Almost Perfect Sunday

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Wow! Where did the weekend go? I remember getting a guest, and then an awesome run outside followed by a 3 1/2 minute faster run, and now The Oscars?! Already? Aww, man. At least Sunday felt great!

The perfect: It was super sunny outside in Providence all day

The almost perfect: A few more 10’s of degrees wouldn’t have hurt šŸ˜‰

Peanut Butter Perfect Foods Bar

Lunch just… didn’t happen. I had just finished breakfast when my parents dropped by at 1:40. Instead, I grabbed a peanut butter perfect foods bar to snack on while we went grocery shopping. I recapped all my reviews of their flavor in this post, but I will say now the flavor was no lie: This tasted like straight up peanut butter and honey.

The perfect: Getting slipped money for groceries from my grandmother in the grocery stores.

The almost perfect: Having to listen to said grandmother comment on every single building she sees on the car ride to the grocery stores.

Vita-Mix Demo

The perfect: Getting to go to Whole Foods.

The almost perfect: Seeing a Vita-mix demonstration all set up but not actually running.

I don’t know why I didn’t stick around to see the full demo; I just felt time-crunched. But I’ve already decided the day I buy a house I’ll buy a Vita-mix. The ridiculous cost wont’ seem like so much in perspective and, from what I hear, the two last the same amount of time.

Jolly Beans

I was very excited to see at Whole Foods Easter candy all laid out! I had forgotten what a tasty holiday this could be šŸ˜‰ I really wanted to grab it all, but I limited myself to jelly beans from the bulk bin which were also on sale.

The perfect: Getting jelly beans.

The almost perfect: Having a funny feeling I’ll be getting fair-trade organic chocolate eggs in my Easter basket but having to wait a few more weeks for those.

Groceries 1

Groceries 2

In the loot:

  • 5 So Delicious soy yogurts
  • 1 Oikos
  • 3/4 lb grass-fed 85% beef
  • 2 blocks Nasoya soft tofu
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 5 organic avocadoes
  • Multi-green Kombucha
  • Fudge mint cookies
  • Jelly beans
  • Jokerz all-natural candy bar
  • So Delicious plain coconut milk kefir
  • Organic 365 decaf coffee
  • 1/4lb black forest ham
  • Sea salt
  • Chocolate brownie Z-bar
  • 3 cans pumpkin
  • Individual sized fully loaded Kettle chips

The perfect/almost perfect: This is a total catch-22; I ended up maybe grabbing more than I needed, but it was because all of my “maybe” items like the kefir and the cookies were on sale this weekend–I can’t pass up a sale! Most of the other stuff was on sale or I had a coupon or I just got for a good price/know I’ll eat and fast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Maple Almond Butter And Peanuts

I was also a starving Marvin when I walked in the door; meal replacement bars don’t replace much for this fueler. Before I even put much of it away, I was simultaneously making this bowl of oatmeal. How does that work out? Not well.

The perfect: The flavor of Justin’s maple almond butter and that so many other bloggers are getting on this flavor train; I’ve had this in my pantry since Summer, have never regretted it, and I think my dad’s gone through 3lbs easily in that time, too šŸ™‚

The almost perfect: This has been on my list to give a review page for forever now! I’ll get around to it… eventually.

Sea Salt & Vinegar

Dinner was destined to be low-key; I spent what time I had catching up on emails and what not and looked at the time to see that I should really start thinking of something and fast! That’s a good enough reason for me to break out the Pirates Booty.

The perfect: Being fast and convenient.

The almost perfect: Being a processed food. Really though, this is an all-natural foods blog and not a 100% healthy all the time blog. Just eat mostly whole foods and then slip in the good stuff šŸ˜‰

Ham, Broccoli, And Cauliflower Salad, Sea Salt & Vinegar Pirate's Booty

Ham, Broccoli, And Cauliflower Salad

For a simple salad, I diced up the deli meat I got from Whole Foods today and tossed that with steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I added smoked Scottish sea salt; I completely forgot I had this and the flavor went with ham perfect.

The perfect: I’ve been craving ham since seeing it on Meghann’s blog earlier this week. It felt sooo good to dig in to some.

The almost perfect: I liked the vinegar flavor in these chips to begin with, but then it had me wondering, “What happened?” The corniness of them was just a bit too overpowering.

Overall, today has been almost perfect; I have yet to crack open a book(whoops). But at the same time I know I haven’t been not doing things, and that definitely counts for something. And soon I have the Oscars to curl up too šŸ™‚ That doesn’t happen often enough. Here are my reviews for all 4 flavors of Perfect Foods bars I’ve had the chance to try now.

Peanut Butter

8.5/10: There was certainly no deception in the name or advertisement; this bar was fully peanut butter and honey. The only thing which would have bettered the flavor would have been whole or halved peanuts to crunch on. Otherwise, it was a bit inconvenient to have to worry about keeping the bar refrigerated. And for simplicity of ingredients 3 protein sources seems a bit much. But the nutrition in the end was spot on for a good sized snack with filling fats and protein.

Carob Chip

8.5/10: Iā€™m always skeptical when a bar is this hefty that it has to be equally good and not at all disappointing. Well, this was just that for the most part. The peanut butter tasted fresh ground, and whereas the prominant honey flavor might put me off in any other bar, I wouldnā€™t expect different from a company whose mascot is a bee. The ingredients list seemed a tad long and complex, but I suppose it was necessary to fit the perfect nutrition these offers. The biggest let down was the carob flavor, which rather than being spread throughout the bar I only got here and there from a rogue chip. But overall this was a tasty and filling snack.

Cranberry Crunch Lite

8.5/10:Ā Perfect Foods makes some fantastic ā€œmeal replacementā€ bars, but this was a much needed addition to their line: a bar that can be eaten as a more modest snack. For bulk, they use brown rice crisps. These felt a little overwhelming in presence, and unfortunately rather dull compared to the other flavors. As for the other flavors, while cranberry isnā€™t one of my favorite fruits I enjoyed how this at leastĀ had a strong flavor. The peanut butter did not come off as well, but the honey added a much needed, mellow sweetness. Nutritionally, I think they hit the nail on the head by maintaining high protein and fat levels. Itā€™s a little annoying that this has to be kept refrigerated, but if I ever found this in the refrigerated section of my grocery store Iā€™d gladly pick it up.

