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On yesterday’s post was a good comment made by Jeff(or Jon or whatever name he used this time ;-)) about the processed foods I eat, saying that aren’t I being a hypocrite with how I present myself? I say: No. I do eat processed food. And I love it. And I can, because the processed food I choose doesn’t conflict at all with my all-natural ingredient diet. A mint Newman-O is just as processed as a mint Oreo, but I’ll gladly chow down on the former whereas I won’t touch the latter. Of course, I completely expect some people to think this is absurd and not see a distinction, but I very much do and that is what shapes what I eat. I definitely think Jeff’s comment was a good one as it gave me the opportunity to share this all about me. And I was touched by how many of you replied in defence of this distinction I make 🙂 It reminded me of how I have some of the best readers in the world. Oh, and while I’m publically responding to comments–Food Makes Fun Fuel is a blog written by a guy. Rare in blogworld, I know, but true.

That’s not to say I never eat raw foods, though, like this apple I grabbed before class:


Then again, this was pretty nasty and old and by the time I finished I wished I had something more processed. Thankfully, coffee washed it down and I picked up a new bar to try later that I’d been eyeing. In class we got yet another end-of-semester paper. If I didn’t use Google Tasks and Google Calender to keep track of things like this, I’d be very frightened right now. But I’m not. That apple, as bad as it was, held me over well through class and blog reading, to the point where I was making a lunch to eat in Greek History. It came in two parts.

Broccoli And 2 Eggs Scrambled With 2 Lightlife Sausage Links

2% Chobani With Raspberry Chocolate Jam

For the “main course” I scrambeled 2 eggs with the last 2 of my new, favorite processed not-meat and microwaved that until most of the liquid was set–so good! I loved the spicy sausage in the egg with a little salt. For “dessert”, I sweetened the 2% Chobani a little and topped it with jam; the 2% are really hard to find but they’re soo good. Full fats a bit too much, but plain’s a bit… plain :-/ This is a great compromise. This meal had over 40g of protein. I don’t really track that for the most part, but sometimes I like to check for kicks and giggles, and that impressed me.

Class 1 was dull. Class 2 was duller. I had to take the escalator with my teacher. She’s nice but that’s always a bit awkward. She also smokes everyday before class so that was a bit nauseating to be in close-quarters with. After class I wasn’t quite ready to go back to my dorm and finish up some work, so I didn’t 🙂

Blue State Coffee At The Book Store

I know I’m not alone in loving book stores and coffee on really rainy days. Last year, one of my classes was a good mile down Comm Ave in Boston from where I had been picked up normally, so on nasty weather days I just went to Barnes And Nobles and waited for a ride to come to me. I also got a message while I was moseying saying my dinner plans were not. Not ideal, but much better than learning this at 6. Eventually, I hobbled back to my dorm. I got a bit peckish and broke out that new bar I mentioned.

Chocolate Chip Trail Mix Odwalla

I like the idea of trail mix, but I don’t like how clumsy it is. I like bars. So I had good hopes for this. In the end, it was good, but didn’t blow me away; it reminded me of a Clif mountain mix Mojo, except with an oat base instead of soy protein, and a little less nuts. Since I get plenty of oats on a regular basis, I think I prefer the Mojo because of the protein. Otherwise, this was decent. Speaking of getting enough oats…

Pumpkin Oats With Vanilla Almond Butter And Vanilla Powder

I wasn’t feeling like anything extravagant, per say, so instead I kept it pretty vanilla. Vanilla, in my book, is quite tasty 🙂 I think I listened to all my Bing Crosby Christmas songs at least once while catching up on television. I watched 2 episodes and I still have a good 10 left. I guess I slipped on that last week. I have to say I was a bit happy when dinner was called off; it was pouring last night and I was happy to be in PJ’s a bit early. It also let me have a go at this cornucopia:

Acorn Squash With Macarroni And Cheese With Tuna

Yum! It tasted as delicious as it looks. It’s amazing what you can make with canned tuna and a single serve mac n’ cheese packet. I had a lovely tofu dinner planned but this salty mess stole my mind and the show. The acorn squash was perfect steamed in the microwave in a bowl of shallow water for 5 minutes and let rest.

