Positive Petes

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Some days it feels like all the Negative Nancies are out to get you. Those are the days when I like to think back and instead think of all the Positive Petes out there who make things better.

November 13th 002

Decaf Coffee With NuNatural Stevia

Thankfully, I had enough time to run to The Blue Room for some coffee before class. There I ran into my first Positive Pete of the day, Gabe. He’s a friend from Greek and Greek History and a freshman like me. For someone who had only done 1 of his 3 history essays, he was definitely a Positive Pete 🙂 Or maybe he just was over caffeinated. After that I ran off to Latin class, where I learned that “dry” has meant “sober” for many more millenia than I would have thought. There really was nothing in the dining hall worth picking up, so instead I made a simpler lunch with what I had.

November 13th 006

Macaroni And Cheese With Sweet Potato

Apparently, “I don’t know what to make” means “Gimme carbs”. This was great for something so simple. I would have loved something green in there, but I wasn’t about to use a meal credit for broccoli alone, so I was happy with what I had and packed some bars for class in case I needed something more.

I turned in 2 of my 3 Greek History essays. Hey, that’s not bad, right 😉 The other one I should have set for Monday. The Positive Pete of the class was my friend Alex(read: Alexandra but no one calls her that). Some people are just great to sit next to because they make the best doodles and pick up on all the points to make fun of the teacher; that’s Alex. I’ve actually known her since I was a freshman in high school but we didn’t really become friends until I was a junior and she became a freshman here at Brown.

After that was Epic, and then a waddle up and down Thayer street. Doesn’t a walk sound more exciting when you use a more fun verb? By the time I got to my dorm, it was 3:30, but you might think it was 2am because my roommate was asleep, the lights were off, and the clouds covered any sunlight. Great. How did our sleeping schedules become so off? I made some oats, avec flash because it might as well have been night.

November 13th 009

Banana Oats With Vanilla Almond Butter And Vanilla-Cinnamon Frosting

I’m having soooo much fun playing around with this “frosting” idea. This time, it involved copious amounts of vanilla powder, with a touch of cinnamon and NuNatural vanilla stevia. That with the vanilla nut butter from Naturally Nutty really enhanced the banana and oats. My only complaint was not being able to see this while I ate. Also difficult: reading The Aeneid by the light off my laptop. But that was ok because I was also blog reading and you definitely all count as Positive Petes 🙂 I wasn’t really hungry before dinner but my eats were a little low so I found some cookies for Cookie Friday.

November 13th 013

One Lucky Duck Gingerbread Cookies

Raw and vegan One Lucky Duck cookies to be exact. These were one of the samples they sent me. I was a little curious how a raw cookie would work but it worked just tastily! It reminded me of cashew butter with maple and ginger, but in a crisp cookie form. They didn’t have me rushing to the website to have more, because I’ve had plenty of cooked and non-vegan cookies I love, but for the raw eater in your life these would make a great treat. This was around 6 and at 6:30 I headed over to the dining hall.

November 13th 016

Vegetable Melange, The Heat Is On Tofu Salad

It was really slim picking at the dining hall. I made some tofu salad with the last of my tofu before I left because I saw there was nothing I wanted. Anyway, what I had was decent, and I got to catch up with Positive Pete Adam. Apparently, he’s basically sold himself to science, and was trapped in a dark room Thursday night from 8pm-2am and had his brain waves measured. Weird. He’s the kind of person who I would expect running experiments like these, not being the lab rat, but whatever floats his boat. Since that was rather light, I had no hesitation busting out my treat for Cookie Friday.

November 13th 003

The Vegan From The Cupcakerie

Can we just call it Cupcake Friday? That’s all I ever get. I went with The Vegan today–scrumptious. I swear the ones the woman didn’t give me had twice the frosting but I didn’t want to be “that customer” and point at the pile of frosting with some cupcake under it that I wanted. On TV was some movie where Adam Sandler was a football player married to Courtney Cox. I think it lost me at the point where Adam Sandler could be a football player and get Courtney Cox. Instead of trying to make sense of it, I made a snack.

November 13th 010

Strawberry Yogurt Mess With White Chocolate With Dried Strawberries

Chocolate bars are the gift that keep on giving when you eat them in yogurt messes! On the down side, I’m going to need to restock on a lot of fruit jams pretty soon. For the yogurt, I did a 3:1 ratio of plain Oikos to full fat yogurt, so that it had just the right creaminess. It felt so nice to kick back and watch an episode of Leno not thinking about what’s due the next day I haven’t done. More breads and spreads to celebrate.

