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You can call me butterfingers today for so many reasons. Then again, I can’t refuse some good butter 😀 Right after breakfast(with butter toffee peanut butter, no less), I hopped out to walk to Supercuts. I’ve gotten my haircut by the same person for–God–7 years, maybe? Maybe more. It felt like I was cheating on that person by going to someone else, but hey! I’m in another state! If it’s any consolation, my Tina does a way better job than whoever I had today. After I got back to my dorm, it was practically lunch time.

Microwave Popcorn

Who’s up for working ridiculous things into meals because you’re craving them? I am! I am! For what it’s worth, I believe this was Newman’s Own Organics‘ light butter; it didn’t say on the packaging but I don’t think I’d have boughten any other kind.

Steamed Broccoli, Scrambled Tofu, Buttered Popcorn

For a protein, I “scrambled” some tofu with a fork and cooked in a pan with soy sauce until it firmed up and came to be almost like eggs–yum! You should definitely try this.

Broccoli, Scrambled Tofu

Part of the browning comes from soy sauce, but part of it comes from the pan; that’s how you know it’s done. And in defense of popcorn, it is a whole grain! With moderate amount of butter and salt, it’s near perfection, too. This afternoon I was the other kind of butterfinger–the kind who’s constantly dropping the ball.


I grabbed this apple while I was throwing stuff in the laundry machine in the basement. On the good side of things, it was fresh and not at all mealy! On the downside, when has a tiny apple ever been a sufficient snack? It needed almond butter or peanut butter.

Greek Yogurt With Raspberry Dark Chocolate Jam

Which is why I made up another snack not 20 minutes later once I sat down to do some work. I’ve really slipped up recently by neglecting the good ol’ yogurt and jam–a classic combination. I might have also slipped up by assuming the fire alarm this afternoon was a drill, because eventually firemen showed up and the building was practically in lock down–double oops. It was not my kind of afternoon.

Coconut + Vanilla Macaroon, Almond Milk Vanilla Frosty

Once things settled down, I made a repeat snack from yesterday but with some twists: I used almond milk, sea salt, and vanilla agave for the shake and had a coconut + vanilla macaroon emmy’s organic macaroon on the side. The shake was noticeably more bitter, probably because a) Xagave is sweeter than normal agave I find and b) almond milk is naturally bitter. Next time I should try it with Xagave and cow’s milk to see how it tastes. When I was cleaning my food processor–blech. I don’t even want to say it.

Plastic Pieces

Butterfingers! I dropped the top piece and some plastic came off 😦 It looks like the whole thing should still work, but man! If you remember, this happened when I first bought my food processor and was able to exchange it; I think it’s been a little too long now. All I can say is I would not recommend the Black & Decker brand as it is far too fragile; if anyone has a food processor they want me to demo, I’m all game 😀

Mushroom Omelet With Colby Cheese, Vegetable Melange With Hemp Oil Sweet & Sassy Dressing

Dinner was so unexciting; I’m ready for this Lent thing to be over already! I just want a juicy burger 😦 Instead, I ate eggs, with a little butter in the pan to make them not stick. Exciting, huh? Well, this new dressing was sort of exciting, and loaded with healthy fats, too. I’d love to try it on something green like spinach with some sweetness(tomato). It has a nice sweet tang almost like BBQ sauce.

Clean Comforter And Jacket

I could slip into my bed right now like butter if it weren’t not-made. On the bright side, I did slip into a fresh out of the drier sweatshirt, which is always like a warm hug. Now, what gets butter off the fingers? Coconut oil?

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It’s A Wonderful Day

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I need to make this snappy; It’s A Wonderful Life is on in less than an hour!(I get excited over this movie)

But first, a shout out to a new peanut butterrific blog, We’re Totally Nuts! You may remember I reviewed a few of their peanut butters here a while back. Can’t wait to see what recipes they come up with!

Well now I hate to start this post today this way but there was no peanut butter at breakfast today. Instead, I thought I’d try out walnut butter!  It took 3 spreads to make these oats.