I loved Heroes last night for some reason. It totally dragged me back in to the season where it lost me. I think I’m a bigger fan of Claire’s story line at the time than anyone else’s. Afterwards I had a snack.

Peanut Butter Yogurt With Strawberry Jam And Chocolate Chips

I wasn’t sure if the strawberry, peanut butter, and chocolate chip would work in sync. What was I worried about? This was delicious. I just love the crunch of whole chocolate chips, and the strawberry was a nice sweetness to the sweet-but-not-too-sweet yogurt. Because I foresee questions on this, peanut butter yogurt is 6oz plain greek yogurt with 2 tablespoons Byrd Mill peanut flour(PB2 also works for this) and vanilla liquid stevia. It has a slightly nutty flavor and packs a protein punch. I think The Big Bang Theory was also great last night–what a good ball comedy. To the Jay Leno show, I finished the night with this.

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Chocolate Chips, 3/4 Cup Silk Nog

I like to think I have some restraint around Silk Nog. Mighty Maple and chocolate chips, on the other hand… I need to remember to pack that today because it’s clearly one of my favorite nut butters and yet we don’t have one at home! Shame. While watching Leno, I came to the conclusion that, while Lady Gaga is fun to run to, she’s a scary scary person to watch perform. Not Adam Lambert scary, but still. Now I could definitely picture him opening for her.

This morning I hit the snooze twice and felt totally rejuvenated after my morning routine. Seriously, why didn’t I feel this good yesterday morning? I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I grabbed this bar knowing it would make my workout that much more amazing.

Amazing Grass Whole Food Energy Bar

It must have worked because my running felt so strong. Seriously, where was this energy yesterday? I planned for 10 miles, and ended up doing 13.1 in 1:51:02. I easily could have done the 15 I wanted except for time restraints; I can’t wait until next semester when, no matter which schedule I end up with, that won’t be an issue Monday, Wednesday, or Friday! Even more shockingly, I wasn’t feeling very “sweet” for breakfast. All I wanted was something spicy!

Oats With An Egg, Morningstar Breakfast Patty, And The Heat Is On PB

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

I decided to do oats that Green Dog Wine would be proud of 😉 These set my mouth on fire with The Heat Is On. And the processed breakfast patty was the perfect protein touch to compliment it all 🙂 Lol. I jest, because if you can’t make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of? The yogurt was more of a thing of convenience, as in, it’s convenient that I don’t have to take home 2 tubs of yogurt because I dumped what was left of them in there with some pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and liquid vanilla stevia.

I’m currently employing the throw-everything-on-the-bed method again for when I go home today!! Ok, that might be a tad more exciting if I didn’t have to go home this past weekend for the party, but still it’s pretty fun when it’s for 5 days. Later on I have a nut butter review to share with all of you  🙂

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My Brain Was Frieday

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I loved my fluffernutter oats yesterday(obvs) but it’s leaving me with an obvious problem: oats are hard to clean of the side of a bowl. I scrubbed and scrubbed and thankfully got it all before I had to go out in the rain to my 11 o’clock class.

A Dreary Day

A Dreary Day

It’s another Classics class. The best thing about Classics is it’s a pretty small concentration where everyone takes the same classes so I’m already noticing the people who I’ll be doing a lot of studying making friends with. I missed a morning snack, though, because I always feel awkward busting out a bar in class. Don’t get me started on fruit; I love munching on an apple but I feel like every time I take a bite the crunch would wake a dinosaur. Instead I just went out for lunch, and then back to my room to finish it off.

1/2 Corn, 1/2 Avocado, Salad With Zuchinni And Tomato

1/2 Corn, 1/2 Avocado, Salad With Zuchinni And Tomato

Chicken With Olives, Portabella Mushroom, Oregon Veggie Blend

Chicken With Olives, Portabella Mushroom, Oregon Veggie Blend

One part of the Thrive Diet I can get with is eating more raw veggies and leafy greens. I threw together that salad from the salad bar, heated some corn from the farmer’s market, and cut into my own avocado(no, my cafeteria is not cool enough to have avocados. They have guacamole but it’s not the same). On the other plate was olive chicken, “Oregon vegetables”(i.e. green beans and onions), and portabello mushrooms. I forgot how good cooked mushrooms are. I should have grabbed twice that much. On another note, I feel like I’ve been eating chicken a lot because I want to know I’m getting protein, not because I want the chicken. I don’t like this and it’s something I definitely want to figure out a solution for.