November 13th 013

Carrot Ginger Muffin Top With Smart Balance Peanut Butter, Blueberry Vitatop With Butter Toffee Peanut Butter

I think a muffin top off an actual muffin tastes better, but I can’t complain about either 🙂 Did anybody else watch the ABC 20/20 on crazy cat ladies? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed caring for one pet; how do people keep over 100 cats? That’s absurd. This morning I slept a good 9 hours and woke up naturally. That always feels excellent. I think I tapped into my own Positive Pete when I called running off for the morning; I’ll admit I’m one of the worse ones at taking rest days but even I can see when I need one. Instead my morning has been warm and rainy.

November 13th 017

Coffee On A Rainy Morning

I’m thinking that today will be a rest day, and I’m already wondering how’d I get things done if I were running right now. Laundry is in the machine, I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee, and I’m getting geared up to make breakfast and right the 4th and last of my essays, all with a playlist of 51 Christmas songs playing in the background 🙂 I also got word that a Positive Pete from high school will be visiting campus today so hopefully we’ll arrange a meet up! Too bad normal people don’t enjoy meeting at Whole Foods to catch up because I am out almost everything(even oatbran, and I just got my 2lb bag last month…). Have a great Saturday!

Who’s your best Positive Pete?

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It’s Just Puppy Love

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Naturally, I’m talking about him. I don’t know why, but yesterday morning I was struck with a little homesickness for him. First, on my way back from the gym, I saw a squirrel on a trash can whose expression instantly reminded me of him(weird, but true). Then I got the most hilarious email from my mom saying he bit her toe last night. Okay, maybe that shouldn’t be funny, but I have an awful sense of humor. From what I gather, they were both sleeping in bed and she kicked him. The whole thing sounds like the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where they get into an argument because Raymond doesn’t like to be cuddled. Why is that show not on anymore? 😦 Oh the things I miss…

Anyway, class yesterday was dullsville. I got a horrible craving for chocolate chips in class which then led to the challenge of fitting them into my lunch somehow. I also swung by the dining hall to find something a bit more substantial. It turned out to be tempeh day on the vegetarian line! I filled up a container, some for lunch and a lot leftover, and then made the rest in my room.

November 11th 002

Maple Mustard Tofu, Plain Tempeh, Broccoli

November 11th 005

Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt With Chocolate Chips

This was definitely a protein overload(aka it sat like a brick in my stomach) but all tasted soooo good. I like the tempeh just plain; I think the flavor is so interesting on its own. It must be the whole fermenting thing. Of course, the yogurt was what really hit the spot 🙂 I’m pretty sure my friend Alex in Greek History class couldn’t tell what flavor Chobani I bought but was too afraid to ask.

I didn’t actually do the reading for Epic today(oops) because I figured 6 pages of writing was torture enough. It worked out fine because we didn’t cover everything we were supposed to and what we did I read in the original Latin all 2nd semester of last year. When I got back to my dorm, I found out when exactly my roommate sleeps: 3pm. I think we’re just a little off in our schedules. I started working more on my paper and Greek(the only homework I have for today), and snacked on this bar:

November 11th 008

KIND Almond And Cashew Bar

This has easily been one of my favorite bars all through Summer. I’m so glad they sell it at campus stores where I can use my points! It has a honey and date base which is nice and sweet, and the nuts taste really rich. I don’t know why but whole nuts are always more desirable in bar form than on their own with me. Plus it has Omega-3 from flaxseed(which is why it’s called KIND Plus…). This was very tasty while I watched about the woman who was torn apart by a primate. Did anyone else see that? It’s so sad, I couldn’t imagine an animal doing that much harm or a person living through it. I made some oatmeal after Oprah.

November 11th 014

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mocha Peanut Butter

I don’t eat it much, but every so often I get an urge for this Naturally Nutty peanut butter. I figured the earthiness of it would work well with some pumpkin oatmeal. I added in nutmeg to deepen the flavor, and it was really strong. For dinner, I met with Adam at The Ratty.

November 11th 018

Lentil Chili, Carrots And Zucchini In Garlic, Cooked Spinach, Raw Tomatos

This was definitely a “take the picture fast and don’t look too odd” picture, lol. The chili was OK, but not great; it needed more chili powder I’m guessing. I always like that carrot and zucchini medley, and the rest was pretty simple. I’ve stopped looking at what’s in the non-vegetarian line pretty much because I’ve expected weird stuff. Tonight, I got to see what it was via my friend’s dish: “paella” with fried chicken and unopened mussels. First of all, since when does paella have on-bone chicken in it? I’ve been to Spain and that’s not how they roll. Also, unopened mussels? Not smart. That pretty much describes why I pick up quality meat at Whole Foods to make dinner for myself some times. Meat and these:


November 11th 001

Ginger Ale Zevia

This one I think had one of the weaker flavors, but maybe I just feel that way now that I’ve had ginger preserves which are spicier than all hell. Of course, by 8 I was watching the CMA’s. Go Lady Antebellum for single of the year and best group! I think any of those were good songs(like Chicken Fried!) but they deserved to win something. I think the entire show was just awesome.I’m not so secretly a country addict, with half of my itunes library being Sugarland and Taylor Swift alone. I had a little of this mid-broadcast.