Fruit & Nut

7/10: This bar was–quite literally–a “fruit & nut” bar. It had 1 fruit and 1 nut: raisins and walnuts. And I can’t even say they were in a particular abundance, either :-/ Clearly, would have benefited from a wider variety and simply more of the “fruit & nut” aspect. Beyond that, it was everything I love aboutĀ Perfect Foods Bars. The nutrition was once again spot on, with a great fat and protein content. The honey taste was particularly appealing in the fruit & nut theme. The one inconvenience that annoyed me was the refrigeration; I tend to eat bars when I’m not near a kitchen and so when I got to this it was a little soft, but not completely lost on me. It’s not my favorite, but I’d eat it again, and gladly knowing I’m getting so many nutrients.

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Working (And) Up An Appetite

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If this post has a somewhat downer tone it’s probably because my dinner was a little bit of a Disaster with a capitol D, but more on that later :-/


I still love Mondays, though! I managed to get laundry done, and read 160 pages for a class I need to read. It’s not as much homework as I’d like to have done but there’s still time after dinner, right? I’ll just keep hoping.

Sundried Tomato Al Fresco Chicken Sausage

I wanted lunch to be low-key so I grabbed a new flavor of Al Fresco‘s chicken sausage to try and review. I love these because I just have to defrost in the microwave for 90 seconds and then cook them in there, too, for another minute!

Black Beans With Salsa, Broccoli With Hemp Oil, Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage

Even though this was an early lunch, I felt like I needed volume. I guess those 10 miles this morning got my appetite going, too. The broccoli was jazzed up with a little of the hemp oil dressing from Foods Alive and then the beans by salsa. Yum. This sausage wasn’t nearly as flavorful as I was looking for :-/ It tasted… like chicken. AND I was still hungry. Dessert time!

Lemon Fig Pecan Raw Bar

Which obviously called for coffee, as well. I dug into my stash of Uli Mana raw desserts and tried their lemon fig pecan bar. It was super delicious! I just loved how bursting with lemon this was, like a lemon bar with powdered sugar but sooo much better for me. It was a nice sweet tone to end Lunch with and get working while watching TV.

Chocolate Chip Banana Soft Serve

3pm rolled around and I was starving AGAIN. Did you know Stedman isn’t a fan of chocolate? The things we learn watching Oprah… Anyway, that gave me a major chocolate chip craving, which led to some rawesome ice cream with chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Banana Soft Serve

Yum! I think I need to make a recipe page with all the possible alterations on banana soft serve, because the possibilities are endless! This batch was chocolate chip, and at the end I made it something of a banana de sel by sprinkling sea salt on top to bring out the sweetness. Can you say heavenly?

Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip

These are myĀ preferredĀ chocolate chips of choice for applications like this. They are gluten free and vegan. They taste deliciously sweet(hello, 8g of sugar per serving). I’ve had lengthy discussions with Avery just about how much these rock. My only complaint is that Trader Joe doesn’t make mini chocolate chips; mini makes everything more fun! Oh, I’d also complain they aren’t terribly filling.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

Looks like a breakfast, but eats like a snack. And, yes, I eat oatmeal usually with a salt shaker at arm’s length for some flavoring. Pumpkin oatmeal with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter was just what I needed to power me through an otherwise painfully long afternoon.

For dinner, I wanted to make an entry into Katie’s new contest. All you need to do is make pancake roll-ups, top with fun toppings, and enjoy. Simple, right? My idea was gluten-free coconut flour crepes with cream cheese, avocado, salsa, and tuna toppings. But instead of crepe, I got…

Coconut Pancake "Grits" With Grass-Fed Butter, Tuna With Coconut Milk And Cream Cheese

Crap. CLEARLY I am not that good at making pancakes. I tried! I honestly did! I was flipping away in the dorm kitchen but everything turned to mush. This was one gluten-free recipe that was not meant to be. Not to mention it wasn’t very smart to keep licking the batter when there’s egg white in it(oops). In the end, it was really a meal that would have better off uneaten 8-| But I also am pretty strict about not wasting food, so I called it a “grits” and went ahead and had something like the planned meal.

I could let the nastiness of this get me down, but instead I’ll focus on the positive points. It was a meal full of fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Besides, with a hunger like mine, there are plenty of more meals to come and 1 bad one isn’t the end of the world. In fact, tomorrow night’s dinner will be a real hum-dinger I know I can pull off šŸ˜€ And so I can look forward to that. And maybe, just maybe, Katie will take pity on my and let my shameful attempt count as an entry? So let’s hear in the comments some of your worst dinner disaster stories.

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Where No Coconut Flour Has Gone Before

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Good morning(at least I hope it’s still morning by the time I finish typing this)! Don’t forget that I pick a yogurt contest giveaway winner randomly tonight!

Uli Mana Raw Desserts

Uli Mana Raw Truffles

Last night was “one of those nights” where I just needed something really good for dessert. I pulled out my little treasure trove fromĀ Uli Mana and picked out 2 of their truffles to try out. These are made with cacao powder, cacao butter, agave, and a few other ingredients. The first thing that surprised me was how rich and decadent these were; the inside was like super soft and melty chocolate–delicious! I think my favorite was theĀ Goji Cherry Raw Truffles

Goji Cherry Raw Truffle

So so good. I would have thought the nibs would add an unpleasant bitterness but they actually worked super well here; I could easily eat a container of these in one sitting. They were just that good. Also good but not quite as much so were theĀ Dark Cacao Raw Truffles. Don’t get me wrong–I loved these as well. But the flavor was a little 1-dimensional whereas the other truffle had so much going on to make it exciting. Either way was a winner, though. All these superfoods had me excited to try something else exotic.

Coconut Flour Oats With Chocolate Coconut Butter, Hemp Seeds, And Goji Berries

Coconut flour oats! Can you say yum? The Bob’s Red Mill product actually made this more of a batter than oats, but it was still super nice; I think it needed either more sweetness or saltiness to really be “interesting”. On top I made a new butter using Xagave and Tropical Tradition’s coconut oil along with other flavors. Holy yum! This was jsut as I expected cacao bliss to be. It’s not perfect, but I can’t wait to play around and make a big batch once it is! And then some hulled hemp seeds and Navitas Naturalsgoji berries made this feel like a real superfood treat. I was still craving a little chocolate, though, so I had to have a little more.

1/2 Raw Vegan Chocolate Bar

Even though it was just 1/2, the sugar did not help me sleep soon or well; I ended up waking up around 2am but feeling absolutely paralized from a bad dream. I’m honestly surprised(and happy) I didn’t jolt up screaming and punching only to wake everybody else up. Somehow, I still managed to get out of bed at 6:15 to hit the gym.