Berlin NH Maple Butter, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, Artisana Walnut Butter

Pumpkin Oats With Walnut Butter, Pumpkin Cream Cheese, And Maple Butter

Plain Oikos With Vanilla Stevia And Vanilla Sugar

This felt like a Sunday morning breakfast… even though it’s Saturday. I was none too crazy about this walnut butter at first but it definitely grew on me. Once I sample and review all of Artisana’s flavors, I might have to go out and buy myself this one. Although really I loved the maple butter the most(though who wouldn’t?). The yogurt was super good; for anyone new to or worried about stevia’s flavor, adding a little sugar really helps neutralize it(all the better when it’s wanilla bean infused sugar from Whole Foods’ bulk bins!).

Zevia Root Beer

Not going to lie, I also had this in the a.m. But it’s OK because I was out of my PJ’s… for most of it. I ended up doing something I’ve been meaning to for a while.

1 Cup Organic Shredded Coconut, 1/4 Cup Powdered Sugar, 1 Tablespoon Earth Balance Butter

Sweetened Coconut

Ever notice how they don’t sell organic sweetened coconut? Well, they don’t; it’s like you can have something unhealthy but organic. Umm, hello? They’ve been making organic chocolate for forever. Oh well. I sweetened some myself this way; it didn’t knock my socks off(mostly because I’m not an intense coconut lover) but it’s way better than regular. I’ll think of some way to use it up. I also made some cookies.

365 Peanut Butter

Flourless peanut butter cookies, to be exact. Would you believe I haven’t made these ever? No excuse; I just hadn’t. I used this peanut butter because all my other ones are in my dorm. No need for a recipe page, because I used the oldest recipe in the book: 1 cup peanut butter, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 egg, vanilla extract, baking soda. I substituted 1/2 cup of sugar for NuNaturals baking blend to up the fiber and down the sugar. After these came out I made myself a random but delicious lunch.

Brussels And Broccoli With Soyaki Sauce, Oikos With Caramel Mustard And Sweetened Coconut

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie

I said it’d be random. The veggies were drenched with soyaki–perfect. I was worried how the mustard would be on lightly sweetened plain yogurt but it went just fine because it’s a pretty sweet mustard to begin with. This cookie was also really really good. I didn’t expect them to puff up so nice but it was like a big, crumbly spoonful of peanut butter.

Afterwards I picked out a topic for my 3rd paper; gotta keep working! And then remembered that my parents were going to a neighborhood party for dinner and I needed something for myself. Long story short, we ended up at Job Lot, which has nothing in terms of proteins but some really awesome foodie finds!

Organic Raspberry Agave Nectar, Earth Balance Creamy Peanut Butter, New England Clover Honey

The peanut butter was only 2.50 and the agave nectar 3 dollars–incredible. They also had blueberry and maple flavored. We also got some protein(salmon) from Hannafords. When I got home, I couldn’t resist.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie

Seriously heaven–all 3 of us agree(but I didn’t tell anyone else it has stevia in it because they might become afraid). I decided to put in my Gettysburg movie and start that even though I knew I wouldn’t get half way through. And I made a movie snack.

2% Chobani With Raspberry Agave

Oh my God, this stuff is like pure raspberry candy. Seriously awesome. I’m going to stalk Job Lot while I’m home for break. The movie was really good but I only got through 40 minutes until I had to think about dinner.

Fuji Apple

And by “think about dinner” I mean eat an apple and tell other people what I’d like them to cook me for dinner; isn’t that what being home is all about? To be fair, I did make the popcorn.

Burnt Popcorn

And burn the first bag. Way to go, Evan. Not so much fun when they cost almost a dollar each(I opt for Newman’s because I’m crazy like that). All in all, though, dinner was good.

94% Fat Free Buttered Popcorn, Salmon, Roasted Carrots And Brussels

I think if you’re willing to eat rice with a little butter and salt with salmon, you should be willing to have popcorn. Plus, it’s a whole grain, so it’s like brown rice–awesomeness. Roasted vegetables are definitely one of the joys of being home(along with baking). By the time I finish this post, I’ll also probably have finished this.


