Shaking Off The Funk

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Good morning from Providence! It feels good to be able to say that again. Maybe tomorrow I can blog from Houston? I’ve never been but anywhere it’s not raining sounds good to me!

Scrambled Eggs, Oatmeal With Peanut Butter And Sunflower Seeds

Scrambled Eggs, Oatmeal With Peanut Butter And Sunflower Seeds

Oatmeal With 365 Peanut Butter And Sunflower Seeds

Oatmeal With 365 Peanut Butter And Sunflower Seeds

Yesterday morning, I was still a little “sugar shocked” from my birthday eats, so I decided to avoid added sugar and sweetness for as long as I could. For breakfast, it really wasn’t that hard; I just swapped out yogurt for scrambled eggs and used plain old 365 peanut butter with sunflower seeds on my oats. That peanut butter is probably my favorite plain, and it’s only $1 with the new Whole Deal coupon! That’s insane!

Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots

Before lunch, I munched on some carrots where I might have coffee. The natural and voluminous sugars were enough to hold me over for a while and still feel fresh. But then it rained. And rained. And rained. So I had tea.

Tazo Rest

Tazo Rest

Since the goal of the day wasn’t to make me miserable, I went ahead and added a little stevia to this. It was just enough to bring out the essence of the Tazo Rest tea, which is amazing.

Steamed Broccoli With Soy Sauce, Tuna Salad With Sunflower Seeds

Steamed Broccoli With Soy Sauce, Tuna Salad With Sunflower Seeds

Lunch was kept real simple and real fresh I a can of 365 tuna with 2oz plain Chobani and salt; that’s the ingredients for the perfect tuna salad, in my mind. That went atop some simply steamed broccoli with soy sauce and then was sprinkled with roasted sunflower seeds; those are the best seeds to add for flavor, crunch, and protein in my book.

Elan's Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Elan's Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Around 3, I came to the realization that my life is not complete without chocolate; I just can’t fathom otherwise. And I’m OK with that since I always celebrate my chocolate tooth with good quality products. Did you know some Hershey’s products contain 60% vegetable oils and can’t even legally be called “chocolate”? Yuck! Elan’s chocolate frozen yogurt has simple, natural ingredients, probiotics, and a stellar nutrition panel. I say, scoop away!

Banana Goodness Bread

Banana Goodness Bread

Baking this banana goodness bread with hemp seeds instead of flax was such a good idea it makes it a little nuttier and sweeter. I was worried the sugar crust was gone the day after but with some time in the toaster, this was just as crust and nice. Is it just me, or is nothing better on rainy days than sweet breads and coffee? Except this was without the coffee. Boo.

This week was so sporadic; I’d planned to be home for the half-marathon, and my birthday, and then I had no clue what I was doing. I thought I might drop by campus to pick up books and stay home all week. But after 2 days of being trapped home and not having a great time, I realized I was in a funk, and being back in Providence might help me defunk(or at least I’d have work to keep me busy). At that, we packed up yesterday afternoon and drove down to RI.

Dill Salmon, Parmesan Cauliflower

Dill Salmon, Parmesan Cauliflower

Morrocan Chickpea Salad

Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Dinner was eaten at Whole Foods; do you know of a better chef? I kind of wish they had gluten-free pizza so I could have partaken in the pizza eating(everyone else had pizza), but I was also happy with what I got. The parmesan cauliflower was insanely good; I wanted so much more! Except it cost an arm and a leg from the salad bar. I think it’s a winner for Easter lunch, though. The Chickpea salad didn’t taste any exotic, but I could eat chickpeas morning, noon, and night on their own.

Pomegranate Chobani With Coconut Oil Chocolate, Coconut Creme Egg

Pomegranate Chobani With Coconut Oil Chocolate, Coconut Creme Egg

When I was settled in, I made a snack and turned on The Biggest Loser midway through. I didn’t forget my low-sugar challenge; in fact, I just tried to exercise a modest and healthy chocolate tooth, with a special treat I found at Whole Foods.

Coconut Creme Egg

Coconut Creme Egg

If it’s shaped like an egg and made by Lake Champlain, you’ve just got to get it, right? 😉 The “coconut creme” in here didn’t taste particularly exciting that’s coming from someone with about every form of coconut except the actual coconut in his dorm. The yogurt with coconut oil chocolate, however, was great.

Coconut Oil Chocolate

Coconut Oil Chocolate

So great, I needed to taste the other half of the bar. At least it has no refined sugars? That’s my excuse. That completely took care of my chocolate tooth, though, and so I went back to my “raw roots” for one last dessert.

Oatmeal With Raw Sprouted Almond Butter

Oatmeal With Raw Sprouted Almond Butter

I forgot I opened and reviewed Better Than Roasted’s sprouted almond butter. It’s good, but I think I prefer their cashew. If you want a really nutritious nut butter, you don’t need to go raw, just look for one with the skin ground in; that’s the best thing you can eat!

Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

Perfect Foods Fruit & Nut Bar

Dare I say, it felt good to get up at 6:45 on break and start running again?! The Today Show, the gym, the endorphins–I just missed it all. I scarfed down my last fruit & nut Perfect Foods Bar and got there surprisingly, I wasn’t the first or only one!

12 Miles In 1:46:11

12 Miles In 1:46:11

I broke my run into two segments of 6 miles, and finished in 1:46:11; thank goodness that’s not my half marathon pace or I’d be so off my goal.

Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Oatmeal With Cookie Dough Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt With Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Breakfast was pretty standard fare between oatmeal with chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter(I got a new jar in my time at home) and chobani sweetened with agave and topped with milk chocolate peanuts. I was watching on The Doctors yesterday(first off, big mistake there) about how peanut particles are easy to get lodged in the lungs and trachea, which is why infants should never eat it. It also can account for a rough cough in adults, which I always have and now I can guess why. Anyone else out there with this? I’m going to be coughing after this meal, that’s for sure. It’s also made me scared to death to feed babies anything other than mushed veggies. I don’t think I was fed peanut butter, but I’ve heard admissions of coffee being slipped into the baby bottle. Any other baby feeding admissions people want to get out there? 😉

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I’m A Little Distracted…

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If I wander off in the writing of this post, it’s because I’m a little distracted.

I’m a little distracted by how warm and sunny it’s been all day; where is this weather when I have the time to enjoy it? I hope it’s around tomorrow so I can soak up the sun on a walk to get groceries.

Grass-Fed Burger, Ketchup, Pickles, Sweet Potato Hash

I’m a little distracted by how delicious this meal was. Don’t you love “burger weather”? Today was very much “burger weather”, so I cooked up an old 85/15 and made a sweet potato hash to go along with some pickles; the trick here is to undercook the potatoes so they still have some chew and eat like a meal.

I was a little distracted all through my History class, mostly because I was playing a game and not paying very close attention(whoops!). To be fair, I think the professor was distracted by life because he got on a tangent about how the Bozo The Clown episode of The Mary Tyler Moore show is the funniest comedy ever. Ummm, how great to be up on your references like that…

Zevia Twist

I got distracted by my sweet tooth and grabbed a Zevia Twist in between classes. When I say “grab”, I mean I had to go back to my room; if only more places would carry these. I love the simple ingredients–just 5, which I recognize!

I might have just gotten a little distracted and started to “Do the twist, do the twist. A-do the, a-do the, a-do the twist.” OK, maybe I’m even worse with my pop culture references than my professor…

Honest Foods Choco Peanut Butter Bar

I was distracted and enthralled in Latin class by how much this bar by Honest Foods tastes like a chocolate chip blondie! Seriously, that hit a craving I was needing to be hit. The wrapper says it’s manufactured somewhere with wheat but it looked gluten-free to me.

I’m currently distracted by how true everything in this post about eating vegetarian rings true for my own life. Re: 74, my ground beef was dripping blood on my dorm floor last night while I was making patties. I must be dedicated to my (ethical) meat cravings.

Vanilla Chobani With Milk Chocolate Peanuts And Sunflower Seeds

I got distracted thinking about making raw vegan brownies this weekend so much so that I needed to have sunflower seeds and chocolate now. I put some milk chocolate peanut sunspires and sunflower seeds on top of a vanilla Chobani. I think I forgot how much like desserts vanilla Chobani taste while keeping the sugars in checks–definitely something good for me as I don’t want to be shoving stevia in everything.

I got distracted while cooking dinner thinking about how Lady Gaga and Johnny Wier would dress their child if they got married and had a kid(and that’s a HUGE if there). What an odd thought.

Caramelized Brussels, Country Style Chicken Sausages, Maple Tofu

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Country Style Chicken Sausages, Maple Tofu

I’m distracted right now thinking of how long it’s been since I’ve had brussels sprouts and how much I missed them! This was a lot of your “favorite green vegetable”, and I can’t say I don’t love them, but they’re so rare at the dining hall. I cooked them with some pasture butter and 2 country style Al Fresco chicken sausages–yum! The maple tofu was the perfect sweetness to top it all off.

I’ve been too distracted all along to mention that my coffee intake today has skyrocketed compared to other days this week. Uhhh, whoops? 8-|

I wish I’d be distracted tonight by Survivor but apparently that won’t be on 😦 What to do, oh, what to do? More ice cream?

I’m distracted by the thought of winning this awesome prize from the gorgeous blogger, Holly.