Running Stats

I would not say getting up at 6:15 to run is ideal. BUT it is only 2 days a week I have to do it, and for that I can definitely deal. I was debating running 5 miles and doing a 30 minute bike or just running 7. To save my legs for 8 miles tomorrow, I went with the former.

My Gym

The gym was completely empty; that I was not expecting. At least I got my choice of a few televisions(and chose The Today Show and Cartoon Network, as always). I have to say that I do not like the bike and this might have been “my last ride”. I just find it uncomfortable and it’s hard to keep my HR over 100. Elliptical? More running? I’ll find something to entertain me. For breakfast, I turned back to my new friend…

Oatmeal With Chocolate Peanut Butter

Pomegranate Yogurt With Coconut Flour

More coconut flour! It’s becoming an addiction; this time I added 2 tablespoons to greek yogurt and the result was fantastic. For flavor, it came out a mellow but present coconuttiness. In terms of texture, this made it super thick and almost like soft serve that wouldn’t melt(that much coconut flour has 6g of fiber!). It may look like there’s not much chocolate peanut butter there, but that’s because I stuck it back in the microwave for the oatmeal to surround the giant clump o’ nut butter; that way, when I got to Greek and opened up my oatmeal, the inside was still perfectly soft and melty.

On my way back from class, I ordered the last book I need for classes–$51 out of pocket! It’s not even noon and today’s already expensive… Anyway, I’ve now sampled all the products sent to me by Navitas Naturals and so am recapping my reviews for them! As always, any of these can be found under theĀ Product Reviews pageĀ at anytime. Ā My general impression was that a lot of care was put into all the products I’ve sampled and that really shined through. I don’t know that the items themselves were my favorite, par say, but I definitely look forward to exploring the company more and seeing what else they have to offer.

Sweet Cacao Nibs

8.5/10: Cacao nibs are as close to the rainforest as you can eat when it comes to chocolate. So pure and raw, these were an excellent treat. ā€œSweetā€, however, was a big overstatement. These might have been sweetened with sugar, but make no mistake in that they were still quite bitter like raw cacao nibs. No matter which was you spin it, the flavor was far too bitter to be called sweet. I liked the big clumps which were almost more like granola and the tiny individual nibs for a good variety over yogurt and oatmeal. If 100% raw cacao nibs arenā€™t your thing, this just might be a nice stepping stone.

Goji Berries

9/10: Why donā€™t you see goji berries more around America? Because the real deal come only from the Himilayas. And thatā€™s what these are: The real deal.Ā Navitas Naturals brings the Himilayan superfruit to your pantry. Of course, the real question when it comes to dried fruit is whether theyā€™ll be soft and not stale. These, honestly, felt a bit on the cusp, but Iā€™m hoping it was just my mouth fooling me and Iā€™ll get used to the true texture.


9/10: I canā€™t say I was in love with these berries, but I canā€™t find much fault withĀ Navitas, either. Iā€™m really impressed that they can grow these organically in their native Turkey and deliver them to your home. The berries themselves read like a pill with their nutritional benefits, but itā€™s hard to know whether theyā€™re any better than any other berries. Navitas claims to dry them to ā€œthe perfectā€ moisture content; I donā€™t know if perfect is the word, but at least they arenā€™t stale. If youā€™re dead set on getting mulberries, by all means getĀ Navitas Naturalsā€™. Just looking for something new and different to try? Look again.

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Feeling FRESH

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Good morning afternoon! Actually, I “gave myself the morning off”, which doesn’t mean much when you don’t do much but has a great psychological boost behind it šŸ˜€ Have you done something little for yourself that’s made you feel 10 times better than you thought it would? Do tell, because I’m always looking for little things like that. When I make a lunch in the oven or anything more intensive than the microwave, that always has me feeling like a million bucks.

Vegan Meatloaf With Smokey Ketchup, Broccoli With Nutritional Yeast

This lunch yesterday was neither “fresh” or made in anything but the microwave, and yet still had me feeling like a million bucks. I decided to finish off the vegan meatloaf. My first thought was “Wow, this is really a lot. Maybe I should portion better.” followed by “Oh well, it’s all healthy foods so it’s OK to go a bit over on.” ended with “This is all healthy?! I need to make another one this week!” Clearly, we know what I’ll be doing at some point soon šŸ˜‰ I topped it with ketchup and liquid smoke(love this combo) and some nutritional yeast; I think I need to get a pound of nutritional yeast next time I go to the Dedham Whole Foods and I’m not evenĀ exaggerating.

After lunch my mom went her way and my dad and I went ours and I feel like we went everywhere! First up was Job Lot, which always has fun finds. This time it was maple and blueberry flavored agave nectar, but I passed on any of those. Then I happened to stumble on an unbelievable sale at Price Chopper while waiting for my dad to pick out socks.

Lightlife Soy Beef And Buffalo Wings

Lightlife products were buy 1 get 1 free! I only bought 1 and got 1 and now I’m thinking I should have grabbed more but oh well. I’ve been wanting to try their Buffalo Wings forever so now was my opportunity! I’d never have paid $5 for them had I not gotten a log of soy beef for free–love that last part. I can’t wait to make beefy things with it(a burger? Ooo Summer’s been gone for too long).

After Price Chopper I pretended to be an educated individual and took us to Borders. I love the idea of book stores; there’s so much variety! Buuuut… I always end up looking at the same food books. Haha, one track mind much? And I ended up buying one!

Cook This Not That

I think the Eat This Not That series is one of my guilty pleasures, and I was able to get this for $14 with a coupon. This is my 3rd or 4th, and it’s all about recipes of restaurant favorites. Normally I don’t bother paying for cookbooks and just use the internet or my own head but I love ones like this that also have interesting and unique facts and articles. Did you know the pecan is the most antioxidant-full nut? Fascinating. I also looked at Michael Pollon’s new book about food rule, which looked awesome. It also looked like a lot of things that seem like “common sense” to me after reading In Defense Of Food, though, which I did not feel like paying $10 for. But words like “You can eat all the junk food you want so long as you make it yourself” is what people need to here!(and good news for me with all my peanut butter cups ;-))

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunky

Well, not a peanut butter cup, but still some wholesome junk food I packed for a snack instead of a granola bar. After that we ended up at Target followed by a trip to the eye doctors. Good news and bad news–I’m just as blind as I was a year and a half ago šŸ™‚ I remember when I first got contacts and the employee had to sit with me for 30 minutes while I tried to figure out how to put aĀ lensĀ on my eyeball. I felt soooo bad taking forever, I just wanted to give up. Now I pop them in and yank them out like putty, haha. Oh how times change. And on the way home we dropped by Whole Foods where brussels sprouts were on sale! We didn’t have these at all this week, so I grabbed 3 pounds. Will that be enough? I doubt it.