OK, I’m definitely stopping after a 2nd bowl. The next form of carbs I eat will be peanut buttery and oaty, too. And now to go enjoy the movie!

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Burgers And The Emmy’s

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Good morning. How awesome were the Emmy’s last night? I’m such a TV junkee, an award show on TV about TV is my yearlong fantasy. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. So yesterday I did my 10.10 miler, had my frozen yogurt(which was delicious by the way) and blogged it up. For some more-fuel-more-fun food  made a favorite english muffin combo of mine:

English Muffin With Apricot Jam And White Chocolate Wonderful/Cream Cheese Spread

English Muffin With Apricot Jam And White Chocolate Wonderful/Cream Cheese Spread

Amazing. I got the White Chocolate Wonderful/Apricot combo idea from the Peanut Butter & Company cookbook. It also suggest adding sliced almonds, which are never a bad thing I suppose, but I’m not sure how the flavor would fit. Cream cheese and white chocolate peanut butter were just meant to go together in my opinion; it’s got a sweet and savory thing going for it like nothing else(and definitely works best with White Chocolate Wonderful). I had a bit of a “special request” for my lunch at home so we hopped in the car to go to Roche Bros. On the way out of the store I tried this out after seeing such praise for them on the blog world:

Honey Crisp Apple

Honey Crisp Apple

It definitely lived up to the name: It was sweet and very firm. However, I still prefer my Red Deliciouses. They just seem sweeter and firmer. And I like how they’re the quintessential teacher’s desk apple. It makes me feel like such a suck up but it’s true. Well, what was my special request?

Homemade Bison Burgers

Homemade Bison Burgers

Ground bison. Since being at college, I’ve moved more towards eating meat only for pleasure and never for protein because I feel like I have to. Bison is definitely pleasure. Not only is bison healthy with only 4g saturated fat in a 4oz serving and lower cholesterol than beef, it’s actually really affordable despite sounding “exotic”. 1lb ground was 5.50, which made 4 quarter pounders. I didn’t add any seasonings to these–just bison.

Bison Burger With Steak Sauce, Corn Muffin Vitatop, Zevia Cola

Bison Burger With Steak Sauce, Corn Muffin Vitatop, Zevia Cola

How am I supposed to go back to cafeteria food after a meal like this? The bison was sooo good. I cooked mine a little too long, but it was still delicious(by the way, “a little too long” with me means barely cooked enough so that any harmful bacteria won’t kill me). I had to try my corn muffin Vitatop while I had a grill handy so threw that on, too. This flavor left me really confused in the end. I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting from a corn muffin. Most of the corn muffins I’ve had were quite savory, whereas this one was pretty sweet. It tasted more like something for breakfast, but I wasn’t sure how to fit a corn muffin into any of my breakfasts. I liked the flavor, and maybe as a brunch food along with quiche this would be great, but I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. Personally, it could do without the sugar alcohol which would make it less sweet and more understandable nutritionally, but maybe that’s just me and my muffilosophy.

After lunch we ran out to Best Buy, where I basically went to look at things I knew I wouldn’t purchase or, if I do, I’ll get it for cheaper online. Why do we do this? Oh yeah, ’cause it’s fun and kills time. We got back home and I watched my Tivoed Flipping Out. That show gets crazier each week. Love it. Before we head off Brownward I grabbed some of this from the freezer:

Sweet Scoops Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

Sweet Scoops Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt

All natural pumpkin frozen yogurt? Yes please. We bought this when we bought the bison. It had the words “limited edition” on it and–well let’s just say the deal was set then. I enjoyed this a lot, because it tasted just like a pumpkin pie, and was very similar to the Stonyfield’s Pumpkin Pie Non-Frozen Yogurt I had. I don’t, however, think I’d buy it again, simply because a) I make a damn amazing crustless pumpkin pie and b) whenever I want a pumpkin fix I usually keep a can of Libby’s on hand. Still, it was good and definitely a unique way to enjoy the flavor.