After lunch was a double-header of classes. Even though you’re just sitting in a room listening to someone else speak, this really dragged the life out of me. My Greek History professor doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time, which is often more funny than discouraging; he doesn’t like archaeology because they try and date civilizations by things as simple as “pots and pans”. Not sure how much the archaeology majors in the room liked that.

After Epic poetry I grabbed some joe, walked back to my room, and made a snack:

Coffee And Toast With Secret Butter

Coffee And Toast With Secret Butter

No one has figured out what this Naturally Nutty butter is, not like I really expect anyone to since it’s pretty complex. I’ll give you another hint, though: Just because the day wasn’t sunny didn’t mean my snack wouldn’t be. I got an email saying I had a package back at the building I JUST had class at. Frustrating, but well worth the trip.

Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter

Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter

I heard about Crazy Richard’s peanut butter when I was looking up all-natural nut butters. A lot of magazines have voted them as the best in the country, which their consumers who have been loyal for the past 30 years are a testimony to. I was very happy when Nanette agreed to send me some samples. Crazy Richard’s is carried at some Whole Foods and all natural gourmet grocery stores but none around here. Thanks, Nanette! I can’t wait to try your family’s delicious peanut butter. I also plan to hand in requests for my local Whole Foods to carry this brand so I can refer my friends and family to it if I enjoy it(which I’m really hoping I will).

The rain only picked up and it started thundering. In my own house wrapped in a blanket in my PJ’s I might like this but it’s not so fun at college running to the dining hall. We were supposed to have an outdoors BBQ tonight but that got shifted inside.

Escarole Soup With Tofu, Corn, Scrod, Carrots, Watermelon

Escarole Soup With Tofu, Corn, Scrod, Carrots, Watermelon

I was sooo happy to see next to the BBQ chicken an alternative: baked scrod! I’ll take fish over poultry any day. The corn was OK but not as good as the one from the farmer’s market. I also recently discovered the tofu at the salad bar; I wasn’t sure what to do with it after plopping it on my plate so I threw it in some of the soup–delicious. I know for some people the texture is off-putting but for me it’s a total turn on… you know what I mean. And for good BBQ measure I threw a pickle and some watermelon on my plate. I give so much reason for people to think I’m weird at the dining hall. I take pictures of my food, and I salt everything(Yes, I salted the soup and the watermelon). I’m wondering what’s wrong with these people that they haven’t asked anything about that.

Rainy nights always make me feel like a movie and popcorn. Unfortunately my stomach was about 12 times its size after that dinner plus some watermelon on the way out, not to mention I forgot all my DVD’s. Determined to make the night special, I pulled out the most amazing sounding Vitatop.

Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatop

Fudgy Peanut Butter Vitatop

From the beginning I was worried about this one–worried for its own sake. Anything that calls itself “fudgy” and “peanut butter” is setting some high expectations for itself. “Fudgy” is a little misleading since I’m pretty sure this has the soft, cake-like base as any other chocolate vitatop. That’s one of the things I really like about them; they taste like a light and airy baked good even though they’re from the freezer. The fact that there were 4 peanut butter chips across the whole top seemed a little sad; and the peanut butter tasted a bit more like dietetic peanut butter than the real deal. If I were a dieter this might be more appealing, but I could use all the calories I can get and prefer to smother things with peanut butter, so this was a bit of a let down. Overall, the vitatop was OK, but didn’t leave me loving it. I’m still a bigger fan of the deep chocolate vitatop and chocolate pomegranite vitabrownie.

I had some more unpictured snacks as I watched Larry King Live. Normally I hate that show but Kathy Griffin was the guest and she’s always hysterical. Have you seen her Kate Gosslin spoof?

I knew it was supposed to rain this morning, but it seemed good enough to go out. Bad idea. Not a mile out it starting pouring cats and dogs. And since you know me, you know I’m too stubborn-headed to turn around, so I went the full 6.4 miles livid and drenched. All I wanted to do was shower and eat some oatmeal when I got back. One thing I don’t like about having roommates who sleep in is making breakfast. Let’s face it: oatmeal and microwaves make a lot of noise. But I try to do what I’m going to do and just as quietly as possible. Breakfast this morning kind of reflected how I was feeling: a mess.