Thai Peanut Primal Strip

We decided to be fun and funky and go out for dinner last night, mostly through my own persuasion šŸ˜‰ Before we left I wasn’t really hungry but had this thai peanut Primal Strip I was sent to review so I wouldn’t get hungry waiting for dinner. I hate being hungry at restaurants; then you can hardly enjoy the delicious food! I liked this strip as a quick and portable protein source–definitely an upgrade to the sugary granola bar and held me over well.Ā I really wanted somewhere I could eat vegetarian and not pasta, which is a rare breed around here. We ended up driving back to Framingham past the eye doctors to Big Fresh Cafe. I’d never been there before, but you can just look at their website to see how awesome they are and how tough it was to choose one thing from their amazing menu.

Teryaki Vegetables And Tofu Over Organic Brown Rice

I ended up going with the teryaki vegetables and tofu over organic brown rice. It was awesome! I think this might have been the first time I’ve had someone else prepare tofu for me–so good. What I loved most was how this was basically fast food, with no fuss ordering and quick cooking. You’d also never a place devoted to natural, fresh food was here; it’s next to a Papa Gino’s and across from a McDonalds and has the tiniest sign. But we’ll definitely be coming back again! This was what was left of my plate.


Don’t worry; we took it home in a container and I’m going to make fried rice one of these days for lunch. Why let some good organic brown rice go to waste? On the way home we stopped at Whole Foods again(I know; we live here) because my dad and I didn’t actually get any protein for dinners that my mom would eat. We left with a hunk of beef and enough chicken breasts to fill Playboy. When we got home, I was held over well by my meal, but inevitably reached for some chocolate.

Goat Milk Yogurt With Chocolate Raspberry Jam And Original NibMor

Don’t you hate finishing a really good bar? This was my last piece of NibMor original–so sad. Then again, I can’t really say I have a chocolate shortage. Even my jam has chocolate in it! Or at least this one did; it was a fun twist on the raspberry and goats milk combo. I didn’t think I’d be hungry for a bowl of oatmeal later on but I was, much to my pleasure.

Egg White Oatmeal With Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter

I got to try out my egg whites I bought at Whole Foods; they add such great fluff to the oats! Now I get why bloggers love them. It’s a bit more expensive than just buying the eggs but I’d hate to waste yolks. In my dream-filled mind, the yolks to these were all used well in pudding and custards. Likely? Probably not, but I can hope. And I tried out the new chocolate cherry peanut butter I bought with X-mas money. A little low on the peanut flavor but I suppose there are mroe reasons to eat and like it than peanut.

This morning I very much just wanted a good, full workout. I started off with my core while watching some Sunday morning cartoons. What else is more motivating during push-ups than Cartoon Network? Beats me. When I got to the stair portion, I decided to give a new bar a try.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Luna Protein

I also picked the chocolate cherry almond luna protein up at Whole Foods, and unfortunately it just did not rock my socks šŸ˜¦ I don’t know what it was about it that was so unappealing; it really did taste like chocolate cherry almond! But still did nothing for me. I ate half and gave half to my dad. So when I got to breakfast I was ready for something anything other than chocolate, cherry, or almond.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Nutritional Yeast And Smart Balance Peanut Butter

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Vanilla Sugar

Organic Red Delicious Apple

Organic Red Delicious Apple

I just love the nutritional yeast and peanut butter combo! I’m going to need to buy a pound from Dedham Whole Foods before I go back to school in a week and a half. I mixed 1/2 a tablespoon in with the pumpkin and reserved 1/2 a tablespoon for topping along with a big glob of Smart Balance Peanut Butter–holy yum was this good! Alongside, I felt like a plainĀ So Delicious soy yogurt agave sweetened and topped with vanilla bean sugar. This “held me over” but didn’t really “fill me up” so I reached for an organic red delicious apple at the end which did the trick.

I enjoyed my morning off with some SNL and web-browsing. How ugly will the Jay Leno and Conan thing get? Really, I just wish something would be resolved because they’re two great hosts and it’s sad to see all this bickering mar their good names. After my parents went to a birthday party, I whipped up a lunch for one, inspired by the cafe last night and all the FRESH foods I’ve been seeing.

Lightlife Buffalo Wings, Carrots And Broccoli With Cashew Almond Dressing

Where to begin? The wait on theĀ buffalo wings–totally worth it! I just loved these; if I ever were to really go vegetarian(that’s a HUGE if right there), I’d be content with living off these. Hell-I don’t think I’ve had a real buffalo wing in sooo long and I’m still content with these. There was a creaminess about them that was unreal. For the veggies, I steamed them while whipping up 1 tablespoon cashews, 2 tablespoons unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a squirt of lemon juice in the mini-processor. So sweet! It was really perfect with the vegetables in place of something bleu cheese which I don’t have. And then, to end my being veggie streak of almost 48 hours, I had… chocolate?!

Vosges' Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar

That’s right šŸ™‚ I finally broke into this bar that I bought a while back with my Christmas money. I actually think I’ll be just nibbling on it throughout the afternoon while I do work around here because all those fresh veggies filled me up. Tonight we’re getting a storm! Hopefully, it will bring plenty of snow for the long weekend šŸ™‚ I’ve thrown on a FRESH pot of coffee and now I must flip through my Cook This Not That book to find out what’s for dinner.


A giveaway for Theo Chocolate

Here’s a giveaway for a chocomize bar!

A Zola beverage giveaway(never tried these, but I will if I win)

And an Oogave beverage giveaway(also never tried)

And last(but certainly not least) an awesome vitamix giveaway!

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Cheery For Cherry

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Ahh, how could I have forgotten to mention last night that it was the new season of The Best Thing I Ever Ate?! Well, it was. Sorry about that if you missed it. I think there were better episodes than that one in Season 1 but of course it’s all about what you’re looking for. While I was watching that, I had something that’s not the best but pretty damn good.