On the way back to Brown we stopped at Target where amazingly I didn’t purchase a single thing. Shocker, right? My dad was bitten by the Target bug, though, and got some lawn bags. No one is protected. When I got back to my dorm, I was happy to unpack my laundry/food, but something was a bit… err, off? My bed had clearly been remade, there was a wine cork next to it, and my floor was sticky. Oh joy. Also, I noticed my jar-o-trail mix was slightly more depleted(yes, I’m a freak who can recognize things like this) than I left it. Hmmm, waiting for an explanation on all of that. I was also getting hungry for something that was peanut butter and whole grains but that I didn’t have to clean up for and wasn’t toast. Odd craving, but this hit the spot:

Smartfood Peanut Butter Apple Popcorn

Smartfood Peanut Butter Apple Popcorn

Perfect fit for the mood. I also had a peach that had been in my fridge for so long I don’t even think it was organic anymore. Well this was like 40 minutes before dinner so I really didn’t do anything other than play video games and just met some people at the Ratty.

Vegan Tomato Soup With Rice, White Bean Ragout, Savory Spinach, Glazed Carrots

Vegan Tomato Soup With Rice, White Bean Ragout, Savory Spinach, Glazed Carrots

Considering I didn’t even want to eat in the dining hall because I didn’t think there’d be anything that appealed to me, this was pretty good. The soup thankfully didn’t have that much rice; I just don’t do grains in my soup, don’t ask me why. I’m not sure what a “ragout” is, but the beans were an edible protein source. The “savory spinach” was just spinach–good with that. And the glazed carrots weren’t too too sweet. It was fun to catch up and learn that nothing really happens over the weekend of the sort that I would participate in or feel like I’m missing out on. And no Emma Watson sightings either, so I’m not falling even more behind.

This was the point in my night where my mind toward the Emmy’s and never looked back. I just love the Emmy’s. And Neil Patrick Harris is so hilarious in general, you just knew it would be a great show. I started of with this for some monologue snackage:

Vanilla Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chips

Vanilla Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chips

Cookie overload! Oh wait, that’s not possible 😉 I think I’ve gone through 1/3 of that jar which, when you consider I have over 30, really says something about it. speaking of 30, domination much by 30 Rock? That’s OK with me though; I love that show and think it’s hysterical. I was surprised Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t nominated more, and thought all the drama categories were a bit off on their nominations and winners. Somewhere around the nominations for reality TV(Yeah, Survivor!), I had the most ingenious moment:

Cinnamon Raisin Toast With Pumpkin Cheesecake Spread And Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

Cinnamon Raisin Toast With Pumpkin Cheesecake Spread And Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

I have pumpkin butter. I have cream cheese. Why have they not met yet, and on something cinnamony? This was sooo good. The pumpkin butter, Trader Joe’s of course, is very well seasoned and sweet and melted into the savory cream cheese. All you pumpkin fans(and I know there’s a lot) spread the word on this one.

There were more eats and some reading of the night but I won’t bore you with that and instead will do so with running. As much as I would have been entertained by Emmy recap on the Today show, I decided not to treadmill it and instead enjoy the warmish weather. I ended up doing 6.25 in decent time on the nice side of Providence. When I got back, though, was when the Emmy drama began. I did my stretches/push ups in the common room and thought to look in the freezer to check on my babies(read: Elan frozen yogurt). Well, my friends, my decaf cappuccino, which still had a good 4/5ths left for me to eat, was gone. Some people clearly downed it over the weekend or something. Obviously, this upset me. It’s not so much the 4.50 the frozen yogurt costs as the fact that now I wonder if I can keep anything in that freezer and feel safe. What’s the point in spending my money on things I’ll on only eat once before they disappear? Well that was a bit of a Debbie Downer moment before breakfast, which was nonetheless great:

Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter, Strawberry Jam, And Vegan Fluff, Pumpkin-Peanut-Maple-Flax Yogurt