Oatmeal With SB PB And Banana, Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Maple Syrup, And Peanut Flour

Oatmeal With SB PB And Banana, Plain Yogurt With Vanilla Stevia, Maple Syrup, And Peanut Flour

Something rain makes me want a nice, thick peanut butter like smart balance. For the first time I tried banana in my oatmeal–not a fan. It just made the bowl taste more plain and distracted from the peanut butter. I was looking for a change from chocolate chips but CLEARLY I’ll have to go back to them. Oh what a hard life it is… 😉 This yogurt concoction with the peanut flour is probably better suited for post-run with it’s carb:protein ratio than other’s I’ve tried, but I still prefer vanilla Chobani with peanut flour. It’s more rich, thick, and decadent.

I was planning on taking a trip home today already but I’m so happy to be doing so after that awful run. I have a bag of wet clothes now begging to be washed. Hopefully I’ll hit up a Trader Joe’s back home since there are none here and get some dorm-room goodies(on my parent’s pocket, that is). I also can’t wait to see my dog again who I hear misses me(though that could be a big fat lie) and maybe even a special dinner? We’ll see 🙂

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Such A WTF Day…

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Ok, time for a real post. Well this morning it was pouring and lightening when I woke up. Joy. After about 5 snooze cycles I finally got up and it had stopped raining! I really wanted to run this morning since I won’t be able to tomorrow so I went out and did a hilly 5.6. Breakfast was a random medley of things. I haven’t had hunger all day and I find all I can convince myself to eat on days like this is random things thrown together and doused with salt. Well when the sun came out I went for a walk and came back to make those muffins I showed earlier. Voila:

002 (3)

Honestly, I haven’t tried them yet; I might dig into some later or save them for an extra special breakfast tomorrow, but they look tasty. I think some of the brown sugar stayed in lumps and got nice and carmelized in the oven. Yum. So after that I was feeling pretty peachy:


It’s a tuna burger smothered in Smoky Peach salsa with a cut up peach on the side. What can I say, I like peaches 😉 Well right after lunch we head off to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to knock off the grocery list. I basically spent 30 minutes at the bulk bins at Whole Foods getting the exact amount of ingredients I needed. And when we came out of the store, hell had clearly opened up over New England. It looked like 8pm and was pouring cats and dogs again. On the way home it actually hailed for 5 minutes, and we had to drive through some puddles we weren’t sure we’d get through, but luckily the ol’ car held out.

Got home, made myself my between-lunch-and-dinner meal of a cinnamon raisin english muffin fluffernutter(with White Chocolate Wonderful cause that’s how I roll) and a chocolate chip Z-Bar. I always see other people eating the chocolate chip kind and even though I don’t really like it I get a craving for it, eat one, and realize I don’t like it again. Weird, I’ll stick with my chocolate brownie ones, thank you.

So it was then time for my second recipe of the day. I won’t lie, brownies and muffins are way simpler for me than granola and granola bars. I modified the recipe I posted earlier, using 4oz dried cherries, 4oz cashews, 8oz rolled oats, 1/2 cup maple agave syrup, 2 egg whites, vanilla extract, and salt. I think it needed something more for glue like 1/4 cup cashew butter. Here’s my slightly depressing results:


It actually made about 12 bars. Some of them held together, making me a proud papa. Some of them kind of crumbled in my hands and made me want to throw them against a wall, but I figured my parents will eat those ones.

Then the sun came out again weirdly and there was a lot of dishes in the sink so I did the natural thing: go for a walk and hope someone else cleans them when you get back. And guess what, someone did! That happified me. Again I basically had no hunger for dinner and ended up eating some rice and bean(burger)s while everyone else had potstickers. Now because I didn’t eat potstickers there are leftover ones in the fridge. I hate leftovers; I always feel obligated to eat them even if I really don’t want them.