November 11th 005

Greek Yogurt With Cherry Butter, Dried Cherries, Vanilla Sugar, And 2 Goji Gourmet Cherry Cacao Cookies


These have to be my favorite cookie of all time. I’m definitely placing a big bag in my shopping cart from Goji Gourmet. By the way, congrats to them for being a Rachael Ray snack of the day! I hope that episode airs on a Tuesday or Thursday when I can watch it. I also now need to restock on cherry preserves; do you think I can get the register attendant to ring it up as cranberry butter like with the dried ones? 😉 Back to television, I was standing on my feet when Taylor won; that was so exciting for her! And of course I was rooting on Sugarland, too.  Afterwards I made some breads & spreads(why haven’t I used that phrase in a while?).


November 11th 006

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin English Muffin With Ginger Cream Cheese And Mushed Banana With Baker's Chips, Chocolate Fig Vitatop With Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter


I really didn’t know what to do with this flavor vitatop but I think it worked well with chocolate sunflower butter for an odd but attractive duo. I either burn through english muffins or have to force myself to want them. Good spreads like this help with that, though. I think when Taylor won entertainer of the year that pretty much summed it up. Her reaction was priceless, and this definitely was her year.

This morning has just felt so “on” so far. I woke up at 6:20, and then decided another 20 minutes of sleep would be just fine 🙂 On the way out of my dorm I grabbed a new Larabar.


November 11th 011

Peanut Butter And Jelly Larabar

I don’t quite have time to write a review at this moment, which would be here once I set it up, but this was awesome. I really did not expect to like it so much and I hate relying on new flavors of bars when I’m out of the house but this was so dead on. This really powered me through 11 miles in 90:36. It must have, because I was only planning for 8, but I think I was meant to do 11. In that time I listened to every Taylor Swift song I have(which took 88 minutes) and got to watch a segment on the Today show about childhood diabetes and the foods we can use to prevent it. They didn’t promote oatmeal and pumpkin but I’m going to bet those are good ones 🙂


November 11th 016

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Mighty Maple And Maple Syrup, Eggnog Oikos With Nutmeg

I think I’ve rightfully stopped fooling myself I won’t be having oatmeal and yogurt, even on days when I’m short on time like this morning. Silly me should have stocked up on Oikos last sales period but now I’m out 😦 Hopefully I’ll make it down to Eastside Market today for that and pumpkin, which I’m also low on(surprise, surprise).



These aren’t quite giveaways but I wanted to clue ya’ll in on some coupon codes I know. If you love peanut butter like me, check out P.B. Loco and all their fun flavors. Spend $30 or more and get a free “P.B.Loco Dreamy Creamy Peanut Butter” with the coupon BLOG1209. Also, if you spend $50 dollars or more, you can use the coupon FREET2009 to get a t-shirt! Clearly it’s worth it to pick out a bunch of fun and funky jars for yourself and Christmas presents and place a big order for all these freebies.

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Mister Antebellum

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After yesterday’s run I was so dehydrated. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I took a trip to the bathroom and remembered when my mouth felt dry back at mile 2… I will definitely 100% be bringing a water bottle with me whenever I go to the gym from now on. I did this morning and, though it was a bit fumbly drinking on the tread, I’m glad I did. Yesterday, after about 2 full water bottles at breakfast, I grabbed this on my way to class:

November 9th 001

Zevia Cola

Some people like their caffeine from coffee, I prefer Zevia cola 🙂 I must admit, I was considering not going to class at all yesterday; if I didn’t I could just dedicate a large chunk of time to essay writing and I’m much better at doing projects all at once than split up. Nevertheless, I was a good student and went to them all. That was good for Latin because we got our old essays back.

November 9th 008

Catullus Essay

See that little thing that looks like a teepee? Yeah, that’s an A 🙂 This was definitely needed to give me a boost of spirits. By the way, this professor has the tiniest, neatest hand writing ever. Times New Roman’s got nothing on her; I can hardly read half her comments. After that I swung by the dining hall and went to my dorm to finish up computer stuff and lunch.

November 9th 002

Broccoli, The Heat Is On Tofu Salad, Brussel Sprouts And Carrots

November 9th 006

Lemon Bar Larabar

Lunch was magnifico. I also bought some Chobani and baby carrots but decided not to go with them. I love that The Heat Is On tofu salad though so I’m sure those carrots will get used yet. And this Lemon Bar was the first of the Larabars I was sent. Loved it! It was so pure and lemony, but also sweet. The only thing I thought was weird was cashews and almonds; why not one or the other instead of mixing flavors? Also, I got a whole almond among the mostly chopped nuts, which threw the texture off a tad. But overall this was not a lemon 😉 Oh, and we got more graded back in class.