Oatmeal With Vanilla Almond Butter, Strawberry Jam, And Vegan Fluff, Pumpkin-Peanut-Maple-Flax Yogurt

Vanilla, strawberry, and almond were definitely all meant to be. The fluff was unnecessarily yet perfect, just as fluff always is. The yogurt was a perfection of the recipe, which you can find here. It comes out so thick and creamy like plain greek yogurt but with a sweet and more delicate, autumn flavor. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, it also is packed with protein thanks to the yogurt and peanut flour and fiber due to the pumpkin and flax. Delicious, I wonder if I could get away with making a super batch for Thanksgiving? Haha.

I can’t wait to see all the follow-up shows to the Emmy’s today. I also want to start exploring central Providence more and the mall, but I’m not sure if today’s the day. Should I even bother going down too Eastside Market and getting more frozen yogurt? That’ll be weighing on my mind.

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Meet Steve

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Yesterday’s breakfast of pumpkin oats put me in the best mood for the morning; I’m so happy it’s that time of year again. What didn’t make me happy was my class, which we covered about 1/4 of the homework we were told we needed done for class. Ugh, times like that always bug me. Now I know to lower my expectations. Before going to the dining hall, I stopped at the farmers’ market on my quad.

Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market

I’ve got to say I’m loving this. There’s even a program you can sign up for to get a bag of locally grown food waiting for you when you get there. Now if only they took dining points instead of my money. *Sigh* I just limited myself to what I considered “essentials”.

Steve And Peaches

Steve And Peaches

Meet Steve. Steve is my new stevia plant. I love the stuff so much in my coffee I just jumped at the chance to buy my own. And he was only 3 dollars; that’s a good price if you ask me. I’m not quite sure what to do with him, though. So far I’ve just been eating the leaves straight and they’re ridiculously good. I’ve heard you can bake and powder them, so I might try that next time I go home. I also got some peaches I think are organic. I missed my peaches, but does that seriously look like 2.80’s worth? I think I got gypped by a farmer. 😦 I also grabbed lunch out of the dining hall.

Corn, Zuchinni, Cooked Spinach, Seedy Bread, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Vegan Taco Filling

Corn, Zuchinni, Cooked Spinach, Seedy Bread, Refried Beans, Guacamole, Vegan Taco Filling

As my friend kindly pointed out when I got to Ancient Greek History, I was eating mostly mush. To be fair, by that time I had finished the corn(from last week’s farmers’ market) and bread(which they were selling at the farmers’ market but I wasn’t going to pay for what I can get free). And then I realized that, yes, this was mostly mush. The spinach with sesame seeds was quite nice and zesty. The guacamole was a little weird–I’ll stick to avocados whole, thank you. I didn’t really feel like dessert after this because beans do that to me(you do not want to run behind me tomorrow fyi). My breath was a bit narsty, though, so I had one of these.

Newman's Own Organic Peppermint Mints

Newman's Own Organic Peppermint Mints

These are from the lovely box Newman’s Own Organic sent me over the Summer, and I’m really liking them. Take this scenario: you’ve got funky breath and want something to clean it up. Do you need weird artificial things? No. Just peppermint and sugar and you’re good to go. I’m happy they sell these at the campus book store, too, so now I know when I run out I can pick up more.

Class was a bit of dullsville. When I got out at 3 I was really feeling energetic enough for a walk to Whole Foods, but my wallet was not jiving, ya dig? I ended up going back to my dorm and having a bit of a study party… minus the party.

Herodotus And Newman's Own Organic Popcorn

Herodotus And Newman's Own Organic Popcorn

But there was popcorn, and that’s always a party! I felt a little gypped(again) by how much unpopped kernels there were the first time around, so I shoved it back in the microwave because I figured “what do I have to lose?” BRILLIANT. I ended up getting about 1/2 of those to pop. They were a little burnt, but I really felt like I got my money’s worth(even though this, too, was part of the box Newman’s Own Organic sent me).