Well what’s left for tonight is to pack for my first day of work. I hate preparing snacks and stuff because how am I supposed to know what I’ll want at 3pm tomorrow? I’m the type of person who will hate eggs for 3 months and suddenly crave them for lunch. Oh well, I figure if I pack some chocolate brownie Z-Bars those’ll satisfy any sweet tooth I might have. Well, I’m going to put on a pot of coffee and figure out what else I can convince me to eat. Maybe marshmallows + microwave?

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Making The Most Of It

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Howdy! What has happened to the weather in New England? Ugh, well I snuck in my long run yesterday as I hoped; it was an unfortunate reminder of why I try to run first thing in the morning BEFORE I eat anything. Oh well. Does anyone else find they can just not run as well with food in them? I also managed to burn my oven fries and make a huge mess blending up an Orange Monster when I got home. I’m the worst at post-run recover meals. It takes me 30 minutes to plan and make whatever I want and then longer to sit and eat it all. On the bright side, I definitely perfected the Orange Monster: 140 grams frozen peaches, 110 grams plain greek yogurt, 4oz carrot juice. This rendition is much thicker and more like a milkshake. It doesn’t taste like a creamsicle like the other version, but it does have a very strong peach flavor.

Ok, back to the title. So as I’ve griped about before, it’s not easy getting as many calories as I need in through out the day, and I often have to make up a lot at night. Thus far I’ve been eating us out of the incredible amount of crappy bars we’ve amassed. And while this has been good for our pantry, it hasn’t always been the most exciting food. So that’s why I’m going to capitalize on those extra calories and use them to try my hand at new recipes. I’ve always wanted to become a better cook and this seems like the right opportunity. What does this mean for readers? Well hopefully I’ll be hitting upon some gems of recipes that I can share with you all more often. In fact, I started last night by making angel hair pasta with a spicy Thai peanut sauce. No recipe or pic since it definitely wasn’t perfect, but then again what is at first try? Once I get it down, I’ll post it up.

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Rest Day Success

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And lunch too! But more on that later. After several failed attempts I finally went a day without running. It wasn’t that bad but 2 miles of walking and grocery shopping is about as restful as I’ll ever want to be. There’s just something so calming about a long run in the mist in the morning that I miss too much. Of course the day after I take a rest day it’s pouring and I can’t go out for an early long run, but I’m hoping it’ll clear up at some point. Ok, I cheated a little bit yesterday; I didn’t even try to eat 2500 calories, but a rest day means a rest from calorie counting too, right? I just ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and how much I wanted. Maybe it wasn’t a weight gaining day, but nothing in life needs to be 24/7.

All right, back to my lunch. I’m basically a broken record when it comes to meals I make for myself: oatmeal, burgers, or a turkey sandwich. When I got back from walk #1 yesterday I was debating between a TJ’s 96/4 burger or a turkey, arugula, and mustard sandwich. When I asked my mom what she was having, she said she already ate a tuna sandwich. A tuna sandwich? When was the last time I had one of those? Could I do it? Of course I could with my new book: The Food Network’s How To Boil Water.


What I like about the book is that it gives more tips, tricks, and formulas than straight out recipes. I went to the sandwich section and found the chicken/egg/tuna part. Obviously I had my protein picked. I’m not a mayo person so I swapped that out for 1/4 cup greek yogurt. Celery was my something crunchy. Nothing oniony since I was feeling lazy. Salt, pepper, and basil to taste and we were good to go. I mixed it all up and put it on a sandwich thin with some Death Valley Chipotle Potato chips.

The more I think about this lunch, the more I’m loving it. It was definitely simple and something I’ll be making again. The tuna was a great source of protein and omega-3. The yogurt had protein, calcium, and probiotics. The sandwich thin had whole grains, fiber, and protein. And the chips had heat, fiber, healthy fats, and count as a vegetable(just roll with me on this one ;-)). The only thing that could make this dish more well-balanced would have been an Orange Monster on the side, but this is definitely one combo I’ll be turning to more often.

I was wondering if I should be worrying about mercury in the tuna. But I used(and will only use) Whole Foods organic brand, so I should be all set, right? Well it’s a good thing we need to go to Trader Joe’s today and that Whole Foods is right across the parking lot. My short shopping list is tuna, english muffins, and organic peaches(after reading Eat This Not That I wouldn’t buy any other peaches). Hmm, knowing me I’m going to be coming out of that store with a lot more lol.

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Rest Day?