Cherry Amaretto Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I don’t expect that pint to last much longer if it’s still there. I just love this flavor! The base is so creamy and soft it’s almost like soft serve. I think I picked out all the cherries,Ā though, so not sure how that last bowl will be. Really, this was just a serving while something more substantial was in the microwave.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With NuttZo And Dark Chocolate Chips

I think I need to reign in my sweet tooth at night. Then again, it was CookieĀ Friday(a national holiday, in my book)Ā and the closest thing I had to a cookie was the vanilla snackaroons in the morning so might as well throw in a few poorly-timed chocolateĀ chips. I gobbled this down watching my future dream job of being a Tonight ShowĀ correspondentĀ hang in Jeopardy; I really hope this whole Leno/Conan/NBC thing gets resolved because watching them fight is like watching your parents fight šŸ˜¦ This segment was hilarious last night.

Last night had to be one of the scariest nights of sleep I’ve had in a while. Waking up from a dream sometime in the middle of night, I went through a stage of REM sleep, where you think you’re awake but really are subject to dream like hallucinations(this is the leasing cause of alleged alien sightings). Well I could have sworn somebody was in my room, eating loudly, and then that they leaned over and started talking to me but I couldn’t scream or say anything. Once I actually woke up, my heart was pounding and I spent the rest of the nut with my head covered–not fun. I did get back to sleep and loafed around until I wanted breakfast.

Cherry Vanilla Greek Yogurt With Goji Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal With White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter

I just couldn’t kick the cherry habit. The first thing I went for was the yogurt, which was awesome. Just cherry butter, vanilla bean sugar, and vanilla stevia mixed in some plain greek yogurt and it was so flavorful. Of course, it wasn’t complete without these cookies we picked up on our trip to NYC where Goji Gourmet is located. I didn’t have a taste for much else, so on the side I just had pumpkin oatmeal with more cherry flavored stuff. Actually, I was craving a sweet almond butter like this one and thought the fact that it also had cherry was too much to pass on.

Behind The Scenes

I feel like a game developer–too cool! Anyway, I just wanted to point out that there’s been some behind the scenes work around here lately. More specifically, I’ve been continuing the process of reformatting my Product Review page like I want it to be. Ideally, each page would link from a food type to a company to a product page with a picture from the company’s website if available, a score out of 10, and a short summary. That’s not always the case with products I reviewed a long time ago but it will be one day. Most recently, I finished up the Naturally Nutty page for anyone thinking of ordering from their site. More of that to come and more of new stuff, too. Now Montana has a check-up in an hour so we should probably wake that sleepy pup up šŸ˜€

Check out this Vitalicious Giveaway!

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Gnu Foods Product Review Recap

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2 weeks ago, the kind people at Gnu Foods sent me a box of their products to sample and review. The Gnu bars come in 7 flavors and all have one big focus: fiber. Lots and lots of fiber. 12g, or 50% the daily value, to be exact. Gnu makes their bars so fiberous with their special blend of grains, seeds, and chicory root extract. Besides that, their bars feature some powerful, natural flavors, all sweetened by fruit sources. Before I get into the reviews, I want to mention an exclusive coupon code for Food Makes Fun Fuel readers. If you go to their website and place an order, enter the code FunFuel10 upon checkout toĀ receiveĀ 10% off. The only exception is with 5-bar flavor sampler, which ships free all its own. Either way, you’re going to get good savings. Gnu bars can also be found at health retailer stores such as Whole Foods.

Banana Walnut

8.5/10: I really had low expectations for this bar: banana could hardly be lower on the ingredient list after other fruit sweeteners and most banana flavored bars Iā€™ve tried disappoint me anyway. Thankfully, I couldnā€™t have been more wrong. This was delicious with a very pungent banana flavor and the perfect hint of spices. It tastedĀ justlike banana bread. Iā€™d love to rate it higher, if it didnā€™t give the expectation of walnuts, but I canā€™t. There was only a small hint of nutty chew to it and no way to distinguish walnut in particular. Otherwise, it was a clear winner.

Chocolate Brownie

8.5/10: Gnu Foods starts all their bars with a whole grain blend, sweetens with natural fruit sources, flavors and adds binders for further fiber, giving each bar 50% of your daily value. Wow. At first I didnā€™t think this was sweet enough. But as I took the tie to enjoy it, I came to appreciate it more as a dark chocolateā€“slightly bittersweet. The more I ate, the more I got and appreciated the cocoaĀ essenceĀ to it, and it had great texture from the baking process. With 15% natural fiber to boot, this really filled me up and had me feeling strong. Iā€™d gladly get this again.

Cinnamon Raisin

9/10: This perfect in theory and practice is perfect with Gnuā€™s product line. Itā€™s a flavor that has to be heavy on the spices, but not on the sweet; this definitely had a good amount of earthiness from the cinnamon added. Since Gnu already fruit sweetens their products with plum puree and other natural sweeteners, the raisins fit right in. They fit in so well, it was actually hard to tell just how many there were by texture. Overall I was pleased by this and would buy it again for when Iā€™m on the go and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread just isnā€™t practical.

Espresso Chip

8.5/10: This bar has a clear, deep mocha flavor. You get that rich sense of cocoa and coffee without all the added sugar of other bars. I didnā€™t notice any particular ā€œchipsā€; rather the flavor and texture was even throughout. One thing I would warn is this isĀ notfor the caffeine intolerant. Though it doesnā€™t state the content of this bar, from my own reaction I have a sense that itā€™s pretty high. Overall, this was definitely something for any true mocha lover(though donā€™t expect one of those sugary Starbucks drink flavors here).

Lemon Ginger

9/10: Dare I say it, this was my favorite rendition of a lemon flavor in a bar. At first, I hesitated to do more than smell it; this was just like a fresh baked lemon square. Once I finally got around to biting in, however, I found the kick: the ginger. These had a big spicy flavor thanks to the ginger, but still kept theĀ zestfulnessĀ of lemon and an overall sweetness for pleasantry. This complex flavor isnā€™t something Iā€™d be wanting all the time but for a very specific craving itā€™s absolutely perfect.

Orange Cranberry

8.5/10: Zesty would not be the word for this tart treat; whereas I was expecting a hint of orange essence I got something much closer to a full fruit attack. I really enjoyed the promise and delivery of flavor here. I thought the cranberry was a nice touch, though I would have liked that flavored to be louder and not just incorporated by whole craisins alone. I also would have liked to see them much higher on the ingredient list, but they were welcomed when they came. Overall this was a fun and fruity bar.

Peanut Butter

7.5/10: Peanut butter by itself has a little fiber. But gnu turns that notch up all the way to 12 with this product. Unfortunately, the same canā€™t be said about flavor. While there was a hint of nuttiness hear andĀ noticeableĀ peanuts, it all didnā€™t feel like enough. I think Gnuā€™s mission to make bars around 140 calories really hindered the here. Peanuts are relatively low on the ingredient list and peanut butter is non-existentĀ unless itā€™s a ā€œnatural flavorā€. I enjoyed it and would eat it again, but not for a peanut butter craving.