For dinner we hit up the Ratty per usual. It was uncharacteristically uncrowded, which my friend hypothesized was because fish and not chicken or meat was the main protein.

Green Beans, Beets In Orange Sauce, Cod With Cheddar, Potato, And Chives, Acorn Squash With Spinach And Cheese Stuffing

Green Beans, Beets In Orange Sauce, Cod With Cheddar, Potato, And Chives, Acorn Squash With Spinach And Cheese Stuffing

Could you imagine people avoiding a meal with fish? Ridiculous. Fish has me sprinting. I was a little nervous about the “Cheddar, potato, and chive” cod, but I realized quickly that the sauce was really liquidy and easily slipped away. The beets were amazingly sweet and tasted like they’d drank a cup of OJ. And the squash was equally delicious, though most cheesy things are. I got to catch up a lot with my friend, Adam. He’s walked past Emma Watson twice in the past two days. Wtf?! I’ve been in a rut since my 3rd sighting, and it’s not due to lack of effort. I also found it amusing that he didn’t think 3 hours of ping pong club would get boring until after he sat through the first 2 and a half hours. Oh brother.

Now, I’ve got to admit, as far as dining hall goes, the Ratty’s pretty legit in that it offers a dessert every night. Do I ever take one? No. But I think it’s sweet that it offers one, even if the state of America is so that we definitely don’t need a dessert at every meal for health and economical reasons. Wait. I’m diverging. What I wanted to point out was this:

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And White Chocolate Chips

Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And White Chocolate Chips

Now this is my kind of dessert. White Chocolate Wonderful and Smart Balance are two of my favorite peanut butters if you haven’t noticed–and for very different reasons. I wanted a bowl that captured both, and this was a winner. Note: Be careful when buying white chocolate chips not to get the cheap kind. White chocolate is pretty much one of the most unnatural things out there(I mean, it’s not even chocolate technically), so a lot of companies use this as an excuse to use unnatural ingredients that have trans fat. Go with 365 Brand or Ghiradelli to get actual white chocolate, and it’ll be much better.

I also had this while watching the tube:

Plain Oikos With Vanilla Chip Granola Bar

Plain Oikos With Vanilla Chip Granola Bar

This was one of the Oikos(which means house in Greek if anybody ever wondered) I bought with the coupons Katherine sent me, plus my last and favorite “candy bar granola bar”. I don’t think I’ve had plain Oikos before so I was really curious how it’d be. I loved that it was tart without having any sort of bitterness, and how epicly thick it was. And it packed 15 grams of protein into an 80 calorie serving. Not to mention the part that it’s organic so you know it’s quality. My one gripe was the odd serving size: 5.3oz. Could they please of picked a weirder number; was 5.267oz taken or something? Anyway, this has me excited to try one of their flavored Oikoi(it’s the plural).

Now let me tell you a story I would at one point have been embarrassed about. At around 10 my roommate left so I had the room to myself: Score. What did I do? Put on some PJ’s, make a snack, and turn on Leno. What can I say, I like to get to bed nice and early and be an old man. At about 10:40 my roommate came back with some friends who I knew to drop their things off while they went to play beer pong, and there I was in my pajamas ready to hit the bed. One of them as they left even apologized for the loud music and said he hoped I could sleep through the party downstairs(fyi, I can sleep through a hurricane). Myself just a few months ago might have been embarrassed by the situation, but I’m happy to say I’m at a point where I feel comfortable being me, and me is an 87 year old who turns lights out at 11. So if you ever feel embarrassed for being you, I say keep marching on, because we’re all a little quirky and that makes life great.