November 9th 012

History In Class Midterm

Double wahoo! Ok, this was a little expected after the teacher called me out in class, but it was so nice to hold it and see it was real. I still have 1 midterm essay to write but since I did so well on this and feel pretty good about the other two, I’m not going to sweat or rush this last one. Epic, on the other hand, would have been a great choice to skip to get work done. Oh well, but the good thing about that was I got to check my mail and find this.

November 9th 009

One Lucky Duck Samples

The people at One Lucky Duck sent me these 4 samples of raw, organic, and vegan snacks! How exciting; of course all my eats are all-natural and a good portion organic, but raw and vegan is something I haven’t tapped in to much. Thanks, One Lucky Duck! I’ll have to think of a special time and place to enjoy these delightful cookies 🙂

When I got back to my dorm I had a coconut craving. I think I need to explain something here about coconut: I hate it in anything that is not coconut flavored(i.e. when granola randomly has it as an ingredient). But as a distinct flavor, if I’m in the mood, I don’t mind it at all. This was all I could find, though, that had coconut that I had:

November 9th 011

Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar

2 in 1 day? I’m burning through these babies. The tropical fruit tart was good, but nothing like the lemon bar. The only flavor that I really got was pineapple. Still, it was better than I thought it’d be. From the stories I’ve heard I expected to be spitting this out on the floor. I watched the newest SNL in the afternoon. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan so that was great to see; she wasn’t hysterical, but she was decent, and for someone who’s only 19 and not an actress or comedian it was a job well done. I don’t get why her musical performances weren’t online, though. Anyone know where I can watch those? I also got a bit of inspiration for some oatmeal.

November 9th 019

Frosting Ingredients

November 9th 015

Pumpkin Oats With Eggnog Frosting

This was inspired by Sunday’s breakfast and snack, and it was sooo good. For the frosting I did 2 ounces Greek yogurt(full fat) and 2 tablespoons eggnog with vanilla stevia to taste. Seriously, that was some of the noggiest, best frosting I could have hoped for. I think I should have let the oats cool just a bit, though, because the yogurt did not like the hot oatmeal. After some working I ended up at The Ratty with a friend for dinner.

November 9th 023

Sweet Potato With Black Bean Taco Filling, Beets, Broccoli Spears

I was having a moment where I couldn’t decide if I was hungry or full; I think the heated up yogurt wasn’t sitting well in my stomach(still make the frosting for a cool dish if you get the chance!). After seeing what was available, I realized I was hungry. There was huge broccoli spears, whole beets, and roasted sweet potatoes. To eat a little something other than just plain veggies I took some taco filling and mushed it on the potato–yum! I love the sweat heat it added. Catching up was equally exciting because we hadn’t been both available for dinner in a while.

When I got back to my dorm I blasted a bit of Lady Antebellum(hence the title ;-)). By 8 I couldn’t quite understand why I wanted to go to bed. I mean, I know I’m practically a grandpa, but 8? That’s way before Leno. Then I remembered the <5 hours of sleep I got and it started making sense. I decided it’s worth staying awake if only for the emails I get from my parents. One was from my mom, complaining my dad takes forever to get home from work and about how much she loves pineapple Chobani(and I don’t think I ever saw her even eat a yogurt in the 18 years I lived at home). Then 1 and a half hours later I get an email from my dad(I guess he does take a while getting home) telling me about blog contests for gas relief products. Thanks.

November 9th 002

So Delicious Soy Yogurt With Chocolate Chips And Vanilla Sugar

Naturally there was yogurt and chocolate chips. I t’s definitely a full blown addiction now, which is sad because Agave Sweetened So Delicious Soy Yogurt is no longer a sale item 😦 I do love that this is a completely vegan snack though, not to mention one with a hefty dose of fiber 🙂 Heroes really didn’t grab me last night. As in, I was too busy working/staring at my yogurt to even notice what the plot was.

November 9th 004

TJ Carrot Ginger Muffin With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Ginger Cream Cheese

This was gingerlicious as well; I don’t remember the last time I had this flavor muffin in my fridge. I forgot how good it is! The ginger preserves suggested pairing it with cream cheese, and they were sooo right. Then again, I pair everything with cream cheese, so they had a good shot with me. Naturally, I needed to dehead the muffin like I was Henry VII to eat it.

November 9th 007

Chocolate Brownie Z-bar With Butter Toffe Peanut Butter

I discovered I’m out of chocolate vitatops 😦 But fortunately a Z-bar was there to lift me up. I’m honestly thinking I should buy the 5lb tub of butter toffee peanut butter next time from Naturally Nutty because I am going through this like wildfire. I decided to go to bed early because I was so exhausted, but Kathy Griffin was on Leno so I knew I needed to stay up at least until 10:30. Did anybody else see her new stand up special? Hysterical. Even my mom laughed at most of it. Anyway, 10:30 and I was out like a light. I heard my roommate come home some time but wasn’t awake for more than 2 minutes, and slept in until 7.