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Vegan Thursday

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I’ve done a vegan Friday, yesterday was vegan Thursday. 5 more days to go and I’ve knocked out a week of being vegan. Not too shabby, eh? This time around, however, I was much less prepared; I literally decided I would be vegan when I made my breakfast and chose not to put a greek yogurt frosting on the oatmeal.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Pepita Sun Butter, Nog And Cinnamon Soy Yogurt

It was good, albeit not 100% what I wanted, though that’s my own fault for not properly stocking up rather than anything else. All I can say is thank god coffee is vegan, because I would not have made it through Greek class without it. In class, we translated about the courier at Marathon who ran 136 miles from Athens to Sparta in a day. Yeah, I think I have a bit of a ways to go, but how cool is it that running was someones job?! When I got back to my dorm, I scrambled to think of what I had that was vegan lying around. Thankfully I got that wonderful package from Wildwood on Wednesday so I had options.

Southwestern Wildwood Sprouted Tofu Burger With The Heat Is On PB Over Broccoli

Strawberry Wildwood Soyogurt

Like I said, BIG thanks to Wildwood for saving me on this one. Plus, I got to get a ton of reviews out of the way, such as this yogurt and this veggie burger. The yogurt was a bit thin; I think after greek yogurt everything’s a bit of a let down. The burger salad was quite delicious and spicy! I enjoyed this while watching Days. Would you believe me if I told you I’ve been watching it on and off since 7th grade? I saw an episode while eating lunch at Foxwoods around Christmas time in which someone got murdered and it’s been my crack ever since.

I tried to pay extra close attention to see how my vegan eats made me feel as opposed to my regular meals. This lunch left me stuffed much longer than most I have, and I don’t think it was much of a calorie increase at all. If anything, this meal was heavy on fats, which makes me think I should increase fat intake in place of some protein and sugars in my regular eating. I wasn’t at all hungry at 3 when I went out for a little escapade.

Blue State Decaf

I’m low on coffee in my dorm. Like, really low. Thankfully, I have a few bags waiting for me at home to pick up, but I decided to buy some then so I had some left for this morning.

Thanksgiving Cards

I also swung by the mailroom and found Thanksgiving cards from my mom and grandmother(by which I mean 2 from my mom). It’s so much fun to get mail, even though she wrote out in the cards how they’ll be seeing me for Thanksgiving(hell, my mom will be seeing me tonight…). I worked a bit and wasn’t hungry for a snack until into Oprah.

Peach Wildwood Soyogurt With Grain-Sweetened Chocolate Chips

Unfortunately, this was a bit of a compromise yet again. What I really wanted was some nice, thick greek yogurt. Or at least plain soy yogurt that I could play with. On the bright side this was one of the best peach yogurts I’ve had, ever. And with high protein, fiber, and omega-3’s and low sugar, it was a healthy option too. After 5, I grabbed this and went out:

Banana Nut Kardea Bar

I’ve had this bar to review for quite some time; I was so happy to see it’s vegan, too! I liked the spices and earthiness to it, though neither the banana nor the nut played a very large part. I had gone out for some more coffee and to pick up some veggies dinner. I also looked around Thayer street to find if anywhere sold plain soy yogurt. No luck šŸ˜¦ But I did find an elusive pomegranate Chobani to not be enjoyed yesterday.

Wildwood Savory Baked Tofu, Broccoli With Ketchup, Carrot And Zucchini Slaw With Steak Sauce

Again, a bit of compromising and a big save from Wildwood. In my mind, the carrot and zucchini was going to be part of some great, creamy slaw, until I remembered no greek yogurt. Ugh. The steak sauce was good but a little strong for my tastebuds. The broccoli with ketchup, on the other hand, was genius and delicious. And I enjoyed, though didn’t love, this tofu. I’m not even sure what “savory” should be like, so I hesitated reviewing it in the first place. I think the flavor ended up reminding me of whole wheat bread, in a good way. I’m not going to lie–I’ve eaten plenty a slice of bread straight out of the bag to much enjoyment.

Survivor was sooo good. There has been so much gameplay and twisting this season, I just love it! And once that was done, I had the real reason I participated in Vegan Day.

The Vegan

You know it; it was so I had an excuse to get The Vegan from The Cupcakerie. It’s a vegan chocolate base with vegan vanilla bean buttercream frosting–yum! The bit of food dye on the top probably isn’t natural but that’s the extent of the .1% artificialness I let in and it won’t kill me. I like to eat my cupcake like this because I take tiny bites and otherwise the whole thing gets top heavy. Plus the frosting to cake ratio works out much better on those last bites šŸ™‚

Grey’s Anatomy was great last night; I hope someone else out there watched it instead of The Office(you can watch both online afterwards anyway). It was holiday themed and NOTHING goes better together than holiday and drama. I mean, c’mon, what can be made more tragic than the holidays?Ā After I finished all my homework for today(which I’ll admit didn’t look like it was going to happen), I made one last vegan meal.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Tempeh Bacon

Have I mentioned how much I loveĀ Fakin’ Bacon? Again, I wasn’t prepared for today, I just always keep this stuff on hand. It’s so delicious and much easier to prepare in a dorm than the real stuff, not to mention healthier. It goes great with the sweet, maple flavor. And personally, maple is the best sweetener. Who needs honey? Let the bees have it. I’ll take my sugar from a tree, thank you.

This morning, I woke up a little zapped of energy. I grabbed the densest, perkiest bar I could find.

Amazing Grass Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein

Much better. I still didn’t feel 100% so I kept my pace very slow. I also had planned to go 13.1 miles but decided to stop after 12 in 1:43:16 because I just didn’t have time to do more. Oh well, I’ll hit that half another day. When I got back I was ready for some very non-vegan eats.

Pumpkin Oats With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter And A Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookie, Pumpkin Chobani, Chocolate Amazing Grass

Butter toffee peanut butter. Yum. I’m almost out, so I need to reorder from Naturally Nutty and soon. The cookie actually is vegan but it’s nothing without the peanut butter. I also enjoyed some yogurt(thank you, oh thank you) and my first taste of Amazing Grass drink! I went with the 8 gram chocolate supplement. I used plain water since I don’t have milk. Overall it came out a bit watery(duh–because I didn’t follow the directions) but had great flavor and outstanding nutrition. I could definitely get into this stuff šŸ™‚

I’d like to say that looking back Vegan 4 A Day was a wonderful experience I absolutely loved but that’s just not the case. The first time around that’s how I felt, and I really understood my relationship with animal food products. This time around, however, it felt more like self-deprivation than self-learning. I don’t like learning things twice. I even get annoyed when I teacher recaps what they taught in the last class. Definitely try the experience once, I’d say, but that’s about it.