Well, the party must have affected my sleep a little, because I slept through the first 15 minutes of my alarm. When I got up, I really didn’t feel like running the same old running route, so I checked out the satellite gym right near my dorm for the first time. This was me:

There’s a lot of dreadtreadmill hate, but I’ll stick up for the lil’ buggers. Sometime’s it’s just not an outside day, and that’s what today was. To be honest, I quite enjoy the gym. I mean, exercise AND TV? That’s just mind blowing. And the treadmill is a great way to get yourself to run at a slightly faster pace. In the end I did 7 miles in 57:10 while watching the Today show. Good exercise calls for good fuel afterwards, of course, so I slapped this together back at my dorm:

Apple Berry Vitatop, Peanut Pumpkin Flax Yogurt With Crazy Richards Peanut Butter And Cinnamon Roll Granola

Apple Berry Vitatop, Peanut Pumpkin Flax Yogurt With Crazy Richards Peanut Butter And Cinnamon Roll Granola

I’m not really a fan of the “one bowl breakfast”. I like to have as many, simple foods on a plate as I can usually. But seeing as how I have class in less than 30 minutes I needed something 1) compact and 2) portable. But that yogurt is DEFINITELY something I’m adding to my repetoire because it’s delicious. All it is is 6oz plain yogurt with 90g pumpkin, 2 tablespoons peanut flour, 1 tablespoon flax, 1/2 tablespoon maple syrup, and cinnamon, plus the toppers. Not only is it this and luxurious, it tastes like pumpkin pie and has plenty of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Not to mention, you control the sugar with the maple syrup. Aren’t you all excited it’s pumpkin season again? I can tell I’m going to have to fight you one day for the last Libby’s pumpkin can, haha. This was also the first time I tried out that vitatop and that peanut butter, but both reviews will have to wait lest I be late to class.

Today might or might not hold a Whole Foods trip; it depends on how generous my wallet’s feeling. It’s also supposed to be chilly(50’s). Now, I love Fall for all the familial holidays and delicious food. But I’m a Summer temperatures boy at heart. How cool/hot is it where you live?

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Product Spotlight: Smartfood

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I’ll start off with the bigger news; I have a job again(!). Lol, I don’t actually know how excited I am about it. It’s the same thing I did last summer: filing in the Financial Services office at Emerson College. It’s a pretty rudundant job, but it’s something to do. It will be nice to be back in the city 2 days a week I guess(I’m just working Wednesday and Fridays). And of course having my dad take me out to lunch and pay will be nice 🙂 I guess this also means money? Well, I don’t buy much except groceries, and I don’t usually pay for those, so I don’t know what I’ll do with it other than hoard. That’s ok. I’m going to need money to fuel my PB&Co. addiction through college.

Well besides that there’s really no news. But no news is good news, right? I’ve been on more of a savory kick recently. Tuna salad, turkey and avocado, thai peanut angel hair pasta, yum yum yum. Honestly what I would kill for now is a Trader Joe’s 96/4 burger with spicy red pepper catch-up but yours truely left the gas on for hours and we have none left 😦 Oh well, live and learn. Besides that, are people excited for the 4th of July weekend? Even though I’ve been expanding my taste buds and trying new foods, I’ve also been leaving behind a lot of the fatty, artificial old foods, and I’m afraid I’ve become such a picky eater I won’t be able to enjoy much of the food at the party we’re going to. At least being with friends will be a fun experience, and I can always pig out on the food I do love when I get home, right? So I’m sure it will be a good day and I’ll go into it with a positive mind.

What did I want to write about? Oh yeah, these little guys:


Smartfood’s Chocolate Cooke Caramel Pecan Popcorn. Ok, ok, try not to drool over your keyboard at the name. At least not until I tell you why else these rock. Each serving has 120 calories, 20% your DV of calcium, 5g of fiber, and are made of all natural ingredients. Ok, now you may drool 🙂 And yes, they do taste as good as they sound. They reminded me of cracker jacks, except these had chocolate chips also on the popcorn which absolutely melted in my mouth. The company makes a cranberry almond flavor and another with honey, but these are definitely the most decadent. Look for them in the chip aisle… now.

Oh, and I have a couple recipes I’ve dreamed up that I’m so so excited to share, just not today 😉 tee hee. Sorry, I just want to have the pics to do these justice. But trust me, they’re worth the wait.

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