And, lastly, I’m distracted because this would have been my maternal grandfather’s birthday if he were still with us. 82 wouldn’t have known what to do with him 😀

What’s distracting you today? Or are you annoyingly focused? Don’t even tell me if it’s the latter.

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What A Bust

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One more day to enter the yogurt giveaway!

Save anything food related, today was totally a bust! That incredible Nor’easter has hardly hit us, and there’s barely an inch sticking to the ground while just 10’s of miles away they’re getting feet. Feet. What a bust.

Also, my professor sent an email saying we’d have class today even though he sent one last night(after this grandpa had logged off) saying we probably wouldn’t have class. Another bust. Did I mention I volunteered to bring snacks for this class?


Making Raw Frosting

Because this class is about 20% serious, 80% fun(like me! Or how I try to be), there’s a snack sign-up, and I volunteered first. I thought it’d be “cute” to make my raw vegan brownies because my essay–also due today in rough draft form–is on the food processor. And, yes, I’ve brought my food processor to Brown. As I plan on being here many weekends and days off, I’ve realized I just can’t be without it for so long and dragged it along(in 10 feet of bubble wrap) Sunday.

Raw Vegan Brownies With Raw Frosting

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this batch; the flaxseed was not ground well enough and so I could tell these would be “crunchy”. I think the problem was in making a double batch; these deserve the care of small-scale making so that the focus is on quality and not quantity! I also made a triple batch of frosting for them; that part was just for fun 😉 For “real food” I made a real lunch.

Broccoli, Tuna Salad With Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Cheddar Flatbread

Tuna salad was the perfect protein for today. I literally do not remember the last time I ate fish :-O And it makes a little more space in the bins under my bed; it’s just a little, but I need all that I can get. I mixed the can with 1oz full-fat greek yogurt for creaminess and sunflower seeds for crunch! Those went great with the sunflower cheddar flatbread; I forgot how good these were over break! The benefit of eating out under my bed before buying anything new will be (re)discovering treasures like this.

Blueberry Pomegranate Steaz

And I had a Steaz because fancy drinks make me happy when everything else is a bust. Days Of Our Lives may not be a bust, per say, but it sure is a tease. Would something just amount from this Melanie drama! So frustrating.

Gingerade Kombucha

I got to class way early so I could also look to buy a book for one of my classes; the line was too long for me to wait in so that walk was a bust. While I was down there, I stopped by Blue State for my new favorite drink. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of looking at my School Card balance online to realize these cost $4 a pop! Yikes! I justify that by saying it’s money that’s “already in the system” and needs to be used up eventually, but I need to tame my addiction to these or get to a Whole Foods and start using the coupons I was sent to sample new flavors.

Raw Vegan Brownie With Chocolate Frosting

As far as I can tell, the brownies went over really well! There are 10-11 of us in the class, I made 16, and there was 1 by the end. You can do the math. I think the one problem was that there were flax seeds in everyone’s teeth, but the excess frosting totally makes up for it. I found it so interesting looking at who were the people taking seconds; it wasn’t the burly men but rather the happy and healthy looking girls. I love women with appetites 😀

Even though class was a go, our “field trip” was a bust. We were supposed to go to the library and get a presentation on some one-of-a-kind Native American watercolors from the 16th century. The librarian who was supposed to do this never came in today because she was “sick”. I’m pretty sure that’s code for not wanting to go to work on what should be a snow day. Oh well, we got out 50 minutes early! That gave me time to get back into my dorm and eat this:

Chocolate Avocado Pudding With Hulled Hemp Seed

I swear, if it weren’t for the food today this would be a total bust. But this surely wasn’t! Nothing about me was craving the fat in chocolate avocado pudding; actually, I’ve been craving So Delicious soy yogurt all week and it’s driving me up a wall! BUT I did need to get my Bob’s Red Mill hemp seed fix in. I am just loving these! They’re so much more nutty and vanilla than any other seed, and quite unique. I wonder if hemp seed butter is as delicious.

Stir Fried Tofu, Tempeh, Mushrooms, And Snap Peas With Soy Sauce And Sesame Oil

For dinner, I had planned to have a red thai curry tofu and tempeh dish with a coconut milk based sauce(Trader Joe’s Brand). Once I got a whiff of sesame oil, I knew it was all I wanted. I made a quick stir fry of snap peas, mushrooms, tofu, and tempeh, and then added soy sauce and more sesame oil at the end–delicious! Whenever I do a stir fry, I think tofu and tempeh is a must; I love the soft and chewy contrast.

Does it count as a bust that Survivor isn’t on tonight? OK, it never was supposed to be, but I was sooo convinced it was Thursday for the past hour. But it starts back up tomorrow! I can’t wait 😀 Maybe I’ll just have to bust a move while finishing Latin and getting an early night in for a 6:15 wake-up call. How many miles can I bust out before I need to get ready for class? We’ll see…

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