This morning I wanted something lighter and simpler at the gym so I decided on 7 miles in 58:26. I must be a very influential person because this morning while I was watching the Today show the 50 year old weight lifters turned another TV onto the Cartoon Network! There is something very amusing watching a 300 pound man stationary bike to Pokemon.

My Oats: Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

Pumpkin Patch Oatmeal

November 9th 009

Eggnog Yogurt

Tis definitely the season 🙂 I used only oat bran today instead of an oatmeal/oatbran mix(because I overpoured). It’s so nice and creamy with pumpkin but I think I prefer the oats for a little bulk and texture. Of course, what makes pumpkin oatmeal if not pepita sun butter and pumpkin seeds mixed with a little bit of honey> So sweet and delicious! And I need to buy about 5 more cartons of the Silk nog at the rate I’m going through. Just 6oz Greek yogurt and 1/4 cup makes the perfect, noggy protein.

Today I have just Greek which will be a guest lecturer(aka a waste of time), and then the whole afternoon to do work(aka go to University Plaza Whole Foods). I completely forgot to get nutmeg for my nog while I was home so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for that, and I think coconut is still on sale, too! Enjoy your day!

PS. Holly has a giveaway for some amazing sounding protein powders. These are seriously gourmet.

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Tempted By Tempeh

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If you’re thinking you’re reading yesterdays post, don’t worry, you’re not. I just have such a repetetive(yet delicious) life that everything seems the same… because it was sort of. After comparing my breakfast yesterday that would have had Dr. Atkins rolling over in his grave to the protein-fest from the day before, I’ve came to this conclusion: carbs make me satisfied, protein makes me full. What’s the difference? I don’t feel stuffed on carbs, but I can go a long time without being hungry or having all my thoughts go to food(well, they do this anyway, but some things can’t be changed ;-)). Protein, on the other hand, I eat and it feels like a cement mixer emptied into my stomach–not so fun. That being said, it’s good to reach a balance which is something I’ll try to work out better with my breakfasts/meals.

On my way to Latin yesterday I saw Hermoine Emma again. She asked the person in front of me where a dorm is. Had I been 10 seconds ahead in my day, I would have been that direction giver. FML. The day was almost ruined then, but totally saved later on. After Latin I popped by the Farmer’s Market that’s here every Wednesday:

Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market

I didn’t get anything this time, sadly. The kefir was a one week only thing apparently. The creamery still makes AMAZING other cheese products and had a homemade ricotta, but I really didn’t want to buy something I didn’t think I’d eat all of before it goes bad. Besides, I still had hopes that I would end September without going over my food budget(oh how naive). Instead I popped in the dining hall to get some food and went to my dorm to dress it up:

Maple Mustard Tofu And Tempeh, Broccoli, Japanese Veggies, Polynesian Ragout

Maple Mustard Tofu And Tempeh, Broccoli, Japanese Veggies, Polynesian Ragout

Mustard Maple Tempeh And Tofu

Mustard Maple Tempeh And Tofu

Kath’s maple mustard tofu was really a hit with me(and apparently some of you, too). So much so that I needed to make it again. This time I used tofu from the salad bar and tempeh from the cafe a few nights ago and doubled the sauce recipe. Holy yum. I don’t think people around me in my Greek History class knew what the hell I was eating but it didn’t matter. There was also cold Japanese veggies, steamed broccoli, and Polynesian vegetable ragout to round out the meal. I think tempeh is a lot more nutrient dense than I realized because this REALLY filled me up and had my stomach begging for some fluid, which ended up completely making my day.

Remember how I saw Emma between classes on Monday? Well, I figured out she walks to class the same time and direction that I do. i.e. We’re class walker buddies. When I saw her today, I kept walking, again, that tempeh had me feeling the coffee, so I went to The Blue Room. Guess who was in line 5 people in front of me? Yep 🙂 Thank you, tempeh. Emma was getting her lunch: a sandwich, a brownie, and a Nantucket Nectar. I’m glad to see she eats things like brownies and doesn’t fall into the pitfall of other teen celebs. She even had to walk past me to get the Nantucket Nectar and said “sorry” when I moved out of the way; I might have almost fainted at the cute little British accent 🙂

So I think it’s pretty understandable I couldn’t focus at all during my Epic Poetry class. We’re now starting The Odyssey while writing an essay on The Iliad. In my classicist opinion, Odyssey kicks Iliad booty. Afterward, I went back to my room and Google Readered it up the wazoo. But it wasn’t too long until the Whole Food bug bit me–don’t you hate that guy? I stepped out and ate this on my walk to the store:

Spooky Smores Z-Bar

Spooky Smores Z-Bar

Walking, Whole Foods, Spooky Smores–I told you it was Tuesday, but again, it’s just me living every day like ground hog day. It’s getting so depressingly cold in NE already; I almost lost circulation in my fingers on the walk. I lose circulation pretty easily, but it’s not a good sign that that’s happening in September. After I got out of their with what I could in my wallet, I stopped by the dining hall to pick up dinner ingredients and a snack. Of the whole trip, this is what I came back with:

Trip Loot

Trip Loot

The Oikos and Fakin’ Bacon were my Whole Foods loot. I had hopes of not going over budget this month, but in fact I did by 2.88. That’s not that bad considering I’m not counting the numerous $$’s slipped to me by the ‘rents and grandma; it’s just not fun to know overall how much I cost to feed. From the dining hall I picked up some stuff for dinner as well as an afternoon snack, because who said snacks need to be oatmeal and peanut butter or cost me money? I got some ‘fu because I’m a sneaky sneaky dining hall theif. And I also found a heart thrive cookie in the trash by the mens room. Now, normally I don’t condone taking things from the trash to eat, but since I’m in and out of there all day I know it wasn’t there for more than an hour, plus it was still in the wrapper. If ya’ll don’t care too much about mold, I can’t imagine you being too appalled at that. Speaking of my snack, voila:

Honey Roasted Sweet Potato, Chicken Stir Fry

Honey Roasted Sweet Potato, Chicken Stir Fry

This sweet potato was actually cooked to perfection, which you never find at the Ratty. And normally I don’t go for chicken, but that stir fry looked and tasted just like good Chinese food so I didn’t mind it. I finally caught up with Google Reader after 10 hours–oh how good that felt. I pretty much knew last night I was not in the mood to “eat out”(at the dinner hall). It just felt like such a long day all I wanted was to eat in my room near my computer. And thankfully, because it’s college, I can do that. So I used some of the food I got at the dining hall earlier with what I had lying around to make this taste of delight:

Mac N' Cheese, Tempeh Bacon, Sauteed Peppers, Green Beans

Mac N' Cheese, Tempeh Bacon, Sauteed Peppers, Green Beans

My first reaction to the tempeh was a bit disappointing. That was until I got the after flavor. Again, holy yum. It’s not quite bacon, but it is delicious(and I’m guessing sodiumrific). I only wish I could properly pan fry this to get a better flavor, but this was quite amazing and might just become a staple in my house. And what goes better with bacon than melted cheese over carbs? I used TJ’s instant mac n’ cheese, which I absolutely adore. They come prepackaged so it’s the perfect size for a side, and you can make it with just a microwave. Best of all, it has that weird, instant mac n’ cheese guilty flavor that makes you feel like it’s something naughty but it’s all naturally and has healthy nutrition; Trader Joe’s is clearly run by the Gods who make things they know we’ll like. This was probably one of my favorite dinners of college yet and inspires me to make more meals for myself(so long as my wallet allows it!).

Wednesday’s are really hyped up as comedy night for most of the broadcast TV stations but I just wasn’t feeling it. The New Adventures of Old Christine and Modern Family were funny but not laugh out loud. I suppose that’s a good thing since I hadn’t done any homework until 8pm all day. I mean, how could I with Emma Watson and tempeh on the brain. I was reminded to call my grandmother who turned 70 yesterday so that ate up some time as well. After 9 I sat down with some poetry and made the snacks desserts that had been on my mind all day:

Oikos With Peanut Flour And Midnight Moo Sauce

Oikos With Peanut Flour And Midnight Moo Sauce

Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal With Raisins And Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal With Raisins And Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter

Ok, all day’s a bit of an exaggeration, but these totally hit spots that needed hitting. The peanut butter yogurt is, as you can guess by its numerous appearances on numerous blogs, a God send. I’m almost out of the peanut flour The National Peanut Board sent me since I’ve had so much fun baking with it; I think I’ll be purchasing another 1lb online from the same company, Byrd Mill. And normally I’m not a raisin person, but clearly I was just repressing something that exploded into oatmeal. I made a base adding 5g turbinado sugar and a ton of cinnamon, and topped with Newman’s Own Organic raisins and Cinnamon Raisin PB. I loved how the sugar slightly thickened up the oats, and the raisins were plump and delicious. Should I be cooking them along with the oats? I just added them on top at the end, but the former would also make sense. I also devoured savored a TJ cinnamon raisin english muffin with cream cheese right before dozing off, because evidently I wasn’t down with my cinnamon raisin kick(it’s a good kick).