In spirit with the day, I thought I’d mention you can go to P.B. Loco’s website and now buy their Dairy-free pack for 4 vegan flavors they offer. Best yet, add the coupon code DAIRYFREE and get a free Munchy Crunchy! I think that’s something vegans and meat eaters can appreciate šŸ™‚

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Goji Gourmet Cookie Review

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Good afternoon! How appropriate that this comes on Cookie Friday. Coincidence? I think not. Last week IĀ receivedĀ samples of Goji Gourmet’s superfood cookies to review. Each cookie is all natural with no refined sugar, rich in antioxidants from goji berries and secondary ingredients, handmade, and–if I may say so–delicious! The goji berry often harvested in theĀ Himalayas have 10 times the antioxidants of a blueberry, which really helps to bolster the immune system, especially during flu season. Goji Gourmet currently has 4 fun flavors but I’ve heard that a 5th is coming soon. Each flavor has other superfoods like ginger or cherries. So instead of buying a cookie from Starbucks this Cookie Friday, why not order a bag here? Or, if you have someone special in your life that you want to deliver a treat to(especially if they live far away and are–say–in college or something ;-)), why not treat them to a surprise? Here are my reviews for the four flavors.

Goji Almond Oat

6.5/10: I like almonds and I like oats. But as ā€œflavorsā€, I think they really need to have something special done to them to make them pop, and these just didnā€™t pop. The almond crunch of nuts was nice, but didnā€™t feel particularly special like the other cookies. Overall, I think these were really good as their basic ā€œgojiā€ cookie, and definitely the one to buy if you want the simple goji flavor. Other than goji, though, I think the flavors here are just too subtle.

Goji Cherry Cacao

9.5/10: I wonā€™t beat around the bush on this one. These cookies were amazing! Truly, the only reason I couldnā€™t give them a 10 on my scale was on account of their limitedĀ availabilityĀ and steep price. But on flavor and nutrition, consider these little gems. I loved the chocolate base with a cherry flavor infusion; and the chewy gojis with sweet cacao joined in perfect harmony. The simple ingredients are really what make these feel so wholesome, and the fact that theyā€™reĀ handmade drives it home. If youā€™re looking for your next bit of healthy indulgence, look no further.

Goji Ginger Walnut

8.5/10: These cookies were a bundle of pleasant surprises for me. I loved how they wereĀ flavored, not seasoned, with ginger. By this, I mean they hadĀ whole chunks of ginger and not simply the powdered stuff from the average kitchen pantry. This added great flavor as well as some additional superfood nutrition. I also didnā€™t mind that this tasted relatively low on walnuts in comparison to gojis and ginger; Iā€™m not a big walnut fan, but those who are might care for more. Of course, the gojis added an interesting antioxidant boost and worked well with the other flavors. Overall, this was a surprising success with me.

Goji Orange MintChip

9/10: Iā€™m always worried when a product has a lot going on, because Iā€™m a man of simple tasteā€“literally. In each little cookie,Ā Goji Gourmet aimed to mix orange, chocolate, mint, andā€“of courseā€“goji. WellĀ somehow they rocked this one out. Each bite gave you these flavors, both distinctly and how they worked together. Everything accented each other for a very cool, clean, crisp flavor. Dare I say, these almost made my mouth feel as fresh as a breath mint? Another great flavor byĀ Goji Gourmet.

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Sunland Inc. Peanut Butters

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Last week, I was lucky enough toĀ receiveĀ some of the great peanut butters offered by Sunland Inc.. This company, based out of New Mexico, makes their all natural line of products using Valencia peanuts. This variety in particular has a sweeter, more intense flavor making for an interesting nut butter all its own. 90% of the Valencia peanuts grown in the U.S. are grown on their plantation, so if you’re unsure whether or not you’ve had Valencia peanut butter, chances are you haven’t. Sunland makes a fantastic line including organic and flavored peanut butters; their flavors run the gambit fromĀ molassesĀ to caramel to hickory smoked and everything in between. I had the opportunity to sample and review their Natural Creamy and Banana peanut butters. Like always, these reviews are forever available in my Product Review section.

Natural Valencia Creamy

8.5/10: Iā€™m always skeptical of how a nut butter will be with just 1 ingredient; thereā€™s a lot of room for error and with nothing to balance that error who knows how it will go. The first thing I was taken aback by was how runny it was but withoutĀ separation. Iā€™m not someone who minds a little stirring, so I wouldnā€™t hesitate to tell you if this did. But as was, it was perfectly blended, and yet still had a nice, thinĀ consistency.Ā Flavor-wise, this also took me aback; a normal nut I think really benefits from a touch of salt, but because these are made with roastedĀ ValenciaĀ peanuts it had a subtle smoky sweetness all on its own. This isĀ definitelyĀ a great, 1-ingredientĀ peanut butter for the pantry.

Banana Peanut Butter

8.5/10: At first whiff, itā€™s no mystery what flavor this is; this peanut butter screams banana thick and through. And what a great pairing it is. I really liked this one due to its robust flavor, and thick and smoothĀ consistency. It has almost every form of sugar available on the ingredient list but keeps the overall content low at 8g per serving. This wasnā€™t quite a melting peanut butter so may not be best on oatmeal but itā€™s great for slathering on toast orā€“of courseā€“a banana.

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A Normal Morning Is A Good Morning

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Yesterday was dark and pooring. All day. Warning: There was a lot of flashĀ necessaryĀ in the making of this post. Eating a larger than usual breakfast later than usual did not have me very hungry after Latin class. Unfortunate because that’s my hour to eat. IĀ perusedĀ the Farmers’ Market and found some acorn squash but my food budget for the rest of October is 92 cents so I passed on it all and went for the free stuff in the dining hall.

