2 servings firm, mushed tofu, 1 tablespoon The Heat Is On peanut butter, salt, and sweetener to taste. I’d never tried it before but I’ve done it with tuna so I thought it might work. It wasn’t too peanutty, but it was quite delicious and something I’ll definitely make again. I think 2 tablespoons peanut flour and some soy sauce would really put it over the edge. They had baby carrots on the salad line, which they don’t usually have. Don’t you love baby carrots? I figured it was a sign that I was meant to eat my tofu on the carrots. After chatting, getting back to my dorm, and studying some more, I had to go back out, get ripped off buying a Chobani with my dining points, and make this.


Plain Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Jam And Vanilla Stevia, Topped With Jam, Super Dark Newman's Own Organic Chocolate, And Vanilla Sugar

Plain Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Jam And Vanilla Stevia, Topped With Jam, Super Dark Newman's Own Organic Chocolate, And Vanilla Sugar


I’m really enjoying these gourmet yogurt messes cleans. I was looking for a pomegranate chobani, but they didn’t have that, so instead I fruit sweetened a plain one with raspberry jam and stevia, and topped it with some more jam, 1 Newman’s Own Organic super dark chocolate square, and vanilla sugar. Sweetening your own yogurt is the best. Just be sure to have some good cheap jams to easily replace because it can take quite a bit, I used 365 brand for this, which is a great brand to get when the actual fruit is higher on the ingredient list than white grape juice. Otherwise, you might as well be paying for white grape jam.

Modern Family was awesome last night. Not because I thought it was particularly funnier than the other episodes but because I used to fence epee too for 3 years 🙂 I don’t own any equipment so I’m not sure if I even could join the club here but it’d be something to look into I suppose. After some debate of what made good “I wish I school work didn’t exist” snack, I toasted this up.


Kashi Strawberry Flax Waffles With Smart Balance, Strawberry Jam, And Microwave Bruleed Bananas

Kashi Strawberry Flax Waffles With Smart Balance, Strawberry Jam, And Microwave Bruleed Bananas


I think waffles just make a good anytime snack, don’t you? The mysterious white powder on the jam is surprisingly not cocaine but rather vanilla powder because that’s how I roll. That strawberry jam is Wild Oats and not 365 brand because 365 brand has not-strawberry as its first ingredient. In all honesty, I got a little mad at myself with how fast I ate this. I wasn’t that hungry or anything, but I got stressed once I read an email from my Epic Poetry teacher about an essay she had just assigned for next Friday. Frankly, I should have taken that class Pass/Fail since I’m not much of an essay writer. I guess I know what I’ll be doing with my weekend.


1/2 English Muffin With Peanut Butter Spread, Deep Chocolate Vitatop With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

1/2 English Muffin With Peanut Butter Spread, Deep Chocolate Vitatop With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

A little more snacks and I shut off the comp to study, then hit the hay early. Honestly, I’d rather walk in and take a test on a subject I’d never heard of before after a full nights sleep than take a test in something I’m a master at on no sleep. I think when you’re well rested your mind can pull info it didn’t even know it knew from just about anywhere.

I slept in a little(read: 7) and went to the gym for a shorter run(read: 7). My gym friend came in and to be quite honest she wreaked. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt because she might have been eating an everything bagel with cream cheese, but wow that got me running those 7 faster. When I was done, I hit the restroom, and came back to find someone had moved my ipod and ID to use my machine even though there were other free ones. Umm what? Sure, I was done, but they didn’t know that. That irked me a bit. When I got back I made a fantastic breakfast.


Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Goji Almond Oat Cookies, Peanut Soy Yogurt

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Goji Almond Oat Cookies, Peanut Soy Yogurt

A little note to clear confusion: peanut yogurt whenever you see it on this blog is more often than not 6oz some brand yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons byrd mill peanut flour. If such a magical product existed on store shelves trust me when I say I’d let you know. This really did feel like the breakfast of champions. Anyone want to take a guess at how much protein and fiber it has? I can’t do the math off the top of my head but I’ll start off tomorrow’s post with the answer(aren’t the kind of “games” we foodies play hysterical?).

Yesterday I won a free Mojamix with up to 7 ingredients on their weekly facebook contest! Any suggestions for some fun mixes? And now, I leave you with a chest shot to express how I feel right now.




Chobani Giveaway over at The Actors Diet! Can never have enough greek yogurt 🙂

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