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Ugh, the rain is back in New England apparently 😦 Maybe this will actually get me to take a rest day. It’s been over two weeks now and I’ve squeezed in a run every day, and I think my bones are starting to feel it but my mind isn’t. Anyone else find they have a hard time not running? I think getting on some sort of a training program would help me moderate my running/rest days, but I’m not sure which one to use since I’m not training for anything. Suggestions?

Well, if running’s of the to-do list, there’s plenty other things to keep me entertained. Definitely going to Market Basket where I’ll be picking up some goodies, but probably not too much new stuff since I can’t think of anything new to try. Maybe I’ll pick up some exotic fruit on sale; I’ve been slowly working fresh veggies and fruits back into my diet because I’m finding they don’t keep me as full or bloated as they did when I started gaining weight. Oh brocolli, how I missed thee! Speaking of gaining weight, I’ve gone up 3.6 lbs since Friday lol. It’s a little dissapointing when the change is that drastic since you know something funky’s going on there.

Today I’m also going to make a list of books I want to read over the summer. I just feel like my days are basically 1) running 2) eating 3) internet and I’d love to add a 4th thing to spice things up. Right now, I have The Beak of The Finch to read for school. I started The Poe Shadow in December so I might pick that back up. I got the Food Network’s How To Boil Water to learn cooking tips and tricks, and I have a teach-yourself-Italian book which I think I’ll try my hand at. I tought myself French this past year leading up to my March vacation, but I think I’ve forgotten most of it, so I might have to blow the dust off that book as well. What else should I think of reading?

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A Recipe That Pops

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First of all, if you’re new to this blog due to my fridge’s feature over on Carrots N’ Cake, welcome! And a big thanks to Tina for featuring me. If you don’t already read her blog(who am I kidding, what blogger doesn’t?), definitely check her out at www.carrotsncake.com. Her blog is always insightful and entertaining, and I particularly enjoy it as someone who has gone to school/work in Boston and am always looking for new things to do in the city.

Yesterday was so incredibly rainy all day; I barely snuck a run in. But it was pretty much one of those days. You know, the ones where you put on the clothes you wouldn’t wear outside and watch reruns of crappy TV dramas(Charmed is my choice). I never want to try new foods or anything funky on those type of days; I’d rather stick with the flavors I know and trust. Maybe that’s why my lunch looks like it came out of a Superman lunch box: Trader Joes whole wheat Mac N’ Cheese, a turkey dog cut up with ketchup, carrot juice in a dalmations cup, and a cranberry apricot almond Nectar bar. Alright, maybe a kid wouldn’t have the Nectar bar. But this lunch was post-run so I wanted some simple carbs, and I just picked up this bar the day before at Whole Foods. It’s definitely my least favorite of the Nectars, but they’re all pretty good.


So basically all that rain left me with a lot of time to sit on the couch and think of what carby, warm, deliciousness I wanted to go along with supper. Don’t you love when you forget about a recipe for months and it suddenly pops into your head?(You’ll get the pun in a few sentences) There’s one recipe in my repertoire that’s super simple, goes with anything, and had been requested time and time again. It’s never failed or dispapointed. It’s my Poppin’ Popovers.


1 egg, lightly beaten

1 cup milk

1 cup whole wheat flour

a pinch of salt


Preheat the oven to 450. In a bowl, whisk the egg. Add in the milk, salt, and flour, and mix until incorporated, but keep the batter slightly lumpy. Using an ice cream server, scoop evenly into 6 muffin tins(you might want to spray first, but I’ve never had problems with sticking).


Place the popovers in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Drop the temperature to 350 and bake for another 20 minutes. Remove and serve immediately. Serve with butter, jam, or any other spread else you desire.


Are these things simple or what? 4 ingredients! Absolutely minimal mess in the kitchen, but these babies are better than the rolls at Bertucci’s. And these are the definition of healthy, too. Each popover has only 100 calories, with about 2 or 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Be sure to time them correctly, though. It makes your dish that much more impressive when the steam comes out of the fresh baked popovers.

This would be the part where I would say “I hope you try this recipe…”, but since it’s so simple and healthy and that’s what most of you are all about I’m pretty confident you will 😉 Thanks for reading and see ya tomorrow!

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