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelli Bean Soup

Stir Fry Tofu And Vegetables, Tomato And Cannelloni Bean Soup

I ate this in Greek History class. Or rather, I ate the soup and the over oily vegetables. I didn’t even bother with the tofu; apparently, if it’s not drenched in maple and mustard, it’s not appealing to me. The veggies in their oily mess were bad enough as was. Greek History class was so boring I almost fell asleep in the last 5 minutes. We had a TA teaching the lesson; the regular professor may be stubborn andĀ opinionatedĀ but he’s entertaining. When I got out of class I needed to grab this:

Orange Zevia

Orange Zevia

Despite the fact that my next class was in the opposite direction, I rushed to my dorm to grab this and then ran to class. Don’t ask me why, but after that failure of a lunch I was craving something sweet and carbonated. If I didn’t have these babies I might have been weak enough to go for a diet Sprite. The next class was slightly better, but when half the students fail to show up you feel a little suckered. Obviously no one wants to go to class in a deluge but we do.

The rest of the afternoon honestly had me wanting to just call my mom and beg her to bring me home for the night or at least dinner. I was soaking wet, and my roommate was napping. Apparently, he caughtĀ streptococcus. Our room smelled awful, like a nursing home, where I volunteered 2 hours a week for 3 months last year so I would no. I couldn’t turn on the lights because I didn’t want to wake him, so I resorted to making oats in the dark.

Oats With Chocolate Chips And Mighty Maple

Oats With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Chips

Is there anything more calming than a big bowl of oats? Maybe ones with chocolate and maple syrup. Those two flavors are dynamite in this New Englander’s heart. How has nobody made a maple chocolate bar? I ate this in the dark watching Oprah with no sound. Did I mention how much I wanted to call my mommy? I also had the great pleasure to do homework in the dark, because Ancient Greek letters aren’t easy enough to read in the light. My roommate finally woke up at 5:30, by which point my eyes felt like a mole person’s when the lights came on. I made a snack to hold me over for dinner.

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Banana Goodness Bread With Banana Peanut Butter And Oikos

Obviously, this bread was meant to be with this peanut butter. Probiotics are supposed to help against illnesses so I was thinking this would help be not get strep throat(or I was thinking, damn that’ll be good). At 6:27 my friend called to say essentially ditch me for our dinner at 6:30. If this was a few hours earlier, I wouldn’t have minded in the least(I was half planning on ditching him because I knew I’d be a Debby Downer at dinner). But 3 minutes early was just annoying; think of all the extra time I could have spent in my pajamas! I went to the dining hall and picked up dinner, went back to my room, got undressed for the night obscenely early, and ate.

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

Steamed Carrots, Broccoli, And Peas, Baked Sole

This was exactly what I needed. I felt healthier and more myself with every bite. All the veggies tasted fresh and crisp, which only happens about 20% of the time with the dining hall. What was actually on the line was Sole stuffed with spinach and breading. I’m not a stuffing person(except for Whole Foods stuffing which is incredible and almost back!) so I took 2 andĀ unstuffedĀ them. The whole dish felt nice and light. If I were in the mood for some carby carbs Trader Joe Mac N’ Cheese would have gone well here, but I needed this meal just as it was.

I know I wasn’t the only one excited by The Charlie Brown Halloween Special on last night. Don’t lie. I’m such a sucker for the seasonal shows. I could honestly watch It’s A Wonderful Life again and again. The downside of a light dinner is that you’re hungry not too long later. The upside is dessert’s what’s best anyway.

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Sauce, Dried Cherries, And Goji Chery Cacao Cookies

Having a sick roommate, I need to bolster my immune system with these amazing cookies, right? Goji berries are my excuse for everything. But seriously this was soooo good. Like a brownie sundae or somethingĀ ridiculous. Modern Family was equally hilarious last night:Ā “I am loose. I am fun. Remember breakfast for dinner last week? My idea.” and my favoriteĀ “Mitchell, she is your family; of course she’s going to beĀ judgmentalĀ and condescending.” We need as many shows to show us how crazy andĀ dysfunctionalĀ we are as we can get; why did Everybody Love’s Raymond go off the air?

October 28th 019

Vitabrownie With Cream Cheese, English Muffin With White Chocolate Wonderful And Peanut Butter Cookie Spread

Wow am I easy to read or what? Clearly, cream cheese and white chocolate wonderful were on the brain. If you’ve never tried a vitalicious chocolate product with cream cheese… well that one may be an acquired taste šŸ˜‰ Speaking of cream cheese, I wasn’t quite done yet.

October 28th 001

Toast With Cream Cheese And TJ Pumpkin Butter

Not really toast because I was too lazy to bust out the toaster at 10:50, this was eaten in bed and then promptly put me to sleep, because I’m classy like that.

Nothing remarkable happened this morning, and that felt great. I rolled out of bed at 6:50, still felt full from dinner dessert, and hit the gym, just like ol’ times. I ran a nice 8 miles in 67:25 while watching the usual shows and studying up for my history midterm tomorrow(my tiny handwriting isn’t exactly easy to read in motion, either). Because I was so on top of everything, I got back to my room at 8:30, giving me 2 full hours before class. I even was the first person to the showers!(aka, I didn’t have to smell the remnants of the hockey player who lives 3 doors down. What could be more glorious than this normalcy, you ask?

Breakfast was aĀ conglomerateĀ of super foods.

October 28th 003

Almost Empty Mighty Maple Jar

It was finally time to throw the last punch here. And Mighty Maple is definitely a superfood; Holly ran a marathon and she eats up this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, we all know what empty jars mean…

October 28th 007

Pumpkin Oats In A Jar

Oats are a super grain and pumpkin is a super vegetable… or is it a fruit? I’m just going to say vegetable even if that’s wrong. Now if only they made peanut butters in jars that you could cook in, then this would really be anĀ efficientĀ meal. More super foods from super companies:

October 28th 011

Goji Gourmet's Goji Orange MintChip Cookies, Attune Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate Bar

I didn’t actually feel like yogurt this morning(I know, shocker, right?) but I still wanted to get my probiotics so I snatched this attune bar from Attune Foods. I think that’s technically a breakfast food even though it’s chocolate because it has coffee in it. And it’s definitely a super food with the antioxidants from dark chocolate; can’t really prove me wrong with that logic šŸ˜‰ I also tried a new flavor of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies. I was a little worried this one would have a muddled flavor with everything going on but oh my God was it good. Somehow you totally got the mint, goji, orange, and chocolate essence in every bite. Yum! Now I feel invincible from the germs lurking about.

Today I’m thinking of enjoying the not rain with a trip to Whole Foods and Eastside Market to see the new sales. I have 92 cents left in my food budget for October… We’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of Goji Gourmet‘s cookies, there’s a contest out there for them so go on over and enter! I hope you win, or better yet, order some for yourself because these really are sooooo good!

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