Today I planned on doing 6.3 on the treadmill. Even though I didn’t get the best night of sleep, I felt super energized this morning and loved it. That’s why I mentioned the cinnamon raisin english muffin, even though I don’t always mention everything I eat: because proper fueling has its perks. I got to the gym a bit early and ran my little heart out. A funny thing happened: 45 minutes in I broke the treadmill. I noticed it was not going 7.5 mph like it said, and when I tried changing the speed I realized it dropped to about 6.5 and stuck. I calmly hopped off that machine and moved to the one over and continued, going 7.13 miles in 58 minutes. This was a case of man vs machine where man clearly one. When I got back I had the weirdest idea for breakfast:

Elvis' Yogurt Parfait, Blueberry Muffin Top With White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Elvis' Yogurt Parfait, Blueberry Muffin Top With White Chocolate Peanut Butter

That stuff on top of the yogurt is not granola, my friends(well, a granola of sort). I was really insppired by the Peanut Butter & Company cookbook to make their Elvis sandwich into Elvis’ Yogurt Parfait: yogurt with peanut flour, flaxmeal, and banana jam, topped with bacon(or, in my case, fakin’ bacon). Umm, Elvis, you might have been known for your singing but you’re taste buds were freaking incredible. If you want you can use diced bananas, too, but bananas are not one of my favorite fruits. The muffin top, which was literally the severed top of a muffin, was equally delicious; white chocolate and blueberry just go together like Pam and Jim.

Lastly, check out this amazing pumpkin giveaway over at Danica’s Dailies. So much pumpkin and Trader Joe’s goods it warms my heart!

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Our Desserts Are Not Normal

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Like all Thursday mornings, yesterday was rush rush rush. I actually finished my breakfast in under an hour. I literally can not think the last time I ate that fast(because a fly usually can be born and die while I eat a meal). Greek class was pleasant as always. Another gem of a quote from my professor(this one’s mostly sane), “A coffee addiction is a terrible thing; I have to wear a lot of Brown clothes”. Too true. And unfortunately for me, decaf stains and burns the same. I grabbed lunch at the Ratty and came back to this horror:

Google Reader

Google Reader

You all keep me busy; please keep it coming. I pretty much tore down what I brought from the lunchroom and rebuilt it into a more decent meal:

Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Savory Spinach, 3 Bean Salad With Steak Sauce, Mustard, And Maple Syrup

Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Savory Spinach, 3 Bean Salad With Steak Sauce, Mustard, And Maple Syrup

What did I learn at this meal? Let’s see. Broccoli from salad bar steamed in a little water in the microwave is beast. My microwave’s potato setting actually does a decent job but this could have used a bit longer. “Savory spinach” is just spinach cooked down. And cheese can easily be picked out of 3 bean salad which can then be sauced however you please. I thought the steak sauce, mustard, and maple syrup would make a nice flavor together. It was OK, but not as great as I had hopes for. Anyway, I ate this and worked worked worked my way through google reader, watching some quality Days. I planned to give my legs a complete rest yesterday and just mostly hang around. I’m not good at following the itinerary, because at 2 I was headed out the door with this in hand:

Elan's Decaf Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt With Midnight Moo Sauce

Elan's Decaf Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt With Midnight Moo Sauce

Coffee and chocolate make a mocha heaven, that’s all I’m saying. In case anyone’s ever wondered what this Midnight Moo stuff I talk so much about is, it’s Trader Joe brand organic chocolate syrup. It’s very well priced compared to the competitors and all natural, so definitely pick some up if you’re lucky enough to live near a TJ’s. Where was I headed and why? I think this sums it up:

Black Mission Figs

Black Mission Figs

1.88 a pint for black mission figs. Curse you, Eastside Market, for ruining my rest day with such a great sale. How could I say no? And of course while I was there I had to shop the whole store AND the Whole Foods right across the way. I knew once I started looking at 1/2lb blocks of raw cheddar cheese, I needed to get out of there with my wallet in tact. Well, I actually kept my spending really modest after all.

Pint Of Black Mission Figs And Peanut Butter Z-Bars

Pint Of Black Mission Figs And Peanut Butter Z-Bars

With sales and coupons, that was all 3.80. I would call that a success, wouldn’t you? I hear Spooky Smores Z-Bars are out there now; if you’ve found them, I envy you. I saw them on their website over the Summer and was unsuccessful in tracking them down thus far. I have high hopes for the Halloween season but not if the only stores I can get to are Eastside Market and Whole Foods. Anyway, I decided to watch How I Met Your Mother when I got back and make a study–wait for it…–snack:

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chips

Pumpkin Oatmeal With Smart Balance Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chips

I do not understand Smart Balance Peanut Butter–I just slip my spoon under it and eat it. It doesn’t have any fun flavor, and it’s made to be healthier, so how come it tastes so funky fresh good? The mysteries of life… I really liked that episode of HIMYM and the show’s progression. Robin and Barney are too cute together. After this I finished up all my homework for Friday(impressive, no?) just in time for dinner:

Brussel Sprouts, Hugh Jass Salad, Vegan Chili

Brussel Sprouts, Hugh Jass Salad, Vegan Chili

I totally got the “why is that guy taking pictures of his food” look for this one, but it was worth it. I was not feeling the protein or veggie option tonight. So, when in Rome doubt, I made a sald. Let me tell you what went down in that. I started with some spinach, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Topped that with broccoli, onion, shredded carrots, and shredded beets. Finished with the jalapenoes and sunflower seeds. Can we say winner, winner, no chicken in that dinner? I’ll have to remember that long ass combo. When I was finished my mound of green and my friend his white cake with chocolate pudding frosting, he asked me why I never eat dessert there. Rather than open up the whole can of worms on eating unrefined, all natural, food that actually looks appealing, and all that jazz, I told him I have a lot of desserts like oats and peanut butter when I go back to my room. He told me that wasn’t “dessert”. Oh no? I think someone doesn’t read enough blogs…

Actually, my desserts did start out pretty normal by all standards:

Fig And Almond Blondies, Black Mission Figs

Fig And Almond Blondies, Black Mission Figs

I defrosted one of my fig and almond blondies which was perfect for the night. If I go home this weekend, I’m definitely grabbing a ton of figs and baking a big old batch. I love that they aren’t too too sweet but the honey is definitely prevalent, and how incredibly moist they are. Figs are a funny thing, I must say; when they’re ripe, they’re perfection, but when they aren’t they’re just bland. Some of these were ripe; some of these were bland. I was pretty enthralled in Survivor while eating these. I thought the entire show was ridiculous and hilarious in a “laugh at not with” kind of way. Russell finding the immunity idol without any clues kind of p-ed me off since I hate him, but that has to be one of the greatest Survivor moves out there. And when he and his tribe mate were being racist–priceless. Not good, just good TV that makes them the people you love to hate. After Survivor, it was new show, new snack time:

English Muffin With Peanut Butter Cookie Spread And Fig Preserves

English Muffin With Peanut Butter Cookie Spread And Fig Preserves

I don’t care if you’re a healthy eater or not, how can white chocolate, peanut butter, cream cheese, and fig not be appealing as a dessert? Seriously, normal people aren’t normal. I was super excited for the 2 hours of Grey’s Anatomy. No surprises with George being killed off; I was surprised how not sad that all seemed. I liked the story line progression. To be honest, my favorite scenes have always been the one’s where Chandra Wilson’s and Sandra Oh’s characters have broken down and gone apeshit crazy. I’m looking forward to what’s to come with the hospitals merging, but I hope it doesn’t get too too dramatic in a soap opera way(though I do like my Days). I would have made some delectable oats during the second episode, but my roommate and his friend were around, and I didn’t feel quite like breaking out the food scale and measuring grains in front of them. Instead I stuck with toast with the best jam in the world, a peanut butter Z-Bar, and some more of these:

Black Mission Fig

Black Mission Fig

This morning was about as “5 more minutes of sleep, mommy” as I get. I really didn’t want to get up, nor go to the gym, nor do a damn thing. On top of that, I was feeling a little hungry which was a sign to me that yesterday’s fueling was not enough. As I snacked on some figs and peanuts, I thought about whether or not I wanted to run this morning. I realized the shirt I was wearing was my Nike shirt from the Olympic collection which says “Just Do It” on it. How could I ignore that? I went to the gym, got on the treadmill, and just ran. There was a giant EXIT sign in front of my machine, but that’s one sign I ignored. Half an hour in, I got off to turn on the TV, because running without it is just a sin. I surprised myself by doing 7.34 in an hour flat. That’s a much better pace and further than yesterday, all on a day when I wasn’t feeling it. Needless to say I was pretty cocky proud of myself. After I showered I was ready for the oats that never were from last night and more:

Fluff And Fig Oatmeal, English Muffin With Cherry Butter And White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter, Carrot Juice

Fluff And Fig Oatmeal, English Muffin With Cherry Butter And White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter, Carrot Juice

Nothing was bad about this meal. I baked the figs in the oatmeal which diffused the flavor well. If anybody wondered what kind of Fluff I use, it’s by a local company called Tiny Trapeze, and it’s all natural and vegan. The almond butter is Naturally Nutty. It’s definitely not one of my favorite flavor of theirs, but that’s just because they make so many other great flavors this one gets swept under the rug in comparison.

TGIF! I’m so ready for this weekend, not like I have any clue what I’m doing as of yet. I’m excited because one of my favorite shows, Ghost Whisperer, comes back on tonight; I think Jennifer Love Hewitt makes an excellent dramatic actress. I need to decide if I want to take a trip home this weekend, which seems sensible since my roommate and best friend will both be out of town and wild atlantic salmon is on sale at Whole Foods. Ok, I’m more persuaded by the latter argument, I’m not going to lie. Have a good Friday!

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